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Russia, Moscow,  03-26-2020, Skyscrapers of the business centers on the Presna embankment
Sozopol/Bulgaria - 08 01 2019: City beach in Sozopol in summer, Black Sea
Ancient ruins on Mount Masada
Sea landscape overlooking the beach and storm clouds on the horizon

Panoramic view of the Caucasian mountains in the area of ​​Rosa Khutor
Lamb on the bone with vegetables and potatoes
Panoramic view of the southern part of the Dead Sea from the observation platform
Istanbul / Turkey -03 08 2020: Panoramic view of the Galata bridge and Galata tower
Panoramic view of the southeast coast of the ancient
city of Nessebar
Southeast coast of the ancient  Nessebar city
Waves of daylight breeze on the Black Sea
Summer landscape with river and sky with white clouds
Spring landscape with lake after melting ice
Rocky Black Sea coast near Sozopol City
Spring sunset on the river
View from eastern Masada observation platform to ancient catchment area
Ruins of ancient fortifications on top of Masada mount
Ruins of ancient fortifications on top of  Masada Mount
     Ancient warehouses on top of Masada Mount
View of the Dead Sea from the top of Mount Masada
Panoramic view of the southern part of the Dead Sea
North view from Masada Mount
North-west view from Masada Mount
The premises of ancient warriors on Mount Masada
View of the Dead Sea from Masada Mount
Ruins of ancient buildings on Mount Masada
Tel-Aviv / Israel, 02.24.2020  Embankment of the city of Tel Aviv
Red strawberry berries on a plate
Panoramic view of Dead Sea dams
Tristram long-tailed starling with ring on foot
White salt coast of the Dead Sea
Panoramic view from mountain to the Dead Sea coast with Jordanian mountains in fog
Spring snowy forest in March
Tops of trees against a blue sky with white clouds
Spring landscape with trees in the snow against a blue sky
Bright red gerbera flower in summer
Old abandoned house in which no one lives
Large purple-blue flower of aster on green background
Birch lit by winter sun at sunset
Long shadows on snow from winter evening sunset
Green alley and flowerbed with yellow flowers
Coast  of the Volga River in summer
Winter sunset on snow field
Cape Kaliacra Wind Electric Generators, Black Sea
River Snezhet in autumn forest
Golden Horn Bay and Bosporus in istanbul
Summer landscape with clouds and yellow field
A small river flowing through the field
Stone wall, Bintan Island, Indonesia
Ancient building
Blossoming of a linden
Strawberry flowers
Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery in the city of Zvenigorod. Belfry, refectory and church
The ancient Kremlin of St. Joseph Volotsky
Thimble with a needle
Dilapidated building of russian orthodox Church
Landscape of european part of Russia
Blue spruce
coltsfoot on the stones
Green moss
White moss growing on a tree
Plant zamiokulkas
Pizza with pepperoni, fragrant pork, oregano,  mushrooms, black olives, mozzarella cheese.
Ancient building of the greek Acropolis at night
Hephaestus temple in Athens
White tiger
Sundew - a marsh insectivorous plant, the leaves of which give off a sticky liquid to catch and digest the settling insects.
East coast of the peninsula of Nessebar, Black Sea, Bulgaria
The river  Protva in summer, nearest Mozhaisk, Russia
Cove and ruins near the ancient city of Phaselis, Turkey
Mountain burials of the first Christians. Demre city (ancient Myra), Turkey
Panorama of Camyuva, Tahtali mountain, Turkey
Stewed octopus on a plate with mussels and shrimps
Pine cones in the palm of  hand
Ancient pagan symbol on the tombstone
The river in autumn
Coast of Bintan Island, South China Sea
The river Istra in early spring
Protva river in summer, Russia
Branches of grapes
Gerbera flowers in the garden
Snow alley
Gulf near Faselis Cape, Turkey
Ship in the sea near the ruins Faselis
Flaming orchid
Dog on a bike
Bull terrier guard
Autumn river
Fluffy cat
Seagull close-up
Tulips field
Black Sea
Flowers on a tree
Snowy winter
Winter sunset with blue shadows on snow
Dry branch against the background of blue sky in winter
Snowy forest on a sunny day