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Joyful guy is playing the guitar singing wearing headphones having fun on sofa at home. Modern entertainment, music and happy young people concept.
Expressive overweight man with a mustache and glasses funny dancing slow mo
Fat handsome retro style young man dancing into music, doing warm-up exercises aerobics session training at home. Workout. Sports beginner. Funny activity.
fat man doing gymnastics for losing weight at home on mat on floor watching tutorial video on laptop. Overweight guy doing yoga exercises at home.
Fit Man Getting Fat Gaining Weight and Losing Weight 4k. High quality 4k footage
Asian Fitness trainer or instructor instruct and motivate young caucasian active sport man or athlete exercising using weight lifting machine to lose weight, sculpt muscles, increase mobility in gym.
Asian Fat Man Running On A Treadmill At Home At Home
Young fat man having insomnia and zapping tv channels sitting on sofa in living room at night. Lonely obese man spending evening at home watching tv.
Close-up of unidentified european man eating a juicy slice of steak with blood
Happy funny fat bald man in glasses rejoices and emotionally expressively dances while sitting at table in office in front of laptop
CARSH ZOOM Funny Caucasian overweight man puts on headband and looking into camera. Bright, commercial high key advertising style lighting
Overweight young man opening fridge and eating delicious doughnut. Obese guy with food addiction grabbing unhealthy food from refrigerator. Diet failure, unhealthy lifestyle concept
Funny overweight man doing crunches with great effort on mat, losing weight. Plump male struggling to do sit-up exercise, home workout program, healthy lifestyle, dieting. Weak muscles sportsman
Joyful fat businessman dancing celebrating new career going to work outdoors. Funny overweight office manager dancing feeling happy about new startup project walking near business center
Man eating burger. Close up. Junk food, modern life concept.
Expressive overweight man with a mustache and glasses funny dancing
yoga class young overweight woman exercising healthy lifestyle practicing warrior pose enjoying weight loss fitness workout in studio at sunrise
The man shows the results of work on the body. Before and after a thick and thin waist. In the photo on the left, belly fat is visible. In the photo on the right, a thin waist without extra kilograms
Cunning fat african american man practicing yoga meditation with personal trainer and secretly eating a cookie. Funny scene. Fitness parody. Humor concept.
Portrait of man in super hero costume red cape and mask on gray background looking around then running away.
Young stout man sitting in car very upset and stressed after hard failure and moving in traffic jam. Frustrated and exhausted fat guy feeling angry sitting his car
Fat man slowly running in summer park feeling exhausted. Tired overweight guy jogging outdoors feeling fatigue. Weight loss and healthy lifestyle concept
man morhing from fat to slim
Close-up, male stomach, overweight. Young man with a naked fat belly shakes fat folds on his stomach, obesity, health, beer belly
Legs of a male athlete on a treadmill. Close-up of male excellent legs with big muscles in sneakers in the gym overlooking a large window.
Follow footage of factory worker in cap that is walking through industrial facilities in meat plant. Sausage production
african american man running black male runner exercising jogging healthy fitness workout lifestyle in ocean seaside background close up
Close-up of unidentified european man eating a juicy slice of steak
Funny overweight man doing yoga trying to do stretching exercises on mat on floor and falling back. Fat man training at home losing weight. Obese guy sitting on mat and doing sports.
Funny fat man looking at mirror reflection gym and posing, pretending muscular
Pigs or swines at domestic animal farm, piggery. Farmhouse at modern meat production plant. Many fat piglets in the cages show their snouts and snif. Pork. food production factory, tracking
Funny overweight guy sneaking in kitchen at midnight and stealing food from fridge hiding it in his night robe. Overweight and overeating concept. Fat man eating at night
Athlete Push-Up Street Workout Cross Fitness. Sportsman Training Push Ups. Muscle Up Healthy Man Keeping Fit Exercising.Sporty Man Burn Fat. Fit Chest Exercise. Fitness Sport Recreation Street Workout
Overweight young couple on diet looking in empty fridge. Hungry obese man and woman keeping weight loss diet looking for food in empty refrigerator
Cheerful Young Couple Listening Music and Driving Car. Happy man and woman dancing in car listening to radio. Young family riding home together enjoying music and having fun
Upset fat young male athlete looking at dumbbell and tempting burger choosing either sport or fast food. Weight loss, fitness, will power, choice between healthy and unhealthy lifestyle concept
Hand holding soda can pouring lots of sugar in metaphor of sugar content of a refresh drink in unhealthy nutrition, diet, sweet and carbonated drinks addiction and unhealthy food concept red backgroun
Fat man eating hamberger fast food . Breakfast for overweight person . Junk meal leads to obesity. Person regularly overeats concept .
Close up of happy fat man looking to camera. Young african guy standing outdoors and smiling. Portraits. Daylight. Concept of people and emotions. Old buildings background
Fat man opens a refrigerator at night and is looking for something to eat, night hunger, gluttony concept
Weight loss Comparison Before After Dieting Exercise Results Losing Weight Overweight to Muscular Transformation Plus Size vs. Skinny Excess Body Fat Reduction Lean Muscles Alpha Map Loop Version 1
Tired young overweight businessman walking to work near business center. Exhausted overworked fat office employee going home after long day at work outdoors
Walking Male Checking BMI Weight Loss. Human Barefoot Measuring Body Fat Overweight. Man On Scales Measure Weight. Guy Legs Step On Bathroom Scale. Diet Man Feet Standing Weighing Scales On Room
Asian man with hypertension heart
Cardio Run Workout. Sportsman Jogging Treadmill Running. Fit Athletes Legs Fitness Training In Gym. Marathon Runner In Fitness Center Run Machine In Private Gym. Man Legs Treadmill Running In Home
Oil is pouring into the pan.Very Close-up, 900 fps video
Sportive fat afro-american young man engaged in fitness training at home. Excited retro style black guy dancing and doing aerobics session workout. Sportive humor, fun concept.
CIRCA 1961 - An overweight man watches the Mr. Europe competition, then heads home and flexes in front of the mirror.
Cheerful fat pudge obese chubby overweight bearded man has tattooed naked bare big belly isolated on pink background. People lifestyle concept. Dancing clenching fists waving hands pointing fingers
Unshaven caucasian man eats meat burger with pleasure, bites burger with his mouth, man casually eats junk food from fast food, smears his face with ketchup sauce on background of fast food restaurant
Young Slim Man Eating Unhealthy Food, Burgers, Enjoying Dinner, Eating on the Sofa at Home
Unshaved Serious Senior man looking at camera
Fat woman body trying to put on her tight jeans
close-up, man eats, fast food, chicken nuggets, wings and french fries.
Man eats a chocolate chip cookies in a cafe
Man pouring cooking oil on the frying pan - Top View
View from fridge of stout young man looking at donut but choosing fresh vegetables in container. Fat man on diet taking vegetables for snack. Will power, healthy diet and weight loss concept.
Cinematic footage of a funny man with hispter beard acting on a colored background.
Multi-race funny chubby retro guys in sportswear doing fun wrong biceps exercises and enjoying fast food pizza. Concept of sports, fun, entertainment.
Side view of excited fat pudge obese chubby overweight bearded man has tattooed naked big belly isolated on pink background. People lifestyle concept. Turn around camera doing winner gesture dancing
Playful fat man in a pink T-shirt and pink glasses is engaged in fitness with dumbbells and a fit ball in the gym.
How to jump rope for the first time. Fat man 50 years old tries it out
Yes, Fat Man Accepting Offer Agree against green screen. 4k
Back View Of Legs Of Asian Fat Man Wearing No T-Shirt And Training On Walking Treadmill At Home
Man hastily eating sweet chocolate donut. Close-up
Overweight young couple running together in summer park. Fat man and woman working out together and jogging outdoors, Healthy lifestyle and sport concept
Curvy african woman running outdoor with her pesonal trainer - Plus size body, sport and healthy lifestyle concept
Playful Fat Man with Long Hair in Tight T-shirt Funny Runs on the Green Lawn in the Park. Freak Engaged in Outdoor Fitness Training. Slow motion.
Close up of a man eating popcorn while watching a movie in the living room.
Portrait of a young hungry man eating a donut
Fat man eats chicken nuggets, harmful and tasty fast food, close up
Man slices picanha traditional beef fillet steak at Brazilian steakhouse, HD
Excited obese young man using smartphone celebrating victory or winning lottery standing at home. Overweight guy checking weight loss app on phone happy about results
bad bulldog sits against his destroyed couch and walks away
Exhausted overweight bearded young man doing sit ups and taking a break while lying on the floor at home with monochrome yellow interior. Full length shot of a fat male model doing sit up exercise
Bread with butter. Knife smearing soft butter on slice of bread, closeup view. Male hands
Single unshaven fat man suffering from insomnia switches TV channels on TV lying on couch and drinking alcoholic beer and potato chips on sofa in living room. Man spends evening at home in front TV.
Funny Fat Man with Long Hair in a Tight Female T-shirt Is Engaged in Martial Arts on fitness mat on Green Lawn in City Park. Playful Guy Overweight Depicting a Girl. Sport humor concept.
Sports beginner. Funny mature man wearing sport clothes practicing active cardio workout at home, running in place, trying to lose weight before summer, slow motion
Man Put Chees On Meat Burger Cutlet On Hot Grill Pan. Cooking Food In Professional Restaurant Kitchen. Person Preparing Meal Dinner. Making Tasty Hamburger Dish. Delicious Home Modern Cuisine Close up
gradation of male bodies from thin to full, animation, transparent background
Plump young man is sitting on gray sofa and eating big fat burger and drinking beer from large glass mug. He bites the bun in big chunks. Cholesterol, junk food, alcohol, unhealthiness, gluttony fat
Stressed overweight businessman in formal wear sitting on street stairs worried about problem at work. Depressed fired office worker sitting on staircase outside modern business center
A girl in a black dress elegantly fastens a zipper on her back before a meeting in a dark room in the hotel
Young man's exercise test
Omega 3 Gold Fish Oil Capsules. Natural Medicine, Sport, Healthy Lifestyle, Supplements, Dietary, Nutrition, Weight Loss, vitamin D. Man Pouring Fish Oil Capsules to Hand, Close up. Omega3 closeup.
View from fridge of cheerful overweight man in apron and headphones taking eggs from shelf making breakfast. Fat guy cooking dinner and taking ingredients in refrigerator
Corpulent man trying to button up red shirt, appearance insecurities, health
Hungry, sad, single young male having greasy meal in cafe, junk food consumption
a person with belly fat wants to lose weight-lose weight,
CARSH ZOOM Portrait of funny overweight Caucasian man working out with dumbbells at home, looking into camera. Bright, commercial high key advertising style lighting
A fat man. Fat on the stomach. A doctor examines a man, a medical device. Palpation of Abdomen for Abdominal Mass in Clinical Examination of patient.
Funny overweight male pretending to be muscular and strong in gym, insecurities
Cardio Run Workout. Sportsman Jogging Treadmill Running. Fit Athletes Legs Fitness Training In Gym. Marathon Runner In Fitness Center Run Machine In Private Gym. Man Legs Treadmill Running In Home
A young man touches his fat belly and then cries. The man on the couch slaps on his stomach. Gained excess weight in quarantine.
Fat man with a big belly shows his fat on a white screen. Male stomach, overweight.
Cinematic footage of a funny man with hispter beard acting on a colored background. Middle aged person wearing a ballerina costume dancing and having fun
Fat couple in love crossing street holding hands, obesity problem in society
Happy man in bathrobe with cup of coffee listening to music in headphones standing near window. Funny fat guy enjoying fresh coffee and music in headphones singing and looking out of window in morning
Losing weight. 4k 3d animation of man body transformation. Fat belly before and slim fit perfect abs after fast weight loss process. Ad for laxatives, diet supplements or sports training.
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