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Woman picking red apple at the garden
Concept of organic food farmer and worker picking the fresh and ripe apples from the tree in the middle of apple orchard. Shot on ARRI Alexa Mini.
A fictional news ticker reminds pedestrians to keep 6 feet apart from each other. Social distancing was a common practice during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.	Custom text available upon request.
Blossoms fall from trees against beautiful blur orchard blooming background. Slow motion. Bright floral scene with natural lighting.
4K Time Lapse of flowering white Apple flowers on black background. Spring timelapse of opening beautiful flowers on branches Apple tree.
Teenagers womans shooting together dancing at home when making video for social media, stories hip hop popular trandy dance, students at home make content
Healthy eating ingredients: fresh vegetables, fruits and superfood. Nutrition, diet, vegan food concept.
Half of fresh ripe yellow apple drying process. Time lapse shot, isolated on black background. Fruit quickly become small and wrinkled
1980 Cupertino, CA. Woman dictates as Man types on Apple Macintosh Computer in Business Office. Close Up of Fingers  Typing on Keybaord. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Film Print
Apple crop. apple harvesting. aero, top view. farmers pick ripe apples from trees in orchard. tractor stands between apple tree rows and carries large wooden boxes with freshly picked apples. autumn
Smart watch. Smart watch on a man's hand outdoor. Man's hand touching a smart watch
Hand of farmer man picking an ripe red apples fruits, apple tree background sun. Ripe juicy orchard apples on branch in garden. Close-up. Farming food harvest gardening harvesting concept, 4 K slow-mo
Visual contents concept. Social networking service. Streaming video. communication network.
Cracow, Małopolskie  Poland - October 16 2020: 3d render of iPhone 12 Pro green screen with marks for tracking - phone rotations and movements including vertical and horizontal positions
Cinematic aerial footage of vineyards and Kelowna near Lake Okanagan. 4K 24FPS.
Harvest delivery to fruit market on food truck. Female worker carrying boxes of vegetables. Transport service to grocery trade from farm factory. Products supply on lorry van. Foodstuffs production
Fresh fruits and vegetables appear on dark kitchen table - Stop motion
1980s Cupertino, CA Young Man works on Apple II Desktop Computer. 4K Overscan of 16mm FilmPrint
Tallinn / Estonia - September 18, 2019: Black Apple iPhone with icons of social media: instagram, youtube, pinterest, facebook, twitter, telegram application on screen. Social media icons.
Side view of pretty caucasian worker in black apron and gloves stocking the fruits in supermarket. Young employee at work. Curly female arranging fruits on shelf
Hong Kong - February 6, 2021: Apple Store in Hong Kong. Apple store is located at the International Finance Center.
Clean fresh apples moving on conveyor sorting and grading by the machine in a fruit packing warehouse, slow motion
Slow motion Pouring milk in glass on wooden table. Healthy breakfast at the morning. Cereals and milk
Green Apples Falling Down with Water Drops in Super Slow Motion on Solid Green Background. Endless Seamless Loop 3D Animation
Drone view of apple orchard and working farmers 4к
In a sunny day working hard farmer family on their apple orchard they picking apple from the tree working concentrated and hard
apple tree spraying with a tractor
The apple half dries out and shrinks, high quality time lapse shot, isolated fruit on black. Red peel and green inside, color turns brown, becoming shriveled and reduced in size
Farmer pouring harvested red apples out of the bucket into large wooden containers in the orchard alley, close up. Picking harvested ripe organic apples in the apple tree garden in autumn . Heavy crop
Young caucasian mother with her daughter is having fun splashes each other water in the kitchen and wash the vegetables for ready to cook salad for lunch, slow motion
One 30s Carefree Women Read Apple Vitamin on Label by Fruit Juice Stand Shelf Indoor Store. Alone Handsome Girl Search Bio Nature Drinking Vegetable. Real Analyze Select in Water Department Closeup 4k
Attractive young woman choosing apple at fruit vegetable supermarket marketplace
Close up filming of green screen for ads on iPhone. Female holds in hand smartphone device with moving green motion tracking points. Tapping mobile phone screen surface with fingers, swipes left right
Blossom apple tree with branches with sun flares on background. Apple tree flower close up. Beautiful white flowers. 4K.
Whole yellow and red apple dry up, become wrinkled and small. Aging process demonstration on ripe fruit. Time lapse studio shot, isolated on black background
Eppelheim, Baden Württemberg / Germany - 02 11 2019: Close Up Social Media App Icons on iPhone X with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Notifications Counter Quick Increase up to 99 4K Footage
Close up of pretty caucasian worker in black apron and gloves stocking the fruits in supermarket. Young employee in glasses at work. Curly female arranging big red apples on shelf. Slow motion. Side
Slowmo shot of young African-American woman and her cute little son taking delicious homemade apple pie out of oven enjoying its taste
Ukraine,Ternopil: August 25, 2019: clicking on instagram heart, like
Homemade pastry apple pie with bakery products on dark rusty wooden kitchen table red and green apples and cinnamon. Traditional american dessert. Flat lay food background. Top view
Crowded avenue. New York City. US. People walking in busy street of Manhattan. Traffic passing by.
Tasty pie in oven. Timelapse of homemade pie baked. Baking concept. Delicious Pie rising up in oven. Close-up shot in 4k, UHD
Bee gathering pollen
Unboxing a new Apple MacBook Pro 13 M1 Late 2020 laptop from box. Hands open laptop and take a covers from while its starting. Online shopping concept.With sound. Kyiv, Ukraine, February 2021.
Portland , Oregon / United States - 06 15 2020: Backtracking Dolly Shot Reveals George Floyd Graffiti Memorial on Apple Store in Pioneer Square in Portland Oregon
Chiles en nogada, traditional mexican dish from Puebla, Mexico. It consists of poblano chilis filled with picadillo topped with a walnut-based cream sauce, pomegranate and chopped parsley.
Dolly shot. Close-up macro plan of camera lenses of new Apple iphone 13 Pro phone in Blue Sierra color against background of beautiful bokeh defocus. Modern fashionable phone in hands of person.
Man Using Old Computer
1980s Cupertino, CA. Motion Graphics Designer works on IBM Computer with stylist. Close Up of 3½-inch floppy disks inserted into Hard Drive. 4K Scan of Vintage Archival Betacam Master
Flying of Red Apple and Slices in White Background
Farming tractor spraying on apple fruit garden with sprayer, herbicides and pesticides. Spraying chemical insecticide or fertilizers to blooming orchard trees, agricultural works. Aerial view top
NEW YORK CITY, USA - NOV 20, 2019: Moving drone pov shot of busy street next to Time Square at night in Manhattan. NYC is American tourism destination, iconic landmark in USA. 4k slow motion.
Cooking Apple Pie a Close up Top Shot of a Pan with Apples and Dough
Woman selecting fresh red apples in grocery store supermarket sale, shopping marketplace food taking choosing apples girl with bag buying apples at shopping basket. 4 k apple fruits Woman's hand shop
Slow motion group shot of falling  Fruit and vegetable into water
apple storage. warehouse. stacks of wooden crates with apples in huge airless storage fridge camera, special storage room in warehouse. apple storage technology
Super Slow Motion Shot of Golden Liquid Whirl Isolated on Black Background at 1000fps.
NEW YORK CITY, USA - OCTOBER 1, 2019 Time Lapse of Tourists People Walk in Grand Central Station in New York City Day. High quality cinematic 4k 12bit footage.
Woman Pick an Apple
iPhone 12 Pro Max isolated on chroma key. Woman hand hold phone with a green screen in a vertical orientation portrait mode. Mockup for compositing. 2021 - USA, NY
Aerial view of Bangkok downtown. Real estate development Asia. Flying over Bangkok, Thailand.
Apple tree with red apples close up in sunlight. Red apple grow on a branch. Selective focus at apple
1980s Cupertino, CA Close Up of Hands typing on computer keyboard. Man types on a vintage computer. 4K Overscan of 16mm Film Print
Young Woman at Home Office Lying on a Couch Watching Green Mock-up Screen iPhone 11 Pro in Horizontal Landscape Mode. Browsing Internet, Watching  Videos, Blogs. POV. 2020 -  Mexico, North America
Paris, France - Oct 23, 2020: Low angle view of the new iPhone 11, 12 and iPhone 12 Pro on display during launch day in Apple Store nest to SE model. Latest 5G smartphones go on sale worldwide.
Beautiful slow-motion splashing. The yummy syrupy liquid in 1000+ fps. Works for cider, beer, prosecco, pink wine, apple juice, juice, rum, liquor, rye whiskey. Refreshing cold beverage.
1980s Chicago, IL. Business Men discuss Proposal in Corporate Business office. Retro 80s Office Interior with Retro Computer Technology. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Film Print
Timelapse of Spring flowers opening. Beautiful Spring apple-tree blossom open. White flowers bloom on green background. Macro shot.
Zurich, Switzerland - March 30, 2019: Apple Watch Series 4 ECG on man's arm, Electrocardiogram / Electrocardiograph demonstration
Aerial night view of Manhattan, New York City. Tall buildings. Timelapse dronelapse. NY from above.
In this close up type of shot you can see young woman holding Apple Ipad touch screen tablet device in her hands. She is scrolling the screen while searching for pictures or reading news feed online.
Handheld view of mature men picking apples in the orchard
Fresh organic vegetables and fruits move into a pile on a pink background, stop motion. Vegetables animation. 
Flat lay 4 video with vegetables.
Apple trees in the orchard in 4k slow motion 60fps
Apple crop. apple harvesting. Male seasonal worker, in gardening gloves, picks ripe, juicy apples from tree in farm orchard. close-up. autumn sunny day. Agriculture.
APPLE, USA - SEPTEMBER 2019: 3D CGI Animation of Apple Inc. American multinational technology company that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.
Woman orders food home in an online store using a smartphone. Female selects the fruit apples in the grocery online store.  Close-up. 4K UHD. Screen is blurred
14 Gestures Pack at keyed green screen chroma key background. Man hand doing different gestures for touch screen: click, zoom, swipe, slide, scroll. Ready for compositing. 4K, Apple ProRes 422
CHISINAU, MOLDOVA - AUGUST 7, 2021: A man checking stocks prices on Apple Watch with white band
Flying of Red Apple and Slices in Deep Red Background
CHISINAU, MOLDOVA - AUGUST 7, 2021: A man starting a training on Apple Watch with white band and running
Apple Campus, Cupertino, Palo Alto, Silicone Valley 2022 California USA. Cinematic aerial view of modern futuristic building landmark named spaceship with green park and rainbow arch at golden sunset
Red yellow apple rotation with alpha channel loop
Aerial drone tracking shot of farmer driving tractor. Symmetrical top down  view of apple orchard on sunset. Apple tree plantation with nets above it.
woman in the fruit market with apple in hand. fruits and vegetables. a lot of fruits. market. store. background. citruses. healthy food. natural.. food. health.VEGETARIAN. diet
Handsome young man lifts his little daughter in her arms with two pigtails. girl laughs cheerfully. Happy family in the apple orchard
Super Slow Motion Shot of Droplet Falling into Golden Liquid at 1000fps.
Healthy vegan smoothie with fruits. Beautiful happy young woman in casual home clothes is preparing fitness cocktail with vegetable milk and different season fruits on the kitchen at home. Sporty meal
Healthy diet. Close up portrait of happy black girl biting and eating ripe green apple, looking at camera at kitchen interior, slow motion
Shopping concepts. The daughter is buying fruit for her mother in the mall. 4k Resolution.
fresh picked apple harvest on farm. small loader, forklift truck, machine loads, put large wooden boxes, bins full of ripe red and green apples on top of each other. top view, aero video.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Brown Liquid Splash Isolated on White Background at 1000fps.
Small daughter sitting in a supermarket trolley. Lovely family, mother and little daughter buy green and red apples in the hypermarket in the fruit section. Vegetarianism and healthy eating concept.
Handheld view of man's hand picking ripe apple
apple harvest. forklift truck loads truck with wooden crates, full of freshly harvested apples, outdoors. truck transfers boxes to warehouse for storage. aero. top view.
Back view over shoulder of young asian girl using smartphone with green screen laying down on bed while chatting with friend. iPhone 11 advertising mock-up. 2020 - Hong Kong, China
BARCELONA, SPAIN, 10 JANUARY 2020 .Man holding iPhone with streaming service media and video TikTok on the screen. Home isolation coronavirus quarantine
Spring flowers bloom. Timelapse shot of blossoming flowers against a blue background. Blooming gardens close-up shot of accelerated time. Flowering of a fruitful plant, apple, pear, plum, apricot. Hig
Apple tree with red apples close up in sunset. Red apple grow on a branch. Soft focus on apples with golden sunlight
Close up of fresh red apples in the basket.
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