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Top down aerial of cars drive at cross road. Nobody cityscape. Traffic highway transportation. Skyscrapers buildings at downtown streets. Business center of New York City, USA, North America
Times Square, New York, USA - Timelapse of busy Times Square as the sun sets
4K Time-lapse of Shibuya scramble crossing, crowded people walk, car traffic transport. High angle view, zoom out. Tokyo tourist attraction, Japan tourism, Asia transportation, Asian city life concept
Time lapse engineer changes 2021 sign in celebration of the new year. Crane construction idea.
Tokyo, Japan - Jan 10, 2019: 4K UHD time-lapse of Shibuya crossing, crowded people and car traffic transport across intersection. Tokyo tourist attraction, Japan tourism, or Asian city life concept
Angry activists marching and protesting in the city. Woman protesting with a group of people on the road.
Road repair industry asphalt construction traffic transport
A young man is driving down a busy highway in his van and staring intently at the road. Side view from inside the cab
Moving scenery seen through the windows of a vehicle at Seoul, South Korea
Times Square New York City Night Timelapse. High dynamic range 4K super fine timelapse by raw photo files. Crazy busy people, traffic and LED walls of advertisements. 
New York, USA. July 9, 2019
Nov 2020 : Hong Kong ,China ,Asia : Drone fly over the busiest high way Gloucester road in Hong Kong in the rush hour
rising and spinning reveal of BLM sign on Fulton St. in Bed Stuy Brooklyn
Camera zoom in and out variations on road sign reading "Stay Home, Save Lives" during the COVID-19 corona virus pandemic.
3D rendering GPS map navigator with direction path, different color of a route for transport concept, select focus shallow depth of field
City street Billboard stand with green screen. Time lapse with commuters, people and cars. Space for text or copy.
Times Square, New York, USA - Timelapse of busy Times Square mid afternoon
Hazardous winter road driving conditions with heavy snow on the sea to sky highway 99 between Squamish and Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.
Transportation and technology concept. ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). Mobility as a service. Digital traffic sign.
4K - Speed road flight, seamlessly loop-able
4K Empty highway in Barcelona, Spain, during coronavirus pandemic and state of alarm in April 2020
New York City, United States - Mar 31, 2019: Crowded people, car traffic transportation and billboards displaying advertisement at night in Times Square. American lifestyle or modern city life concept
3d cycled animation, abstract pink red blue neon background with glowing gradient arrows, showing forward direction. Empty stage
Large crowd of people cross the road at pedestrian crossing 4k
Sign sorry we are closed on a door of a bar, restaurant
lower flying over BLM sign on Fulton St. in Bed Stuy Brooklyn
Point of view driving on New Jersey Route 3 and U.S. Route 46 from New York City at night timelapse
UAE National day. 50th UAE National Day with waving UAE Flag inside. 2 December UAE National Day. Dubai Flag. HD Video
A man who uses a wheelchair on a lift of a vehicle for people with disabilities. Lifting equipment for people with disabilities - man in wheelchair near the vehicle
City street Billboard stand with green screen. Time lapse with commuters, people and cars. Space for text or copy.
Traffic light is broken and yellow light doesn't work. Works red and switches to green. Road sign going straight. Old houses on background
A Green Traffic Light in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Close-Up.
NEW YORK CITY, USA - NOV 20, 2019: Moving drone pov shot of busy street next to Time Square at night in Manhattan. NYC is American tourism destination, iconic landmark in USA. 4k slow motion.
UAE National day. 50th UAE National Day with waving UAE Flag inside. 2 December UAE National Day. Dubai Flag. HD Video. Happy National Day.
Girl tourist looks at a map using a magnifier while sitting in a car and sticking his legs out the window against the backdrop of the mountains
Engineer working on road construction, steel girder, web installed on bridge abutment, scaffolding as part of a new interchange for freeway system and extension, an excavator is running in background
Close-up of a young man's hand on the steering wheel of a car on the background of sunset outside the window cabin
Police flasher flashing on the roof of the patrol car
Top down of bridge crossroad with cars, trucks aerial. Cityscape transportation. Downtown streets with buildings. Urban transport at traffic highway. Cinematic drone shot. New York city, USA, America
Attention sign with digital glitch effect.  Warning caution board
London, UK - April, 2019: Famous street in central London full of cars, taxis Black Cabs and red bus double decker. Busy central London street with buses and taxi. London taxi through the city
Loop Red warning light with flare and alpha channel
Rainbow crosswalk, Colourful colored crossroad. Woman in denim and sneakers walking on urban.Symbol of gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and transgender, LGBT social movements.
A man who uses a wheelchair on a lift of a vehicle for people with disabilities. Lifting equipment for people with disabilities - man in wheelchair near the vehicle
NEW YORK CITY, USA - OCT 21, 2021: Low angle drone shot of crowded Times Square street, tourists visitors and billboards skyscrapers, New York City. NYC is modern urban business city in USA, 4k
Direction Arrow Symbol Pointing on Black Background Animation 4K Stock Footage.
The driver's hand on the steering wheel against the background of the night road and the glare of passing cars. Close-up. 4K
Animated Arrows Package on Green screen background - Arrow 4K animation on Chgroma key - All directions Arrows collection
Transportation and technology concept. ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). Mobility as a service.
NEW YORK CITY, USA - June 20, 2019: Cars, Traffic and People Crowd Rushing at Times Square at Night. Panoramic Time Lapse.
Close-up. Two traffic lights turn red and turn green. Countdown seconds. City life
ROCKPORT, MASSACHUSETTS/USA - APRIL 22, 2020: A Large Sign Flashes Please Stay At Home, Lives Depend On It, Wear Your Mask, on the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Earth Day
Record high gas prices at the  gas stations pump in 2021, Los Angeles. Cars traffic during rush hour, 4K
Mock up concept. Green screen billboard on the the highway against the background of the evening sky.
ROME, ITALY - APRIL 28, 2021: Back view of innovative Tesla car interior with touchscreen monitor display, illuminated car dashboard with different navigating and informative apps. High quality 4k
Chicago traffic light turns from green to red at downtown financial district intersection
road sign under flood water from nepean river in nsw, australia
3D Rendering aerial view of destination line moving pass through the hologram city, with the internet of things icon, for GPS navigation and data transfer concept, shallow depth of field, dark and gra
Empty shop store fronts closed due Coronavirus Pandemic lockdown, Metal roller shutter door of store in flea market is closed and locked in dark light, Economic downturn.
IoT car connect traffic information control system, Internet of things concept.
Seoul, South Korea - May 2021: A fine dust meter that tells you the state of fine dust in Korea. It says "fine dust bad" in Korean.
Sao Paulo, Brazil, January 20, 2021. Evening time lapse of movement of people, and vehicles at the corner of Consolacao Street and Paulista Avenue, downtown Sao Paulo.
Confused Caucasian businessman walking back and forth, having to choose between two different choices indicated by arrows pointing in opposite direction
People draw the road. A road worker paints a zebra with a hand tool. Road marking. Workers and paint sprayers for roads. Thermoplastic paint for road marking.
New York City, USA - April 6, 2018: Timelapse, time lapse of high angle, aerial view of NYC Herald Square midtown with crowd of people crossing crosswalk at night with tilt and shift effect
Sky view of autumn road with cars. Aerial view country road in autumn forest. Autumn forest and highway road drone view. Autumn car road in forest top view. Aerial landscape. Tracking shot.
 Empty modern billboard with a green screen for advertising, on a train station, blank billboard on subway station opposite the train arriving at the platform
TOKYO, JAPAN - CIRCA MARCH, 2018: Shibuya at night, time lapse view. Shibuya is known as one of the fashion centers of Japan, particularly for young people, and for nightlife.
Timelapse of a gas station at night. Cars drive up to fuel stations and fill up with fuel.
A long shot of road signs reading 'Road Closed' and 'Flood' in front of a flooded road in Oxfordshire, England.
NEW YORK CITY, USA - JULY 10, 2018: Drone shot of Times Square advertisement screens billboards in NYC New York City. NYC is a popular tourist travel destination.
Glowing neon line Exclamation mark in triangle icon isolated on black background. Hazard warning sign, careful, attention, danger warning important. 4K Video motion graphic animation.
Road sign close up reading "Keep your distace, 6 feet between people" as the corona virus sweeps across the country.
Shibuya, Tokyo - JUNE 08, 2018 : Shibuya district at night with crowd passing crosswalk. Tokyo, Japan. 4K Timelapse
Tokyo, Japan - Jan 11, 2019: Time-lapse of crowded people crossing road, car traffic at Kabukicho, entertainment night life district in Shinjuku Tokyo. Japan tourism or Asia tourist attraction concept
SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA. SEPTEMBER 19 2020. Traffic commute with Sydney harbour bridge and skyscrapers.
Busy cyclist bridge with bike lane in central Copenhagen or Amsterdam. European cycling capital city, move towards sustainability and green ecological future. COPENHAGEN, DENMARK - JULY 2020
São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil - 05/03/2020 - Top view of Paulista Avenue  empty due Covid-19. Quarantined city due Coronavirus. Transport scene. Empty cities. Empty city. Paulita avenue, downtown.
Billboard with a chroma key green screen on n bus stop at night. Time Lapse.
NEW YORK CITY - NOVEMBER 2016: Hyperlapse walk through crowd of people on Fifth Avenue and 57th street at dusk time in New York City, NY, USA
Los Angeles. 2019. Aerial. Drone rises up over the freeway, from the green road sign with Pasadena and Hollywood written on it, to the view of downtown with its skyscrapers and many intersections. 4K
4K animation aerial view of night map with 3d building and destination moving location path with grain processed
Shop store fronts closed due Coronavirus Pandemic lockdown, metal roller shutter door of store in flea market is closed and locked, economic downturn and epidemics caused stores closing down
Red Emergency Flasher Siren Light 4K Loop Alpha
4K Timelapse - Long exposure shot of car moving on urban road at night. (POV #6)
Help Wanted sign hanging by side of a rural West Virginia road in autumn.
General warning road sign - Exclamation mark animated Traffic Sign on Green screen background
A construction road worker stopping traffic, holding a stop sign.
Advertising billboard green screen on sidelines of expressway with traffic at evening, time lapse.
No Entry road sign with digital glitch effect
LONDON - NOVEMBER 14, 2018: Timelapse of Piccadilly Circus in London at night
free girl hand out of the window rides a car wind in the face. concept car travel on the road. girl stretches her hand out of the car window sun glare sunset. driver hand out of the window movement
France, La Reole, February 4, 2021, The River Garonne overflowed its banks following heavy rainfall, flooded houses and streets in La Reole
Multi-ethnic group of children walking down a road on a protest march, carrying signs with environmental and conservation slogans, in slow motion. Elementary school children ecology awareness protest.
A billboard with green chroma key on a background of a city night landscape of fast moving cars with long exposure. Time Lapse video.
UK road crossing traffic lights from red, amber, green. filmed In busy city street. Medium shot.
Dade County , Georgia , United States - 08 10 2021: Welcome to Georgia sign by interstate 59 highway in Dade County. Aerial on summer day. Mountains in distance.
Highway Driving at night	.
Bicycle road sign has been drawn installed on asphalt. Separate bike path in city center. Pedestrian safety. Man rides a bicycle. Food carrier, healthy lifestyle, comfortable movement around the city
Woman embraces a cop that patrols during the protests as a sign of peace. Group of people filming a woman hugging a policeman during the anti-government demonstration.
Stop road sign in New York city
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