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Transport interchange in a big city. Long traffic jam. A huge number of cars pass by. A large trucker's truck is visible. Muddy roads, heavy car exhaust. Bad ecology of the city of Almaty.
Aerial view of nomad riders in the desert of Mongolia, in traditional clothes, and with a bird of prey, hunters of Mongolia.
The flag of Kazakhstan is developing in the wind.Astana - Nur Sultan.Drone shooting.
Rocket "Soyuz" launch. Baikonur, Kazakhstan. Shot 2.
View of the city center of Nur Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan. Shooting from a drone in Astana
Rocket "Soyuz" launch. Baikonur, Kazakhstan. Shot 1.
Almaty, Kazakhstan - March 20, 2020: Two soldiers in medical masks pass cars at a checkpoint during a coronavirus
Incredible view from a drone of the bridge in Nur-Sultan.  Kazakhstan, Astana.
Excavators dig the ground in the round snowy mine. Panoramic view of the snow-capped mountains in Almaty Region, Kazakhstan.
Rocket "Soyuz" launch. Baikonur, Kazakhstan. Shot 3.
Kazakhstan Map and Flag. A large group of people in the Kazakhstan flag color form to create the map. 4K Animation Video.
Detail of the national flag of Kazakhstan waving in the wind on a clear day. Kazakhstan is a transcontinental country located mainly in Central Asia, and partly in Eastern Europe. Selective focus.
BAIKONUR, KAZAKHSTAN - JULE 28: Russian rocket take off. The spacecraft launches into space, the astronauts fly away from planet earth for docking in the International Space Station
Lake Aral drying out 1984 - 2019 satellite timelapse 4k cloud free animation from space. Contains public domain images from NASA.
Aerial shot of a huge trucks loaded with blades of a wind turbine ride along the roundabout
Aerial footage of a huge truck loaded with a blade of a wind turbine rides along the roundabout
Top down view of a flock of sheep walking along the road with shepherds on horseback. Aerial drone footage of sheep herd.
Truck service whit open truck . move camera
Waving flag loop. National flag of Kazakhstan. Realistic animation
ASTANA, KAZAKHSTAN - MAY 8, 2017: A warrior draws a sword from his sheath with his hand before the battle with the enemy under the setting sun while standing on the yellow grass
Top view of Almaty city. Green streets, big clouds and tall houses. Summer day, traffic on the roads is small, sometimes you can see high mountains. People go about their business. Beautiful city.
Aerial flight above epic wild herd of horses in slow motion running at gallop across green endless field. Black equine large flock. Animal in its natural environment is free grazing. Freedom, strength
Kazakhstan, Astana, July 19, 2017. People walk through the territory of Astana EXPO.Nur Alem pavilion. Day time motion timelapse at the Astana Expo 2017, with a cloudy sky.
Almaty, Kazakhstan - May 8, 2020: Aerial view of Esentai Tower Business Centre at sunrise. Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Kazakhstan flag is waving 3D animation. Kazakhstan flag waving in the wind. National flag of kazakhstan. flag seamless loop animation. 4K
Modern sausage production. Sausage factory workers work in a modern shop where sausage products are produced. Shymkent, Kazakhstan - October 28, 2021
Yurt in the steppe, Mongolia. 4k time lapse
Production of slate from asbestos cement. Automated corrugated slate forming process. The asbestos cement production has modern technologies.
Bayterek tower monument in Nur-Sultan
A large truck is traveling on a multi-lane highway. Around the steppe, snow and emptiness. Cloudy weather, winter. The trucker continues on his way. Cars overtake. Transport company. Kazakhstan.
ALMATY, KAZAKHSTAN - APRIL 23, 2018: People running at Almaty Marathon, Kazakhstan.
Women workers in a garment factory with medical masks on their faces sew protective masks during the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Shymkent / Kazakhstan - March 28 2020
People running. Aerial view. Marathon.
ASTANA, Kazakhstan - June 10, 2017: Expo pavilion with futuristic screen of future energy concept
Astana, Kazakhstan - July 5, 2018: City centre aerial view at sunrise
Fantastic view. Unusual landscape. Winding road located inside the ancient canyon Charyn. Aerial view taken in the evening
Sunny day over the sand dunes in the desert. 4K TimeLapse
Taraz, Kazakhstan - January 7, 2022 - Burnt out cars after protests and unrest in Kazakhstan
Man’s hand counting Kazakhstani 20.000 tenge banknotes on white surface. Savings and financial  success concept
Charyn canyon in cloudy weather. Dron view. Winter. National Park in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Orange rocks, blue sky. Giant natural amphitheaters and hoodoos formations.
rusty ship on the bottom of a dried-up Aral Sea
Realistic Kazakhstan flag
Hotel interior. Premium class hotel room interior. Turkestan. Kazakhstan - January 27 2021
Kazakh eagle hunter sits on a horse and holds golden eagle in a rufter-hood on bird's head. Traditional nomad hunt. National kazakh dress. Winter.
Almaty, Kazakhstan - May 29, 2020: Aerial view of Opera and Ballet Abay Theatre at summer bright sunny day. Almaty city center aerial view with main city attractions. Historical center of Almaty city.
Coniferous trees rise from the depths of a mountain lake. Top view from the drone. On the shore you can see rocks, green forest and grass growing. Kaindy Lake, Kazakhstan. Groups tourists are resting.
Zenkov Cathedral, Panfilov park, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Almaty, Kazakhstan - January 5, 2022: Crowd of protesters on the streets of Almaty city.
January 08, 2022 Kazakhstan, Almaty. After the terrorist attack in Almaty city. The building of the administration of the city after the fire
Bayterek Tower and fountain show day to night timelapse. People walking around. Skyscrapers on background. Bayterek is a monument and observation tower in Astana. Astana, Kazakhstan
SAGSAY, MONGOLIA - SEP 30, 2017: Kazakh Eagle Hunter traditional clothing, while hunting to the hare holding a golden eagle on his arm in desert mountain of Western Mongolia.
Transport interchange in a big city. Long bridge. A huge number of cars pass through. A large trucker's truck is visible. Muddy roads and white snow. Strong exhaust. Bad ecology of the city of Almaty
Dubai, UAEmirates - dec 21 2021: Beautiful life projection on a curved screen of Robotics, technology and electronics in the near future. Kazakhstan Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2021
4K Timelapse. People buy in the store the gas station Gazpromneft. Camera 2. Kazakhstan - 20 August 2015
Workers in bio viral hazard protective suits walk to disinfects from coronavirus COVID-19. Antibacterial sanitary measures on quarantine. UltraHD 4K
Drone sideways wild strong horses racers herd flock run on green spring field at gallop. Strength, power. Free grazing. Horse racing. Cinematic wildlife landscape. Open space. Abstract wild animals
Aerial flight around mosque with gold dome at sunrise in Almaty city , Kazakhstan
Almaty / Kazakhstan - 04.23.2020 : A medical worker checks the crew and goes with a thermal imager on the territory of the airport
Kazakhstan flag Motion Loop video waving in wind. Realistic Kazakh Flag background. Kazakhstan Flag Looping Closeup 1080p Full HD 1920X1080 footage. Kazakhstan asia country flags footage video for fil
Ankara, Turkey - March 21 2021: Kazakh musician plays dombra
Cinematic rotating drone shot of snow covered Trans-Ili Alatau mountains in Kazakhstan
Women workers in a garment factory with medical masks on their faces sew protective masks during the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Shymkent / Kazakhstan - March 28 2020
ASTANA, KAZAKHSTAN - DECEMBER 2016: The main boulevar winter view
BAIKONUR, KAZAKHSTAN - JULE 28: Launch of the Soyuz FG MS-05 space rocket. The spacecraft launches into space, the astronauts fly away from planet earth for docking in the International Space Station
Aerial view of ice skating woman outdoor, ice rink Medeo
Almaty - MAY 2017: Aerial view shot of the Koktobe TV tower and mountains on background
Navroz greeting. Iranian and Parsi new year with Text Navroz Mubarak (happy new year). 4k happy parsi new year or Navroz or Nowruz animation with Happy Navroz wishes  for your ads and social media.
Hoffer is eating nutmeg. Alaska, America.
Aerial view of the road accident in Astana, Kazakhstan. Road safety. The flowing cars in the city center. Not safe driving on the road
Railway locomotive. Front view. Old soviet diesel vehicle. Front view of soviet powerful diesel locomotive on railroad. Train at the railway station. Suburban electric train.
Singing Dunes in desert national park Altyn-Emel, Kazakhstan. 4K TimeLapse - September 2016, Almaty and Astana, Kazakhstan
The expanses of the Aral Sea. Country Kazakhstan
Aerial footage around a telecommunications tower with sector antennas of a mobile operator and radio relay equipment in the city. Telecommunication equipment in Kazakhstan. 5G technology. Telecomphone
Kazakhstan, Astana, July 19, 2017. People walk through the Nurljole boulevard. Astana-Bayterek. Baiterek Tower.  Day time motion timelapse at the Astana, with a cloudy sky.
Drone flight over Almaty, beautiful views of the city from the sky. Drone view
Drone flight over Almaty, beautiful views of the city from the sky.

Timelaps of the drying up of the Aral Sea from satellite between 1984 and 2018. Data: NASA.
Aerial view of ship sailing in the Caspian Sea. Kazakshtan
Crowd of people preparing for a marathon. Almaty. Kazakhstan.
4K Timelapse.  Many Cars refuel at the gas station Gazpromneft. Kazakhstan - 20 August 2015
Flying on a drone among the fir trees and mountains. Coniferous forest grows in the gorge. In places, purple flowers and green grass. High peaks covered with clouds. Large light stones. Kazakhstan

Aerial view of Bozzhira rocks at Ustyurt plateau in Western Kazakhstan at summer day taken from above. Drone shot.
Aerial View. Flight over the Winter Mountain Road. Altai Siberia. Altai is situated in the very center of Asia at the junction of Siberian taiga, steppes of Kazakhstan and semi-deserts of Mongolia
ASTANA, KAZAKHSTAN - MAY 8, 2017: Battle at sunset. The warrior strikes a spear but does not break through the defense
United Arab Emirates, Dubai - February, 2020: Two men in Kazakh folk clothes in the world's largest shopping mall Dubai Mall. A man in a wheelchair rests in the background
My grandmother makes a traditional drink from horse milk koumiss
panning shot revealing the environment on Kyrgyz yurt camp in Kyrgyzstan during sunset
ASTANA, KAZAKHSTAN - MAY 8, 2017: Historical battle of two war teams with spear swords and shields
Gimbal round motion mystical Buryat yurt painted patterns ceiling, historical architecture Baikal region Siberia. Authentic culture construction of dwellings. Shaman's house. Turkic Mongol nomads. 4k
3 in 1. Baikonur. Aerial view. Part 1.
Almaty , Kazakhstan - 07 01 2021: Close Up Shot Of Combine Header - Combine Harvester In Action On Hemp Field
Golden eagle [Aquila chrysaetos] is perched on falconry glove Hunter with his Golden eagle [Aquila chrysaetos] during hunting for foxes and deer.
ASTANA JULY 2017:  Evening view of the central street and Baiterek
Time lapse clouds cross Monument Valley National Monument hd
Rock climbing training on a steep slope in the mountains. The view from the drone. A group of people climb to the top of cliff. Brave girls and boys are looking for a trail on a cliff. Extreme sports
Akmeshit or Akmechet cave. Huge cavern with hole and green trees groving under. Exploring a cave concept. Tourism, travel in Kazakhstan  concept. 08.05.2021 Akmeshit, Kazakhstan.
Telescope and observatory in Assy Plateau, Kazakhstan.
Almaty, Kazakhstan - 15 may 2015: Thunderstorm storm in the desert along the road. 4K TimeLapse.
Nur-Sultan - December 2019: Aerial winter foggy view of the  Kazakhstan capital.
Astana, Kazakhstan aerial drone view of city center .
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