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Hong Kong, May 2 2019 : lego mini characters worker and the bricks set. Lego minifigure are the successful line in Lego products
Older woman working in the office
Close up view middle-aged businesswoman boss and millennial female applicant shaking hands starting job interview seated at office desk, client and manager finished successful negotiations concept
Multigenerational workforce written by pen on a note.
Senior man with a cane having problem to keep up with younger colleagues, vector illustration, EPS 8
Senior woman standing on the edge of the gap, separated her from competing younger employees, vector illustration, EPS 8
Smiling mature company owner greeting attractive millennial new worker sitting together during briefing in modern office boardroom. Human resources and hiring, great deal gesture of respect and trust
Woman sit at desk looking at computer screen where collage of diverse people webcam view. Indian ethnicity young woman lead video call distant chat, group of different mates using videoconference app
teaching the next generation
Workplace Diversity word cloud on Blue Background
"Work or Retire" Motivational quotes. Hands opening a wooden door then found a texts floating among new world as green grass field, Blue sky and the Sunrise.
Workplace Diversity word cloud on Blue Background
man cleaning the glass window
busy worker
Working grandma at the office sitting by the computer
Old Hipster Businessman, Work or Retire Concept
Business and Finance Concept Present By Green, Blue and Gray Street Sign Pointing to Work, Business and Retire in Blue Sky Background
Two Choices Of Green Highway Street Sign Between Work And Retire Sign For Business Concept Against A Blue Sky Background
Senior woman carrying dirt in a wheelbarrow
senior worker businesswoman working at office in aging workforce and aging society. No aging discrimination and international day of older persons.
Happy diverse professional business team stand in office looking at camera, smiling young and old multiracial workers staff group pose together as human resource, corporate equality concept, portrait
Work - Retire signpost isolated on white background
Millenials word cloud concept
strong man carrying a tree trunk
Concept of Work Present By Two Way Street Sign Pointing to Retire Or Work Isolated On White Background
Smiling professional business coaches leaders mentors posing together with diverse office workers interns group, happy multicultural staff corporate employees people looking at camera, team portrait
Professional business team young and old people posing together at office table, happy diverse leaders employees looking at camera, smiling multiracial staff corporate people workers group portrait
Productive middle aged woman working in a call center
A green two-way street sign pointing to Retire or Work, representing the decision an aging worker must make between staying in the workforce or entering retirement
Green Highway Street Sign For Business Concept Present By Retire Next Exit Sign Isolate on White Background
Sceptic or bored aged HR manager listens young vacancy applicant at job interview sit at desk in front of each other, bad first impression, unconvincing inappropriate, unqualified candidature concept
Different age and ethnicity businesspeople standing behind of female company chief business owner with hands crossed posture of confident independent businesswoman leader of multi-ethnic team concept
Diverse old and young professional business coaches or corporate leaders with team people portrait, smiling multiracial executive partners, african caucasian company staff group looking at camera
Work - Retire signpost in a beach background
Group of office staff lined up facing camera
Smiling diverse office workers group, happy multiracial professional members employees looking at camera, motivated staff business people posing together, multi-ethnic workforce sales team portrait
Retire and Work Traffic Sign On Blue Sky Background
Excited group of diverse different ages businesspeople looking at camera, showing thumbs up gesture. Happy multiracial middle age and young employees evaluating seminar lecture, proposing services.
Near black wall studio background sitting six diverse happy entrepreneurs, successful corporate staff members, businesspeople ready for negotiation, wait for job interview sit in row queue, hr concept
Middle aged stressed woman sitting at the desk in office at meeting. Young multiracial workers team sitting their backs to camera. Passing interview, hiring, recruiting and age discrimination concept
Happy multicultural work team employees group looking at camera posing in office, smiling multi-ethnic company staff workers, workforce members, business people managers standing together, portrait
Hiring Generation Z words in 3d letters on an organization chart to illustrate finding young employees for your company or business
Diverse excited happy company members standing posing for photo, successful employees led by middle aged female chief or executive manager portrait, people feels satisfaction of the work done concept
Corporate portrait smiling diverse employees team standing in office, looking at camera, successful happy workers with middle aged leader posing for photo, motivated staff, workforce
Close up headshot portrait of two happy businessman shaking hand posture and mature businesswoman looking at camera. Diverse smiling employee standing behind of male and female company mentors.
Happy diverse office workers group, multiethnic professional leaders and employees looking at camera, workforce sales team portrait, motivated international staff business people posing together
Portrait of an average, typical blue collar working man.  Isolated on white.
Two way street road sign pointing to Work and Retire with a blue sky in a background
Termination of employment known as being fired or laid off
Diverse women mates business team look at computer discuss review project solve common issues, do task, learn new corporate e app. Cooperation, mentoring, brainstorming co-working co-workers concept
Happy confident diverse old and young business people stand together in office, smiling multiethnic professional colleagues staff group look at camera, human resource concept, team corporate portrait
Six different age ethnicity businesspeople leaned on wall black studio background chatting prepared for negotiations holding laptops. Professional leaders company representatives, workforce hr concept
Multiethnic different young and old business people executives group headshots portraits collage. Happy diverse ethnicity professionals team faces montage. Horizontal banner for website header design

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Smiling businesswoman enjoying friendly talk with male colleagues or partners, workers group having conversation communicating at break, executive board team chatting discussing work standing office
miniature people on team
old paper with gears on it
Happy professional team with old female business coach leader mentor standing posing together in office, smiling mature woman boss with diverse workers group employees looking at camera, portrait
Multi-generational workforce and recruitment selection concepts. Multiracial candidates of different ages queuing up waiting for interview. Serious job applicants sitting on chairs looking at camera
red alarm clock concept time to work
Portrait of standing in row smiling diverse team posing differently looking at camera. Happy young multiethnic corporate staff, bank workers photo shoot, HR agency recruitments.
Multigeneration workforce concept. Multicolored memo sticks with figures.
Portrait of pleasant middle aged female boss standing with smiling younger mixed race colleagues. Happy successful international team of professionals posing for photo at office, looking at camera.
Smiling diverse office workers group, multiracial team of employees looking at camera, motivated successful business people, staff posing together in modern office, multi-ethnic colleagues portrait
Asian middle age construction Worker , trouble,
Close up photo of positive cheerful blonde hair middle aged businesswoman leader make selfie greet her clients partners investors make v-sign in workforce company office
Busy company department members employees working together sitting at shared desks use computers walking in modern coworking space room interior daylight through windows, everyday office rush concept
Close up headshot portrait of two happy businessman and mature businesswoman looking at camera. Diverse smiling employee standing behind of female and male company mentors. Leader of multi-ethnic team
miniature people on plan
Asian middle age construction Worker
Multi-generational workforce. Three diverse applicants sitting in queue in office waiting for interview. Multiracial job seekers line up in corridor of business company. Copyspace
Happy multiracial professional business people young and old applicants group sit on chairs laughing having fun wait for job interview sit in row queue, human resource, staffing employment concept
Portrait picture of smiling diverse employees stay together laughing looking at camera. Happy businesswoman with african american and caucasian businessmen, mature and indian ethnic female colleagues.
Full length diverse smiling business people sitting in line on chairs, isolated on black wall. Portrait of happy mixed race mature and young company staff, group of managers, sales team, hr concept.
Ageing Workforce Retraining to be Competitive Globally 3D Render
60s and millennial company staff members standing in hallway photo shooting for corporate album. Six successful office workers firm representatives ready for negotiations meeting with client concept
Attractive multi-ethnic businesswomen different age and ethnicity women colleagues posing standing in office hallway prepared for negotiations or presentation holding documents notepad feels confident
Book with chapter age discrimination and a gavel.
retirement sign
Diverse professionals bank employees company staff members in formal wear, 5 businesspeople lead by African ethnicity leader posing standing together in office. Young aged specialists portrait concept
Smiling multicultural young and old professional business people sit on chairs in row looking at camera, happy staff job candidates group team portrait, human resource, diverse ethnicity concept
Older woman's hand using a wireless computer mouse. Focus is on the front of the mouse / end of the fingers.
Asian middle age construction Worker , trouble,
Asian middle age construction Worker
Successful diverse employees with team leader looking at camera, posing for corporate portrait in modern boardroom together, satisfied business people colleagues with boss standing in office
Smiling mixed race different ages teammates showing thumbs up gesture, looking at camera. Happy young colleagues standing near successful middle aged leaders recommending service, feeling excited.
miniature people on team
tired trendy middle age woman in blue blouse at modern home in sunny day having neck pain in temporary home office during the coronavirus epidemic.
Blue collar worker.  Three full body views with different perspectives and expression, isolated on white background.
Headshot portrait of mature businesswoman hands crossed posture looking at camera. Different age businesspeople standing behind of female company chief business. Leader of multi-ethnic team concept
Near black wall studio background group of intelligent multiethnic coaches corporate staff ready for work negotiations hold gadgets look at camera, successful specialists professional team, hr concept
Asian middle age construction Worker ,smart phone,
Portrait of smiling 60s middle aged mature female mentor standing in office with motivated skilled young mixed race staff of international company, happy diverse business people looking at camera.
Overhead view of office staff chatting
Side view businessman sitting at desk in office holds phone make business call listen client writing notes feels confident concentrated, busy working day, solve problem distantly, hr workforce concept
Focused friendly middle aged hr manager listening to young female job applicant on interview. Millennial intern demonstrating professional knowledge to interested confident company owner at office.
Portrait of standing in row smiling team embracing looking at camera. Happy diverse corporate staff, hugging specialists, company representatives, bank workers photo shoot, HR agency recruitments.
Ageing Workforce Retraining to be Competitive Globally 3D Render
Concept of Selection, Silver Metallic Street Sign Pointing to Retire and Work in Blue Sky Background
Middle-aged boss company staff members hugging standing together in office laughing looking at camera. Photo shoot corporate album, having gun enjoy friendly relations feels successful and confident
Portrait of happy older woman middle aged company ceo, female corporate leader mentor looking in camera with team subordinates, friendly mature executive boss, hr or business coach posing in office
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