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Back view of business woman talking to her colleagues about plan in video conference. Multiethnic business team using laptop for a online meeting in video call. Group of people smart working from home
Young student watching lesson online and studying from home. Young woman taking notes while looking at computer screen following professor doing math on video call. Girl studying from home on pc.
Back view of woman making video call with her doctor while staying at home. Close up of patient in video conferencing with general practitioner on digital tablet. Sick girl in online consultation.
Multiethnic business team having discussion in video call. Rear view of business woman in video conference with boss and his colleagues during online meeting. Senior woman in video call with partners.
High angle view of video conference with teacher on laptop at home. Top view of girl in video call with personal tutor on computer listening audio course, distance and e-learning education concept.
Portrait of happy woman standing at doorway of her store. Cheerful mature waitress waiting for clients at coffee shop. Successful small business owner in casual wearing grey apron standing at entrance
Confident mature woman with crossed arms in casual clothing with copy space. Successful smiling woman with big grin looking at camera. Beautiful positive businesswoman standing against grey background
Happy senior woman using mobile phone while working at home with laptop. Smiling cool old woman wearing eyeglasses messaging with smartphone. Beautiful stylish elderly lady browsing site on cellphone.
Mature couple sitting and managing expenses at home. Happy african man and woman paying bills and managing budget. Black smiling couple checking accountancy and bills while looking at each other.
Portrait of mature woman laughing against grey background. Successful middle aged woman in casual with toothy smile looking at camera. Cheerful happy beautiful latin lady smiling with copy space.
Small business owner smiling while turning the sign for the reopening of the place after the quarantine due to covid-19. Close up of woman’s hands holding sign now we are open support local business.
Jonge moeder die beschermende zonnebrandcrème toepast op dochter neus op het strand. Vrouw hand zetten zon lotion op kind gezicht. Schattig klein meisje met sunblock aan zee met kopie ruimte.
Portret van gelukkige volwassen zakenman die een bril draagt en naar camera kijkt. Multiethnic tevreden man vertrouwen in een creatief kantoor. Succesvolle Midden-Oosterse zakenman glimlachend.
Senior stylish woman taking notes in notebook while using laptop at home. Old freelancer writing details on book while working on laptop in living room. Focused cool lady writing notary in notepad.
Portrait of happy senior woman holding eyeglasses and looking at camera at home. Successful old lady laughing and working at home. Beautiful stylish elderly woman smiling and relaxing at home.
Young black woman applying moisturising cream on cheeck while standing in front of the mirror in bathroom. African american girl applying face cream. Beauty hydrating moisturizer and skincare routine.
Smiling black man using laptop at home in living room. Happy mature businessman send email and working at home. African american freelancer typing on computer with paperworks and documents on table.
Twee vrolijke eigenaren van kleine bedrijven glimlachen en kijken naar de camera terwijl ze staan voor de toegangsdeur. Gelukkige volwassen man en mid vrouw bij ingang van nieuw geopend restaurant met open bord.
Teacher explaining lesson in video call while girl taking notes. Rear view of university student understanding concepts online while making notes. Young woman studying on computer and writing on notes
Group of three happy multiethnic friends looking at camera. Portrait of young women of different cultures enjoying vacation together. Smiling islamic girl with two african american friends outdoor.
Healthy group of mature people jogging on track at park. Happy senior couple running at park with african friends. Multiethnic middle aged friends exercising together outdoor.
Young african woman holding home keys while hugging boyfriend in their new apartment after buying real estate. Lovely girl holding keys from new home and embracing man. Couple around cardboard boxes.
Portrait of a happy waitress standing at restaurant entrance holding digital tablet. Happy mature woman owner in grey apron standing at coffee shop entrance leaning while looking away with copy space.
Smiling mature man wearing spectacles looking at camera. Portrait of black confident man at home. Successful entrepreneur feeling satisfied.
Beautiful young woman smiling after fantastic face treatment. Happy beauty african girl excited after spa treatment isolated on background with copy space. Surpise and astonishment beauty concept.
Smiling young couple embracing while looking at smartphone. Multiethnic couple sharing social media on smart phone. Smiling african girl embracing from behind her happy boyfriend while using cellphone
Portrait of a beautiful african woman smiling. Young black woman in casual looking at camera with copy space. Portrait of cheerful girl with afro hair sitting near a window.
Young latin woman laughing while friend inflating bubble gum. Closeup face of multiethnic friends enjoying outdoor street. Brazilian girl laughing and blowing chewing gum with friend embracing her.
Close ups of wrinkles and skin imperfection on the face of a senior woman. Portrait of beautiful senior woman touching her perfect skin after a beauty treatment. Aging process concept.
Schattige leerling schrijft aan bureau in de klas op de basisschool. Studentenmeisje dat test doet op de lagere school. Kinderen schrijven notities in de klas. Afrikaans schoolmeisje schrijven tijdens de les.
Vrolijke jonge familie loopt op het strand met kopie ruimte. Gelukkige moeder en lachende vader met twee kinderen, zoon en dochter, plezier tijdens de zomervakantie. Speels casual familie genieten.
Two mature smiling doctors having discussion about patient diagnosis, holding digital tablet. Representative pharmaceutical discussing case after positive result with happy doctor about new medicine.
Mature fitness woman tie shoelaces on road. Cheerful runner sitting on floor on city streets with mobile and earphones wearing sport shoes. Active latin woman tying shoe lace before running.
Businesswoman closing her business activity due to covid-19 lockdown. Owner with surgical mask close the doors of her store due to quarantine coronavirus. Close up sign due to the effect of COVID-19.
Lachende moeder en mooie dochter plezier op het strand. Portret van gelukkige vrouw geeft een meeliften aan schattig klein meisje met kopieerruimte. Portret van kind dat haar moeder omarmt tijdens de zomer.
Portrait of happy mature professor teaching mathematics to students in a library. Senior smiling woman solving math problem while writing on white board. Portrait of tutor looking at camera.
Woman paying bill through smartphone using NFC technology in a restaurant. Satisfied customer paying through mobile phone using contactless technology. Closeup hands of mobile payment at a coffee shop
Portrait of happy mature businesswoman looking at camera. Successful proud woman in city street at sunset. Satisfied latin business woman in formal clothing smiling outdoors.
Sick woman wearing protective mask during video call with mature doctor. Back view of patient with surgical face mask talking during conference call with her physician, staying at home in quarantine.
Young woman washing hair in shower at luxury spa. Woman washing her curly hair with shampoo and a lot of lather. Carefree black girl taking a long hot shower washing her hair in a modern bathroom.
Reopening of a small business activity after the covid-19 emergency, ended the lockdown and quarantine. A business sign that says now we are open support local businesses hang on door at entrance.
Portret van mooie Afro-amerikaanse vrouw glimlachend en wegkijkend naar park tijdens zonsondergang. Outdoor portret van een lachend zwart meisje. Gelukkig vrolijk meisje lachen in park met gekleurde haarband.
Portret van multi-etnische architect met blauwdrukken in creatief kantoor. Volwassen Midden-Oosterse aannemer houdt rol van architectonische projecten terwijl het kijken naar camera. Gelukkige latijnse man in casual.
Happy senior woman holding smartphone and laptop daydreaming while looking away. Successful stylish old woman working at home while thinking. Fashionable lady entrepreneur wearing cool eyeglasses.
Portrait of happy senior man smiling at home. Old man relaxing on sofa and looking at camera. Portrait of elderly man enjoying retirement.
Focused old woman at home using laptop. Senior stylish entrepreneur with notebook and pen wearing eyeglasses working on computer. Serious lady analyzing and managing domestic bills and home finance.
Mature man working on laptop while taking notes. Businessman working at home with computer while writing on agenda. African man managing home finance, reviewing bank account and using laptop.
Happy young curvy women jogging together on city bridge. Healthy girls friends running on the city street to lose weight. Group of multiethnic oversize women running with building in the background.
Portrait of beautiful woman wearing straw hat with large brim at beach and looking at camera. Closeup face of attractive smiling girl with freckles and red hair. Happy mature woman enjoying summer.
Portrait of smiling mature man with beard standing with crossed arms. Confident african man with folded arms at home looking at camera. Happy senior in casual feeling good.
Athletic woman eating a protein bar. Closeup face of young sporty woman resting while biting a nutritive bar. Fitness beautiful woman eating a energy snack outdoor.
Successful senior man with folded arms standing over grey background. Mature black businessman in shirt and tie looking at camera. Portrait of joyful business man on a grey wall with copy space.
Portrait of beautiful mature woman in casual wearing straw hat at seaside. Cheerful young woman smiling at beach during summer vacation. Happy girl with red hair and freckles enjoying the sun.
Portrait of happy mature man looking at camera outdoor. Senior businessman with beard feeling confident at sunset. Closeup face of business man smiling with city in background.
Mature beautiful latin woman isolated on grey background looking on side with copy space. Portrait of positive latin woman smiling. Happy middle aged lady standing against grey wall and thinking.
Glazen met verschillende soorten ambachtelijke bier op houten bar. Tap bier in pint glazen gerangschikt op een rij. Closeup van vijf glazen verschillende soorten tapbier in een pub.
Group of senior people with closed eyes stretching arms outdoor. Mature yoga class doing breathing exercise. Women and men doing breath exercise with outstretched arms. Balance and meditation concept.
Portret van mooie oudere vrouw die haar perfecte huid aanraakt en naar camera kijkt. Closeup gezicht van volwassen vrouw met rimpels masseren gezicht geïsoleerd over grijze achtergrond. Veroudering proces concept.
Closeup gezicht van gelukkige multi-etnische kinderen die elkaar omarmen en glimlachen naar de camera. Team van lachende kinderen omarmen samen in een cirkel. Portret van jonge jongen en mooie meisjes kijken naar de camera.
Confident young man looking away with big smile. Happy handsome guy looking through window thinking about the future. Closeup face of smiling casual man imagine with copy space.
Lachende senior vrouw met knot haar en hand op naakte schouder. Portret van schoonheid volwassen vrouw geïsoleerd over grijze achtergrond met kopie ruimte kijken naar camera. Lichaams- en huidverzorgingsconcept.
Happy beauty woman looking away isolated on background. Cheerful young brunette with nude shoulder smiling after skin treatment. Beautiful hispanic girl waiting spa therapy.
Happy smiling business man typing message on phone while sitting in a taxi. Young businessman in formal clothing using smartphone while sitting on back seat in car. Cheerful guy messaging with cell.
Portret van een gelukkige serveerster die bij de ingang van het restaurant staat. Portret van volwassen zakenvrouwen wonen nieuwe klanten in haar coffeeshop. Gelukkige vrouw eigenaar toont open teken in haar kleine winkel.
Portrait of beautiful cheerful girl smiling and looking at camera. Happy african woman in casual on blue background. Brazilian stylish woman with crossed arms and curly hair isolated with copy space.
Beautiful senior business woman thinking and wearing spectacles. Thoughtful old woman teacher looking away with eyeglasses. Closeup face of mature pensive lady contemplating the future with copy space
Rijpe eigenaren van kleine bedrijven die financiële rekeningen van hun activiteit berekenen. Zakelijke mensen die rekenmachine gebruiken om te werken. Closeup handen van man en vrouw berekenen rekeningen en uitgaven.
Portret van mooie volwassen vrouw zittend in de cafetaria wegkijkend. Vrolijke volwassen vrouw dragen van een bril denken met vinger op kin. Gelukkige vrouw ontspannen in cafe en glimlachend.
Team of multiethnic architects working on construction plans in meeting room. Engineers discussing on project in office. Mature businessman and woman standing around table working on blueprint.
Portrait of successful black businessman standing against grey wall. Smilng senior entrepreneur in formal clothing looking at camera. Mature happy man isolated on grey background with copy space.
Portret van Afrikaanse meisje schrijven oplossing van sommen op whiteboard op school. Zwart schoolmeisje oplossende optelsom op wit bord met marker pen. School kind denken terwijl het doen van wiskunde probleem.
Japanse sushi eten. Maki ands broodjes met tonijn, zalm, garnalen, krab en avocado. Bovenaanzicht van diverse sushi, alles wat je kunt eten menu. Rainbow sushi roll, uramaki, hosomaki en nigiri.
Mooie latijnse vrouw in blauwe bikini op tropisch strand. Portret van gelukkige jonge vrouw lachend op zee. Brunette gebruind meisje in badmode genieten en wandelen op het strand.
Lachend studentenmeisje dragen schoolrugzak en het houden van een oefenboek. Portret van gelukkig Aziatisch jong meisje buiten de basisschool. Closeup gezicht van glimlachende Spaanse schoolmeisje kijken naar de camera.
Gelukkige vrouw glimlachend en plezier hebben op het strand. Zomerportret van jong mooi meisje loopt op het strand met een gele sjaal. Latijnse meisje lachen en kijken naar camera met vreugde.
Portret van volwassen vrouw genieten van het leven na pensionering en kijken naar camera. Closeup gezicht van gelukkige senior vrouw met blond haar glimlachend. Mooie lachende dame binnen.
Mature black couple embracing on sofa while looking to each other. Romantic black man embracing woman from behind while laughing together. Happy african wife and husband loving in perfect harmony.
Rijpe en vermoeide zakenvrouw werken op de computer tot's nachts. Portret van een casual gestreste dame met hoofdpijn aan het bureau. Uitgeputte zakenvrouw die's avonds laat werkt op een laptop in kantoor.
Happy smiling latin man using smartphone device while sitting on sofa at home. Mature indian man lying on couch reading messages on mobile phone. Hispanic guy with eyeglasses relaxing at home.
Loving multiethnic couple having fun outdoor in winter. Young man covering eyes his girl with woolen cap. Cheerful guy and smiling african woman playing in winter outdoor.
Doordachte volwassen vrouw zitten in de cafetaria met koffie mok terwijl kijken weg. Middeljarige vrouw die thee drinkt terwijl ze denkt. Ontspannen en denken tijdens het drinken van koffie.
Two business people shaking hands while sitting in meeting room. Middle eastern businessman shake hands to businesswoman. Portrait of happy smiling latin man signing off deal with an handshake.
Call center agent with headset working on support hotline in modern office with copy space. Portrait of mature positive agent in conversation with customer over headset looking at camera.
Happy young beautiful woman walking on the street. Portrait of cheerful university student looking at camera while adjusting curly hair with copy space. Latin stylish girl smiling while standing.
Happy latin woman looking behind while walking on street. Beautiful young woman enjoying vacation during summer. Cheerful girl in smart casual walking and looking at camera while smiling.
Cheerful smiling friends in sportswear holding gym bag and bottle in park. Multiethnic women going to park for fitness workout. Two curvy girls walking after exercise session outdoor at sunset.
Rijpe man zoende vrouw op het voorhoofd in de straat in de avond. Romantische senior man die een kus geeft aan haar vrouw in de straat van de stad. Liefdevol middeljarig stel in liefde in de schemering.
Portrait of smiling mature woman in apron holding clipboard and looking at camera. Beautiful waitress isolated on grey wall with copy space. Successful small business owner standing on grey background
Young beautiful woman holding coffee paper cup and looking at smartphone while sitting at cafeteria. Happy university student girl using mobile phone. Businesswoman drinking coffee and smiling.
Vrolijke volwassen vrouw in casual op zoek weg indoor. Succesvolle senior vrouw glimlacht en staat vol vertrouwen. Portret van vrolijke mooie dame in een roze overhemd met toothy glimlach staan.
Portret van glimlachende vrouw zittend op de vloer van de stad straat na het hardlopen. Gezonde volwassen loper rust na training oefening en kijken naar camera. Actieve sportieve vrouw geniet van buiten in de herfst.
Multiethnic groep kinderen zitten op de vloer in cirkel rond de leraar en het luisteren van een verhaal. Discussiegroep van kinderen in een bibliotheek praten met vrouw. Lachende Spaanse jongen op de lagere school.
Happy mature business man sitting at cafeteria with laptop and smartphone. Businessman texting on smart phone while sitting in a pub restaurant. Senior man working and checking email on computer.
Leraar die sprookjes leest aan kinderen die in een cirkel zitten in de bibliotheek. Bovenaanzicht van bibliothecaris zittend met vijf meeretnische kinderen op de verdieping. Leraar leesboek aan meisjes en jonge jongens op school.
Portrait of young muslim woman wearing hijab head scarf in city while looking at camera. Closeup face of cheerful woman covered with headscarf smiling outdoor. Casual islamic girl at park.
Young woman waving white scarf in wind at beach. Latin happy girl in blue bikini holding tissue and looking away at sea. Sexy fashion woman playing with the scarf on seashore.
Happy meeting of two friends hugging in the street. Smiling girls friends laughing and hugging in the city centre. Multiethnic young women embrace each others after long time they have been distant.
African woman hands using cosmetic liquid soap in bathroom. Close up of girl black hands in bath robe using body lotion dispenser after shower. Black girl putting pomade on hand from pump.
Woman washing hair showering in bathroom at home. Smiling black woman bathing while looking away. Happy woman rinsing hair while taking a shower at luxury spa.
Portret van een vrolijke senior vrouw glimlachend terwijl ze weg kijkt geïsoleerd op een grijze achtergrond. Gelukkig volwassen vrouw na spa-massage en anti-aging behandeling op gezicht.
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