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Cheomseongdae ancient observatory in Gyeongju, Republic of Korea
Detalhe da catedral em Colônia, Alemanha
SEVILLA, SPAIN, JUNE 20, 2019: Churches in Sevilla viewed from Setas de Sevilla mushroom structure, Spain
SEVILLA, SPAIN, JUNE 25, 2019: Patio de las Doncellas inside of the Mudejar palace at real alcazar de Sevilla in Spain
ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA, JANUARY 6, 2020: Sunset view of Art Gallery of South Australia in Adelaide
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, DECEMBER 30, 2019: Interior of Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia
Sunset view of a wooden boat floating on the sea of galilee, Israel
Sunset view of skyline of Malmo dominated by the world maritime university, Sweden
PERTH, AUSTRALIA, JANUARY 16, 2020: Night view of Spanda sculpture in Perth, Australia
Catedral de Saint Paul em Thessaloniki, Grécia
Sunset view of statue of Sir Walter Hughes in front of the University of Adelaide in Australia
Vista aérea do panteão nacional em Lisboa, Portugal
SEOUL, KOREA, OCTOBER 20, 2019: People are strolling through Namdaemun Market in Seoul, Republic of Korea
GRANADA, SPAIN, JUNE 23, 2019: Generalife Palace in Granada, Spain
THESSALONIKI, GREECE, MAY 6, 2018: View of a narrow street in the old town of Thessaloniki, Greece
Campanile dentro do campus da Trinity College em Dublin, Irlanda
Cityscape of Croatian town Korcula
Alhambra viewed from Generalife gardens in Granada, Spain
View of a narrow street in the old town of Thessaloniki, Greece
Sunrise aerial view of seven rila lakes in Bulgaria
Shrine of the Bab at Bahai gardens in Haifa, Israel
BUSAN, KOREA, OCTOBER 30, 2019: Skyscrapers of Marine city in Busan, Republic of Korea
Skyline of Malmo dominated in Sweden
COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, MAY 4, 2019: Pond with rowing boats at Tivoli amusement park in Copenhagen,Denmark.
Mercado Ribera na cidade espanhola Bilbao
Jeil church at Daegu, Republic of Korea
Sunset view of Gamla stan in Stockholm from Sodermalm island, Sweden
PERTH, AUSTRALIA, JANUARY 16, 2020: Skyline of Elizabeth quay in Perth, Australia
Basler münster and Saint martin church viewed behind the mittlere brücke in Basel, Switzerland
Vista noturna de um bairro histórico de madeira Bryggen na cidade norueguesa Bergen.
Sunset view of Athenian treasury at the ancient delphi site in Greece
Artificial pond Royal botanic garden in Melbourne, Australia
Waterside of Liverpool dominado pelo museu de Liverpool e galeria de olhos abertos, Inglaterra
Uppsala cathedral reflecting on river Fyris in Sweden
Lagoa com água turqoise em Wadi Tiwi em Omã.
YVOIRE, FRANCE, JULY 21, 2017: Lakeside view of Castle in French city Yvoire
Lausanne gothic cathedral Behind Charles Bessieres bridge, Switzerland
Sunset view of Soder malastrand waterfront in Stockholm, Sweden
Fachadas coloridas com estátua Bremer Roland em Bremen, Alemanha.
Cityscape of Melbourne viewed from Fitzroy Gardens, Australia
SOKCHO, KOREA, OCTOBER 27, 2019: Landscape of Sokcho with Expo Tower, Republic of Korea
SEOUL, KOREA, OCTOBER 24, 2019: Colorful signs at Itaewon district of Seoul, Republic of Korea
MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM, APRIL 11, 2017: People are walking on the exchange square in Manchester, England
Vista aérea de Viena com torre do edifício da prefeitura, votivkirche e igrejas peterskirche da catedral de Stephansdom.
Famagusta gate at Nicosia, Cyprus
JERUSALEM, ISRAEL, SEPTEMBER 7, 2018: Room of the last supper in Jerusalem, Israel
Riverside do Reno em Basileia dominado pelo majestoso edifício da igreja de Munster, Suíça
Aerial view of Lisbon with graca viewpoint, Portugal
Marina in Saint Raphael dominated by church of our lady of the victory
Campanile inside of the trinity college campus in Dublin, ireland
IMJINGAK, KOREA, NOVEMBER 10, 2019: Ribbons on a fence at Imjingak unification park in Republic of Korea
Aerial view of the main beach of the bulgarian town Bourgas
VIANA DO CASTELO, PORTUGAL, MAY 24, 2019: Umbrella street in the historical center of Viana do Castelo in Portugal
vista aérea de madrid tirada do topo da catedral de almudena em madrid
NAZARE, PORTUGAL, MAY 28, 2019: View of a narrow street in Nazare, Portugal
LYON, FRANCE, JULY 22, 2017: People are strolling through the old town of lyon during sunset, France
Aerial view of Noto including Basilica Minore di San Nicolò and Palazzo Ducezio, Sicily, Italy
Courtyard of the Batalha monastery in Portugal
Aerial view of Ruedesheim am Rhein in Germany
National library of Kosovo and unfinished serbian orthodox church of Christ the Saviour in Prishtina, Kosovo
Aerial view of the University of Kliment Ohridski in Sofia, Bulgaria
Sunset view of old Nyhavn port  in the central Copenhagen, Denmark.
View of a narrow street in the old town of Guimaraes, Portugal
SALAMANCA, SPAIN, OCTOBER 5, 2017: Lecture hall of the university of Salamanca, Spain
Sunset aerial view of the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria
Kakopetria village on Cyprus
Ruins of an ancient synagogue in Capernaum, Isarel
Skyline of Manama dominated by the World trade Center building during night, Bahrain.
Aerial view of Arthur river at Tarkine forest in Tasmania, Australia
PRIZREN, KOSOVO, SEPTEMBER 20, 2019: Riverside of Bistrica river in center of Prizren, Kosovo
Pink mosque at the Schwetzingen palace in Germany during sunny summer day
Aerial view of Tsfat/Safed in Israel
View of Jardim da estrela garden in Lisbon, Portugal
vista de um canal na ilha murano na itália
Aerial view of Kruja castle and bazaar, Albania
Skyline de Manama dominado pelo edifício do World Trade Center durante a noite, Bahrain.
People are strolling next to the birth house of William Shakespeare in Stratford upon Avon, England
Vista panorâmica de uma marina da cidade alemã Friedrichshafen.
Chapel of Ascension in Jerusalem, Israel
View of the Berchtesgaden alps from the Eisriesenwelt in Austria.
Vista aérea da praca de Lisboa no Porto, Portugal.
Sunset aerial view of Wellington, New Zealand
Speyer, Germany, September 16, 2020: Interior of ISS space station inside of the Technik museum in Speyer, Germany
White mosque inside of the Berat castle in Albania
Seaside view of the Bulgarian town Sozopol
Aerial view of the University of Kliment Ohridski in Sofia, Bulgaria
Strasbourg, France, September 20, 2020: Night view of restaurants on a street in the old town of Strasbourg, France
Night view of the St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland
Aerial view of the pier of Burgas in Bulgaria
Traditional street in the old town of Nessebar, Bulgaria
Aerial view of the pier of Burgas in Bulgaria
View of a narrow street in the central Copenhagen, Denmark.
National library of Kosovo and unfinished serbian orthodox church of Christ the Saviour in Prishtina, Kosovo
National library of Kosovo in Prishtina, Kosovo
PRISHTINA, KOSOVO, SEPTEMBER 16, 2019: Sunset view of Bill Clinton boulevard in Prishtina, Kosovo
Aerial view of the Bulgarian town Nessebar
O Jardin Botanique e arranha-céus modernos em Bruxelas, Bélgica
MADRID, SPAIN, JANUARY 9, 2016: People are strolling through corridors of the prado gallery and enjoying view of painting masterpieces
MONA – museum of Old and New Art situated at Berriedale bay of river Derwent in Hobart, Australia
BATALHA, PORTUGAL, MAY 28, 2019: Courtyard of the Batalha monastery in Portugal
TIRANA, ALBANIA, SEPTEMBER 28, 2019: Entrance to Bunk'Art 2 museum in Tirana, Albania
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