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A fast rising flaming explosion covers the screen for a second creating a fast revealer for a logo or an intro or outro effect. Can also be used as a transition effect.

1080p - 30 fps - Alpha Channel
explosion bomb fire bomb green screen bomb explosion effect fire effect green screen effect explosion smoke fire smoke green screen smoke explosion animation fire animation green screen 4k animation
Closeup of spectacular volcanic eruption and explosion, thick smoke billowing, lava boulders thrown from the gray cloud, wide-angle lens
KA-32 Fire fighting helicopter dropping water on forest fire
man smoking a cigarette outdoor close-up. smoke fire light. man's lips. addiction tobacco smoker poison
World No Tobacco Day. The young man quit smoking for his good health. He broke a cigarette in two
Ink drop in water white background
Car burns rubber off its tires in preparation for the race. Footage. Slow motion video of sport vehicles right back wheel the tire burns against the asphalt with smoke
burnout wheels with smoke on black background
Super Slow Motion Macro Shot of Igniting Match against Black Background at 1000fps.
Young professional boxer boxing speed punching bag . Side view of young boxer practicing hand speed drill in slow motion using small punching bag in boxing gym .  Sportsman boxing in smoky studio .
Lit and burning cigarette with smoke on black background
Forest fire disaster is burning caused by human
Looped vector animation of cigarette smoke  on black background
Climate emergency.Climate change. Global warming. Epic spectacular aerial close-up zoom in view of a grass fire in Southern Africa caused by drought and climate change
4K Night time aerial shot from oil tanks in a refinery
Happy smiling successful man breaks a cigarette and quits smoking. businessman breaking a cigarette. Stop smoking. World No Tobacco Day for his good health. He broke splitting in two
female hands close up breaking a cigarette. Stop no smoking quit smoking concept. Closeup woman holding crushing or destroying cigarettes
Slowly moving white cirrus cloud turn to angel & wing formation in horizon on tropical summer or spring bright blue wispy sky at sunny day morning sunlight, beautiful relaxing cloudscape TimeLapse
denim factory using laser beams to make design on blue jeans. Shooting of the latest technology laser machine in jeans making factory.
Dry ice smoke clouds fog with mask for the transparent background to compositing by put over your background. This cold stream moves along the side and contains the alpha channel.
Male hands breaking a cigarette, quit smoking concept
Lit and burning cigarette with smoke on black background
Coffee beans hit on the fly in 4K
Black paper burning, revealing green screen. Ideal for keying an interesting and unique organic transition. In camera, no effects. Use screen transfer mode to make black transparent.
Smoke in the rays of light from the window. Room.
Realistic explosion and blasts with alpha channel. VFX element.
Skyscraper demolition blast. Building collapsing in real time.
Slow motion Fire Explosion Fireball Realistic flame 4k with Luma channel
Green Screen Meteor Or Asteroids. Realistic Meteoroid Hit Ground With Green Back Ground. Fire And Smoke Explosion.
The drone flies around the oil storage tank, oil and gas reserves of Russia. Oil and gas industry in the world economy Oil field in Russia. Translation flammable no smoking
Beautiful woman smoking a cigarette outdoors close up
Drag racing car burning tire at starting line in race track
epic flight between trees in the foggy forest. 4k aerial in the misty forest. drone flying through the forest in autumn. flight through smoke from wildfire. deforestation concept
Old style black and white footage of steam train in England UK 4K
Drag racing car burns rubber off its tires in preparation for the race
Exploding coffee beans in 4K
Panning ,Forest fire disaster is burning caused by human
Pollution. Climate Change. Environmental damage.Gas flare stack burning off dangerous gases from a mine
Shooting with Man Breaking a Cigarette in a Anti Smoking Campaign Presentation
Slow motion Explosion Fire ball Realistic flame 4k with Luma channel
no smoke road sign animation. simple red circle prohibition Not Allowed Sign road motion design 4k with alpha channel mate.
Realistic turbulent seamless looping fire effect. This is an asset that should always be ready in your library. Track your footage place the fire and you are good to go. 24 fps - Alpha Channel - Seam
Close-up shot of magmatic material splashing out of crater. Molten lava at night. Fagradalsfjall volcano. Iceland, 2021
Steam, smoke from pipes at a thermal power station. Aerial.
Realistic explosion and blasts with alpha channel. VFX element.
Young men smoking He smoked and spat out a lot of smoke. It is dangerous to the people around. World No Tobacco Day.
Beautiful pastel golden pink morning sunrise cloud n airy cirrus or cirrocumulus cloudscape on sunny clear blue sky in tropical summer sunlight n sun rays at bright daylight horizon, 4k uhd TimeLapse
High Quality Top View of Sky Explosion like Gas with Dense Smoke and some small Smoke trails and luma matte
4K: Empty Tomb at Easter and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ - Wisps of Smoke, Spirit.  Stock video clip footage
4K Night aerial shot of off oil refinery
pop graffiti of smoke animation [loop]
Close up drift race car increasing speed on drift playground
Slow Motion Fire Explosion wide Angle isolated 4k With Luma Matte
Forest fire disaster is burning caused by human
Quit smoking. A female stop smoking when she saw a cigarette in the man's hand.
Burnt golden color corn cob with cherry tomato is fried on grill or barbecue grate with smoke and flame. Picnic or party in nature. Summer weekend with healthy vegetarian food concept.
Kangaroo On Hill Caught In The Austalian Wildfire
Hand scissors to destroy cigarettes, Stop smoking concept: "WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY" on MAY 31,
Chemical industry cluster. Global warming comes from high greenhouse gas emissions.
Happy Halloween. Scary glowing face of Halloween pumpkin in blue smoke. Selective focus
Air pollution in sugar mill.
Match iginiting burning extreme macro close up background. A beautiful flame burns a match slowly. Macro extreme close up shot
Planet Earth explodes with large debris, fire flames, smoke and magma. Comes with the Alpha Matte.  No extra glows, lensflares or camera shake.
Smoker Tool Stands on Honey Bee Hive. Beekeeping Tool Smoking. Slow motion - 1/2 speed
Chinese new year lanterns in china town. Ancestor Worship on Chinese New Year and burning paper gold.
4K Close up shot of chef hand cooking korean charcoal smoked grilled pork belly meat on iron grill pan in korean restaurant. Korean BBQ, food and drink concept.
11 seconds of hot embers flying around in front of the screen.

1080p – 24 fps – Alpha Channel
Completely burnt trees after fire in a forest in Brazil aerial drone view
Sparky portal effect with looping animation. The animation has an alpha channel so feel free to place it anywhere! It is kept in the frame so no cutting will be visible.
No Smoking and Fasten Seat Belt Sign in an Airplane. Close-Up. Zoom In.
Thick white clouds swirl like smoke in the pink sky. Time laps
Steam Rising From A Heap Of Horse Manure In The Farm. close up
Drag racing car burns rubber off its tires in preparation for the race
burnout wheels with smoke on an green channel
Drag racing car burns rubber off its tires in preparation for the race
Close up of the iron Smoking and burning on the t shirt and on the Ironing Board
Festive performance. Laser light rays of different colors flash abstractly against a dark background.
Realistic campfire effect emitting sparks with a perfect loop. Has Alpha Channel so place it anywhere you want. Also has a burnt ground effect which makes it blend in various environments easily.
Sandstorm in the desert a 3d animation with reddish sand
burnout wheels with smoke on black background
Stream of leaky lava or magma flows from an eruption in Geldingardalir on the southern peninsula of Iceland. This eruption is happening by a mountain called Fagradalsfjall.
Young men smoking He smoked and spat out a lot of smoke. It is dangerous to the people around
AERIAL: Flying above foggy pine forest treetops. Thick misty clouds rising from lush spruce forest on cold morning day. Creepy fog and mist wrapping green pine forest in early autumn morning.
A surviving toucan at a smoky landscape in Brazil wildfires
Timelapse video of single filter-tipped cigarette burning, smoldering against a black background. 4k Resolution. Health, addiction concepts.
Race drift car burning tires on motorsport track
man breaks a cigarette to quit Smoking
human hand of old woman evil witch is stirring potion in  bubbling vat pot with wooden spoon. mystery silhouette preparing cooking potion medicine couples spell, curse. Halloween sorceress mage.
aerial view of Big Island, Hawaii circa - 2021. Aerial view of Kilauea Volcano.
Realistic fireball explosion and blasts with luma channel. 4K VFX element.
Beautiful Cloud morphing, Seamless Loop, Alpha Channel, 4K
Sausages and beacons is hanging inside wooden smoker
Shot of laser burning of jeans in jeans making factory. denim jeans laser machine.
Realistic fireball explosion and blasts with luma channel. 4K VFX element.
Drag racing car burn tires at start line
Close up of beef steak rotating on black background in slow motion. Two pieces of filet mignon with smoke.
Man writing no smoking sign on backbround
Coffee beans falling wave. High quality super slow motion coffee beans falling
Panorama curve shot of active volcano eruption. Hot molten lava flowing from crater through lava streams on slope. Fagradalsfjall volcano. Iceland, 2021
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