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A beautiful fairy practiced in the use of magic and sorcery. The concept of magical and fairy-tale characters. The animation is perfect for fairy tales, fantasy, adventure, and magical backgrounds.
The Enchanted Forest of the Magic Book - Nature Landscape Loop Background
Magical misty forest in early foggy summer morning at sunrise dolly shot
Funny little kid wearing pajamas is putting on virtual reality headset to dive into video games before bedtime , getting lit and having fun 4k footage
Joyous African American dad and little son holding flashlights, reading book, chatting and laughing while he lying in teepee tent decorated with lights in dark room in the evening
A mysterious magical cave with flying butterflies and magical glowing mushrooms. The concept of magical mushrooms. The looped animation is perfect for fairy tales, fantasy and magical backgrounds
Flying low between trees in forest sun beams on foggy morning during sunrise
Full family gathered in cozy living room, couple and kids resting on comfy couch reading fairy tale to little curious attentive son and daughter. Development education of children, fun, hobby concept
Playful unrecognizable daughter have fun entertain young father relax spend weekend at home together, dad enjoy watching puppet theater of shadows. Self isolation, social distance. Selective focus
Halloween motif 4K animation movie
a knight fighting dragon, dragon versus man render 3d
magic underwater shot of young woman floating in depth and looking on her reflection in water mirror
Fairy tale little girl with long hair goes to the edge of cliff to look stunning seascape at early morning. Girl character meeting sunrise on high mountain near sea. Wonderland landscape view
Magical forest fairy lights background
Sunny morning in pine forest camera moving low between trees
Fantasy Fairy in the Magic Forest sitting under Huge Mushroom
A golden brass key unlocks the old door lock with the light shining through the keyhole. The door opens and it reveals the green screen that fills the frame.
Seamlessly looping animation of page-turning of a book. Perfect for learning, wisdom and magic. Symbolizing book as the never-ending stream of knowledge. Lights, particles, glow.
Typewriter in extreme close up, camera tracking with letters are. they are written on the page. The image is moody and cinematic. Creative ideas in a vintage old fashioned look.
Cherry forest, upward, rotation, loop, pink background
Fly agaric Amanita muscaria toadstools growing. 2 mushrooms growing on woodland floor over 3 days. The poisonous fungi with its red and white cap are also called fairy tale toadstools.  Hallucinogenic
Real Angel wings green screen pack of three video , flying wings green screen , feather angel wings , golden angel wings, angel green screen ,green screen background
Looped cartoon magic rainbow road in the sky animation.
4k Drawing of an egg appears on a white piece of paper. Then the Woman's hand takes out real chicken egg from drawn one. Yellow background. Easter creative concept. Copy space. Stop motion animation.
Silhouette Of Depressed Woman Sinking Into Underwater Grave Dark Deep Magic Ocean Sadness Loneliness Unhappy Sorrow Melancholy Misery Psychological Disorders Bipolar Disorder Mental Illnes Disease 4K
young woman is approaching to reflection of her face underwater
Friendship, family, education concepts  - Two smiling preshool, toddler children read large interesting book of fairy tales on bed. Siblings little twins have fun, happy kids on quarantine at home
Happy romantic couple in love dancing at fairytale costume ball. man in costume fairy-tale prince with horns and woman beauty princess. yellow long vintage silk dress. Dancers king and queen
Beautiful colourful cloudscape. View over or above amazing heaven like clouds. Fluffy soft pink and purple fairy tale sunrise or sunset sky moving. Like paradise
Black Footage Twinkling Stars Starry Night Sky, Add Animated Glittering Stars to any Background, Animation, Movie Sky Replacement with glittering stars
Fluffy white 3D animated angel wings with fairy tale beautiful feathers flapping on a green screen background
Beautiful gold colored shiny fireflies flying in dark foggy forest landscape.
CIRCA 1936 - In this animated film, Humpty Dumpty hoards gold and wants to capture the sun for its golden rays.
Magical forest fairy lights background
Cheerful Daughter Education Learn 
Read Book,Enjoying Father Family Lifestyle. Little Kid On Fathers Day. Happy Parent Dad Teach Adorable Cute Baby Girl Preschool Child. Daddy Reading Fairy Tale Story
2d animation demonic samurai with a katana at the ready, in full armor, wearing a helmet, standing in a combat stance against the background of a burning eastern city. There are embers everywhere.
Magical forest fairy lights background
Morning walk of a cute cheerful elf in a summer sunny forest. Fairy elven magic concept. View of a cute fairy elf in a forest. The loopable animationis for fantasy, fabulous or children's backgrounds.
Happy dad and little daughters read a book in a tent at home
Video with noise. book without cover design. fantasy woman princess sits on floor reading. Beauty yellow long vintage dress. Enchanted prince man with horns on head. Room gothic smoke, candles burning
Creepy cartoon with a dancing, medieval jester. Craziness and madness, old legend. Shadow theatre, pantomime. Crazy dance, spooky story for children. Epic fantasy tale.
Beautiful Young Woman Sinking Into Abyss Darkness Deep Ocean Underwater Storm Black Water Sadness Loneliness Unhappy Sorrow Misery Sadness Domestic Violence Family Problems Stress Suicide 4K
 real angel wings green screen , loops, fantasy fairy wings with a green screen
Happy fantasy young blonde woman princess sits in huge pink flower on blue water. Queen goddess on floating throne like little inch girl. Background summer nature lake, river, fog haze, fairy world
2d Cartoon object with 4K resolution in 30 fps space stare. Pre-rendered with green background (screen) and luma key. Hand Drawn shine and glow graphic element for background tv or digital content
Scary mystical dark foggy autumn/winter forest in motion.Gimbal steadicam movement as we walk in or past a fairy tale like forest with tall fir trees in heavy fog smoke and mist.Originated in10bit.
Famous Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria Germany - aerial photography
CIRCA 1942 - In this animated film, a wolf dons sheep's clothing to prey on them but stumbles upon another wolf doing the same thing.
A mystical misty cave with magical glowing mushrooms. The concept of magical mysterious mushrooms. The animation is ideal for fairy tale, fantasy, adventure and magic backgrounds.
A scary witch near a wooden shack with crown on her head and a devilish cane in her hands is terrifying looking at the camera.
warlike medieval strong man sits on old bronze throne holding sword, image tyrannical king. Carnival vintage costume velvet clothes Royal gold crown, jewelry. Serious pensive face. gothic castle room
Mixed-race toddler little son lying on warm floor at modern home in living room listens black mother hold book reading fairy tale story feels bored disinterested, free time, development of kid concept
Psychedelic Mushroom Motion Graphics 3D Animation. Blue Magical Forest. A Trippy VJ Loop 4K. Can be Used as Music Background or for Live Concert Video
Scary mystical dark foggy autumn/winter forest in motion.Gimbal steadicam movement as we walk in or past a fairy tale like forest with tall fir trees in heavy fog smoke and mist.Originated in10bit.
Looped cartoon castle at night animation.
Slow motion vintage typewriter type strikers. Camera pans from left to right across typewriter keysing in slow motion. Cameraement truck left to right. Retro typewriter. Romantic novel writing
Caring single parent young mother babysitter hug happy cute little preschool child girl kid daughter hold learn read book fairy tale story bonding enjoying family lifestyle hobby at home sit on couch
Forest meadow point of view walking on Sunnyside Trail in Aspen, Colorado in Woody Creek neighborhood in morning of early 2019 summer with dirt road path
African American father holding flashlight and reading fairy tale to cute little son before going to bed while he lying on the floor under teepee tent decorated with lights in dark kids room
Forest Crowns of trees with bright sun rays and flying butterfly. Nature background of tropical forest sunrise. Forest Fairy Tale with flowers. Isolated with alpha mask. Put any text or product.
Sakura blossom garden background 3d render
Funny rainbow unicorn running loop. The glitching background beats the beat. VJ psychedelic 4K animation. Bright and colorful pony gallop. Pop-art virus video.
Happy caucasian mom and her cute baby boy spending time together at home, reading a book, using a flashlight in a cozy tent - happy family 4k footage
Magical forest fairy lights background
Filmic 3D green screen transition - A ring brass door knocker knocks 3 times. The doors open and reveal the green screen.
A beautiful female angel knight with two swords in her hands, wearing a beautiful plate armor, she hovers over a medieval city illuminated by the sun. 2d animation with a clean loop.
Unrecognizable woman shows shadow theater and doing a flying bird with her hands. Shadows on a white wall are blurry and out of focus. Theater for children leisure and entertainment at home.
Father reading bedtime stories to child. Dad putting son to sleep. Quality family time.
Fantasy beautiful night ocean and full moon behind the hill
Filmic 3D green screen transition - A golden brass key unlocks the old doors - the light shines through the keyhole. The doors open and reveal the green screen.
4K Abstract motion background animation shining particles stars sparks and magic dust forming in space wave flow with light rays and projections seamless loop.
Cute small kid girl princess wear crown holding puppet toy playing with mother, adorable little child daughter with rag doll on hand having fun enjoying fairy tale talking to mom babysitter at home
Silhouette of couple dancing at fairy ball. Happy woman fantasy princess in vintage yellow dress and guy embraces, Girl hand in arms of male prince. Man King in medieval carnival costume. face cropped
A beautiful fairy makes magic in a magical mystical cave. The woman was created using computer 3D graphics. 3D rendering. The animation is perfect for fairy tales, fantasy and magical backgrounds.
Epic fantasy battle, old folk story about a knight fighting a dragon in the mountains. Legend, story for children. Shadow theatre, pantomime.
Cheerful African American mother and little son lying in teepee tent decorated with lights, holding flashlights and reading fairytale story aloud while spending evening together at home.
Animation featuring white unicorn with loopable gaits. The unicorn goes from standing position, to walk, to trot, to canter, to run (gallop), and back down to standing. Simply edit out any gait and lo
Single Parent Dad Teach Adorable Cute Preschool Child Girl.Cheerful Daughter Education Learn 
Read Book And Enjoying Family Lifestyle.Little Kid With Father Reading Book.Daddy Reading Fairy Tale Story
Dark mystical misty forest. A fairy-tale scary forest with tall trees in a thick fog.
Walking inside a scary mystical dark Foggy Forest.Gimbal steadicam movement as we walk in or past a fairy tale like forest with tall fir trees in heavy fog smoke and mist.10 bit 4:2:2
Magic carpet green screen footage
Animation featuring a white unicorn running and jumping on clouds in the sky.
Seamlessly looping cinematic background of dragon scales animation for an ancient, dark age, fantasy, magical movie trailer, opener, intro, titles, game, slideshow, video or your other motion graphics
Wolf hid in the forest. The rare animal in nature. Eurasian wildlife nature. Common wolf has a rest on the rock.
Flowers in full bloom are drawn , colorful , white paper texture
Child plays with his mother in costumes of wizard, playing in park on Halloween. Happy family. Child plays in mantle of magician, mother in red cloak. Childhood dreams, fantasies to become wizard
close shot at the blue fin of the mermaid, which floats away into the sea depths
Six white sheep and one ram cartoon character grazing eating grass. Spring is coming animation. Happy butterflies start the season on the green meadow background. Good for titles intro. Seamless loop.
FPV drone flying over a long river stream. meditation, sanctuary, solace, solitude, tranquillity. Aerial view. 4K
drone footage of the fairy-tale secret garden. 4K
Distance learning at home. Self isolation, home quarantine. Happy family father and her little daughter having fun reading a book in a tent at home. Slow motion
Two little toddler boys cosplay gnomes or hobbits in long capes smiling sincerely magically falling foliage in green forest. Halloween, kids concept. Amazing fairy tale character. Slow motion.
A timelapse of the magnificent night sky. The Milky Way glowing on the dark sky. Billions of stars twinkle. Dark silhouettes of the trees stretch to the sky.
Happy daddy and little daughters read a book in a tent at home
Mermaid with Sun
Childcare at Home, Child Protection, New Life, Leisure with Baby. Mom reads a book to the kid while sitting on the floor in the bedroom
Mermaid is swimming under the ocean. It's underwater video taken by scuba diver.
Old fairytale castle on the hill. aerial view. Realistic 4k animation.
Cute little siblings brother and sister staging a kingdom tale in the shadow theatre at home. 4K UHD 60 FPS SLOW MOTION
A beautiful black dragon in a night forest, peacefully lying in a clearing, surrounded by many trees, fireflies, and luminous plants, painted with imitation oil. Looped video
Beauty romantic young woman in long chiffon dress with gown running in the forest on sunset. Beautiful happy bride model girl enjoying nature outdoors. Slow motion 240 fps. High speed camera 4K UHD
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