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Bored child on home quarantine. Boy with teddy bear both in protective medical masks sits on windowsill and looks out window. Allergy, covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, prevention epidemic.
Quarantine, threat of coronavirus. Sad child and his teddy bear both in protective medical masks sits on windowsill and looks out window. Virus protection, pandemic, prevention epidemic.
Attractive young lady is reading book sitting on windowsill in the house together with adorable puppy. Large window, green plants, nice interior is visible.
Happy young woman is dancing with pet dog sitting on window sill in cafe having fun enjoying music and animal. Modern lifestyle, people and youth concept.
Side view sad Vietnamese woman sitting on windowsill embraces laps feels unhappy, lost on unpleasant thoughts, suffering due life troubles, break up or divorce, waiting or missing beloved man concept
Happy pregnant woman stroking belly near window indoors. Pretty expectant mother standing in light room. Future mom looking on window in slow motion. Pregnant woman smiling to unborn baby
the cat sleeps on the windowsill happy family. tricolor cat sleeps on a window in the rays of sunlight cute video. cat lifestyle pet family member
Sad woman sit on windowsill indoor feels upset looks outside through window rainy day gloomy weather, having melancholic mood, runs her finger on glass thinking about life troubles. Loneliness concept
Corona virus - staying and work at home (self-isolation, self-quarantine). A handsome man sits alone in front of a panoramic window with a laptop. Online learning, home work, freelance, 4k
Close up view face sad Asian woman sit on windowsill look outside into distance suffers, closed eyes cries. Divorce break up marriage split, cheated wife jealousy feelings, emotions of despair concept
Gray fluffy cat sleeping on the windowsill, close-up. Male hand stroking a purebred cat, selective focus. Siberian cat
Little Child Boy With Protective Mask, Sad Looking Through Window Worried About Covid-19 Lockdown. Kid In Protection Mask Looking Out Window Home. Quarantine Coronavirus Social Distancing
Child and pet at home. Red ginger tabby cat and little toddler boy looking out fo window watching falling snow. Domestic animal and kid friendship. Cozy scene, lifestyle.
Revitalization of "spathiphyllum" after pouring. Indoor plants. Time-lapse
A bouquet of flowers lies on the wooden windowsill and two burning candles stand next to it. Close-up shooting
4K Dreaming Young Girl Read Book Sitting at Window Sill with Flying Manta Rays. Loop Animation Video For LoFi Music
Young woman puts plants on a windowsill in her trendy city apartment. Girl decorates the apartment. Creates comfort at home. 4k
Unhappy young woman sits on windowsill wearing medical face mask self-isolation lockdown stress depression window boring loneliness protection sad respiratory coronavirus covid-19 slow motion
Automatic curtains open in the living room and the garden looks.
young scared and sad woman sits on windowsill reading book during sunny day. stays in home in home isolation. waits and hopes for soon freedom and beat virus
beautiful young woman sitting on window sill with coffee end reading book on background of sunset
Cat eats from a bowl . Feeding your pet. Dry food for cats. Pets. The cat is eating on the windowsill.
Natural potted houseplants on windowsill, green home plants and succulents
The girl has a stomach ache. Girl sitting on a windowsill near the window. Camera - Canon 5D Mark IV
young woman sit by balcony window and read book with cute corgi dog Avki. relaxing indoors near terrace with literature and sleeping pet. sunny footage of female in comfortable windowsill. floor
Cute cat playing with a small soft toy on the windowsill. Tricolor cat. 4k footage.
Man installing gray pleated blinds on the window with screwdriver
Closeup view of countryside windowsill and sunny green blurry foliage of spring or summer trees behind glass of window. Several old books, vintage photocamera, bouquet of flowers in metal enamel mug.
Domestic fan on window-sill in room in hot days / Household fan on windowsill in room
CIRCA 1960s - A woman dances among different models of air conditioners as a narrator describes their top-of-the-line nature in 1966.
Surprised excited African American woman opening gift box sitting on windowsill smiling. Portrait of happy young beautiful millennial lady enjoying surprise indoors at home. Slow motion
Close up woman relaxing seated on window sill hold smartphone listen favourite music through wired earphones smiles looks out window, rainy weather outside, comfort and warmth indoor, leisure concept
Charming young woman sitting on a windowsill at home and texting on her phone communication female looking message cellphone cheerful smile use internet modern smartphone portrait slow motion
Open book with torn pages lies on table. Windowsill in toilet. Concept of censorship or secret prohibitions, rage or resentment. Emotional book reading. Text in Russian. Vandalism. Destruction of book
Low angle view of African boy of teenage age wearing plaid shirt and white t-shirt sitting alone on windowsill and reading book
Attractive African American girl student is reading book and stroking her purebred dog sitting on window ledge in modern apartment. Hobby, animals and interior concept.
Girl with novel book in hands reads while sitting by opened window on sill. Female reader in cozy home at reading hobby. Rest with literature stress relief. Woman sits on windowsill with drama story.
4K Close-up view. Female hand is spraying water on spinach leaves from a spray bottle. Greenery grows in a long pot on a windowsill. Watering houseplants. Home gardening. Plants care. Macro
elegant bride in the morning in a dressing gown. young attractive woman in white lingerie in a luxury bathroom interior sitting on the windowsill near the window. looking seductively into the camera
Sad elderly man near the window of the house. Coronavirus Quarantine Isolation Concept. Risk group by age
Close up, beautiful young woman watering the flower on a windowsill at home with white watering pot
Selective focus of caring loving young mother embracing little baby girl at home. Caucasian mom and toddler daughter together standing on windowsill and looking out through window. Family love concept
Female stays at home during quarantine. Preventing coronavirus disease. Siamese cat sitting on a windowsill.
Cleaning service. young woman in gloves wipes the dust off the windowsill with a disinfectant foam with a rag at home, disinfection and house cleaning
Dog breed Welsh Corgi Pembroke sits on the windowsill of his house and looks out the window.
Beautiful fluffy shorthair British cat lying on the windowsill and try to relax and sleeping
Woman is near the windowsill next to the window wearing rabbit slippers and pajamas. Day time. Good mood. Day off. Relax. White background
A houseplant stands on the windowsill inside the room. Unhealthy houseplant, yellowed leaves.
Beautiful girl student is reading interesting book turning pages sitting on window-sill at home in modern apartment. Literature, youth culture and interiors concept.
Cat eats from a bowl . Feeding your pet. Dry food for cats. Pets. The cat is eating on the windowsill.
woman puts a beautiful spring bouquet of tulips in a vase on a windowsill in a private house
Two cats with peach and black hair sit on the windowsill. The hand holds a paper mustache on the stick before a cute kitten wearing a bow tie.
CIRCA 1920 - In this silent comedy, a man (Harold Lloyd) proposes to a woman in his bedroom while her father tries to break in the apartment.
CIRCA 1920 - A man (Harold Lloyd) slips and almost falls off the ledge of a tall apartment building while trying to get his footing.
Sad Gray British Home Cat Sits on Windowsill, Reflected in Window. Thoroughbred, purebred cat with big eyes is watching in window. Reflection of silhouette of an animal. Pets concept. Close-up.
Silhouette of woman sad sitting on the windowsill and looking out the window. Stay home. Quarantine, pandemic, coronavirus concept.
Female hand harvesting tomato, plants growing on windowsill. Home garden in apartment
Full length relaxed african guy, communicate remotely using smartphone admires city view, sit on windowsill in modern apartment or office room near panoramic window with skyscrapers cityscape scene
Close up of little girl wearing medical mask with a red heart sitting in windowsill at home vlogger saying hello hi looking at Camera, small kid talking to webcam making online recording having fun
Caring father talk with upset preschooler daughter helping with problem, loving young dad speak with sad girl child sitting on windowsill at home holding caressing hand, show support and understanding
Two workers put window sash into new installed frame.
Woman decorates her home with cute field flowers. Bunch of wild plants in blue metal mug standing on windowsill.
Young depressed and sad woman sitting on the windowsill
the cat sleeps on the windowsill happy family. tricolor cat sleeps on a lifestyle window in the rays of sunlight cute video. cat pet family member
Charming female student African American girl is reading book sitting on windowsill near lovely pet dog lying beside her. Home, hobby and animals concept.
Stay at home quarantine coronavirus pandemic prevention. Sick child with teddy bear in protective medical masks sits on windowsill and looks out window. View from street. Prevention epidemic.
the cat sleeps on the windowsill happy family. tricolor cat sleeps on a window in the rays of sunlight cute video. cat pet lifestyle family member
Female hands water tomato, plants growing on windowsill. Home garden in apartment
Handheld shot of a young handsome man in glasses working on his laptop while sitting on a windowsill with a city view. Freelancer working from home.
Trimmed cat with ginger fur is sitting on windowsill after grooming and trimming during summer, animal care concept
Stay at home quarantine for coronavirus pandemic prevention. Child and his teddy bear both in protective medical masks sits on windowsill and looks out window. View from street. Prevention epidemic
lifestyle the cat sleeps on the windowsill happy family. tricolor cat sleeps on a window in the rays of sunlight cute video. cat pet family member
Group of cheerful diverse students chatting during break in college. Pretty female sitting on windowsill telling story to multiethnic classmates standing in university corridor
Brunette man speaking on smartphone with friends, sitting on the windowsill. Smiling guy with beard talking using mobile phone at home. Communication on distance, coronavirus quarantine.
The home-made furry cat on the windowsill looks out the window. The motorhome. Camper. Rv. Van. A wild animal.
The thin fabric of the skirt of the bride sitting by the window flutters in the wind
mom and daughter play on windowsill, put on protective mask from viruses on teddy bear, play and look out open window. child's family and mother are in home quarantine. Covid-19 coronavirus
A stray, street cat sits on the windowsill. The cat is resting at the window of an old house.
Stromanthe indoor flower with striped red and green leaves on windowsill at summer, green trees outside. Wind moving leaves. Home gardening
4k, video, A white-red cat sleeping in the rays of sunlight and sipping paws, a carefree and homeless cat outdoors in the park, in summer
Cute tabby cat sitting on comfortable pillow by window and looking around
Portrait of a beautiful middle aged woman in black clothes drinking tea while sitting on a windowsill with an aromatic stick in front of her. Locked down real time medium shot
Children's beds in kindergarten of a ruined house in the abandoned city of Pripyat after the tragedy at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Conceptual video about child missing or kidnapping
Young man looking into his iphone with positive thoughts, watching outside through the window in quarantine
Toddler sits on windowsill and plays with scattering pills without parent's control. Dangerous situation with little boy. Medicines are freely available to child.
Video of a curtain moving in the wind
Gray striped domestic cat sitting on a window around houseplants. Image for veterinary clinics, sites about cats, for cat food. Kittent and home flower in a pot. Animals and home flowers, 4K
Medium slowmo portrait of young attractive Mixed-race woman with long curly hair smiling to camera while standing at windowsill in modern office using smartphone
Summer or spring bouquet with yellow and white flowers in vase on windowsill. Changing focus
Playing a musical instrument. Dad is playing the guitar and son is playing tambourine sitting in windowsill.
Portrait adult beautiful blonde girl princess sitting on windowsill. Young woman enjoys view. Large panoramic window white room silk curtain flutters waves in wind. Cute face, evening pink dress. 4k
A cute gray kitten sits on the windowsill and looks at the soap bubbles. Cat against the background of beautiful roses. Kitten looks at the balls.
Side view on window background pensive sad young woman sitting on windowsill looks away and thinking having melancholic mood, or personal problems. Break up, loneliness and unrequited love concept
Girl enjoying music in wireless headphones using smartphone and petting dog in cafe sitting on window sill with adorable pet. People and technology concept.
Aroma oil diffuser on the windowsill next to the flower pots at home, steam from the air humidifier; increase in air humidity indoors, comfortable living conditions, moisture
sprouting green juicy fragile seedlings on a light windowsill in a small flat pot, slow motion, soft, selective focus. Spring season concept
Woman is stroking cute ginger cat on windowsill. Fluffy pet purring with pleasure. Cozy home.
Shot back attractive man drinking coffee in the morning near window at home. Cozy atmosphere, windowsill, relaxation, standing, decor, design. Slow motion
A young beautiful blonde caucasian woman relaxes sitting on the windowsill in home. A woman drinks tea or coffee from a white cup in a cozy interior. The concept of a comfortable serene and good morni
A beautiful white cat lies on a windowsill. Wakes up and looks around. Turkish Angora cat.
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