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Close-up Professional Chef at Restaurant Kitchen Serves Dish Adding Final Ingredient by Hand. Cooking Vegetarian Food at Modern Home Cuisine. Delicious Fish and Chips. Preparing Meal Kitchen Slow mo
Set of 5 video transitions of black expanding paint stains on white backdrop. Can be used as a graphic element, a luma matte to reveal images or transition between clips.
Sweet candies flying in slow motion against pastel background. Filmed on high speed cinema camera at 1000 fps.
Chef cooks beef steak, sprinkling with salt on a background of professional kitchen, slow motion.
Grilled salmon fillets on a grill plate sprinkled with salt flakes
Close up of Woman's hand snapping her finger doing the hand gesture isolated on a pink studio background with copy space for place a text, message for advertisement, and promote your brand and product
Chef adds salt to the dish, cooking in slow motion, falling liquid in 240 frames per second, cooking food
Cinematic 4K aerial footage great for the commercial usage. Flying above the agriculture field. Green kale plants are sprayed by the automated irrigation system in beautiful gold sun light at sunset
Sprinkler head watering green grass lawn. Gardening concept. Smart garden activated with full automatic sprinkler irrigation system working in a green park. Slow motion 4K UHD video
Sprinkling sugar powder on hanukkah jelly doughnut, slow motion, BMPCC 4K
Aerial view drone shot of irrigation system rain guns sprinkler on agricultural wheat field helps to grow plants in the dry season, increases crop yields
Rain drops water.Heavy rainfall sprinkle scene pouring rain rainy weather summer day. Rain drizzle water heavy raindrops ripple.
agriculture irrigation of corn. agriculture irrigation corn field farming in the usa
Set of 5 video transitions of white expanding paint bleeds on black backdrop. Can be used as a graphic element, a luma matte to reveal images or transition between clips.
Grass irrigation. Garden Irrigation sprinkler watering lawn.
Red Spill Blood Steady,Red Blood or Paint Spill isolated with Green Screen 4k
Bartender threw cinnamon powder to flame a cocktail, Flaming Cocktail Alcohol Drink, Bar Party. Barman sprinkling cinnamon over flaming beverage. sambuca cocktail. Full hd
Eating delicious sweet donut with colorful sprinkles on blue background. Timelapse. Bakery and food concept. Top view of colorful frosted doughnut in 4K, UHD
beautiful woman eating donut enjoying sweet delicious flavor of icing and sprinkles smiling with satisfaction 4k
Valentine's Day cookies with sprinkles falling in slow motion.  Shot on Phantom Flex 4K.
Close up macro shot of candles of birthday cake being blowed by birthday person after dream expression. Concept of family, friendship, holidays,celebration, present
Pouring the cooked pasta with olive oil delicious italian dish close-up. Pasta with vegetables, sprinkled with grated cheese and salad.
Chef sprinkles parmesan cheese spaghetti pasta on a plate in a restaurant kitchen. Food ingredient. Cooking on cuisine. Cooked for gourmet. Prepare food to eat. Gastronomy culinary. Delicious dinner.
Slow-motion of water pipe leak
Woman rotates wooden tray with different kinds of spices. Turmeric falls on the heap to the round wood salver with variety of colorful spice.
Close-up Man Chef at Restaurant Kitchen Serves Dish Focused Adding Final Ingredient by Hand. Cooking Cake Food at Modern Home Cuisine. Delicious Tasty Food. Preparing Appetizing Dessert Meal Slow mo
Close up of chef hand holding hot pan and adding salt to it with other hand
Fried potato chips falling down from top, fast food background texture pattern with alpha channel. French fries on red background.
Water dripping on the drip irrigation system used on a farm and saves water with the drop by drop system-the focus moves from the pipe to the soil.
Chef adds salt to the dish, cooking in slow motion, cooking food
Selective focus on single tomato.Tomatoes with water drops. A bunch of wet tomatoes sprinkled with water. Black background in soft studio lighting. Footage of fresh tomatoes. Zoom out.
Pink frosting donuts on a pink background
Bright and colorful sprinkled donut close-up shot spinning on a color disposable paper plate.
Top view. Seamless looping.
Chef cooks beef steak, sprinkling with salt on a background of professional kitchen, slow motion
Fun pug dog drinking fruit, berry smoothie. Slow motion. First time trying smoothie, milkshake, cocktail drinks. Funny lapping tongue. Very messy, dirty face, splash all around
Pink donut glaze with many decorative colorful sprinkles endless background. Seamless loop
Splashes of water droplets on the glass. Window on a rainy day.Wet glass with large drops of water or rain. Video of water droplets on a clear glass surface during heavy rain. Dripping water
Weeping willow tree in rain in heavy slow motion rain in Florida in gloomy weather.
Cooking an Aperol Spritz Cocktail. Close up bartenders hands pouring prosecco in wine glass with ice, mixing cocktail with the spoon sprinkling it with orange essential oil. Long fizzy drink.
Baker clapping his hands filled with flour. Baker working with dough and flour. Professional cook claps hands and powder fly. Baking concept.
funny creative concept of wafer cone with ice cream covered and strewing sprinkles on pink background, copy space, slow motion, cinemagraph
SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP: Powerful raging whitewater waterfall falling forcefully over a rocky edge. Crystal clear glacier water stream dropping over the cliff. Misty majestic Niagara Falls river rapids
Rotating close-up shot of tasty delicious sweet buns donuts with colorful icing and sprinkles. Dessert. bakery and confectionery.
Sprinkling candy chocolate on frosted doughnut. Shot with high speed camera, 4K. Slow Motion.
craft potato chips with cheddar cheese, rotating close up
Fried potato chips falling down from top, fast food, junk food background texture pattern on green screen
lawn sprinkler. grass irrigation
Decorating cupcake with white cream. Using cooking bag, confectioner make muffins for party. Shot of woman's hands putting butter cream on the tasty cakes, homemade bakery
Happy Birthday cake with sparklers
Male chef putting parmesan cheese on pasta in slow motion. Sprinkling pasta with grated cheese. Cooking in restaurant, Chef serves cooked macaroni in restaurant on the table. Full hd
Close up side view of beautiful outstretched female hand with a sprinkling gesture isolated on green screen chroma key background. Chef hand adds pinch salt or spice to the dish. Slow motion.
Irrigation system in agricultural field at sunset. Aerial view. Cinematic view.
Pasta with mushrooms, cheese and cream sauce rotates on plate, and is sprinkled with parsley. Cooking fettuccine pasta. Italian Cuisine. Food background
Young professional chef in kitchen prepares Italian pasta. man decorates dish on plate with green herbs and sprinkles with sesame seeds and pepper. Delicious gourmet lunch prepared in home kitchen.
colorful sprinkles falling on pink background, decoration for cake and bakery, slow motion
Closeup of woman and girl sprinkling flour on table at kitchen in slow motion. Mother and daughter cooking dough for cookies on modern kitchen. Family spending time together at home
Young couple watching horror film in movie theatre. Guy sprinkle popcorn on girl in movie theater. Scared guy jumping in seat and spilling popcorn in slow motion. Shocked people watching horror movie
Red Blood or Paint Thick Spill Pack of 3 with Green Screen Background 4k
Tractor spray pesticide and insecticide on lemon plantation in Spain. Weed insecticide fumigation. A sprayer machine, trailed by tractor spray herbicide.
An unrecognizable person in dark clothes is digging a square pit against a blue sky with clouds. Point of view from the grave into which soil is sprinkled from a shovel. Slow motion 50 fps 4k
White sesame seed falling in slow motion
Chef Sprinkles White Salt Vegetable Fresh Salad Food Healthy Meal Mediterranean Kitchen Vegetarian Diet. Slow Motion. Closeup Freshness Salad. Close up Healthy Colorful Food Onion Cucumber Radishes.
Ice service for cleaning of streets in winter. Machine sprinkle roads with salt and chemicals against road incidents. Super slow motion 1000 fps
Sprinkling spices on the raw salmon fillet.
3D realistic ice cream with waffel cone and decorative sprinkles on pastel background. Green screen footage. 4K seamless loop render animation.
Looping, rain falling straight down from above camera. POV shot looking down on wet, flooded pavement, while rain pours, splashes down. Nearly 30 seconds and loopable. See portfolio for much more!
Super Slow Motion Detail Shot of Salt Falling on Black Background at 1000fps.
donuts filled with fruit on the table. video rotation
agriculture irrigation of farm field. automatic artificial irrigation of the field for good harvest. smart agriculture eco farming concept artificial intelligence. agricultural irrigation land farm
Lawn irrigation system, lawn sprinkler for watering grass in operation, sprays water in a circle to the left and right.
Garden, Grass Watering. Smart garden activated with full automatic sprinkler irrigation system working in a green park, watering lawn, flowers and trees sprinkler head rotation. Gardening 4K UHD slow
Blood Splatter on the Wall on a Green Screen Background.
Close-up of a raw meat leg sprinkled wirh sea salt on the wooden board
Cinnamon sprinkled onto Tiramisu cake in super slow motion, shot on Phantom Flex 4K
Macking pizza in slow motion
Super Slow Motion Close Up of Champagne Pouring
Feta cheese pasta sauce recipe step. Tomatoes drizzled with olive oil in a baking dish with a feta cheese block in the middle and sprinkled with salt and freshly ground pepper.
Tractor between rows of vineyards. Tractor movement in the rows of vineyards, top view. Italian vineyards
Rotating vanilla white ice cream in waffle cone covered with rainbow sugar sprinkles topping on blue background. Sweet dessert. Delicacy.
Legume mix pouring. Shot with high speed cinematic camera. Super Slow Motion at 1000 fps.
Birthday cupcake. Rainbow Cup Liners. Sparklers or fireworks Burning in a cake. Happy Birthday Gay, lesbian. LGBT pride. Tasty baking cupcakes or muffin with white cream icing and colored sprinkles.
Cinematic nature at sunset. Flying above the water spraying the green farm field. Beautiful sun rays magically highlighting the sprinkling water drops. Ideal background stock footage with copy space
Garden Grass Watering. Smart garden activated with full automatic sprinkler irrigation system working in a green park, watering lawn, flowers and trees sprinkler head rotation. 4K UHD slow motion
Flour sifting with sieve for pie and cupcake making. Chef confectioner sifts powdered sugar or flour in sieve slow motion isolated on black background. cooking desserts with sugar powder.
Shocked african american man watching scary film in movie theater. Portrait of bearded afro guy jumping in seat. Frightened afro american male person sprinkling popcorn in dark cinema.
Pink frosting donuts on a blue background
Pile Black Pepper Peas Rotating
Crocus Sativus Commonly Known As Saffron Crocus Sprinkle In A Small Square Porcelain Saucer. - Tilt Down Shot
Aerial view of agricultural field being watered by large center pivot irrigation system spraying water
Happy woman enjoys the sprinkling of snow HD
Aerial Shot of the Green Fields Being Irrigated with Sprinklers. Large Scale Industrial Farming. Beautiful Sunny Weather. Shot on Phantom 4K UHD Camera.
Making melted chocolate using cream, vanilla, butter and chopped chocolate
Woman and girl whisking eggs on kitchen. Daughter and mother cooking together
Tractor Sprays Pesticides in Apple Orchard Covered with Hail Protection Netting. Farmer Driving Tractor Through Orchard in Springtime.
chef in uniform sprinkling salt isolated on white
Beautiful woman spraying perfume on her neck. Slow motion close-up video
TOP VIEW: Spices fall on raw pork steak. Slow motion.
Gardener with gloves spraying a blooming fruit tree against plant diseases and pests. Using spray bottle with pesticide in the garden.
Chef sprinkling raw meat with salt on a background with vegetables. Cooker preparing meat in professional kitchen.
Ice cream cone close-up. Pink Icecream scoop in waffle cone rotated over blue background. Strawberry or raspberry flavor Sweet dessert decorated with colorful sprinkles, rotation closeup. 4K UHD
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