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Portrait of tired exhausted nurse or doctor having a coffee break outside in the morning. COVID-19, Coronavirus pandemic. ARRI Alexa Mini
Footage B Roll of Pouring coffee stream from machine in cup. Home making hot Espresso. Using filter holder. Flowing fresh ground coffee. Drinking roasted black coffee in the morning.
Close up of a pie chart and hands. International team working on statistical data. Data analysis in a teamwork.
Attractive peaceful dreamy woman holding cup enjoy favourite tea drink morning invigorating coffee beverage while sit at desk in modern living room before start work. Break, pause, daydreaming concept
Automatic coffee machine with coffee capsules or coffee pods pouring espresso drink
Happy multiracial young people friends talking laughing at group meeting sharing cafe table, diverse students drinking coffee having fun together enjoy multi-ethnic friendship pleasant conversation
View through the window of attractive serious middle aged businessman using phone at coffee shop texting message
Two attractive caucasian girls sitting at the street cafe at pleasant sunset drinking juice or coffee, communicate and sharing stories while drinking orange juice, spending relax outdoor evening.
macro.Close up of a teaspoon of sugar that dips gently into a cup of italian coffee.breakfast.coffee break.creamy coffee
Portrait of beautiful afro-american waitress in apron putting chairs on table preparing cafe for opening. Waiting staff cleaning restaurant. Small business and food service concept.
Iced Coffee with Milk Closeup
Happy young family couple relaxing talking laughing holding cups drinking coffee tea sitting on sofa together in living room, loving husband and wife bonding enjoying pleasant conversation at home
Espresso coffee drop into the filled Cup from the coffee machine in slow motion
Man Hand Cup of Hot Coffee and Using Smartphone Watching Green Screen Top View. Smartphone with Green Mock-up Screen Business Concept. Person Hand Stirring Coffee with Spoon on Table.
Young handsome black haired man, with easy unshaven opening the laptop lid getting ready to start work while drinking coffee at a small table in a cozy coffee shop
Coffee machine filling a cup with. Making coffee by coffee machine into cup, espresso coffee coming out from an automated coffemaker machine. Beverage drink for breakfast
Making a cup of strong coffee in a coffee machine, the back light illuminates the steam and the cup.
Closeup smiling couple drinking tea at home together. Happy woman bringing cups of tea for husband in living room. Portrait of joyful couple taking coffee break on sofa in slow motion.
Pouring coffee stream from professional machine in cup. Barista man making double espresso, using filter holder. Flowing fresh ground coffee. Drinking roasted black coffee in the morning
A transparent kettle of water boils against the background of the sunset shining through the window. The concept of coffee break and end of the working day.
Milk cream is poured into a iced coffee.  Coffee cold drink with ice and milk.
Cozy cafe in modern shopping center for snacking and resting visitors top view
Diverse happy friends eating italian pizza together, five african and caucasian young hungry students enjoying fast food meal sharing lunch during meeting sitting at cozy pizzeria restaurant table
Serious beautiful young woman sitting at table with laptop in cafe working online typing internet online communication technology business outdoors slow motion
Man working at home office, spilled coffee on documents at workplace
Super slow motion top view of coffee pour into cup from geyser coffee maker
CU Caucasian female working from home, spills coffee on keyboard of her laptop. Shot with 2x anamorphic lens
Woman is enjoying her cup of tea or coffee or chocolate sitting at home in the evening.
Top view. Empty coffee white mug switches and is filled with hot, aromatic coffee. Creative banner with a mockup cup.  Concept automatic coffee machine, smart house. Coffee break 4k stock footage
Black hot coffee is poured into the coffee cup. Hot espresso fills a white cup with a huge pile of roasted coffee beans in the background. Storing coffee beans in a paper bag. Falling boiling water
Two happy friendly young diverse business women talking during work break standing in office, caucasian and asian female employees share ideas enjoy conversation discussing team project at meeting
Close up handsome businessman drinking coffee and admire view standing by window in office
Video of pretty young business woman using her smart phone while drinking coffee walking down the street.
Woman's hands holding a heart shape coffee beans with care,enjoyment, and passion coffee. Concept for love of coffee and caffeine. Background with grains and burlap, flat lay
Coffee beans hit on the fly in 4K
Funny happy young woman singing while listening to loud music in headphones sitting at office desk with laptop surrounded by diverse colleagues, lazy worker wasting time at workplace in co-working
Coffee beans explosion in super slow motion 4K
Young woman freelance is working with laptop in cafe typing smiling sitting at table alone with portable computer. People and modern technology concept.
Close-up Slow Motion of Espresso Pouring from Coffee Machine. Filmed on High Speed Cinematic Camera at 1000 fps.
Roasted Coffee Beans falling. smoke comes from coffee beans. Fragrant coffee beans are roasted  Slow motion. Rotating camera. Organic coffee seeds.
Milk cream is pouring into a iced coffee. Cold coffee drink glass with ice and milk.
Happy multiracial diverse students or coworkers team study work together share cafe table talking laughing at funny joke having fun enjoy communication at group meeting in coffee shop room interior
Castelfranco Emilia, Modena - 03 March 2021: an excellent espresso made with an inissia nespresso coffee machine
Multi-ethnic friends laughing having fun at meeting in coffeehouse, african and caucasian male buddies giving high five after telling good funny joke, multiracial young people hanging out in cozy bar
Beautiful with a large smile young female customer enter in the restaurant she feels very excited walking in front of the camera. Shot on ARRI Alexa Mini
Young handsome pensive business woman walks around modern urban area, with take away cup, dressed in colorful suit, drinking hot coffee, looking at sunlight and thinking about future, concrete wall
Relaxation time: A mature woman sits in an armchair reading a magazine and stirring sugar in a coffee mug. Only hands in the frame, no face. An adult woman drinks coffee in a sunny room.
Dreamy happy middle aged mature woman looking away drinking morning coffee or tea at home, smiling senior old lady holding cup relaxing with positive thoughts dreaming enjoying pleasant memories
Beautiful Woman with charming Smile walking in the Street and Using Mobile Phone. Having Modern Sunglasses and wearing stylish outfit. Casually dressed Young Attractive Woman
Beautiful young businesswoman wearing white shirt and using modern smart phone while walking at break in the city, professional female employer typing text message on cellphone outside, slow motion
Asia adult people enjoy workforce life hybrid digital work anywhere turn off close log out laptop after end job done. Stop learn good time rest sit at cozy cafe workation place rural river park lake.
Beautiful girl is looking at the street while drinking coffee alone in cafe. She is positive and smiling, and glass reflects people walking outside. Cozy coffee shop and asian girl inside
Craft disposable cup for hot drinks presentation. Tea or coffee, espresso, latte, cappuccino for take away. Wood table, coffee traditional beans and spices on the background. Zoom in. Focused on cup
Traditional turkish coffee concept. Coffee background.
Friendly female mature old leader talking to diverse workers clients group at coffee break, business people team colleagues having fun conversation with middle aged boss discussing work in office
Multiracial happy young people eating pizza in pizzeria, black and white cheerful students enjoying meal dining sitting together at restaurant table, diverse hungry friends sharing lunch at meeting
Young professional businesswoman walking on city streets and drinking coffee to go, sunshine, slow motion
man yawn in his car because is so tired
Closeup business woman looking laptop computer in home office. Smiling girl drinking tea near notebook indoor. Close up happy businesswoman smiling to laptop camera at remote workplace
Multiracial happy young people eating pizza on sofa and laugh, cheerful students enjoying meal dining sitting together at home quarantine, diverse hungry friends sharing lunch at meeting
barista moves on a wooden table Tea or coffee, espresso, latte, takeaway cappuccino. close-up Focused on the cup
Woman with a cup of coffee or tea goes to the balcony to admire the sunset
Smiling senior man drinking coffee and flirting with woman sitting at table in outdoor cafe. Portrait of elegant aged man in glasses enjoying coffee and talking to person at next table on terrace
Portrait of young successful businesswoman walking in office hall with pad and cup of coffee in her hands, looking at camera and smiling 4k
High quality video of taking coffee beans in real 1080p slow motion 250fps
Two men of different nationalities with a big age difference shake hands while talking standing on a city street on a sunny spring day. Video in 4k, red komodo
Tired asian man putting off glasses and rubbing eyes working on laptop in home office. Side view of overworked freelancer using laptop and drinking coffee at table in living room
Film Grain. Pour black coffee into a mug from a coffee pot. Drink fresh coffee in the morning.
Distance education teacher in remote work due covid-19 pandemic. Checks homework in student’s notebook during 
a coffee break between lessons. 
Student teaching and social distancing concept.
Close-up Slow Motion of Grounding Coffee from Coffee Machine. Filmed on High Speed Cinematic Camera at 1000 fps.
Concentrated asian business woman analyzing, calculating data, writing project reports while working hard at late night. Tired alone girl lay down on desk covered with stack of paperwork. Dolly shot
Asian businessman drinking hot coffee in Co-working space to take break from work. Happy relaxing in a coffee shop. Concept White collar
Close up of young woman enjoying a sip of fresh espresso from white porcelain cup outdoors. Coffee culture
close-up dark coffee cup, dark saucer, background is blurry girl in striped T-shirt types on laptop, works, studies, checks mail, texts with friends, takes cup of coffee, takes sip, puts it in place
Pouring black coffee in cup. Coffee with chocolate truffles. Cup of black coffee on wooden table
Young multi ethnic friends group talking sharing pizza discussing interesting news hangout, diverse millennial students hanging in cafe eating together having fun conversation laughing in pizzeria
Young woman having break at work on laptop computer at home. Business woman stop using laptop at kitchen. Happy person finish work notebook at home. Female freelancer have break at online work
Good looking group of multiracial friends ladies very charismatic enjoy the time at the patisserie barista man brings a fresh coffee for them
Close up of Asian woman sitting on bar counter and drink black coffee in the morning at coffee shop. Confidence female holding coffee cup and drinking scented hot coffee. Small business owner concept.
Top view of coffee beans was grinded with an electric grinder. for preparing to grind coffee and making freshly ground coffee in coffee shop. High angle view. 4k resolution
Very serious and thoughtfu businessman is having a break. enjoying the view.
Close-up of attractive young businesswoman walking on urban street and using modern smartphone outside, sunshine, slow motion
Close-up of a teaspoon of sugar that dips gently into a cup of italian coffee.breakfast.coffee break.macro
Making Fresh coffee going out from a coffee espresso machine. Shoot on Digital Cinema Camera in slow motion
Office workers sitting on coffee break in cafe and working on business project. View through window of two serious business men discussing contract during meeting in restaurant
Footage B Roll of Pouring coffee stream from machine in cup. Home making hot Espresso. Using filter holder. Flowing fresh ground coffee. Drinking roasted black coffee in the morning.
Asian women and waiter in cafe.
Three friendly coworkers standing in office, drinking coffee and talking cheerfully in office room during break against background of brick white wall. Tracking shot in slow motion
Slow motion pouring cold brew iced coffee into a glass over ice cubes
Top view of Person hand steering coffee in a cup with spoon. Breakfast morning of a cup hot black coffee on wooden background. footage b-roll scene 4k. home making coffee.
close view shot of an attractive young Indian male office worker sitting on a rooftop of a building, sipping tea while using a mobile phone with busy city market road and traffic in the background.
Overworked nurse in scrubs with face mask takes coffee break in busy hospital during health pandemic - shot in slow motion
Fresh Coffee pouring into fancy cup on table top
Multiethnic business team chat and drink coffee outside office building. Happy smiling diverse colleagues on coffee break communicating and relaxing outdoors near business center
Couple of woman meeting in modern room. High angle view. Coffee break.
Scattered coffee beans shaping heart sign. Barista's hand serves coffee with love. Elegant white coffee cup with espresso with crema. Traditional hospitality and care.
Portrait of a young beautiful business woman (student) in a suit, glasses, walking around the city, drinking coffee, talking on the phone. Concept: new business, communication, Arab, banker, manager.
Top view of hand stirring coffee with spoon. Making morning coffee with milk, stirs sugar in a cup.
Happy woman with beverage admire view from window, super slow motion 240fps
Young african man sitting in park and looking away drinking coffee. Smiling afro-american businessman enjoying coffee-to-go relaxing on green lawn in city park during lunch break
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