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Mix and Match
Image Subscription


Standard Image License
Custom licensing
Enhanced Image License
Custom licensing


Worry-free licensing and legal protection
Audience resonance insights
Social sign on with Google or Facebook
Access to a library of 400 million images
Dedicated customer support
Creative Flow applications
Monthly replenishment of downloads
Industry-based creative insights
AI powered search
Access for multiple users
Ability to store content on company DAM
API integration
SAML-based single sign on
AI powered predictive performance scoring
Access to content research
Transfer license ownership
Access to unwatermarked previews to download

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How does auto renewal work?

What is the difference between an Individual and a Team or Enterprise account?

Can I upgrade or downgrade to a different plant?

Can I cancel my plan if I don’t need it anymore?

Can I get a refund if I cancel my plan?
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