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Cute elementary schoolboy with digital tablet lying on the floor against black leather couch in living-room and watching curious online video
Elementary school kids having fun outdoors, high angle
Little Native African Boy Standing Outdoors Under the Rain (Water for Africa Symbol)
Jinja, Uganda - Circa November 2016: A group of African children are enjoying the day.
Beautiful African Child Drinking from a Tap (Water Scarcity Symbol).

Young African girl drinking clean water from a tap. Water pouring from a tap in the streets of the African city Bamako, Mali.
Sweet little African boy under the rain in Mali (Africa)
An African American family spent time together in the park, African American parents (Father, Mother) and little boy enjoying during relax togetherness. African American family life concept.
Elementary school kids outdoors, high angle, lens flare
Confidence that can only grow out of a strong heart
Little girl with curly hair, fluffy, delicious ice cream : Portrait 5-year-old, half-Asian, African girl walks eating ice cream in a garden and enjoys hand-melted milk cream on a hot day in Thailand.
Head shot of smiling Nigerian girl with hands to the face on an abstract background with african hairstyle
Portrait of happy little african girl doing thumbs up sign outdoors.
Water is Life for African Children, Little Gorgeous Black Girl Drinking from Tap
ACCRA, GHANA - MARCH 6, 2012: Unidentified Ghanaian girl and her little brother in the street in Ghana. Children of Ghana suffer of poverty due to the unstable economic situation
Central African Republic-July 17 unidentified boys and girls posing at streets of Bangui on July 17, 2014 in Bangui, Central African Republic
Two beautiful African girls and one African boy reading and writing at school as an educational symbol outside their school in Bamako, Mali. Beautiful education symbol background.
LUKONGA, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO - CIRCA SEPTEMBER 2008. UNICEF mission against tetanus. Village children came to say bye-bye for mission members. Toned photo.
Young atractive black boy wearing school unifor while holding his school books and a green apple, looking excited about going back to school. looking excited about going back to school.
African child looking up. Baby Contour. Silhouette in backlight. Vector. Illustration.
Portrait of real happy african black child smiling
Group if young African kids walking with buckets and jerrycans on their head as they prepare to bring clean water back to their village.
KENYA, RUSINGA island, UTAJO village - FEBRUARY 15, 2015: portraits from Africa, Kenya, mother and her child
Madagascar-shy and poor african girl with headkerchief
child soccer ball happy in thailand.
African Girls Playing Peekaboo Outdoors Laughing and Smiling Together (Happiness Symbol)
Kids raising hands during elementary school lesson, close up
Cute Himba boy portrait, Namibia
Uganda. June 13 2017. Smiling Ugandan children sitting at desks in a classroom in a primary school.
INANDA, SOUTH AFRICA, 16 FEB 2016: A group of children in Inanda. Inanda is home to Ohlange High School, the first school founded a black person - ANC President John Dube - in 1900. Editorial.
NAIROBI, KENYA - MARCH 2008: Unidentified boys in a Nairobi classroom March 2008 in Nairobi, Kenya.
Happy African American girl missing two frount teeth smiling outdoors
Girl Wearing Cloth Facemask outside wooden fence background
interracial family holding baby feet in hands mixed by black and white skin color
Elementary school kids running to camera in an open field
Education for Africa Symbol: Beautiful Young Schoolgirl Toothy Smile
Little girl with a cute expression.
KENYA, RUSINGA island, UTAJO village - OCTOBER 24, 2016: children in a poor african class, school
Smiling African Girl With a Wet Face After Having Taken A Sip From The Water Borehole
African girl at primary school.
Wow. Studio shot of emotional adorable African American little boy raising eyebrows and covering open mouth with hand being surprised and shocked, showing true astonished reaction on unexpected news
African ceremony of the Mursi tribe, close-up of hands of a group of children, Ethiopia
Uganda. June 13 2017. A group of happy primary-school children smiling, laughing and waving. They are dressed in school uniforms.
happy little boy standing with a plastic bottle and showing ok sign with thumb smiling
Little African Boy Sitting Outdoors posing with a big Smile on his Face
Soweto, South Africa - September 7, 2011: Small group of young African children posing for a photo and displaying friendship and joy in a Soweto Township
MALAWI, AFRICA, CIRCA SEPTEMBER 2017: Unidentified happy African children clap, shout and smile
Young African School Boy Holding Blackboard (Education Symbol Concept Icon)
Happy jumping kids
SAMBURU, KENYA - NOVEMBER 8: group of African unidentified kids, 3 to 6 years old, with hands up at outdoor school on November 8, 2008 in tribal village near Samburu National Park Reserve, Kenya.
Real candid family photo of five cute and sweet black African sisters or girls, all smiling in their sunday dress, perfect for developing country and third world population issues.
Kids raising hands during a lesson at an elementary school
Portrait of African American elementary school girl in class
kids are playing soccer football for exercise in the evening.
This two children have been friends since they were able to walk.
Santa Lucia, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa - February 2.2016
Needy schoolchildren in a village near Santa Lucia eating lunch as part of a school catering scheme in South Africa.
Editorial Use: Girl at school in Zanzibar, Tanzania, 04.2016. Children face tremendously poor life conditions in Africa but the interest in education is high. They are curious, witty and smart.

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TOMAASINA, MADAGASCAR - AUGUST 2014: Unknown african boy in Malagasy village.  People in Madagascar suffer of poverty due to slow development of the country.
Portrait of poor African child, location Mmankodi village, Botswana
Close up portrait of pretty african youngster leaning on wooden fence outdoors.
African kid having fun flying a kite in the nature
2 year old african american boy suprise expression sstanding wear casual outfit isolated on white background
African children in school. Kenya. Mombasa. January 25, 2012
Black African Children Smiling Playing Laughing Copy Space
Group of the kids (boys) are playing soccer football for exercise in the sunshine day.
Sadness Despair Depression Symbol: Little African Black Boy Crying Sadly
Madagascar-shy and poor african girl with headkerchief
Social Issues: Water Pouring in African Child's Hands
Kids showing hands during a lesson at an elementary school
Portrait of African black little girl looking at camera and holding dad's shirt
Polokwane, South Africa - April 28 2009: African Primary School Children on their lunch break
Three African elementary schoolgirls making peace signs
African Child Says STOP! To Racism and to War!
Omg, Back To School. African American Elementary School Girl Shouting In Surprise Over Yellow Studio Background. Empty Space
Profile of little African girl writing  at home.
GHANA - MARCH 3, 2012: Unidentified Ghanaian girl runs happily in the field in Ghana, on March 3rd, 2012. Children in Ghana suffer from poverty due to the unstable economical situation
Action portrait of young African boy and girl jumping in park.
Ho, Asogli / Ghana - September 15, 2018: Students in a rural school in Ghana, West Africa, smile for a picture.
Playful little girl portrait in the park, smiling and playing at nature
Happy kids
JANUARY 2005 - Children in blue uniforms at school behind desk near Tsavo National Park, Kenya, Africa
Preschool class in South Africa, boy looking to camera
Cute Little African American Children in Colorful Clothes Happy Standing Poses Vector Illustration Clip Art Collection Set Isolated on White set 2
Elementary school kids in a field look up at  camera smiling
African children going back to the village. Senegal, Africa
African brother and sister deprived children in a village near Kalahari Desert
AFRICA,KENYA,MASAI MARA, NOVEMBER 12:portrait on an African  Kids of Masai Mara tribe village smiling to the camera, near to Masai Mara National Park Reserve, November 12, 2008, Kenya
Little African American Girl with Binoculars during Hiking in Forest. Happy Kid playing Outdoors in Summer day. Girl Using binoculars in the Jungle.
Couple of African brother and sister posing in studio, isolated
Close up portrait of a happy little boy smiling on gray background
Cute african american baby girl at sunglasses
Children is playing bubbles in a park
Young African schoolgirls in a playground waving to camera
Zanzibar, Tanzania - november 16, 2019 : Unknown african young children on a street of Zanzibar island, Tanzania, East Africa
Kenya 2013 year july 15 The faces of African children
African child with braids standing in the garden, next to a tree, village in Botswana
Water is coming! African ethnicity little boy happy to finally get some rain
cute little girl having breakfast at the table drinking a cup of coffee at home.
Ukunda, Kenya - March 29: Group of school children on hot bright sunny beach and enjoying the outdoors on March 29, 2011.
Madagascar-shy and poor african girl with child
An 11-year-old Ugandan girl smiling, holding a pen against her mouth and leaning against a brick wall looking at the camera
Young boy sitting alone with sad feeling at school. Depressed african child abandoned in a corridor and leaning against brick wall. Bullying, discrimination and racism concept with copy space.
Portrait of boy imitating at businessman standing in office
ANDASIBE, MADAGASCAR - SEPTEMBER 25 Children playing on streets of village on September 25, 2016, Andasibe National Park, Madagascar.
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