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Cinematic macro shot of experienced tailor is touching with his hand fine quality fabric for creation custom haute couture apparel in tailoring workshop. Concept of handmade, couturier, and tradition.
Klaten, Indonesia, July 23 2021 : Big sewing machine factory crowded Factory employee
Weaving mechanism is fabricating cloth from coloured threads
Woman volunteer in hand gloves sew reusable cloth protective upcycled face mask with sewing machine at home, making cotton fabric medical mask. Coronavirus Covid-19 virus protection
Close-up view of tailor works on sewing machine in private leather craftshop, stitching belt in process. male seamstress sewing leather belt in leather workshop in 4k slow motion
Thread is Wound on a Robbin. Close-up of a Spool with Thin Thread on Working a Vintage Sewing Machine. Spool with thin white thread on working a sewing machine. Sewing bobbin being wound up on a
cotton yarn making processes. Close-up shot of the machine working in the spinning mill. 4K.
Macro shot of blue denim jeans material. Slider dolly extreme close-up of clothing material fabric texture. Seams sewn with yellow threads. Shot with laowa 24mm lens
Fast movement of the sewing machine needle on the blue fabric. The needle of the sewing machine stitches the fabric. Close-up of the sewing machine needle
Fashion business: a woman fashion designer draws a sketch with an idea for future clothes. Creation of a fashionable designer collection: the designer makes a sketch. Close-up, only hands
Needle for sewing machine in motion. The close-up of the sewing machine needle quickly moves up and down. The seamstress sews gray fabric in the sewing workshop. The process of sewing the fabric.
The multi colored wool yarn is close up to show the detailed texture. Vertically sliding camera moving along a bright rainbow yarn. Dolly super macro shot.
Multiple spools with coloured threads during mechanical sewing. Textile factory production equipment.
Professional fashion designer measuring fabric according to pattern at modern studio. Mature woman creating new clothing collection at work.
Slow motion of tailor taking a measures  for a new handmade great quality suit  in atelier.
Sewing machine stitching of yellow clothes close up, macro. Slow motion frame of thread and needle. Textile fabric. slow motion 120 fps
Spinning clews with threads on a rack at a textile plant.
Close up view of presser foot making seam on white cloth with built-in hardware lamp turned on. Fingers straightening, drawing up fabric on darkened blurred background. Cutting off thread in the end
A female hand pushes material through a sewing machine
close up of sewing for repair blue denim jeans with machine. handmade garment industrial concept. process of sewing clothes on sewing machine. Close-up of needle for sewing. Slow Motion
A young woman sews clothes, sitting in a light workshop at a table with a sewing machine. She smiles and enjoys creative work. Medium shot. Fashion designer, fashion business.
Slow motion close up of handsome businesman trying a new high quality tailor made suit and first ties a tie in atelier.
Pleasant woman sew reusable cloth protective upcycled face mask with sewing machine, attractive young female making cotton fabric medical mask indoors studio, coronavirus Covid-19 virus protection
A woman sewing protective medical face masks on a sewing machine.
Sewing workshop. Young woman, tailor or fashion designer with tape measure is taking a roll of fabric and walking away past mixed race seamstresses working sitting at sewing machines. Slow motion
A reusable DIY fabric cotton mask is dried on a clothesline in the open air for reuse. Covid-19 Pandemic. Cloth Face Mask Washing, Drying, Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization
Female worker is taking extra threads out of the machinery. Textile factory production equipment.
Female inspector is supervising a sewing machinery complex
Sewing Machine Needle in Motion. Close-up of sewing machine needle rapidly moves up and down. The tailor sews black fabric on the sewing workshop. The process of sewing fabric.
Macro close-up shot of leather sewing process details, hands with needle and strings making a bag on saddler in workshop
White minimalism Abstract pattern of circles with the effect of displacement. White clean rings animation. Abstract background for business presentation. Seamless loop 4k Top view
Denim Jeans Fabric Texture Sewing Dolly Close-Up
Woman's hands sewing curtains on the sewing machine. The machine makes seams on the gray fabric of curtains
Wavy denim surface. Microtexture. The classic fabric for making jeans. Seams and threads close up. Smooth rotation
tanzanian woman with snake print turban over hear working in fabrics shop
Zoom Out of a Female Fashion Designer Looking at Drawings and Sketches that are Pinned to the Wall Behind Her Desk. Studio is Sunny. Personal Computer, Colorful Fabrics, Sewing Items are Visible.
Sewing denim jeans with sewing machine. Repair jeans by sewing machine. Alteration jeans, hemming a pair of jeans, handmade garment industrial concept
Closeup of sewing machine working part with leather. Cnc sewing machine
Eco-friendly Upcycled mask, Cotton Face Mask. A Woman volunteer Sew at Home a Fabric Face Mask Washable and Reusable
Sewing spools managed by a factory machine in a close up
Colorful fashion fabric samples. Textile textures swatches concept. Woven fabric is any textile formed by weaving. Different colors. Clothes texture closeup
The craftsman sews a black strip on gray wallet with special sewing machine. White sewing machine needle and gray leather with seam. The leather craftsman produces leather products on sewing machine
Fashion designer drawing clothes sketch
Young multi-ethnic woman, fashion designer or tailor of sewing workshop is choosing a pattern or mold hanging on ceiling. Her colleague working at sewing machine at workstation. Close up
Cinematic macro shot of experienced tailor is sewing custom handmade high quality apparel in ancient luxury traditional tailoring atelier. Concept of industry, handmade, couturier and tradition.
Cinematic shot of young businessman is choosing fabrics for his new custom tailored suit by designer in a luxury tailoring atelier. Concept of fashion, handmade, hand craft, couturier and business.
Tailoring loom with rotating sewing reels. Textile factory equipment.
Clothing designer is working with measurements mannequins in the sewing studio. Sewing clothing under the order. Young woman works in a sewing workshop. Female designer in studio
A sewing machine sews a line, a seamstress girl cuts off a thread. Close-up, only hands in the frame.
Close-up: a hanger for clothing. Clothes hangers. Designer clothing collection. Designer with a ready collection. Sunlight between hangers for clothes. Solar Design Studio. Atelier, bathed sunlight.
Beautiful artwork and the frame as the girl examines samples of beautiful fabric. Sewing workshop. The concept: art, inspiration, beauty. 4K close-up
The needle of a sewing machine makes a thread stitch. Sewing white fabric on a sewing machine in slow motion in macro
Sewing medical masks during the epidemic of the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. An elderly woman sews masks at home to protect against the spread of infection. Quarantine and self-isolation
Cinematic shot of professional tailor taking measurements of client for creation custom tailored suit in a luxury tailoring atelier. Concept of fashion, handmade, hand craft, couturier and business
The automatic embroidery machine is working at high speed. Close-up
Closeup of a young woman's hands with manucure sewing green fabric with a sewing machine. Women's hands sew on a sewing machine. Fashion, creation and tailoring. High angle view
Girl draws a pencil on paper. Female fashion designer drawing sketches. Fashion designer drawing and paint. Close-up
Head shot portrait of attractive happy female creative clothing designer or wedding organizer, standing in modern office. Smiling confident businesswoman entrepreneur florist looking at camera.
Fashion Designer working in his shop creating protective masks. Small business creative at work. Diversity and authentic artisan. Shot in 4k and in slow-motion.
Cotton Thread Spun On A Spinning Machine In A Textiles Manufacturing Factory
Super slow motion shot of Caucasian teenager baseball player catching a ball outside. Shot with high speed video camera at 420 FPS
Bricklayer works at construction site, lays bricks in masonry, builds house, erects brick wall, yellow cladding brick, works as trowel, open air, in special uniform, professional work, smooth seams
Clothing designer is working with measurements on a studio table. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD).
Close-up shot of raindrops water droplets on the tent. Dew drops on texture of fabric of tourist tent in rays of rising or setting sun. Camp tourism
The process of creating from linen fabric in an electric sewing machine and sews the stitch along the edge into the bending with an open cut
Hand made linen, towel, tablecloth,  clothes, interior item
Hands of girl woman female in Indian traditional type pattern sewing embroidery pattern close up view,Hands of senior woman, needlework,woman doing embroidery
macro shooting, camera goes back between colored threads
Realistic turbulent seamless looping fire effect. This is an asset that should always be ready in your library. Track your footage place the fire and you are good to go. 24 fps - Alpha Channel - Seam
mature caucasian with beard architect designer working with laptop tablet pc at home,creative designer concentrate design new product at apartment working at home remotely distance working lifestyle
Industrial textile factory. Close up of thick white threads moving through the loom
Close-up view of working sewing machine presser foot, stitching in slowmotion. Tailor's hand holding sewing leather carefully. Manufacturing handicraft unique individual bags, belts, accessories
sewing masks to control spread of covid-19
A shot through the glass of a wooden dashboard of an expensive business class car.
Close up: worker in face shield or protective mask uses gas welding torch to connect the seam of metal part in industrial factory. Blue fire flickers, orange sparks are flying, blacksmith manual work.
Slow motion of tailor taking a measures of handsome man for a new handmade great quality suit  in atelier.
Microfiber filament production. Concrete admixtures. The skeins of thread rotate around their axis.
Clothing designer is working with measurements on a studio table. Shot on in 4K UHD . Closeup deploy a skein of white fabric in white and light-colored sewing in slow motion. handmade tailoring of
Woman tailor of sewing workshop drawing pen around pattern laying on white fabric. Standing at table with laptop, scissors, threads, tape measure and smartphone. Top-down view. Close up, slow motion
Close up craftswoman working with leather belt. Shoe production process in factory. Close up leather craftsman working with natural leather using hammer. Handmade concept, Working process with leather
A young Asian woman working in a clothing store. A fashion designer makes outlines on paper.
ZAMBIA - CIRCA 2018 - A woman worker sews a garment by hand in a sweatshop in Zambia, Africa.
Closeup of sewing machine working part with leather. Cnc sewing machine
Young woman is standing in a clothing factory and using a tablet while employees work in the background. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD)
A beautiful woman in a professional sewing studio sews beads and lace to the future dress for the prom. The seamstress sews the decoration to the corset of the dress.
Woman hands in gloves using the sewing machine to sewing the fabric medical face mask during the coronavirus pandemia. Homemade diy protective mask against virus. Covid lockdown measures, Donation
A woman working on a sewing project as she cuts fabric and sews it on a machine. sewing machine close up A hand of a dressmaker supporting a cloth while sewing on a machine.
Female hands hand sew green jacket material with thin metal needle and string thread to make alteration and tailoring adjustment, side perspective macro close up view pulling thread through.
Close up shoe manufacturing workshop. Shoemaker rubs shoes with cream sews shoes. Handmade work shoes. Leather shoes.
Front view of African American woman fashion designer looking at cloth samples in workshop. She is examining clothe samples
Sewing. Recycling Made by hand from home.sewing machine and the project quarantine, lockdown.Hobby,meditation,zero waste,recycling.Girl sews clothes home on sewing machine, ecology,sewing backround
Cinematic macro shot of experienced tailor is ironing fine quality fabric for creation custom haute couture apparel in traditional tailoring atelier. Concept of handmade, couturier and tradition.
Female workers using sewing machines while working in textile factory; Asian supervisor using digital tablet
Champaran, Bihar, India, November 17 2020, In Champaran district of Bihar, A Poor Indian woman wearing face mask, working on sewing machine. High quality 4k footage
In a textile shop, there are fabrics of various colors and various materials, such as fabric, lace, satin, linen. Concept of: tailoring, colors, fabrics, clothes and fashion.
Closeup Of Cotton Thread Being Weaved In A Textile Factory.
Talented fashion designer drawing new sketches, creative profession, clothing
Sewing Machine Needle in Motion. Close-up of sewing machine needle rapidly moves up and down. The tailor sews black fabric on the sewing workshop. The process of sewing fabric.
Cinematic close up shot of young happy creative woman is choosing warm yarn wool for knit it with knitting needles while sitting comfortably on sofa in living room at home.
Cinematic shot of experienced tailor is sewing custom handmade high quality apparel in ancient luxury traditional tailoring workshop. Concept of industry, handmade, hand craft, couturier and tradition.
Closeup of colorful ribbons in Bahia, Brazil. Man hand making an request with Brazilian ribbons. Faith. 4K.
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