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The wood sandpiper is a small wader. This Eurasian species is the smallest of the shanks, which are mid-sized long-legged waders of the family Scolopacidae.
Cute eurasian blue tit, cyanistes caeruleus, sitting in water about to drink or bathe. Reflection of garden bird in a pond from front view with copy space. Symmetrical vertical photo of wild animal.
A male Wood Duck swims on calm water with its reflection and a smooth background of autumn colorful leaves.
Bird hunting on the water.
Seagull landing on the water close up shot, soft focus, reflection on water.
Hawfinch sitting on lichen shore of water pond in forest with beautiful bokeh and flowers in background, Germany, bird reflected in water, songbird in nature lake habitat,mirror reflection,wildlife
Sandpiper - european water bird
hadada ibis at a waterhole with a reflection  in a Game Reserve near Mkuze in South Africa
Great egret reflection in the water - grote zilverreiger - ardea alba
This bird is in the water.
Two ducks are swimming in the pond.
A great egret has just caught a big fish.
A male Kingfisher bursts from the water in a shower of spray and water droplets after failing to catch a fish. His reflection in the water in nearly perfect.
Male eurasian bullfinch, pyrrhula pyrrhula, sitting on a stump near water with its reflection mirrored on surface with copy space. Small colorful passerine bird drinking from pond.
Closeup male mandarin duck (Aix galericulata) swimming, viewed of profile, with a reflection in the water
Duck close-up walking on a frozen lake with reflection
Birds drinking from the water.
Two female chestnut teal ducks in shallow water in a zoo in England, UK
Seagulls on the beach reflecting in the water
Red Necked Grebe on Water, with Reflection
A pigeon is standing in the middle of a puddle after the rain. He is looking at his own reflection in water. City streets after the rain.
vector silhouette of the crane on white background
Broad-billed Sandpiper in salt field
bird reflection on water photos
two of birds pink flamingo walking on the blue salt lake of Cyprus in the city of Larnaca, the concept of romance delicate background of love tinted in pink with space for text
Womans head and birds flying, double exposure, freedom and liberty  background. Beauty is a gift from nature,
One brown duck swim in pond. Still float action. Water with dark shadow and brown reflection.
Sunset over sea. Sun reflected in the water.
Little egret wild bird in flight over water with reflection
Great tit.
White-faced heron wades in the water at sunrise
A stilt bird in early morning during sunrise time watching it self in the reflection in the water
Bird hunting on the water.
bird reflection on water photos
Great Blue Heron Reflected in Still Water
Drinking greenfinch reflecting in water
golden breasted bunting with reflection on water
American white pelican relaxing in a lake.The reflection of the bird is mirrored in the water
Parus major.
Drinking greenfinch reflecting in water
Full moon and flying birds reflecting in water
blue night at sea
American white pelican with open wings landing on White Rock Lake in Texas with the reflections of the bird in the water
An elegant and beautiful Great White Egret flying just above the water with its reflection below it on the calm lake surface.
Four snowy egrets walking together on the beach in early morning light.
The male of a House Sparrow ( Passer domesticus ) on a twig over a spring flood.
Wood sandpiper (tringa glareola)
Great Blue Heron reflection in the autumn marsh
Bald Eagle bird close-up profile view perched on a branch in the water looking at its reflection with foliage background, in its environment and surrounding.
Ashy Bulbul bird (Hemixos flavala) sitting on a log beside puddle ,morning light with nature reflection. Bird in the reflection
African white-faced duck (Dendrocygna viduata),South Africa
The beauty of Indonesian tropical forest animals of Java
Great tit drinking water from the shore.
Composition of a sequence of flying bird take off with fish in beak in lake, Great white egret fly over water and catch fresh fish.

Watercolor birds.
Transparent turquoise drop of pure water on feather, blurred blue background, macro. Elegant expressive artistic image fragility of nature. Copy space. Concept of sensitivity responsiveness to nature.
A drop of water dew on a fluffy feather close-up macro with sparkling bokeh on blue blurred background. Abstract romantic delicate magical artistic image for the holiday, cards, christmas, new year

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Flamingo at the Altiplano, Bolivia
Great tit in the water
Common Redstart (Phoenicurus phoenicurus) male  in the water of bird's watering hole. Reflection in water.  Czechia. Europe.
Northern goshawk bird of prey drinking water from a puddle in the forest
Bird beautifully flying on the water background. Reflection of bird wings
vector silhouette bird on branch
The Grey heron standing in the shallow water of the Kerkini lake. A wild bird from Greece.
Black Tailed Gotwit A beautiful pair of migratory birds
 Mountains of blue color, couple of birds and reflection in water
Silhouette of a heron bird in the water during sunset.
A Bald Eagle with its talons out glides over the mirror like surface of the water.
Two storks fly on the surface of the water accompanied by their reflection
Male hawfinch, coccothraustes coccothraustes, bending down over water surface and drawing beak to drink water. wild animal seeing itself in reflection. Vertical scenery of a songbird in nature
Great Cormorant resting after fishing
pied billed grebe runs on water - with reflection
bird on branch silhouette on solar background, vector illustration
Five sleeping flamingos are isolated and standing in water, black and white photo, flamingos in white and water in black, the water reflect the animals, the flamingos are sharp and the water blur
Little egret egretta garzetta wild bird in flight flying over river water in rural setting with reflection
A beautiful water bird in early morning in nature with mirror reflection in water during golden hour in golden light. Self reflection of bird in water.
Sea surface aerial view
Black winged stilt bird searching food in water body with clear reflection in water
pink flamingos reflections
A swan in the water
Feather pink bird with sparkles and transparent drop of dew water sparkles in the rays of bright light close-up macro. Glamorous sophisticated airy artistic image on a soft blurred background
Black winged stilt bird searching food in water body with clear reflection in water
Swan on the autmn river at sunrise
Single young endangered mangrove reflects in calm water
Black winged stilt bird searching food in water body with clear reflection in water
American Avocet in breeding plumage wading in blue water with reflection
vector drawing of the crane
Lone tree with perched birds, Lake Wanaka, New Zealand
White light airy soft bird feather with transparent fresh drops of water on  turquoise blue background close-up macro. Delicate dreamy exquisite artistic image of the purity and fragility of nature.
Reflection in the water
Two mallard ducks on a water in dark pond with floating autumn or fall leaves, top view. Beautiful fall nature background. Autumn october season animal landscape. Vibrant red orange nature colors
Reflection in the water
Swan on lake on moonlit night. Vector illustration with silhouette of beautiful bird reflected in water in park. Full moon in starry sky
Robin bird posing in a puddle with reflection in the water - roodborstje - Erithacus rubecula
Flapping its wings, the rosette spoonbill dries its wings after
The Barossa Reservoir water supply with trees in the background and ducks in the foreground
Rosette spoonbill spreads its wings
birds goose flying over manhattan new york city landscape background
Two mallard ducks on a water in dark pond with floating autumn or fall leaves, top view. Beautiful fall nature . Autumn october season animal, landscape background. Vibrant red orange nature colors
romantic swan during valentine's day
Broad-billed sandpiper bird walking in the water to find food on a white background.
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