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Artist of the Month - Cali
Artist of the Month - Cali
Cali 'Calibeats' Melville is an award-winning songwriter, producer, and DJ from the bright lights of Blackpool in the Northwest UK. In his early teens, he was touring and writing with gritty rock bands around the UK and then moved into the EDM club scene, securing a residency at one of the top Manchester Nightclubs. He now works as a full-time producer and composer alongside his younger brother. They had an early start learning production techniques from various influences at the extreme ends of the genres, developing that into a unique composition and writing duo with an open minded, no limits attitude and a rebellious edge. Cali has stepped off the stage and into the studio, producing all kinds of genres ranging from Pop and EDM to Rock, Reggae and Country. In 2021 they won a MARK Awards for ‘Reggae track of the Year', and have had placements all over the world in TV, Film and Radio.
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