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Young attractive cute brunette woman gets face massage in spa salon. Healthy lifestyle and body care concept. Slow motion, close-up
Stressed young man in glasses suffering from muscles tension, having painful head feelings due to computer overwork or sedentary working lifestyle. Tired employee overwhelmed with tasks in office.
Upset Ukrainian poor toddler girl kid homeless protesting war conflict raises banner with inscription massage text No War on black background. Crisis, peace, stop aggression, child against Russian war
Macro shot cropped view of female face. Unrecognizable woman gently massaging applying moisturising cream on cheeks and under eyes.
Young unrecognizable woman gets professional back massage in spa salon. Beautiful naked lady with perfect skin gets relaxing massage. Concept of luxury professional massage. Shooting in slow motion.
Love yourself. Happy beautiful black lady looking at mirror, smiling to her reflection, enjoying her appearance and home beauty procedures, slow motion
young asian runner athlete with muscle pain. Man massaging Stretching, trauma injury while jogging outdoors. Fitness male sprain severe pain stretch pull. Leg muscle cramp calf sport
Cellulite skin regeneration. Medical 3D animation showing adipose cells before and after anti-cellulite treatment
Woman is washing cleaning face with organic foamy soap cleanser, closeup view. Girl is cleansing her face skin, making massage movements. Beauty procedure, spa, wellness and healthy skin care concept.
Closeup masseur hands pouring massaging oil to female back preparing to relaxing or revitalizing massage procedure at spa beauty salon pleasant woman lying on couch enjoying skin and body care
Tired young Black woman worker student take short pause in online work remove glasses massage nose bridge relax with closed eyes. Female employee overworked by pc feel fatigue suffer from eye strain
Exhausted young woman taking off glasses massaging dry irritable eyes. Tired overworked lady feeling eye strain after using computer working from home. Headache, visual fatigue and eyestrain concept.
Asian woman short hair, applying cream lotion on hands, leg, and arm in white bathroom near bathtub at home studio decor some green plant. white cream rubbing to treatment skin condition. scrubbing
The Patient Uses Physical Therapy to Recover from Surgery and Increase Mobility. The Doctor Works on Specific Muscle Groups or Joints. Freedom from Chronic Back Pain
Young and beautiful woman gets hot stone massage therapy in the spa salon. Healthy lifestyle and body care concept.
Female masseuse does back massage to young unrecognizable woman in spa centre, close-up. Woman massage therapist performs circular movements to relax back muscles. Shooting in slow motion.
Close up exhausted frustrated young indian woman massaging nose bridge temples. Stressed unhealthy millennial mixed race girl feeling tired suffering from migraine, panic attack, high blood pressure.
Funny happy attractive woman apply skincare cream on face look in bathroom mirror, healthy young lady wrap towel on head put moisturizing lifting facial creme, healthy skin care treatment concept
Young Adult Female Standing Up from a Couch at Home and Experiencing Discomfort in a Result of Leg Trauma or Arthritis. Joint and Knee Injury Concept. Massaging the Muscles to Ease the Pain.
Asian young woman lying down on salon washing bed getting hair washed in hair salon by stylist. Beautiful customer talking and relax while hairdresser massaging and washing hair with water and shampoo
Young gorgeous African American black woman wearing white gown applying putting replenishing lotion on dry legs skin sitting on bath tube in bathroom. Skincare, self love, body care spa concept.
Woman enjoying body massage at spa club.
Middle aged mature asian woman, senior older 50 year lady looking at camera smiling touching face applying antiaging uv protection whitening skin care cream, closeup face portrait isolated on white.
Middle aged happy mature asian woman, senior 50 year lady flirty looking away, smiling at camera, isolated on white closeup face portrait. Ads of antiaging whitening dry skincare, plastic surgery.
Senior grandmother massaging hand suffering from joint pain. Older woman having rheumatoid arthritis. Elder adult lady touching wrist feeling hurt. Osteoarthritis geriatric disease concept. Close up
Back view of unrecognizable fat overweight woman wearing yellow bikini, bra, squeezing, shaking excess fat of back on blue background. Body positive, massage, obesity, weight loss, liposuction, diet.
Happy attractive young woman touching pretty face after applying cream do make up looking in mirror enjoy natural beauty and healthy clean soft moisturized hydrated skin care treatment, close up view
Tired young african mixed race businessman professional student take off eyeglasses massaging dry itchy irritated eyes feel eye strain concept headache fatigue after office computer work sit at desk
Young woman having massage in spa salon. Close-up of woman relaxing during back massage lying on massage table in slow motion
young asian man, office worker sitting at workplace holding hands massages forehead and head with severe pain. Male at work with a headache. Up close face of sufferer is overloaded with sick. Closeup
Rear back view serious beautiful 30s woman in bathrobe reflected looking in mirror applying facial foundation or moisturizer cream. Skincare, professional care product cosmetics advertisement concept
Bali, Indonesia - April 7, 2022 - woman doing face massage, Healing Mental Disorders With Shirodhara Therapy in Ayurvedic Medicine, ayurvedic message 4k footage.
man with knee pain, hand massaging his painful knee. Health care and medical concept. health problems
Charming modern couple enjoying a face massage in wellness salon. Relaxing and health.
dog dachshund, black and tan, relaxed from spa procedures on face with cucumber, covered with a towel
cat sleeping and geting massage on face by her owner
Stressed overwhelmed young businessman in suit working on computer, suffering from eyes fatigue or having painful feelings. Exhausted executive manager overworked in office, burnout concept.
Man has pain in the wrist, Human having pain in the injured hand. The concept with Healthcare And Medicine.
A girl is washing her hair. White foam from the shampoo on long hair brunettes.
Relaxed woman lying on spa bed for facial and head massage spa treatment by massage therapist in a luxury spa resort. Wellness, stress relief and rejuvenation concept.
Face of unhappy young asian woman sit on couch rubs temple, closed eyes suffers headache painful feelings chronic migraine hurt. Break up and divorce, difficult period of life concept close up view
Black Female Corporate Office Worker Feels Stress, Frustration Works on Desktop Computer. Accountant Feeling Project Pressure, Massages Her Head, Works with Statistics, Has Bad Day. Stock Market Crash
Close up of two young girlfriends with a towel on head are receiving a facial massage and spa treatment for perfect skin in a luxury wellness center.
Aged Woman Hands Care Cream Close-up. Concept Anti-Aging Nature Cosmetics. Elderly Adult Lady Apply Cream on Skin and Massage Arm for Softness. Daily Moisturising Hydration Vitamin Mature Age Creme
Spa and body care composition. Wellness and beauty treatment. Gua sha massager, natural oils and creams. Flat lay assortment of pink background.
Physiotherapist worker doing treatment to his client
Anti-cellulite massage in the spa salon. The masseur massages the buttocks, thigh and legs. Relaxing treatment. Slimming and body shaping. Healthy body and skin. Self love care
Knee pain woman she was massaging at her knee she is very painful, Health care concept.
Young asian girl doing face massage with stone roller. Closeup of ideal beautiful woman face with big lips and beautiful smile. Hands doing face massage with roller. Self care and self treatment
Feminine daily procedures. Young african american lady in bathrobe applying cream on face, moisturizing skin after morning shower, slow motion
Owner making massage to his lazy cute pug dog on bed. Relax. Funny elastic skin, folds and wrinkles. Stroking, petting. Lying upside down, belly up. Owner loves the pet
Beautiful young brunette woman gets hot stones massage at day spa. Attractive female relaxing at spa center with a stone therapy. Healthy lifestyle and body care concept. Slow motion
Office Syndrome. Close Up Shot. Salaryman working his computer suddenly he feeling pain in back and waist He try to relax and relieve by his hand. Slow Motion Shot.
burning candles in water, reflection of stones on abstract blue background, water drops falling. slow motion. Close up. Concept: relaxation, wellness, body care, spa, nature, aromatherapy and scents
Spa facial Massage. Face Massage in beauty spa salon. Beauty Treatments. Body care, skin care, wellness, wellbeing, beauty treatment concept. Slow motion 240 fps 4K UHD video 3840x2160
Close up rear back view woman sit at workplace experiences severe pain in neck, rubbing it to relieve muscle tension. Cervical osteochondrosis, tired overworked female, sedentary lifestyle concept
Japanese woman receiving a facial massage at an aesthetic salon
Young Asian woman getting Relaxing oil massage at beauty spa salon. Body massage, Massage for health. Dolly slider Slow Motion
woman applies oil to hair roots, the process of applying oil to the scalp, woman applies oil to hair roots
Extreme closeup feminine lips and chin applying anti aging cream on face skin. Women demonstrate moisturizing facial care touching cheek isolated on gray studio background. 4k Dragon RED camera
Young slim woman came to get hair removal procedure in beauty salon. Tender woman touch her smooth and soft skin on legs, enjoy beauty procedures.
Three litttle children doing massage and apllying make up to their mother at home.
Tired elderly 55s man sit at desk take off glasses rest from laptop work blink rubs nose bridge reduces eyestrain after long modern device usage. Vision problems, laser eye surgery for seniors concept
Abdominal massage, tummy tuck and flabby skin on a fat belly, woman doing self-massage, plastic surgery concept
Footage of man making deep massage on back, be healthy.
Back rear head shot shoulder view exhausted young indian woman massaging neck, suffering from pain or inflammation processes due to long sedentary computer work at home office, feeling unhealthy.
A business woman sits in an office on a chair, takes off her high-heeled shoes and massages her tired feet
young man suffering from back pain, have a backache, health problems
Beautiful spa composition on massage table in wellness center
Woman hand are washing with soap bubbles.
Backache. Tired unhealthy male worker in jeans shirt touching injured sore back, suffering lower lumbar discomfort, muscle pain of overwork, pinched nerve. studio shot isolated on blue background
close-up of female arm moisturizing and massaging her shoulder on blue background, relaxation and skin treatment after bath
Podology concept. Young unrecognizable lady applying pampering cream on foot sole, making feet skin smooth, close up shot, slow motion
Happy attractive young woman with towel on head touch face after applying cream remove makeup look in mirror enjoy natural beauty and healthy clean soft moisturized skin care treatment, close up view
Young beautiful Caucasian woman lying on spa bed get facial massage treatment with aroma essential oil skincare from massage therapist at beauty salon. Wellness health care body massage spa concept.
Young woman getting leg and feet massage with oil in resort spa salon. Woman receiving body massage in luxury spa center. Body relaxation and skin care
Oil body massage and relax the muscles, Professional massage therapist at the health beauty spa, Relaxation from stress, Health spa, Lifestyle Vacations. Dolly Shot Slow Motion
Girl enjoying relaxing thai hot compress massage with herbal bags. Luxurious calming treatment in body care wellness resort spa 4k footage
Close up of sexy man enjoying jacuzzi spa in slow motion. Portrait of handsome guy relaxing in pool at wellness hotel. Attractive man having hydro massage in jacuzzi indoor.
Back massage. The girl is getting a back massage. cosmetic procedures. Young unrecognizable woman getting a back massage
Young pretty woman applies face cream on her cheekbones, applying cream in circular motions, skin care, natural cosmetics, face care
Neck pain. Tired woman with painful in neck muscles. Health care and medical concept
woman have a Calf leg and muscle leg pain massage on pain spot point,Healthcare concept
Video of tired young woman suffering neck pain while sitting on the stool in the kitchen at home.
Macro skin with enlarged pores. A woman touches the problem skin with her fingers.
Woman massaging her bare feet in a spa salon. Foot massage with oil in the spa of the resort. relax skin health.
Woman compressing the skin of the legs and abdomen, checking for cellulite, stretch marks and excess subcutaneous fat.
EMS Paramedics Team Provide Medical Help to Injured Patient on the Way to Hospital. Emergency Care Assistants Perfroming Cardiac Massage to Bring the Man Back to Life in an Ambulance.
Close-up Young male massage therapist does back massage to a woman with a tattoo in a massage room with dim lights on the background of candles. Low key premium massage concept
Woman having chiropractic back and neck adjustment
Relaxed woman lying on spa bed for facial and head massage spa treatment by massage therapist in a luxury spa resort. Wellness, stress relief and rejuvenation concept.
Relaxed woman lying on spa bed for facial and head massage spa treatment by massage therapist in a luxury spa resort. Wellness, stress relief and rejuvenation concept.
young woman making cosmetic skin care
Young and beautiful woman gets hot stone massage therapy in the spa salon. Healthy lifestyle and body care concept.
a man has a sore neck after hard work at a table with a laptop. pain in the neck
Young woman having massage in spa salon. Close-up of woman relaxing during back massage lying on massage table in slow motion. 4k, UHD
slow motion tired business woman massaging her nose bridge holding glasses in living room at night. young office lady keep shaking head to release painful of hurting eyes. frustrated streesed woman.
Woman holds a fold of skin on a thick belly, fat female body on a green background. Bold female waist. The concept of weight loss and diet
The Patient Uses Physical Therapy to Recover from Surgery and Increase Mobility. The Doctor Works on Specific Muscle Groups or Joints. Freedom from Chronic Back Pain
Close up Young Asian woman getting spa massage treatment at beauty spa salon. Face massage essential oil for skincare, Relaxing massage, Spa skin and body care. Dolly slider
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