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Close-up Professional Chef at Restaurant Kitchen Serves Dish Adding Final Ingredient by Hand. Cooking Vegetarian Food at Modern Home Cuisine. Delicious Fish and Chips. Preparing Meal Kitchen Slow mo
Grains of salt and other spices falling onto plate with beautiful beef steak. Mignon fillet being prepared for serving - art food, gourmet meal 4k footage close up
Close up shot of taking a piece of freshly baked pizza with tasty stretchy cheese. Delicious Italian pizza from the oven on black background. food and drink 4k footage
Family dinner with organic salad on rustic wooden table, Food healthy organic vegetable concept with top view
Portrait of a Beautiful Young Woman Eating Delicious Looking Pasta on the Plate. Profesionally Cooked Pasta Dish in the Restaurant or Romantic Dinner Meal at Home. Cozy Candle Light
Close up shot of family celebration dinner table served with healthy vegetarian meals. holiday party table during thanksgiving or christmas - food and drink concept 4k footage
Foodvideo footage shot in slow motion. Cheese is being grated on the plate of freshly-cooked Italian pasta. Chef grating hard cheese. Cooking seafood pasta. Shot in hd
Vegetable Fresh Salad Food Healthy Meal Mediterranean Kitchen Vegetarian Diet Olive Oil. Closeup Pour Olive Oil on Fresh Salad. Close up Healthy Lunch, Colorful Food Onion Cucumber Radish. Slow Motion
Pasta with Cheese Plate Sitting on a Table and Parmesan is Falling on Basil and Spaghetti in Slow Motion 4K
Beagle steal piece of food from kitchen table when nobody see, funny scene. Dog stand up on hind legs and crook to reach snack remains lying on plate
street food in the big city. the chef removes a large, juicy hot dog from the grill and places it on a plate to serve to the guest
The waiter drops the fish dish to the dining table set up on the pier. sunset. seaside. slow motion.
Dining table prepared by the sea at sunset. in slow motion, the waiter throws spices into the fish on the plate.
Portrait of a Caucasian male chef working in a busy restaurant kitchen, presenting plate of food to camera, smiling. Busy chefs at work in commercial kitchen.
Portrait of a Beautiful Young Woman Eating Delicious Looking Pasta on the Plate. Profesionally Cooked Pasta Dish in the Restaurant or Romantic Dinner Meal at Home. Cozy Candle Light
Grilled Wagyu fillet steak on hot iron plate
Dipping buffalo chicken wings in sweet chili sauce. fast food.
Grilled salmon fillets on a grill plate sprinkled with salt flakes
Very Close-up.In a beautiful light, dried date fruit fall into the wooden plate in slow motion. Macro,Phantom Camera,900 fps video.
Fresh salad with lettuce leaves and tomato falling into bowl, served with healthy food ingredients on white table, slow motion
Diverse group of multiethnic friends enjoying meal sharing and passing food to each other in outdoor cafe or home. Leisure, food and drinks, people and holidays concept
Fine Dining Cuisine - Exquisitely Plated Steak
eating and leisure concept - group of people having dinner at table with food
Chinese food set. Chinese noodles, fried rice with chicken, tom yum soup, spring rolls, deep fried fish and udon. Top view. Asian style food concept composition.
Close up shot of man hands slicing carrot and female hands cutting tomato on wooden cutting board for salad on the table with healthy food in the kitchen. Side view.
Chef pours olive oil over spaghetti alla puttanesca, served on a plate.
Fine Dining Restaurant - Classy Table Setup
Eating brownie with fork. Taking bite of chocolate cake with chocolate icing and raspberries
Closeup shot of chef hand decorating ice cream with cherry and cream.
Restaurant food concept. chef presenting food plate with delicious flambe style fruit dessert. Close-up. Restaurant food cooking and serving. Chef hands holding white plate and putting on black table
Throwing away uneaten food at home. Household Food Waste. Over-Preparing — household food waste is the result of people cooking or serving too much food.  Composting, recyclable materials
Pour a ladle of minestrone soup. Vegetarian soup dish is on table. Vegetarian healthy meal for dinner. Ready vegetable meal for lunch, hot and cozy soup for dinner at home. Soup with potatoes, carrots
Two cooks in the kitchen are cutting cabbage and sweet peppers. The chef pours the ingredients into a pot of boiling water and stirs the soup with a ladle. Close up.
Breakfast scrambled eggs, bread toast, tomatoes and beans on a plate. Top view. Tasty breakfast food
Pouring salad with honey mustard olive oil dressing. Healthy italian salad with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, croutons, greens, capers and purple onion
Man opening microwave oven door and taking warmed food. Young bearded guy warming cooked meal in plate in microwave for dinner. Kitchen appliance concept
eating and leisure concept - group of people having dinner at table with food
Mayonnaise sauce pouring onto vegetable salad, healthy and dietary food from fresh ingredients with salad dressing in bowl on blue background, slow motion
female hands with a knife and a fork cut invisible food in an empty clean white plate, slow motion, close-up. top-down view. weight loss and overeating control concept. diet healthy lifestyle.
Attractive young senior asian citizen couple happy sit, talk, eat soup for healthy nutrition breakfast meal on dining table at home in morning in routine lifestyle in old asia nursing in-home care.
Hand taking salami pizza slice via spatula. Hot melted cheese is stretching, close-up. Fast-food concept.
Impressive bokeh closeup of grated purple saffron tumbling on deep plate with salad like thin chips in slow motion. It looks inspiring, cheerful and nice.
Red wine being poured inside a glass in a fine dining restaurant in slow motion, surrounded by plates of food, charcuterie board
Close up shot of family celebration dinner table served with healthy vegetarian meals. holiday party table during thanksgiving or christmas - food and drink concept 4k footage
Pouring honey on french toast with berries. Sweet breakfast food
Chef decorating cake at kitchen. Closeup male chef making dessert in slow motion. Professional cook decorating cake at workplace. Young man cooking chocolate cake
Chef decorating a plate with freshly grilled meat . Cooker adding a piece of rosemary with tweezers on top of steak - food art gourmet dinner 4k footage close up
A close-up look of freshly made Sesame Crusted Tuna, Seared Tuna in 4K. Concept of cooked tuna with vegetables and sesame seeds nicely decorated by the chef in a serving plate on the table.
Vegan Buddha bowl with quinoa and chickpea
4k Two Kittens waiting for food. Little striped cats siting on wooden floor, licking and looking up at camera
The Waiter Puts A Plate Of Food On The Table In The Restaurant.slow motion.4K
Beautiful cat eats food from a bowl
Production of fresh fried coffee beans roasting factory process. Prepared coffee beans mixing around on a cooling plate of an oven.
Chef Holding Frying Pan and Falling Wok Noodles with many different veggies
Chiles en nogada, traditional mexican dish from Puebla, Mexico. It consists of poblano chilis filled with picadillo topped with a walnut-based cream sauce, pomegranate and chopped parsley.
Close up of a fork cutting a beautiful piece of a sumptuous traditional Italian lasagna
Slow motion close up view of unrecognizable hand squeezing lemon juice on salmon’s fillet. A chef's hand squeezes a fresh lime over a peace of sea fish. Mackerel in a marinade with spices
tray with variety of Canapes: traditional snacks or appetizers for parties, events, and cocktails, served before the main meal at formal receptions. With bread as base and different toppings on top.
Cheereful european young woman in brown sweater sitting on sofa at modern living room and greedily eating tasty pizza, enjoying and smiling. Fast food addiction. Slow motion.
Grilled salmon fillets on a grill plate drizzled with lemon juice
A professional Caucasian female chef wearing chefs whites in a restaurant kitchen, putting food on a plate in slow motion
Hand woman chef Mixing Green Salad , Millet,Crab Stick In glass bowl. Breakfast fresh salad and clean vegetable can eat raw. Nutritious and enzymes in Salad mix leaves green vegetable can detox.
Fine dining decorated dish on a turn table, camera angle from the top. Elegance dish made by chef. luxury food.
Care and maintenance of animals at home. Domestic adorable tabby cat is eating its dry food from bowl on the floor. Healthy cat eats food with appetite.
Time lapse preparing kids food, food art of funny cute owl toast with chocolate nut spread, soft white cheese and berries. School lunch box or bento box concept
Chocolate sauce pouring on belgian waffles. Sweet breakfast food, unhealthy eating. Sugar food
Chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. Syrup pouring on ice cream on brownies. Rich in sugar high calorie sweet food
Person Serving Delicious Looking Pasta on the Plate. Serving Profesionally Cooked Pasta Dish in the Restaurant or for Romantic Dinner Meal at Home. Close-up Slow Motion Camera Shot
Hamburger ingredients assembling a delicious burger - top view, stop motion
Dry animal feed slowly falls into a bowl, top view
Close up shot of taking a piece of freshly baked pizza with tasty stretchy cheese. Delicious Italian pizza from the oven on black background. food and drink 4k footage
Fresh Pasta Fettuccini with Seafood and Imitation of Sea Foam with Green Peas. Fine Dining Food in Luxury Restaurant - Italian Pasta with Crab Meat in Big White Plate on Table. Delicious Lunch
Family holiday dinner table set with healthy organic nutritious meals. Party table set for celebration together - close up shot holidays, food and drink concept 4k footage
Chef Cooking Paella Rice Dish In Big Wok. HD, 1920x1080. High quality 4k footage
Super Slow Motion Shot of Fresh Skewer Falling on Grill at 1000 fps.
Side view of a Caucasian male chef working in a busy restaurant kitchen, checking orders, a female African American cook garnishing food on plates ready to be served
Waiter serving food for people in restaurant. Couple wating dishes in restaurant. Close up of waiter putting plates with food on table in cafe
Hands grabbing vegetables and putting them on a plate with cooked chicken in 4k.
Homemade pastry apple pie with bakery products on dark rusty wooden kitchen table red and green apples and cinnamon. Traditional american dessert. Flat lay food background. Top view
Top view male and female hands taking slices of pizza with cheese, tomato sauce. Slow motion food video. Italian pizza restaurant. Many hands taking pizza from wooden plate. Full hd
Beautifully decorated catering banquet table with snack canape in restaurant or hotel. catering service bisiness waiter buffet food set in event celebratoin corporate birthday kids party or wedding
Grilled salmon fish with various vegetables on pan on the flaming grill
Oven baked whole potatoes with seasoning and herbs in metalic tray. Roasted potatoes in jackets. Top view. Close up.
Close-up Man Chef Squeezes a Half Cut Lemon over a Plate of Gourmet Salad in Restaurant Kitchen. Cooking Vegetarian Food at Modern Home Cuisine. Delicious European Food. Concept Preparing Meal Slow mo
baked spinach lasagna with cheese in white plate
Chef sprinkles parmesan cheese spaghetti pasta on a plate in a restaurant kitchen. Food ingredient. Cooking on cuisine. Cooked for gourmet. Prepare food to eat. Gastronomy culinary. Delicious dinner.
Friends having a dinner party together, top down view of dinner table with six friends serving food and making dinner plates
Lunch at a Japanese restaurant. Man eating sushi.
decorate cake with strawberry birthday cake home cook sweet wooden dessert food cream strawberry pie gourmet decorate party fresh homemade rustic red summer fruit berry tasty
Chef preparing tonkatsu (fried pork) in the restaurant kitchen
Close up of a fork taking spaghetti with tomato sauce from the plate
Portrait of smiling chef man holding plate with salad at home kitchen. Cheerful male cook smelling fresh meal at modern apartment. Handsome male professional looking camera at domestic kitchen.
dirty dishes at the kitchen
Sneaky dog snatch piece of cheese pie from table, steal food while no one looking. Clever beagle move plate close to mouth by paw and pick up leftover piece of food by jaws
Grilled chicken. Grilled chicken legs, drumsticks with addition garlic, lemon and rosemary on grill plate. Grill food, 4K
Hands of woman with fork and knife. Lady waiting for serving dinner dishes with cutlery on blue studio background. Only hands.
Eating chocolate cake. Taking ]bite of moist delicious chocolate cake with a fork
A Man Eats Chinese Food With Chopsticks And Enjoys Closing His Eyes With Pleasure. Man Eats Noodles with Chinese Chopsticks. Eating Asian Food At Home, Multicultural Food Concept
Restaurant waiter putting plates on fancy cafe table. Unknown romantic couple enjoying serving in modern interior bar. Two lovers waiting italian food on evening date close up. Tasty dining concept.
Huge assortment of various tasety spanish, french or italian apertizers. Cheese, meat, olives, stuffed peppers, bread, sticks. Placed on rusty dark background. View from above.
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