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HUD Finance Display. Futuristic screen with animated digital graphs,  charts, computer data and more. Great video to use in any economy, financial, technology or futuristic
Two international professionals, giving each other handshake. International bsiness relationship
Hand Turning Pages of a Book, CLOSE UP. SLOW MOTION. Unrecognizable Person's Hand reading a book and holding fingers along the lines. Cinematic light at home or library.
Concerned frightened elderly male get official bank notification read about bankruptcy debt feel confused worried. Stressed middle aged man retiree troubled with unexpected bad news from paper letter
Coronavirus in the headlines of media news around the world. Media news headline alert. Global pandemic coronavirus. Corona virus concept. COVID-19
Metaverse in the headlines of media news around the world. Media news titles across international media. Metaverse concept
Signature on Contract by Pen in Female Hand. Close-up of Businesswoman Hands Putting Signature on Paper. Signs an Agreement. Close-up Macro Shot. Signature Is Fake
Woman freelancer working on laptop at home-office. Close up of female hands opening and closing computer with one hand. Businesswoman writing business letter at work. Dolly shot of typing on keyboard
Serious young businessman checking corporate paperwork correspondence sitting at home office desk. Male entrepreneur reading documents, analyzing financial papers, preparing audit report at workplace.
2021 Isolated Colorful Symbol Shape Date Sign Rays. Bright Multicolor Glow Numerals New Year Flicker and Glowing. Colored Neon Light Form Party Elegance and Wave Digits Black Background 2021 Century
A Magic Book Written With Love. Book That Teaches
timelapse, books disappear from bookshelves, vintage style
Valentine's day Pink Red Animation Hearts Greeting love hearts. Festive of bokeh, sparkles, hearts for Valentine's day, Valentines day, Wedding anniversary Seamless loop Background
Young Asian woman read bad news on laptop look desperate, feels stressed due unsaved document, important data loss, notice form bank about debt, device malware, file error, work down the drain concept
Neon sign Arrows Animation of pink light signal and blue spreading from the center with a black background. Can be used to compose various media such as news, presentations, online media, social media
Cinematic Ancient Writer Man, Old Candle Light Writing
Happy positive young couple holding reading good news in document letter, smiling family checking easy service to pay paper domestic bills online on laptop discuss budget, satisfied with money refund
Hand Turning Pages of a Book, CLOSE UP. SLOW MOTION. Unrecognizable Person's Hand reading a book and holding fingers along the lines. Cinematic light at home or library.
Cinematic close up shot of man is putting a letter in an envelope before sending it. Concept of correspondence, calligraphy, communication
Overjoyed black male student sit at desk look at laptop screen scream passing exam getting high grade, excited african American guy feel euphoric receiving pleasant email message on computer
Special Clock Flipping 1 Minute countdown 4K animation on Green screen - 60 seconds count down on Green screen background
Cinematic Ancient Man Writing By Candle Light, Old Writing
Annoyed angry millennial Black male hipster hold mobile phone feel outraged by low wifi internet signal bad connection application crash. Concerned worried young guy deal with software problem on cell
Ramadan Kareem golden greetings text on a green background. Ramadan background animation. Key color,
shot of A young girl is teaching a group of Indian Asian primary school children or kids sitting and studying together using a laptop in an indoor classroom setup. learning and education concept
Paper Texture Noise Animated Stop Motion Background and Overlay Loop
Man signs with a ballpoint pen on a white sheet of paper. Important records. Office work
Pen Writes On Paper In Blue Ink. Close. Someone Writes Very Fast.
BUDAPEST, HUNGARY Circa 2022 : Email app getting notifications. Email spamming goes on large scale on the internet
Male freelancer working on laptop at home-office. Close up of hands opening and closing computer with one hand. Businessman writing business letter at work. 4K shot of typing on keyboard
Typewriter in extreme close up, camera tracking with letters are. they are written on the page. The image is moody and cinematic. Creative ideas in a vintage old fashioned look.
Circa August, 2020 - A man drops an absentee or mail-in ballot in the mailbox.
Golden letters of the Ten Commandments on the stone tablets. God told Moses about the Ten Commandments on the stone tablets. Excerpted from the Bible, Exodus 20:1-17, 3D rendered animation.
Businessman write report, pen writing article
Graphite pencil draws a straight line on a white background paper, macro shot
Woman in glasses received mail correspondence take out letter from envelope read enjoy pleasant news. Got invitation on event, bank loan approved, career growth and advance, promotion at work concept
Angry stressed businessman opening envelope reading bad news in mail letter. Mad man feels frustrated about high bills, dismissal notice, bank debt, tax invoice or mistake sits at home office desk
Flickering We Are Hiring Join Our Team Lettering Glowing Light Neon Sign With Motion Dotted And Dashed Border Line On Dark Blue Brick Wall Separated Background 10 Seconds / Loopabe
General data protection regulation concept
Thank You animated, suitable for celebration, wishes, events, message, holiday, festival. Thank You text animation, handwritten in white color. Black background and green screen footage motion graphic
Closeup of writing a letter on ancient paper, ancient scrolls
Letters flying out of an open book
Smooth rotation of the NFT neon glass lettering in the neon glass cube.
Young delivery Asian man holding a cardboard box while Asian young woman checking address on the box.
People putting paper in ballot box
Loop animation Happy Valentines Day gold text letters with flying and rotate red hearts on black background with ground reflection. 4K 3D romantic Valentines day Gold Text Titles Greeting VDO footage.

Happy Mothers Day greeting card with animated hearts appearing randomly and animated lettering for the greetings
Arabic alphabet letters animated slow motion video background
Close-up writing on a piece of paper. Writing love letters
African woman sitting at desk holding pen making notes in diary, close up view. Businesswoman writes startup business ideas and plans, creative thoughts to notebook. Create to-do or wish list concept
Writing programming code on laptop. Web site codes on computer monitor. Technology background. Software background. Programmer workplace. Abstract screen of software. Blockchain concept
Animated Halloween banner or header. Laughing mouth and happy Halloween lettering on black background. Hand drawn illustration
Small business opening up during pandemic. Turning the sign from close to open. Shot on RED camera in 4k.
An 18th century scene tracks across a desk lit by candlelight and overhead window light of a man writing a letter using a feather quill pen.
Animated of Thank you text lettering motion graphic. Two ink drops writing script word animation. Flat design animation on the black screen and green screen suitable for celebration, wishes, and event
Curious smiling young man in glasses opening paper envelope, reading letter with good news. Happy handsome businessman received investment notification or banking loan approval or salary bonus.
Conception 2020 Bright Multicolored Animation Numerals of the New Year Flicker and Glowing. Colored Neon Light Form Generated Circle and Wave Digits. Isolated Colorful Symbols Shape Date Sign Rays 4K
Writing a letter on an old typewriter - very nostalgic - probe lens close up shot
Happy young woman receiving and signing a parcel from mailman  delivered in her home. Shot with RED camera i 8K. Concept of courier, delivery, e-commerce, online shopping
A male hands writing on a piece of paper. Writing essay or letters. Doing homework.
Happy birthday colorful text animation on light background
Hands of a woman writing on a piece of paper. Writing love letters.
Close up hands Asian woman receive a cardboard box from a man's delivery holding at home.
Happy Mother's Day. Animation mother day. Mother day animated. Animation 4k for women's day, shop, discount, sale, flyer, decoration. Lettering style.
Slow motion vintage typewriter type strikers. Camera pans from left to right across typewriter keysing in slow motion. Cameraement truck left to right. Retro typewriter. Romantic novel writing
Close-up. A woman is writing a pen with a letter sitting at the table.
Surprised Reaction of Santa Claus Reading Wishes Letter using lantern lights, Checking Gift List of Kids Dreams Closeup Indoors. Festive Magic, Christmas Spirit, Traditional Preparing Before New Years Eve, Holidays Season
Happy Easter Greeting. Easter egg on a yellow bokeh background. Easter text coming out from the broken egg. 4K Video motion graphic animation.
Male businessman is discussing a handheld document on a mobile phone with a pleased smile while seated at his desk in the office working on the computer
Digital Transformation with digital technology hitech concept
A mid shot of two rural or countryside happy young girls standing together smiling and looking at the camera with the mountain village in the background
Shot of a group of happy and adorable primary school children wearing uniforms with backpacks walking through a rural village lane. school re opening, learning, and education concept.
Slow motion shot of independent shop closed until further notice due to the COVID 19 coronavirus pandemic, bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs all shut cause of this international crisis
Old pirate ship sailing in the open ocean
Artists hands drawing wooden pencil writes line on paper.
Focused 70s elderly man scientist writer author professor lawyer reading antique letters paper documents. Confident old male working at library book archive storage sitting at desk workplace side view
Business owner with gloves and face mask hanging an open sign  "We're open. Keep your distance" at a restaurant. Concept of new normality due to coronavirus
Upset man reading bad news on laptop computer at coworking space. Serious afro man stressed at office workplace. African male professional making mistake working on laptop in office.
Excited overjoyed indian girl student open envelope reading good news in paper admission letter at home, happy euphoric young woman holding mail notice celebrate loan approval get new job scholarship
KYIV, UKRAINE - September 03, 2019: Hands typing on keyboard. Hands typing on a laptop keyboard. Work force background. Woman working on laptop computer. Student hands typing, tapping on keyboard.
ABC alphabet letters on a white screen.
Notary public in office stamping document. Businessman stamping document table, director approving contract, paperwork. Man is approve documents by signing and stamping papers. Closeup. UHD 4K.
Serious young couple holding papers pay domestic bills online on laptop checking bank account reading document at home, millennial family planning budget discussing money finances expenses
Envelope opening animation.Mail, paper reveal ,invitation ,letter or card animated on green screen chroma key background.
Tax form 1040, pen, Piggy bank and calculator. on the desk.
Old middle aged businesswoman working with laptop and papers, busy senior mature woman paying bills online banking managing finances checking budget doing paperwork using computer sitting at desk
Blocks of abstract program code are written and moved in the virtual space. The camera flies through the computer code. looped
Close up shot of man typing on old vintage retro typewriter; backlit; news, media or communication concept
Medieval manuscripts library. Old scrolls stacked on a pile. View from inside.
Red hearts isolated on green background move up 4k footage. Heart on green screen.
Please Subscribe Floating Bar Button Animation for Streamer, Gamer and Social Media Channel. Transparent video with Alpha Channel in 4k 60 fps
Businessman Stamping Document, Director Approving Contract, Paperwork. Notary Public in Office Stamping Document. Man Signing Credit Bank Contract. Legal Agreement. Filling out Contract on Paper.
Hands typing text on smartphone close-up. Using smartphone close up at night.
Time lapse close-up man typing on computer keyboard with fingers. Macro soft focus dolly shot. Computer programming, text chat online messaging and online marketing business hyperlapse concept.
The romance of adventure, a lonely old pirate ship sailing in the open ocean.
Postal mail sign - Letter inside envelope - Open message - animated cartoon vector icon on Green screen background - New message sign on Chroma key background
Frustrated young adult couple feeling stressed about high mortgage rates doing paperwork at home. Angry husband and wife renters calculating household payments, having financial problems or bank debt.
Mother's day concept background, Mother and daughter handwritten animation.
Slow Motion: Close up hands Asian woman receive a cardboard box from a man's delivery holding at home.
Woman freelancer working on laptop at home-office. Close up of female hands. Businesswoman writing business letter at work. Typing on keyboard
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