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선택 표시
Container ship loading and unloading in deep sea port, Low angle View of business logistic import and export freight transportation by container ship, Automated transport vehicles Container loading cargo
Gold Confetti Explosions Pack on a White Background with Luma Matte Channel.
Antibodies attack and destroy the coronavirus. Close-up of dissolving virus under microscope. SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 pandemic cure or vaccination concept. Realistic high quality medical 3d animation.
Smiling asian young woman in formal outfit looking to camera outside on street feel happy businesswoman portrait business beautiful modern manager pretty slow motion
team of asian business people meeting in modern office conference room
Gold Confetti Particles Pack on a White Background with Luma Matte Channel.
Chinese new year 2021 year of the ox , red and gold paper cut art, lanterns and asian elements with craft style on background. Happy new year. 4K loop video animation with copy space.
Screening of passengers, travellers for Chinese Covid-19 coronavirus symptoms. Temperature checkpoints in International airports. People may be infected by deadly coronavirus examined, close up shot
asian family with two children having fun with outdoor activity in park
Confetti Particles with Alpha Channel.
Group of doctors with face masks looking at camera, corona virus concept.
asian family with two children sitting on grass talking relaxing outdoors on in park at sunset
happy asian family with two children walking on a bridge outdoors in city park
New York. March 27 2020. Virtually Empty Times Square and Midtown streets due to Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak and Stay at Home regulation issued by Governor Cuomo
asian father and son playing soccer for fun outdoors in park while mother and daughter watching from behind
young asian business man looking at cellphone while walking on street in modern city
Aerial view city central park, trains, buildings and skyscrapers in New York during the day under blue skies. Best New York aerial shot. Wide shot on 4K RED camera.
Coronavirus pandemic prevention wash hands with soap warm water rubbing fingers washing frequently or using hand sanitizer gel.
Coronavirus 2019-nCov novel coronavirus concept resposible for asian flu outbreak and coronaviruses influenza as dangerous flu strain cases as a pandemic. Microscope virus close up. 3d rendering.
Confetti Explosion and Falling Pack on a White Background with Luma Matte
Confetti Center Explosion and Falling Pack on a White Background with Luma Matte
Bored child on home quarantine. Boy with teddy bear both in protective medical masks sits on windowsill and looks out window. Allergy, covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, prevention epidemic.
Center Explosion Confetti Particles Pack on a White Background with Luma Matte Channel.
asian boss delivering a speech during team meeting in modern office
COVID-19 coronavirus Global pandemic map. Statistiks of Pandemic of coronavirus in China. Map of coronavirus spreading from Wuhan. MERS-Cov animation. Future Danger of Coronavirus.
happy senior asian couple exercising running outdoors
successful young asian woman walking in central business district  in modern city
happy three generation asian family sitting on grass outdoors taking a selfie
4K.Time lapse Tram fast speed at night  at hong kong city china
Beautiful sunrise world skyline. Planet earth from space. Planet Earth rotating animation. Clip contains space, planet, galaxy, stars, cosmos, sea, earth, sunset, globe. 4k 3D Render. Images from NASA
Jun 2021 : Hong Kong ,China ,Asia :Drone Hyperlapse of Hong Kong International Financial Centre
4K UHD Hyperlapse time-lapse of car traffic and people crossing road at night in Hong Kong city downtown. Drone aerial top view, fly upward. Commuter, Asia city life or public transportation concept
little asian girl riding bike with full protective gears outdoors in park while parents watching from behind
Aerial view of snow mountain range landscape in Sichuan China under blue sky with winding road and sea of clouds in the background 4k winter drone footage
Portrait of a young student woman wearing protective mask on street.Concept of health and safety life, N1H1 coronavirus, virus protection, pandemic in china
group of young asian entrepreneurs discussing business in company meeting room
rear view of a team of asian business people ascending stairs
BIG DATA EARTH The Blue Marble teamwork Digital Clouds Earth rotating animation social future technology abstract business scientific growth network surrounding planet earth rotating (GLOBE SERIES 24)
City Blackout. Power outage in an area of high rise apartment buildings.
Blue rotating Earth with bright connections and social media interfaces. Futuristic and connected world with augmented reality elements. Asia map with city lights.
group of young asian entrepreneurs discussing business in company meeting room
Top view of scenic bamboo forest used as renewable sustainable energy resource and different  types of eco -friendly green products.
Tokyo business walking
happy asian family having fun flying kite in park
Aerial view of small town been flood Flooded Chinese neighbourhood in Leshan Sichuan China at 2020 Homes, houses overflowing water people walking in the water car driving in flood
Tokyo, Japan-04 February, 2020: Slow motion of Japanese business men and women wear face masks. People wearing mask at metro as precautionary measures during coronavirus from Wuhan, China
Aerial view of Lujiazui financial district in Shanghai at dusk.China.
loving old asian couple walking talking outdoors in park
Bright Connections Forming a Network Over Asia. Line and Dot Animations Representing Satellite, Mobile and Technological Signals. Global Telecommunication. Big Data
rear view of a mature asian business man standing by the window in office looking out at modern buildings
Aerial panoramic view of a forest fire at night, heavy smoke causes air pollution, and fire in full blaze.
Rising drone shot reveals spectacular elevated highway and convergence of roads, bridges, viaducts in Shanghai at night, transportation and infrastructure development in urban China
three generation asian family walking talking relaxing outdoors in park
Bangkok, Thailand - Apr 7, 2020: Crowded Asian people wear face mask walking in pedestrian walkway. Coronavirus disease Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, city life, or air pollution concept. 4K slow motion
Day to night transition timelapse of Hong Kong apartment buildings. Chinese crowded city with lights turning on and off at midnight. Fast paced modern Asian night-scape time lapse in urban metropolis
Coronavirus Virus, 3d animation Full HD 1080
Asia Infect Corona Virus. Face Mask Covid-19 Subway Tube. Chinese Passenger. Epidemic Coronavirus Asian Man. Pandemic Flu Corona Virus. Crowd Masked 2019-ncov. Train Metro China. People Sick Covid 19.
worker/engineer wearing disposal face mask for protect dust smoke and corona virus while working in workplace or factory.
Corona virus map disease spreading animation animation
a group of friends talk about how boring it is to stay home
Coronavirus hand sanitizer sanitiser gel for clean hands hygiene corona virus spread prevention. Woman using alcohol rub alternative to washing hands. REAL TIME video.
Slow Sunset Overt Asia. The Earth Seen From Space. Asian City Lights.
hyper lapse, road in Shanghai Lujiazui financial center, China
Power outage blackout in a suburban neighborhood. Close telephoto view of apartment windows in a big residential building.

Relevant to coronavirus, covid-19, sars-cov-2 corona virus viral outbreak.
Aerial view of pedestrians in downtown in famous Shanghai China Nanjing road. Business economy, travel or industrial concept b-roll footage, drone aerial view in Shanghai China
Closeup of microbiologist or medical worker hand with blue surgical gloves marking blood test result as positive for the new rapidly spreading Coronavirus. COVID-19 Positive concept
Hyperlapse of Taipei cityscape, Taiwan
Automated assembly line.Technology and automation.Close-up
China sichuan Face-changing Art Performance
Empty China Town Street in NY during Pandemic COVID19 (Corona Virus Deases 2019), quarantine, Self isolation and social distancing. Empty town, Manhattan, New York, US 04.25.2019
Pedestrian street filled with people, blurred version of footage, showing anonymous citizens walking at Nanjing Road. Citizens and tourists stroll around famous shopping and dinning area of Shanghai
park in lujiazui financial center, Shanghai, China
Doctor in a protective mask and glasses examines a woman with a flashlight. Pandemic threat, coronavirus threat. Covid19
Red hot metal line. Production of rolled metal at a metallurgical factory
asian business associates shaking hands and talking in the street in downtown of modern city
rear view of loving asian senior couple standing by a river looking at sunset
young asian doctor telling senior couple test result in hospital corridors
Aerial view of fresh green tea terrace farm on the hill at Sichuan China drone camera moving close to the tea plantation with mountain landscape 4k footage
Fishermen fishing in the early morning golden light manual hand pulling the net
Modern Paper Fan On Wall is motion footage for festival films and cinematic in celebrate scene. Also good background for scene and titles, logos.
Little Panda Cub are Playing Fighting on the See-Saw Board, Wolong, China
happy family children kid together standing next to car watching the sunset silhouette in park. family travel dream concept. happy family stand with sunlight their backs journey watching in the park
Automotive factory in China. View of the assembly shop, industrial robots collect equipment
TL/ZO Asia, China, Hong Kong, 11-15-2019, Zoom Out Time lapse of people crossing the road using Pedestrian crossing in central shopping district during evening rush hour, aerial view
Silver Confetti Particles Pack on a White Background with Luma Matte Channel.
World map of Corona virus COVID-19, Chinese virus infection with red pointer, 4k Resolution.
Aerial drone view of highway multi-level junction road with moving cars at sunset. Cars are moving on a multi-level road junction The concept of the urban. Suzhou city, China.
Aerial view of small town been Flooded countryside neighbourhood in Sichuan China at 2020 Homes, houses overflowing muddy water concept of nature disaster climate change 4k footage
rear view of two asian businessmen talking while walking on street in modern city
asian family with two children having fun outdoors in city park
Virus cells flowing corona virus cells concept.Viral disease outbreak.  Hepatitis viruses, influenza virus H1N1, Flu, cell infect organism, aids. Virus abstract background.
young asian physical therapist working with senior man on walking using a walker in rehab center or nursing home
Scientist Placing Test Tubes In Laboratory Ready For Vaccine Testing.
young asian business man riding bike to work in downtown of modern city
TL/ZI China, Hong Kong, 11-10-2019, Zoom In Time lapse of people crossing the road in the financial district, during evening rush hour, with traffic passing by.
picture of bamboo forest
Aerial drone top view video of fully loaded container ship cruising open ocean sea for logistics import export, shipping or transportation
time lapse of sunset, Shanghai skyline and Waibaidu bridge, China
Container ship Cargo ship  deliver products in the sea
Night time-lapse of a city traffic aerial top view.