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балкон: стоковые видеоклипы
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Morden residential balcony garden with bricks wall, wooden bench and plants.
The orange cat getting rest in the balcony
3D rendering,On the sunny open balcony, there are leisure tables, chairs and green
summer balcony with hammock and flowering plants
3D рендеринг, Современный дизайн балкона, зеленые растения делают балкон полным жизни
Elegant decorated balcony with rattan outdoor furniture, bright pillows and plants
Illustration of tiny people at home in quarantine, making music on their balconies, coronavirus pandemic 2020
Neighbors in their apartments have fun and communication vector illustration
Satisfied adult woman with coffee cup breathing fresh air on a hotel balcony at summer
Evening at my home terrace
Panorama of elegant decorated balcony with rattan outdoor furniture, bright pillows and plants
Pouf with pink plate with coffee mug and croissant in blurred foreground in real photo of room with fresh plants, rug on the floor and open door to balcony
3D rendering,The outer balcony of the city's high-rise housing, with green plants on the balcony, the table is placed outside and is comfortably illuminated by the sun.
Blooming beautiful pink Petunia flowers and white watering can stands on table. Metal forged furniture on balcony on sunny summer day. Flowers on balcony
orange cat relaxing on the balcony
The concept of social isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. Windows with people inside their houses. Balconies with people during quarantine. Stay home. Banner COVID-19.
Young beautiful woman relaxing on cozy balcony, reading a book, wearing warm knitted pullover, glass of wine on wooden table
Balcony view of  mountains. Landscape. Sunny Day. Terrace with a beautiful view. Background with beautiful landscape.
Concept of social isolation during coronavirus pandemic. People on the balcony during quarantine in medical mask. Neighboring offices of skyscraper. Stay home. COVID-19 banner copy space for text
pattaya sun rise top view city with modern hotel balcony. background for thailand travel and relaxation
orange cat relaxing on the balcony
Красивая терраса или балкон с небольшим столом, стулом и цветами. Летнее время Идиллические сидения на террасе с напитком.
paris balcony with splendid view on eiffel tower at sunset
The concept of social isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. People playing musical instruments, cello, guitar, trumpet, buden, violin and doing yoga on balconies. Stay home quarantine.
Isolation of people during the COVID-19 pandemic. Young guy and girl are standing on their balconies. In a neighboring building, the windows are a mother with a son. In another window, a guy with cat.
Apartment balcony in city with grass turf and potted plants. Evening light.
Уютный летний балкон со многими горшечными растениями, чашкой чая и старой старинной книгой
Real photo of open door to balcony with many fresh plants, lights, material pouf and view on urban jungle
Modern city buildings windows and young people
Balcony vector vintage balconied railing windows facade wall of building illustration set of beautiful architecture decor window-pane facade isolated on background
Morning coffee with relaxation on the balcony. Beautiful city terrace with many pots and vintage accessories.
Beautiful decorated balcony with wicker furniture, white pillows and many decorative plants
Балкон Вид на Море и Горы Пейзаж В Солнечный День
Cheerful young woman wearing brown blouse and sunglasses working on modern laptop sitting on the balcony with lemonade on sunny day.
balcony garden. flowers on the balcony. Many colors adorn the balcony of the apartment in the old house. Summer sunny day.
Top view of two stylish wooden chairs with cushions and a small wooden table at a balcony of a room in a resort, surrounded by garden
Scenic open window view of the Mediterranean Sea from a room along the Amalfi Coast near Sorrento, Italy
View from the balcony to the sea.Landscape. Sunny Day. Terrace with a beautiful view. Background with beautiful landscape. City near the sea.
Balconies of house or apartment building vector design of architecture elements. Home facade balconies with windows, doors and railings, iron and stone balustrades with glass, flower cachepots, lamps
Night view of the Huangpu River from the balcony of the Shanghai Luxury Hotel in Asia China
Woman hands applauding medical staff from their balcony. People in Spain clapping on balconies and windows in support of health workers, doctors during the Coronavirus pandemic. Selective Focus
A woman practices yoga on the balcony of her apartment during the Covid-19 lock down in Geneva, Switzerland. The sun shines on the balcony as she maximizes the space available to work out from home.
Family applauding medical staff from their balcony. People in Spain clapping gratitude on balconies and windows in support of health workers, doctors and nurses during the Coronavirus pandemic
Балкон Вид на город и лес в горах Пейзаж в Солнечный день
Домашняя терраса с деревянным полом и стулом
Trendy outdoor patio pergola shade structure, awning and patio roof, garden lounge, chairs, metal grill surrounded by landscaping
Neighborhood concept. People stand on balconies or look out of windows. The neighbors of an apartment building. Life in big cities. Vector illustration in a flat style
Relaxed adult woman breathing fresh air standing on a hotel balcony at summer
Stylish decorated balcony with rattan outdoor furniture, bright pillows, fluffy blanket and plants
великолепный балкон с прекрасным видом
Женщина расслабляющая на балконе держит чашку кофе или чая
Маленький стол, книга и цветы на красивой террасе или балконе

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3D rendering,The outer balcony on the modern small town building is decorated with tables, chairs and various flowers and plants.
Terrace view sea tree sunlight wooden table on the beach landscape nature with sunset or sunrise / wooden bridge balcony view seascape idyllic seashore silhouette tropical tree summer vacation beach
Meeting summer day. Back rear view of happy young woman stand in balcony door stretch hands enjoy weekend have pleasure. Calm beautiful female do morning exercises practice yoga by opened large window
3D rendering,The design of the outdoor balcony of the urban residence is equipped with flowers, leisure tables, chairs and other decorations.
woman sunbathes on a balcony
Illustration Of Indian People Enjoying Or Celebrating Holi Festival On Their Balconies.
Man embracing wife at balcony. Relaxed couple drinking coffee in weekend.
Cute autumn hygge home decor arrangement. Tiny wooden cabin balcony with heather flowers, lavender in bottle vase, candlelight flame, soft beige plaid waiting on comfortable garden furniture chair.
Красивая терраса или балкон с небольшим столом, стулом и цветами
Children enjoying pizza on a balcony picnic
Exterior deck with large open gas fire
Balcony Icon. Vector outline icon representing balcony door or window
3D rendering,On the open balcony, there are sofa stool and tea table, with blue sky and white clouds outside
Beautiful amazing blond romantic woman among flowers at her balcony during planting. People, gardening, planting and profession concept. Gardener planting banana tree to flower pot on terrace at home.
picking fresh herbs grown on a raised bed on a balcony
Young girl and man stand on their balconies and look at the moon and stars. The neighbors look out the windows at night. Quarantine concept during the coronovirus pandemic.
Beautiful view from the balcony on the Italian coast. Blue arches, pink and white flowers. Blue sky. Digital collage, mural and mural. Wallpaper. Poster design. Modular panel.  Illustration for print.
Contemporary loft style balcony 3D render,There are wooden floors, empty concrete walls decorating living area with rattan furniture with white fences.
Businessman standing on open roof top balcony watching city night view . Business ambition and vision concept .
Portrait image of a beautiful asian woman holding and drinking hot coffee , sitting on balcony and looking at mountains and green nature
Балкон для отдыха. Стол с домашним лимонадом, гроздками трав и дикими цветами.
Beautiful garden with pink and white flowers, petals,waterfall, with access to the lake. Digital collage, mural and mural. Wallpaper. Poster design. Modular panel. 3d render
Man in a hat with a beard plays the guitar on the balcony in the summer. Side view. Covid - 19
Glass fence sections set with metallic tube handrails and transparent plexiglass sheets for house stairways, building balcony or terrace, roadside fencing isolated 3d realistic vector illustrations
City balcony with vintage accessories beautiful succulents. Morning coffee on the terrace, home office.
Orange cat is sunbathing on the balcony wall
Seating in the garden on the balcony, is a recreation place.
Old wooden terrace with wicker swing hang on the tree with blurry nature background 3d render.
Stylish balcony with elegant rattan furniture and glass walls and green forest view
People on balcony stay home. Quarantined people communicate through balcony two guys greet each other young girl with child communicates her friend house plants balcony windows. Vector flat style.
The concept of social isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. People playing musical instruments guitar on balconies. Stay home quarantine.
Woman working or relaxing with laptop at home balcony garden with furniture and potted plants. Modern trendy eco-style interior with greenery. Colored flat textured vector illustration.
Beautiful view from the flower-covered balcony to the mountain lake and pink sunrise. Digital collage , mural and fresco. Wallpaper. Poster design. 3d render
Arabic business man looking out through the office balcony seen through glass window. arab young man looking at Dubai city through hotel window.
Dreamy dark-eyed girl drinking tea at balcony. Photo of caucasian well-dressed female model holding cup of coffee.
Metal handrails. Section of glass fences with metal tubular railing and transparent sheets for home stairways, house balcony. Glass balustrade with iron banister front and angle view. Vector.
Молодая пара наслаждаются выпивкой вина на балконе. Женщина указывает на что-то.
Woman resting on cozy balcony with many potted plants, reading a book
Red brick facade with wrought iron balconies
Beautiful House Plants with Water Droplets on Balcony, Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, Wild Fern, Ficus Ginseng
Young man taking care of his plants on the balcony
Stock photo of a girl's hands applauding from her balcony to support those fighting coronavirus
Positive young woman in long dress sitting at balcony with coffee and croissant. Photo of barefooted curly girl enjoying breakfast at terrace.
Wooden, metallic, glass railings, fence section for home stairways, house balcony, sidewalk fencing 3d realistic vector set isolated on white background. Room, public place interior design elements
Beautiful bright heartsease pansies flowers in vibrant purple, violet, and yellow color in a long flower pot hanging on the balcony fence, spring beautiful balcony flowers high angle view
Любопытная кавказская девушка разговаривает с другом на террасе. Мечтательная юная леди сидит на балконе с парнем.
Beautiful view from the  flower-covered balcony to the Eiffel tower and pink sunset. Digital collage , mural and fresco. Wallpaper. Poster design. Modular panno. 3d render
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