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Whether it's woods and mountains or simply a bit of outdoor gardening, outdoors backgrounds are the images of choice for creatives everywhere. Parks and outdoor stock photos and royalty free images are widely appealing because they're not taking a stance or promoting an opinion — they're simply showcasing the beauty and freedom of being outside. They're great for creative projects of all kinds. From parks and recreation to family camping, we've got the images you need, like playgrounds, picnic baskets, and camping tents. We pride ourselves on our collection of authentic visuals and geographic locations from all over the world.

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How to use outdoors and park imagery creatively

How to use images with outdoor scenes on social media When you're using parks and outdoor images for social media campaigns, it's important to keep your target audience in mind. There are many different types of camping experiences, for example, in many different environments. Do you want to share a post of an extreme camping setup, with only the bare essentials, perhaps atop a daunting mountaintop or tucked into a jagged cliffside? Or would you rather nestle a family in a glowing tent next to a stream, with fishing poles, coffee cups, and welcoming fire? Outdoors images are great for social media campaigns because so many people enjoy spending their time this way, but everyone enjoys the outdoors differently, so make sure the images you're featuring align with the story you want to tell in your social media copy. Using park and outdoors images in print materials The most important element of images for print materials is clarity. Images for print need to be a higher resolution (300 dpi) than images for the web, so be sure you download the correct size when you find the image in our library. With this in mind, remember that you can't control the viewing conditions of a print image. The viewer might be in a dim room, or an overly bright room, or even outside with unstable lighting conditions. That means you want an image that's clean and easy to navigate visually. Avoid images that are cluttered or "busy," and choose photos with clearly recognizable compositional elements. This will future-proof the viewing experience by making sure that everyone can see what you want them to see, no matter where or how they're viewing it. Using parks and outdoors images in marketing campaigns Parks and outdoors images for marketing campaigns are a great way to bring your audience into your message. Most advertisements rely on the viewer as a stand-in narrator. There's no one else to read the message or view the image for them. So, the viewer is the one telling the story in your advertisement. You want to make sure it's a story they can see themselves telling. Whatever you're marketing, parks and outdoors images are a great way to tell the story of what life is like without the product. After all, your audience likely hasn't purchased it yet, so they're telling this part of the story authentically. Use welcoming visuals and simple compositional storytelling to help them tell their own story about how life is better with the product than it is without it.