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We Can Do It!' World War 2 poster boosting morale of American women contributing to the war effort. It was created by J. Howard Miller for Westinghouse Company in 1942.
Vector Filigree Frame, Calligraphic Design Element, Old Movie Vintage Style.
Old fashion style vintage radio over retro mint background with copyspace design. Hipster design audio music radio.
Couple dancing the jitterbug
Set of three negative dancing couples silhouettes on white background. People in 1940s or 1950s style. Men and women on swing, jazz, lindy hop or boogie woogie party. Vector illustration.
East Coast Swing
Vintage old classic travel leather suitcases circa 1940s. Travel luggage concept. Retro instagram style filtered photo
Woman applying lip liner
1940s stage with a microphone
Swing dance couple silhouette with stars and circle on background. 1940s and 1930s style. Woman in dress with dots and man with suspenders and tie. Flat vector illustration.
Taking the floor
Woman proposing a toast to hesitant man
seamless gold colored art deco pattern of overlapping arcs.
Farmers drinking beer during fall harvest in Jackson, Michigan. Fall 1941. In the background is a potentially dangerous harvesting machine, that requires alert workers.
A 3d alphabet in a vintage Hollywood cinema style
Black vector silhouette of a couple dancing swing or tap dance, no white objects, EPS 8
HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA, USA - JUNE 7, 2019: Retro 1940s style kitchen with yellow cabinets and blue tile, at the historic Carpenter House
New York City under smog when weather conditions prevented smoke from dispersing. View from the Empire State Building includes the Lincoln Building and RCA Building. 1949 photo by Edward Ratcliffe.
Antique radio on retro background
Vintage couple, handsome man in uniform, kissing goodbye his lover on railway station platform as train is about to leave.
Showgirls hanging from monkey bars
Gorgeous Woman in 1940s Style Photograph
Vintage journalist desktop with typewriter and retro lamp, 1950s style, flat lay desktop
Celebrating the New Year
Two women distracted from their meal
seamless vintage pattern of gold overlapping arcs in art deco style.
Three couples kissing
Drive-in restaurant 'The Track',  Los Angeles, CA, July 10, 1948
Party Swing: Young couple dancing swing, rock or lindy hop. Retro Stye.
Seamless turquoise japanese art deco floral waves pattern vector
Cocktail lounge retro sign design
Woman wearing dress suit with matching hat
Two Daytona Beach, Florida, housewives welding in an Aircraft construction class during World War II. Both have sons in the military. April 1942.
mid century modern 1950s style vintage retro atomic seamless background pattern
Retro Party Poster. Silhouettes of couple wearing retro clothes dancing
1940s woman with suitcase at train station
Scared woman covering her mouth
Sun worshipper
Filing away
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - MARCH 10, 2014: GAZ-M20 'Pobeda' Cabriolet old Soviet Russian 1940s car made in USSR
Old 1940s sepia photo of dreamy young woman looking in theater mirror.
Expression of love
Vintage sign - Fresh Brewed Coffee - Vector EPS10. Grunge effects can be easily removed for a brand new, clean sign.
Pin-up style illustration. Cossack girl on a wooden barrel with a toy horse. Blonde in a cap and shirt, bandolier, holster, and red boots. Russian holiday February 23 defender of the Fatherland Day
Dance partners
1940s Car Lineup
Vintage 1940s portrait of a smiling young woman wearing a silk wide-ranging flower dress.
Filigree Frame, Calligraphic Design Element, Old Movie Vintage Style.
Partying into the New Year
Vintage Metal Sign - Delicious Fresh Brewed Coffee - Vector EPS10. Grunge effects can be easily removed for a cleaner look.
Black, 1940s vintage bakelite telephone at eye level on a wooden desk with ivory white wall as background providing copy space to the left.
Traffic on the West Side Highway, New York City, circa 1943.
Referee counting down knockout
We can do it, Rosie the riveter 1940s poster design. Black and white pin up style lady. Hand drawn motivational / inspirational quote vector illustration. Vintage / retro image icon.
retro vintage woman servant traveling
A mysterious fedora wearing man walks the downtown streets in a film noir inspired 1940s scene.
Couple dressed in 1940s fashion dancing in a classic Broadway music theater style, frame with a copy space on the background, EPS 8
Reflection of woman in mirror applying eye make-up
Vintage beautiful female wearing red dress and black beret carrying suitcases as she boards train at train station
Stranded in the middle of nowhere
Women enters a modern 1940s kitchen with white enameled metal cabinets. The housing was built by the government for workers on TVA and other Defense projects in World War II. Dec 1941.
Wide-eyed man touching his mustache
Vintage girl with the old doors on the background

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seamless vintage pattern of overlapping arcs in art deco style.
Circus performer posing on elephant
Champagne vintage poster design with bottle and creative typo on dark background. Vector drink concept with sparkling wine on old paper texture.
seamless vintage pattern of overlapping shells in art deco style.
Working out
Vintage ice cream promotional vector poster. Retro icecream concept on old paper texture.
Vintage poster London torn newspaper background.
Woman on pier holding a life preserver
Rear view of vintage 1940s military officer walking on rural road.
Canadian woman munitions worker tightening the nose plugs on 500-pound aerial bombs. 1942-43, during World War 2.
Movie ending screen - Editable Vector EPS10
Vintage coffee shop and cafe metal vector signs in old 1940s style. Vintage coffee poster grunge, banner with hot coffee illustration
Three scantily clad women holding large rings
Vintage Christmas Card - Vector EPS10. Dirty effects can be easily removed for a brand new, clean design.
Proud woman in gown holding American flag on hill
Vintage poster template for orange farm. Fruit retro label design. Vector old paper texture food background.
Woman making preserves
Jam packed Times Square
Young woman playing with Cocker Spaniel at beach
Playing hard to get
Aircraft spotter searches the sky with binoculars during the Battle of Britain. St. Paul's Cathedral is in the background. World War 2, ca. 1940-41.
Retro radio
Presents growing on tree
Ski and winter holiday retro signs collection. Vintage vector illustration with winter vacation and snow sports theme. Ski rentals and ski wear signs.
Out at sea
Keeping good records
USSR, LENINGRAD - CIRCA 1946: Vintage photo of group of young pretty girls on park bench in Leningrad, USSR
Hatching a plan
Young couple dressed in late 1940s style clothes dancing lindy hop, vector illustration
Line of chorus girls in white fur
Woodbridge, New Jersey / United States - October 11, 2018: 1940s era Frank Sinatra 78 RPM records on a black background.
Wind tunnel at Langley Aeronautical Laboratory in the 1940s, to study the effects of air moving past solid objects. Photo by William P. Taub, NASA photographer, who is also pictured in the image.
Vintage Retro Clip Art Woman Advertisement 1
In the driver's seat
The Chicago Elevated Railroad at Franklin Street. July 1941.
Dog accompanying woman on piano
General Motors managers at a large control board, which resembles a spreadsheet, keep check on flow of materials needed for the wartime production. 1941.
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