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Beautiful Woman takes off his glasses and rubbing tired eyes. Female yawn and want to sleep. Problem with glasses, eyesight or vision. Working late with computer. Astigmatism, myopia or insomnia.
Tired exhausted office worker sleeping on the desk at work: she is waking up, yawning and checking the computer
Beautiful young girl is sleeping on a white pillow. She is waking up, stretching and smiling. Handheld real time medium shot
Sleepy woman tired yawning at overworked workplace. Exhausted woman yawing
Asian child student learning on computer and sleepy yawn or kid girl studying online class by video call and twisting stretch oneself or person learn from home on back to school by tablet in bedroom
Young student at home desk reading and yawning tired at night with pile of books and coffee cup preparing exhausted an exam in university education concept.
Little cute ferret sitting on woman's hands and yawning
Young woman watching TV at home, sitting on the sofa. Sleepy and tired, yawning.
Beautiful young girl is sleeping on a white pillow. She is waking up, stretching and smiling. Handheld real time medium shot
Pretty young mother with dreadlocks holds her daughter on her arms, they wave their hands and smile straight to camera. The baby-girl adorably yawns. Positive mood, happiness. Slow motion
Baby yawning during Ultrasound scan (6 months-21st weeks) with heartbeat sound.
Baby boy ultrasound of 21st weeks with yawn and heartbeat sound
Young roommates at home in the living room, they are resting and getting bored, lifestyle and togetherness concept
Tired bored couple relaxing on the sofa with their dog and watching TV shows
Bored female watches boring movie on tv yawns and wants to sleep switches channels on remote control sits crossed legs on comfortable sofa isolated over blue wall tired of long advertisements
sleepy asian young woman stretching body with a yawn and reluctantly pushing back the blanket to get off bed preparing for work on Monday morning in the bedroom
Woman wears sleep mask in the bed, attractive pretty caucasian woman yawns in the bed, the girl is stretching, preparation for sleep, daytime sleep and relaxation
frustrated tired college student studying poorly sleeping and drink coffee tea at late night before exam, funny night procrastination concept.
Tired middle aged woman. Lack of sleep. Insomnia.
Young Girl lying on a sofa with a laptop and yawns few times, then falls asleep. Trying to work at night. Girl with long hair and wear a white shirt. Legs are covered with a plaid.
Head shot side view tired caring young mother yawning while holding and cute baby infant falling asleep together sitting on bed at home. Exhausted caucasian mom wants sleeping. Motherhood concept
African american college student doing homework on bed. Young black woman preparing school test in bedroom with laptop computer at night, yawning for tiredness and eye fatigue.
Sleepy woman tired yawning at overworked workplace. Exhausted woman yawing at computer desk. Fatigue person looking online work. Unproductive businesswoman bored at online job
Young tired african american woman 20s years old in white t-shirt posing isolated on yellow background studio. People lifestyle concept. Looking camera yawning want to sleep cover mouth with hand
Pretty black girl with curly hair lying in bed in the morning on weekend. Tired young African American woman with afro hair yawning and stretching arms.
Rear view of woman stretching arms after waking up in morning at home
Asian child or kid girl e-learning on computer notebook to wearing headphone and sleepy yawn or bored to video call communication by study online or people learn from home by laptop to back to school
Portrait of sleepy young girl working with laptop in office then yawning and sleeping on desk lying head on computer feeling exhausted. People and lifestyle concept.
A woman is doing a massage to a happy and relaxed black pug puppy. A lazy dog scratches behind the ears. Dog lover and happy pet
Young slender woman come to window, stretch hands up, wake up in sunny morning, silhouetted shot. Girl walk from bed to half-open curtains, look to low sun, yawning and pandiculate, lazy weekend time
Black employee sleeping put head on hands during corporate seminar business training in boardroom yawning bored participants workers listen tedious coach unmotivated staff boring presentation concept
Caucasian woman yawns and falls asleep while driving a car. Night trip, travel by personal car. Unsafe driving. The driver sleeps at the wheel due to fatigue concept.
Close up Young woman yawns in bed in the morning.
Close up of female baby in hospital stretching and beautiful sleeping yawning happy Asian newborn infant babies look so cute my little angel after waking up feel hungry for milk.
IThe young man is yawning, drowsy. Yawning young caucasian man, showing a tired gesture, covering the mouth with his hand. ndoor studio shot isolated on blue background.
Overworked woman driver yawning in car, stuck in a traffic jam, exhaustion
Tired girl dressed in a skunk costume yawning sitting at the desk
The woman lying in bed yawning while using the touchpad ,hiding head under blanket then went to bed.
1960s: Woman holding finger up with book in other hand. Children sitting, raising hands in air. Boy yawning. Boy's face turning red. Man reading, boy sitting, woman knitting, dog sleeping by TV
A clever focused african american millennial female student sit in a college library at table, reading book with interest, preparing for lecture or exam, tired and yawns,knowledge and learning concept
Woken tired woman in the bathroom smacks herself on the cheeks to Wake up.
Multiracial group of young people is watching TV at home at night yawning sitting on couch together with sleepy faces. Friendship and leisure time concept.
Bored girlfriend yawning sitting in pub with boyfriend watching football soccer match talking. Portrait of disinterested Caucasian young woman dating with enthusiastic man sports fan in bar indoors
Young woman yawning on the sofa
Exhausted asian attractive business woman yawn working with her notebook sitting at her desk
Senior lady sleepy and tired from boring job, needs life changes, lack of energy
Young yawns woman in pink pajamas and sleep mask, waking up and stretching after sleep, sleepy and happy. Good and healthy sleep concept.
Medium Shot Bored man working in office
A bored woman wearing green dress is yawning isolated over pink background. Young sexy casual woman yawning, covering her mouth, rolling her eyes and feeling overly bored, is looking to the nails.
Young beautiful couple resting in bed, laughing, yawning, close-up, slow motion
Young woman yawning in front of a bathroom mirror. Close up
sad tired woman sitting in the kitchen at home and looking at the camera
Woken tired woman in the bathroom with hangover and headache.
Boring young couple two friends family man woman in pink clothes together look aside did not get enough sleep last night yawning isolated on pastel plain light blue color background studio portrait
Bored man yawning while woman keeps talking. Young couple having boring conversation at home. Husband and talkative wife speaking on sofa. Married partners and lifestyle
Vertical video stories reels frustrated pretty young woman yawns covering her mouth with her hand with displeased face from boredom curly hair yellow clothes on blue background. Emotion Lifestyle
Pretty young smiled Caucasian woman waking up in the morning and stretching in her bed and looking content. Indoors.
close up young employee woman yawning and feeling sleepy while working at computer desktop table in the afternoon for work from home and new normal life concept
Bored girl yawns, covers mouth with palm. Alpha channel
Woman working at home with a laptop and cuddling her beautiful long hair cat on the desk
woman does the haircut of a yawning girl on a white background. Mommy is a hairdresser. saving money at a beauty salon. shampoos and cosmetics for children's hair.
Yawning Tired Beautiful Woman , Napping , Indoor Office
Diverse group of multinational business people taking part in corporate meeting. Bored african american man yawning while other members of seminar attentively listening speech and writing notes
Drowsy young woman yawning, sleepy inattentive, feeling somnolent lazy bored gaping suffering from lack of sleep, dressed in white shirt, isolated on pink background. Tiredness and awakening concept
Tired sleepy Asian muslim woman yawning when doing video teleconference on her laptop at home, online learning or working from home concept
Fresh and happy woman in bed wakes up in the morning smiling
Sleepy tired African American woman yawns and moves slowly shakes hands dances carefree wears stereo headphones t shirt then smiles positively isolated over pink background. People lifestyle
Sleepy couple man and woman in the bathroom with hangover trying to Wake up.
Mess at the kitchen and a sad yawning woman. Video. Frustrated girl putting up a lid to look inside the pot surrounded by dirty dishes, concpet of cleaning and cooking.
Sleepy girl driving a car. Tired woman is yawning traveling a auto.
Business woman boring traffic at car
Relaxed girl sit on bed, slowly and lazily stretch hands up and yawning, carefree weekend morning time. Slender young adult woman look to window, sunny outdoors. Bright white bedroom interior
Tired bored young caucasian couple sitting and yawning in departure lounge with suitcase and waiting for delayed flight. Stressed and exhausted tourists waiting for their train at railway station
Young couple man and woman watching boring film on TV at home at night yawning relaxing on couch together with bored faces. People, house and television concept.
Teenage blonde girl in a beanie and scarf waking up and falling asleep in a public transport next to window with city lights reflection on the window. Exhausted, tired, sleepy woman in a train.
Tired woman yawn with sleeping child on hands. Tired mother yawning with baby and checking smartphone. Sleepy mom with kid at workplace. Yawning woman with baby at office workplace near window
Two passengers yawns and feeling tired while riding at public transport with each other. Feeling sleepy and going to the work
slow motion back view of woman stretching arms after wake up in the morning at home
Portrait of Sleepy Senior Woman Yawning
Portrait of Sleepy Indian Woman Yawning
Portrait of Sleepy Woman Yawning
Portrait of Tired Indian Woman Yawning, Need Rest
pretty woman yawns in the evening at home close up, woman wants to sleep.
Sleepy blond teenage student girl yawning on camera wake up early because of school over yellow background. Study concept
SHANGHAI - MARCH 21, 2018: Unidentified Aged lady sit at metro car, look to smartphone and yawn, slow motion shot. Chinese woman stare to mobile device and slowly open mouth, tired at evening time
training class with students. people carefully look at the teacher and yawn. boring lecture.
Close Up Parent holding Newborn baby
Young woman opening the window in the morning while yawning. Life at home concept.
Young girl 20s in white sweater did not get enough sleep last night after party barely got up in morning yawning cover mouth with hand isolated on yellow background in studio. People lifestyle concept
Tired businesswoman with documents yawning and sleeping by desk at home
Asian senior woman has sleepy expression,female elderly yawning covering open mouth with hand,old people feel yawn,doze,sleepy in outdoor park,being tired after sleepless night,lack of sleep concept
Tired designer engineer analizing new prototype of 3D model of the plant yawning working overtime. Industrial female worker studying turbine idea on pc showing cad software on device display
Portrait of Sleepy Woman Yawning
Asian People Using Smart Phones and Gadgets Inside BTS Subway Train Wagon. 4K. Bangkok, Thailand - 21 OCT 2017.
Customer service representative working on laptop at desk in office
Young woman changing channels with a remote control while sitting at sofa with blanket at the evening and watching TV. Falls asleep and yawns
Woman yawning using a smart phone sitting on a bench in a park
mom holds daughter in her arms who wants to sleep
Cute young woman yawning during breakfast at home sleepy in the morning
Young Caucasian woman is lying on the sofa, yawning, watches TV and changes TV channels with the remote control.
Woman work on laptop, yawning, man lies on sofa and read news in mobile phone. Couple spend time separately in they house. Resting free time. Woman is boring, while work on laptop.
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