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Horstail shoots growing ina meadow
Doves in flight over treetops
Horstail shoots in meadow - close up
British Robin Red Breast Singing, perched on a Gravestone
Huddersfield, UK - April 12 2019:  Pride of Yorkshire sign at Kirklees, John Smith's Stadium
Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England - April 11 2019: Early Evening Inside an English Pub. Bartenders use hand pumps to pull pints of beer.
Open sided delivery vehicle carrying milk and eggs, close up - milk float on morning delivery round
Bonfire night - A crowd of people watch a bonfire with fireworks in the sky in the background.
The Proverbial Open Can of Worms
Huddersfield, UK - 12/11/2017: A group of small children, dressed for winter, with high visibility waistcoats, accompanied by adult guardians, walking. One adult carries a green first aid kit.
Waiting position at temporary traffic lights at night.
Two children, a boy and a girl, lying on grass smiling.
Studio Shot of Hand Made Metallic Copper Glaze Coffee Set on White Background
Traditional Murcian salad Spanish tapa - Ensaladilla Murciana
Ordsall, Salford, Greater Manchester, UK - Feb 05 2019: Ordsall Hall Tudor Mansion
Huddersfield, UK - April 12 2019:  North Stand at Kirklees Stadium, home to Huddersfield Town soccer team and Huddersfield Giants rugby team
Gray and green garbage cans overfilled with domestic refuse
Optic drink dispensers on cocktail bar top
Window with 'Dogs Allowed' sign next to a pot dog.
Four different gilt framed mirrors hanging on a wall as decorative elements
Hair Highlighting Using Metal Foil
Close up of camera lens illustrating extremely shallow depth of field
Close up of animated water fountains in a French village
A Pennine hill in England. A man follows a path down from the top of a grassy knoll in the Pennine hills in Yorkshire.
Spit roasting meat over fire
Opening a Can of Worms - White Copy Space
Closeup of an Open Can of Worms
A row of traditional Maltese houses with enclosed Balconies, each painted brightly in a different colour.
A litter of ten cute little puppies huddled together for warmth.
Grey Heron at a River
Red Breasted Robin, European Robin
Jackdaw Bird Perched on a Wall
Grey Heron Waiting for Fish
Grey Heron on a Rock
Sun's rays shining through clouds showing the limited daylight effect of the early morning sunrise and dusk sunset. Electric grid pylons and cables can be seen crossing the horizon of distant hills.
Marsden, Huddersfield, UK - Apr 23 2019: West Yorkshire Fire Brigade secure water supply to control moor fires on moors above Marsden.
                        Yorkshire, England - April 2019:  industrial and medical gas cylinders in transit
Yorkshire, England - Mar 2019:  Royal Mail red pillar box, public mailbox.
Woman uses shower head to wash another person's wash hair over a bath tub. Run-off water is brown from hair dye or special shampoo.
A dark, moody photograph of a rusty, pair of ancient iron gates left ajar, amidst foliage, both dead and alive.
Hair Highlighting Using Metal Foil
Hair Stylist at Work
1Kg Bunch of Fresh Bananas on Pure White Background
An Open Can of Worms from Above - Isolated
Flock of sheep on a Yorkshire hillside
Photo of a white Shetland pony looking down from a grassy hill towards camera
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England - March 11 2018: Historic canal tunnel at Standedge near Marsden, the highest, longest and deepest in the UK. The train pictured, runs through an adjacent tunnel.
British Meadow Brown Ringlet Butterfly
Cabbage white butterfly on flower
Fresh chopped chickpea and potato salad.
Potato and chickpea salad, russian salad and bread
Chopped tomato and onion salad
Mediterranean summer starter with bruschetta, king prawn and fresh salad, with chicken and chorizo in salsa
Three cyclists in swimwear 
at the beach - rear view
A graveyard in the fog, Gravestones and ghostly tree silhouette are visible against a background of white mist and snow.
Canal and Towpath in the North of England. The canal network once provided the main arterial goods transportation system that enabled the industrial revolution England.
Isolated silhouette of a gathering young people outdoors
Ornamental sparkling mushroom fountain at dawn.
Vintage styled restaurant dining room with a rural village view though the window
Old gramophone in vintage room setting with a pendulum clock on the wall in the background
Cafe table next to a window
Close up of restaurant table top with couple dining, candle and wine.
Flight of Pigeons
A selection of new ukeleles on display - focus is on a red soprano uke
Blue & pink dyed phalaenopsis orchids on display for sale

Yorkshire pudding with fresh leaves
Montbretia Lucifer 
Crocosmia  crocosmiiflora flowers in garden
A sheep stands in road oblivious to the danger as a car approaches
Tabby Cat Relaxing - Facing Camera
Tabby Cat Relaxing, Looking Down
Strasbourg, France - June 15 2019: Exterior shot of the Offices of the European Parliament
Strasbourg, France - June 15 2019: The European Parliament building in Strasbourg. Flags of the member states fly on flagpoles outside.
Petite France, Strasbourg. Grande Ile River, flows between pictureque building and under a bridge.
Traditional building facade in Strasbourg
Two bicycles are parked close to traditional Architecture in Strasbourg, France.
River Wessen at the Village of Marsden, West Yorkshire, England
Small bird on a  a standing stone in northern England surveys the Pennine landscape
A lone sheep on a Yorkshire moor
Butterley Reservoir at Marsden, West Yorkshire, England, Sheep with lambs are seen in a field in the forground.
Some bicycles parked on a cobbled surface
Traditional Architecture in Strasbourg in the French region of Alsace
Strolling by the canal in the village of Diggle, Saddleworth
Fairground carousel with horse's head in forground
Patisserie - Meringues and Other Sweet Foods and desserts
Stork in its large nest
Storks Nesting in Residential Area
Mother and Baby Stork in Nest
Black Bass Guitar Closeup
Aerial Starburst Firework Display
View over the Yorkshire town of Marsden, looking down from Marsden Moor showing historic mills, houses and the main roads towards Huddersfield from Olham and Manchester.
Huddersfield, UK - April 12 2019:  Kirklees Stadium, home to Huddersfield Town and Huddersfield Giants
Marsden, Huddersfield, UK - Apr 23 2019: Firefighter checks water supply to control moor fires on moors above Marsden, West Yorkshire
Marsden, Huddersfield, UK - Apr 23 2019: Firefighters attending moor fires above Marsden, West Yorkshire
Marsden, Huddersfield, UK - Apr 23 2019: Firefighters secure water supply to control moor fires on moors above Marsden, West Yorkshire
Marsden, Huddersfield, UK - Apr 23 2019: Fireman sprays water to control moor fires on moors above Marsden, West Yorkshire
West Yorkshire, England - Mar 2019: Monochrome photo of a clothes line with laundry drying in the sun
Huddersfield, England - Mar 2019: Empty Gasometer - Black and white image showing the steel framed upper structure of a gasometer used for storage of natural gas fuel.
Razor wire on a steel security fence
Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex, England - 28 July 2018: WW1 Wooden Memorial Crosses with Faded Paper Poppies on a Cenotaph