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Animal images call our attention to the many varied features of the natural world. Whether it’s farm animals, safari animals, baby animals, or even our beloved pets, animal images rely on the drama of photography, the allure of animal pattern designs, and the fun of computer graphics to bring natural elements to your projects. Animal images are perfect for almost any design, and they appeal to all kinds of different viewers. Whether you want to save animals or simply bring them into your project, we have exactly what you need.

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Using images with animals for social media Using animal images for social media is always a good idea. Some of the most popular profiles on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook showcase funny, cute, or dramatic images of animals, and other users frequently like or share those posts. Animal images are a great way to send a visual message — a cute family pet is endearing, while a roaring tiger connotes violence and strength. If you need help sizing your animal image for social media, head over to Shutterstock Editor, where we’ve preloaded templates with the ideal proportions for each major social media platform. You can add additional design elements, include a message, or even adjust the positioning of your image to focus on a particular aspect. Take a look at our animal images collection, and when you’re ready, we’ll help you prepare it for your digital audience. Using animal visuals as backgrounds Animal images make great backgrounds for websites and social media profiles. Animals are content neutral, meaning they can appeal to anyone. Because animals are so expressive, they can quickly and easily convey traits or characteristics that you would like to associate with your page. Pictures of animals fighting connotes strength and power, while desert animals and aquatic animals can send a message of peace and solitude. Think about your profile and what sort of first impression you want to make on your viewers. They’ll learn more about you later as they read your posts, but the first impression is a lasting one, so take the time to explore several different animal images before settling on your final pick. When you’re ready, head over to Shutterstock Editor, and we’ll help you size your image for social media backgrounds quickly and easily. Using images with wild and domestic animals for marketing purposes In marketing, images are everything. People don’t like reading long messages, and they’re likely to click away from your ad or ignore your email if there’s nothing interesting to look at. Animal images definitely qualify as something interesting to look at. You can instantly let the viewer know what kind of experience they’re about to have. Does your ad feature cute animals? Then the topic is probably not too serious. Does your ad include images of saving animals? Everybody loves animals, so make your call to action quick and simple. Are there exotic animals in your ad? These send more mysterious visual messages, so viewers will be more likely to stick around and see why you chose this animal. Think about how you want people to view your organization, and then select animal images that align with that. It’ll make branding that much easier, and you can return to the animal images theme again and again.