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What are signs & symbols?

Our world is full of signs and symbols. When it comes to daily communication, we would be lost without them. The alphabet is a prime example of a series of symbolic shapes that have taken on great meaning. To use signs and symbols effectively, make sure the image or graphic is clean, clear, and instantly understandable to your viewer. The Shutterstock library has thousands of images, illustrations, and vectors of signs for you to choose from. Whether you need Zodiac signs to accompany your next astrological blog post or an array of gender symbols to signify your company’s inclusivity, Shutterstock has you covered. Type in exactly the sort of sign you would like to find and then narrow your search by using the filter options.

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How to use sign and symbol visuals creatively

Using signs and symbols for website When it comes to website design, signs and symbols are useful tools. Easily identifiable icons make it easier for people new to your site to navigate through your pages. Want to list your services? Add icons to your headers so that visitors instantly know the service they can expect to learn more about upon clicking that section of your site. Some common examples of website icons include a magnifying glass (indicates a search bar), a shopping cart (indicates the location of items a customer intends to purchase), and a telephone (indicates contact information). If you have a Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook page, place the well-known icons of those websites and platforms within your Contact Me section to instantly inform readers of where else they can find you. Using signs and symbols for social media The world of social media moves at lightning speed. Platforms such as Instagram are not the place for lengthy blocks of text. If you want to ensure that viewers take in your message, use icons. Sharing a Story in which your meaning would be lost if the viewer’s sound was off? Use the “Sound On” icon to let your audience know to turn up the volume. If you want to wordlessly convey that you are an ally, try adding the rainbow flag filter to your profile pictures. Use polls to engage your audience. Ask a fun question and invite your viewers to click the corresponding emoji. This is a great way to learn more about your target audience in a lighthearted way. Using signs and symbols for print Signs and symbols are a great way to spice up invitations. Festive balloon icons are generally recognized as birthday symbols. Adding a graduate cap icon to your notice lets recipients know your student’s graduation is on the horizon. Add weather symbols such as a rain cloud and sun to let invitees know your party will happen rain or shine. Sending out invites to a wedding anniversary? Instead of the more neural asterisk or dot, try using small infinity symbols between lines of text as a way to say that this love is timeless.