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ROSTOV VELIKIY - Red Chamber and Church of St. John of Rostov Kremlin. View from a path near a small well-maintained pond on architectural ensemble of the 17th century buildings
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Under Zhivopisny Bridge Curve in Winter Twilight. View from an ice on the river Moskva (Moscow) at the bank near Karamyshevsky passage on the highest in Europe cable-stayed bridge.
PERESLAVL-ZALESSKY, RUSSIA - Beautiful view from bell tower on architectural Ensemble of Goritsky Monastery, Dormition (Assumption) Cathedral and Church of  All Saints in summer.
MOSCOW REGION, RUSSIA - Illuminated Russian Dacha in Twilight. Little wooden guest house-banya with line of spruce trees at night time on one nice  Autumn morning with beautiful twilight skies.
SUZDAL, RUSSIA - Beautiful landscape of Suzdal with the view from high bank of River Kamenka at Pushkarskaya Street on the river and people walking to the architectural ensemble of Suzdal Kremlin.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Old Kremlin Against Modern Moskva-City in Winter. Architectural ensemble of Moscow Kremlin, and skyscrapers of International Business Center "Moskva-City".
SUZDAL, RUSSIA - Architectural ensemble of 18th century wooden churches framed by trees on the grounds of the museum of Wooden Architecture covered snow in winter season.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - View from opposite side of Grand Pond on the architectural ensemble of Kuskovo Estate, the Grand Summer Palace, the Church of Our Savior Of The All-Merciful, trimmed alley of trees
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Oct 19, 2018
Headquarters of Russian Academy of Science in Autumn Twilight. Front angle view on 22-story building of headquarters of Russian Academy of Sciences built in 1970s-1980s.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Huge water pool of restored “Stone Flower” fountain illuminated with colorful spotlights on the grounds of VDNKh park and exhibition at nice spring evening in twilight.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA: The view from the Red Square on the Entrance to the building of the Main Department store GUM known formerly as the Upper Trading Rows built between 1890 and 1893.
ZVENIGOROD, RUSSIA - Architectural ensemble of Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery with a view of the beautiful colorful tent-roofed gate church of the Trinity and Tsarina Chambers after snowfall.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Beautiful winter cityscape with the view from Zaryadye park on the covered snow Spasskaya Tower (Savior’s Tower) of Moscow Kremlin and St. Basil’s Cathedral framed by white trees.
ZVENIGOROD, RUSSIA - Architectural ensemble of Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery in a sunny day after the last heavy snowfall at the end of a mild winter and beginning of the early spring.
SERGIYEV POSAD, RUSSIA - View from an observation platform at Blinnaya hill on the magnificent architectural ensemble of Holy Trinity-Saint Sergius Lavra in winter.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Architectural Ensemble of Moscow Kremlin in Spring Twilight. View from Sofiyskaya Embankment of Moskva River.
GASPRA, CRIMEA - Beautiful view from top of Aurora Cliff on the Neo-Gothic castle situated on the steep 40-metre (130 ft) high rock in background of Black Sea and illuminated Yalta Bay in twilight.
ZVENIGOROD, MOSCOW REGION, RUSSIA - Night view of the magnificent architectural ensemble of Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery in winter after heavy snowfall.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - December 04, 2019
View from Komsomolskaya (former Kalanchevskaya) square on the main buildings of magnificent Kazansky Railway Station on a cloudy winter day.
PERESLAVL-ZALESSKY, RUSSIA - Angle view from a side of Red Square, the historical center of Pereslavl-Zalessky, on the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Christ framed by birch trees in winter.
SUZDAL, RUSSIA - Resurrection Church and Peasant Houses Covered Snow the Museum of Wooden Architecture in Winter.
FOROS, CRIMEA - View from observation platform of Baidarsky Pass on the Church of Christ's Resurrection rising on the abrupt 400-metre (1312 ft) Red Cliff (Krasnaya Skala) above Black sea in twilight.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - April 29, 2018
View from Raushskaya embankment of Moskva-Reka (Moscow River) on the Park Zaryadye with floating bridge and pier at Moskvoretskaya embankment.
ROSTOV VELIKIY, RUSSIA - View from area of Archbishop Palace and White Chamber on the grounds of Rostov Kremlin with the architectural ensemble of the 17th-century buildings in a winter season.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - July 06, 2019
View from Spasskaya (Savior) Tower of Moscow Kremlin on a flowerbed and amazing architectural ensemble of Moscow Kremlin under clouds in a nice summer day.
The Wooden Church of  the Resurrection of Christ in the Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasants' Life in a Summer Day. Suzdal, Russia
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - View from Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge on the river Moskva (Moscow) with ice on its surface, Kremlevskaya embankment, and architectural ensemble of Moscow Kremlin in winter twilight.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Dec 04, 2019
Well-attended and attractive shop “Tea-Coffee” (Perlov Tea House) in the style of Chinese pagoda on Myasnitskaya street 19 in a dull cloudy day at the beginning of winter
SUZDAL, RUSSIA - Entrance to the Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life framed by a birch tree in winter twilight (blue hour).
VLADIMIR, RUSSIA - Angle view on the unique white-stone monument of architecture of Vladimir-Suzdal land of pre-Mongol period, the Cathedral of St. Demetrius illuminated in winter evening.
ROSTOV VELIKIY, RUSSIA - Architectural ensemble of Spaso-Yakovlevsky (St. Jacob Savior) monastery from the South-West tower in a nice sunny winter day.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA -  Golden Cupolas of Moscow Kremlin. The view  from Sofiyskaya Embankment.
The 19th-century windmill with subsidiary farm structures behind an old fence in the Museum of Wooden Architecture nearby the New Jerusalem monastery.
SUZDAL, RUSSIA - Beautiful winter landscape of Suzdal with a view of the old wooden church of St. Nicholas on the grounds of Suzdal’s Kremlin framed by trees in the twilight during snowfall.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Kuskovo Architectural ensemble of the Grand Summer Palace and the Church of Our Savior Of The All-Merciful (1737-1739) as seen from opposite side of Grand Pond in summer season.
VLADIMIR, RUSSIA - August 17, 2010
Golden Gate (Zolotiye Vorota) - The symbol the ancient Vladimir City. Constructed in 1158-1162, rare example of medieval defensive architecture UNESCO World Heritage

NOSCOW, RUSSIA - A wave-shaped bench on the Krymskaya (Crimean) Embankment in the Moscow Park of Sculptures "Muzeon" on the background of the suspended Krymsky (Crimean) Bridge.
Architectural ensemble of churches of Goritsky Monastery, Dormition (Assumption) Cathedral, and All Saints Church, in background of Pleshcheyevo Lake in the summer season.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - New Year decorations of pedestrian Patriarchy (Patriarch) Bridge over Moscow River and architectural ensemble of Moscow Kremlin in the blue hour during winter holidays.
Sculpture-monument to the “Sailor`s Wife” in Novorossiysk installed in the very center and heart of the Quay, near warship “Mikhail Kutuzov” and the Naval Station
Large 3D projection on building of Bolshoi Theatre from 'Times' video mapping by Chinese artist Gong Zhen. 2nd prize in Art Vision Classic contest 2016
Moscow, Russia - July 28, 2009
Panorama of Red Square with illuminated St. Basil's Cathedral, GUM mall, Spasskaya Kremlin Tower, and Lenin's Tomb under umpressive twilight skies in summer evening.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Upper Alexander Garden in the Early Spring Morning Twilight. View from Manezhnaya square on the illuminated  park along the fortified wall of Moscow Kremlin.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - View of the beautiful architectural ensemble of Moscow Kremlin and frozen river Moskva (Moscow) from Sofiyskaya Embankment in snowfall.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - April 29, 2018
At Moskvoretskaya Embankment in Early Spring Sunny Morning, people enjoying the nice spring weather, walking and taking pictures on floating bridgge of park Zaryadye
SUZDAL, RUSSIA -  Winter scene with the view of the 17th-century Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Korovniki, at the edge of city.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - April 10, 2014
Shoes in a circle at the Zero Kilometre of the roads of the Russian Federation near entrance to the Red Square.
VLADIMIR, RUSSIA - Architectural ensemble of the white-stone Assumption Cathedral and standing behind tall bell tower topped with a golden spire framed by tree in winter night.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Festive garlands hung over Nikolskaya street Street in the background of the beautiful Moscow architecture, Nikolskaya Kremlin Tower, State Historical Museum, and Kazan Cathedral
MOSCOW REGION, RUSSIA - View from a garden area on the backside of illuminated wooden guest house-banya with a well in the background of tall pine trees when it was getting dark in the springtime.

SUZDAL, RUSSIA - Majestic view on the architectural ensemble of Suzdal Kremlin from earthen rampart (former fortifications) in twilight (blue hour) in winter season.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Festive light installations in form of V-shaped arches for winter holidays on Patriarchy bridge in background of Cathedral of Christ the Savior at the blue hour on Christmas morning.
At the entrance into Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasants' Life in Suzdal at Winter Twilight. Russia
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Beautiful Christmas lighting decoration of the 19th-century building of Cafe Pushkin covered with garlands as like a web made of hundreds of small light bulbs.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - March 13, 2020
Side view from the down of a hill on the 17-meter monument of Prince Vladimir of Kiev in the background of Pashkov House after snowfall in early spring day.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Jan 01, 2019
Festively decorated for winter holidays with garlands and light installations floating bridge and pier of Zaryadye park with reflection in water of the river Moskva
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Jan 24, 2019
View from frozen surface of Moskva River on the curve of the modern S-shaped cable-stayed Zhivopisny Bridge (Picturesque bridge) with 105-meter high arch in winter sunset
ISTRA, RUSSIA - The magnificent architectural ensemble of Rotunda of Resurrection Cathedral and seven-tier bell-tower on the grounds of the New Jerusalem Monastery in Istra.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - May 08, 2018
Luxury Cruiser at Hotel Radisson Royal (former Ukraina) starts journey on the river Moskva (Moscow) from the pier of Taras Shevchenko.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - View from corner of Christmas market at Red Square on St. Basil's Cathedral, framed by a tree decorated with festive new year balls after heavy snowfall in the early winter morning.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Illuminated Borodinsky (Borodino) Bridge with traffic light trails in the background of skyscrapers of Moskva-City (Moscow City) financial district in the twilight on winter evening.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Beautiful Church of the Intercession of the Virgin in Fili built at the beginning of 1690s - The classical monument of Naryshkin Baroque architecture.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - View from the covered snow Zaryadye park on the Ivan the Great Bell Tower of Moscow Kremlin framed by white spruce trees. Beautiful Moscow winter cityscape in a heavy snowfall.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Night cityscape of Moscow from floating bridge of Zaryadye park with view of architectural ensemble of Savior tower of Moscow Kremlin and St. Basil's Cathedral on Red Square.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Evening view of the illuminated hunting lodge of the Prince Nikita Yurievich Trubetskoy’s Estate in Neskuchny Garden framed by colorful trees in late autumn season.
ISTRA, MOSCOW REGION, RUSSIA - Covered snow old peasant farm of Kokorins from Vykhino of Lyubertsy District on the grounds of the Museum of Wooden Architecture.
SUZDAL, RUSSIA - From a corner of Resurrection Church on the elegant old Church of the Transfiguration topped with onion domes and Orthodox crosses on grounds of Suzdal’s Museum of Wooden Architecture
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - May 04, 2019
Shinning gold fountain "Friendship of Nations" with sculptures of women representing republics of USSR after restoration on at VDNKh park under grey clouds at sunset.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Blue cupola of the one domed Cathedral of the Holy Vivifying Trinity in Orekhovo-Borisovo District raise to the sky with cross in height of 70 meter (230 feet).
LIVADIA, CRIMEA - August 14, 2019
Monument to the Peacemaker Tsar Alexander III  in the park of the Livadia Palace, outskirts of Yalta, Crimea. OIpened on November 18, 2017. Sculptor Andrei Kovalchuk.
YALTA, CRIMEA, RUSSIA - May 05, 2017
Overview white-stone Livadia Palace from the amazing park.  The palace is a beautiful pearl and architectural monument of the Southern coast of Crimea.
ROSTOV VELIKIY, RUSSIA: Architectural ensemble of Spaso-Yakovlevsky (St. Jacob Savior) monastery from the South-West tower in a cloudy summer day.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Night winterscape in the blue hour with the view from Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge on the icy river Moskva (Moscow), Cathedral of Christ the Savior, and the tower of the Kremlin

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - View from the new floating bridge of park Zaryadye on the frozen Moskva River (Moscow River and Stalinist high-rise building at Kotelnicheskaya embankment in the winter season.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Feb 20, 2020
People coming down on escalator from the south vestibule to the Krasnye Vorota (Red Gate) station of Sokolnicheskaya line (Red Line) decorated with dark-red marble
GASPRA, CRIMEA - Sailing in the Sea - The view details of architecture of a neo-gothic castle "Swallow's Nest" (Russian: Lastochkino Gnezdo) in Gaspra from a back side. Crimea, Russia.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - View from Red Square on Spasskaya Tower (Savior’s Tower) and a line of blue spruce (Picea pungens) along the wall of Moscow Kremlin covered snow in heavy snowfall.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA -View from Manezhnaya square on people walking to and from Red Square, between the red brick building of State Historical Museum and the wall of Moscow Kremlin, during a heavy snowfall.
ROSTOV VELIKIY, RUSSIA - August 11, 2014
Two storey green wooden house on a small 3rd passage of Tolstovskaya Embankment near lake Nero.
SUZDAL, RUSSIA - The ancient cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin with beautiful onion-shaped blue cupolas (domes) on the background of a cloudy sky on a summer day.
SUZDAL, RUSSIA - Angle view from Suzdal's Trading Rows on the beautiful ensemble of the winter Pyatnitskaya Church (at the right) and the summer Church of the Entry into Jerusalem (at the left)
SUZDAL, RUSSIA - Archbishop's Chambers with the Refectory Porch in Winter Twilight.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Restored Colorful Onion Domes and Red with White Capels of St. Basil's Cathedal (Intercession Cathedral on the Moat) Under the Grey Clouds.
Architectural Ensemble of the Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir under a Cloud-Filled Sky. The great example of early Russian white-stone architecture.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Blue Domes of the Church of Our Lady of Kazan in Kolomenskoye Framed by Trees in Winter Twilight.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - December 27, 2019
Bottom view of the highlighted bronze sculpture of Soldier-Victor under the dome of the Glory hall decorated with the gorgeous Order of Victory
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - December 12, 2018
New Year LED installation of funny train, the little hero of popular Soviet animation movie “Train from Romashkovo” (1967) in park Khodynskoye Pole (Khodynka Field).
SUZDAL, RUSSIA - View from Pushkarskaya street on beautiful wooden churches and entrance into the Museum of Wooden Architecture framed by a birch tree in winter.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - December 27, 2019
Highlighted bronze sculpture “The Soldier of Victory” on granite pedestal in center of the Glory hall in Central museum of the Great Patriotic War on Poklonnaya Hill
ZVENIGOROD, RUSSIA - April 07, 2010
Interior view with candle stand of the Southern narthex of the Nativity of VirginCathedral. The narthex with side altar is dedicated to St. Sabba (Savva) of Storozh
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - May 04, 2019
Beautiful view on one of the most spectacular fountains at VDNKh “The Golden Spike” in the Kamensky Pond framed by trees in spring sunset.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - January 06, 2018
Top of monument to Yuri Gagarin with statue to the Soviet hero, the first astronaut in space, on high ribbed pedestal made of titanium in early frosty winter morning.
SUZDAL, RUSSIA - August 17, 2020
Angle view on a wooden house with mezzanine framed by flowers and rowan trees on the grounds of Pokrovsky (Intercession) convent in Suzdal in the summer season.
MOSCOW KREMLIN, RUSSIA - Top of majestic Dormition (Assumption) Cathedral with its beautiful gilded cupolas framed by yellow trees against a blue sky in the golden Autumn season.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Festive Christmas decorations on Theater Square in one evening before New Year’s Yeve. Beautiful building of Bolshoi Theater is in the background of the picture.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Panorama from Bolshoy Ustyinskiy Bridge on the festively decorated historical center of Moscow city during winter holidays at sunset on one of an evening in the beginning 2020 year.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - View from Raushskaya embankment of Moscow River on the Floating Bridge and Pier of Zaryadye Park? St. Basil's Cathedral, and Spasskaya (Savior) tower of the Kremlin in winter holidays
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Beautifully decorated with Christmas garlands Sadovnichesky Bridge over Vodoonvodny (Drainage) Canal in the blue hour during winter holidays.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - The beautiful Our Lady of the Sign Cathedral framed by illuminated with LED lights paradise trees on Varvarka street in an early morning. New Year decoration during winter holidays.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - September 29, 2018
Light Reflections in the Splendid St. Alexander Hall. Interior of Alexandrovskiy (St. Alexander's) Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace.