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선택 표시
Medium Close up shot, Female African shop owner wearing face visor standing in shop small business
Eye Level Medium Close up, Female African coffee shop owner wearing face visor welcoming a customer.
Two Sea turtles crawling white sand beach toward sea water sunset down summer United States. Family new beginning life swim ocean. Baby turtles crossing shore sunny. Change pollution global warming.
Close up eye level shot, Female African shop owner wearing face visor standing in shop small business during covid 19.
Close up of a female research scientist eyes, looking at samples under microscope.Blue lighting in a dark lab room.Slow motion, slider, shot with BMPCC 4K.Biochemistry, pharmaceutical medicine,science
Autonomous robot lifts shelf and moves it off screen in automated warehouse. Seamless looping close-up shot. Automated warehouse of the future concept. Realistic high quality 3d rendering animation.
Islamic concept - The Holy Al Quran with written Arabic calligraphy meaning of Al Quran and a beautiful Arabian lamp, Arabic word translation : The Holy Al Quran (holy book of Muslim)
Beautiful realistic animation of a 8 week unborn in the womb. Intricate workings combined with a shallow depth of field provide a soft but detailed tone for this artistic shot. It has many application
Powerful servers sit behind glass panels in a server room of a data center or ISP as the camera moves at an angled dolly shot, 4K high quality animation
A man, a driver, a buyer opens the driver's seat door, gets behind the steering wheel of a new blue car and closes the door, then gets out of the car and closes the door. Closeup. Shallow depth of fie
Large heavy wave breaking onto a shallow reef. Slow motion.
multicolored particles like confetti or spangles float in a viscous liquid and glitter in the light with depth of field. 3d abstract animation of particles in 4k. luma matte as the alpha channel. 29
Volunteers fill grocery bags full of food  donations, as they do a good deed for the needy, elderly, and less fortunate by donating their time and food. Hands, shallow depth
Swimming sea turtle and sandy seabed. Underwater video from scuba diving with the turtles. Wild sea animal in the tropical ocean. Marine life in the shallow water.
Medium shot of technicians installing solar panels on metal stand
3D rendering GPS map navigator with direction path, different color of a route for transport concept, select focus shallow depth of field
Cinemagraph of up close ocean wave
Bank of Blue Network Cables. LED lights flashing.
Arabian desert slow motion sand dunes blowing in the wind during a sand storm
Close up of young woman's hands on vehicle steering wheel as she is driving. Female driving a car in the highway, hands move on the wheel in slow motion. Cars pass by in out of focus background
Close-up of an electric car charging with solar panels and wind turbines in background. Green and renewable energy concept. Shallow depth of field. Realistic high quality 3d animation.
Side View Slow Motion Flambe Shrimp and Crab Shell
Young frustrated woman kneeling in front of the damaged car and calling for help after the car accident. Slow-motion shot with shallow focus and copy space
A low angle on the pavement showing people's feet and legs walking in slow motion by "Rothschild Boulevard", Tel Aviv, Israel.
Sprinkling sugar powder on hanukkah jelly doughnut, slow motion, BMPCC 4K
Brewing Arabica by Pouring Hot Water onto Ground Coffee Beans in 1000fps
Placing Pizza in Wood fired Pizza Oven using a pizza peel Slow motion shot
Close up footage of Inflation text written newspaper.
Shallow Water surface texture loop , sun shine natural clear blue water
Outdoor vertical traffic light with blue sky and trees around. Traffic control concept image with shallow depth of field.
apply, automate, automated, automatically, automation, bake, bakery, baking pan, baking tin, batter, belt, blur, blurry, clean, closeup, conveyor, cream, cup, dessert, equipment, fabrication, factory,
Close up of clean water flowing in a small mountain river, slow motion and shallow depth of field.
Young healthy girl practicing yoga by the lake at summer evening, shallow dof, close up on girls hand, fitness health nature energy concept, shot in 4K UHD
Modern tech. Program development and blockchain concept. Developer working on program codes in office. Shallow depth of field bokeh, selective focus effect. Hacking or protection data. Close up
Hand, fingers insert a video cassette into an old, dirty VCR. Shallow depth of field, bokeh. Day, room
CPUs and other processors shoot bright blue electrons around a circuit board as the camera pans around the motherboard with a shallow depth of field. 4K animation
modern production.plastic processing and production.round blue plastic granules move along the production line.macro shooting.close-up.shallow depth of field
Row of autonomous robots start moving shelves with cardboard boxes in automated warehouse. ¾ tracking shot. Automated warehouse of the future concept. Realistic high quality 3d rendering animation.
a close up of some very hot charcoal burning in a grill in slow motion and flames
Shallow ocean floor covered by algae seaweeds underwater in the Atlantic ocean, Spain, Galicia, Pontevedra
Close-up writing on a piece of paper. Writing love letters
Hands of a woman writing on a piece of paper. Writing love letters.
Female research scientist looking into microscope, wearing safety glasses.Blue lighting in a dark lab room.Close up, slider, shot with BMPCC 4K.Biochemistry, pharmaceutical medicine, science concept
Woman hands typing and scrolling on a track pad in a laptop computer. Dolly out close up with shallow depth of field.  Track points with perspective corner pin.
Adorable dog Jack Russell terrier in glasses face portrait on white background. Looking to the camera, sniff and lick. Cute funny smiling muzzle. video footage. Hugry pet waiting for food, treat snack
Slow Motion Close Up of Table Saw Cutting Wood on Construction Site
A male hands writing on a piece of paper. Writing essay or letters. Doing homework.
Female African coffee shop owner wearing face mask standing in front of counter using digital tablet for stock check. At owners Coffee shot
Futuristic user interface HUD GUI digital text number element for cyber technology concept with shallow depth of field dark and grain processed
Happy young woman meditating at the seacoast. Girl practicing yoga on the beach at sunrise. Shallow DOF copy space sea background. Music for meditation creative concept
Moving over seagrass under water surface, Neptune grass Posidonia Oceanica, Mediterranean sea, France
Chamomile Field Close Up View of a daisy flowers. Camera movement along the meadow with a shallow depth of field.
Close up of diamond under microscope held by tweezers shallow depth of field. Engagement, marriage and wedding concept
Girl hand moving over grass field with white green flowers. slow motion magical soft light. Touching nature background, close up passing hand with ring. Feeling free and happy, optimistic nature shot.
Adorable dog Jack Russell terrier face portrait on pink background. Looking to the camera. Cute funny smiling muzzle. Smart eyes look. shallow depth of field video footage. Soft natural light.
Extreme detailed of diamond ring close up shot while rotating on dark background. The wedding ring was shot using macro lens with shallow depth of field. Engagement, marriage and wedding concept.
Super slow motion of flying hazelnuts on black background. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000 fps.
Close up of cheetah's head turning and looking at the camera, selective focus
3D Rendering aerial view of destination line moving pass through the hologram city, with the internet of things icon, for GPS navigation and data transfer concept, shallow depth of field, dark and gra
Close-up shot little Asian girl smiling and laugh with happiness, selective focus shallow depth of field
 underwater close to surface with the sky view ocean scenery sun beams sun rays and air bubbles slow relaxing ocean backgrounds
Hand of happy girl at sunset. Sunset between the hands of girl. Happy girl with long hair dreamily stretches out her hand to the sun. Child's dream hand to the sun. happy family concept
scuba divers exploring underwater cave scenery with corals and tropical fish healthy ocean scenery
Esports / eSports - hand on Computer mouse Playing video games.
Books on the table in library, shallow depth of field. Books with a luxurious leather binding. 4k
Antarctic Gentoo Penguin Jump Ocean Top View. Antarctica Wild Bird Dive to Cold Glacier Water from Ice Covered Shore. Winter Arctic Wildlife Animal Behavior Drone Flight Footage Shot 4K (UHD)
Profile portrait of Caucasian girl looking up outdoors shallow city traffic lights background copy space. Side view of young woman gazing to skies at night slow motion text. Freedom happiness dreams
Slow motion of a female lab worker pouring orange pills into a bottling machine
Funny dog in glasses looking to the camera with attention. Lovely smart nerd reading lover. Programmer pet. Video footage Close up portrait. White background. Cute pet muzzle looking to the camera.
Elegant, detailed, and delightful bokeh and particles visuals with shallow depth of field.
Slow motion clip - Doctor checks a skin before plastic surgery.  Face skin check before plastic surgery. Beautician touching woman face. Plastic surgery. Doctor is touching face of a patient by hands
Fast moving flashing red and blue laser beams technology motion background animation. Full HD and a seamless loop.
Man puts on the table the face mask. Person takes off the antivirus mask after work or after shopping at home leaving her on the table. Fixed close up. End of quarantine.
Smiling happy young looking senior woman portrait, closeup. 4K UHD.
Time lapse of a full calendar year, done by swapping real wood blocks.  No days of the week are shown, making the clip work for any year! Filmed in full 4K at 3860x2140.
Beautiful shiny, sparkling golden jewelry on a glass surface with glare in gems. Macro. Closeup. Shallow depth of field. Dolly shot
The fresh crop of rose hips is spinning. Close-up of wild rose berries. A bright red pile of harvested fresh rose hips. Selective focus, shallow depth of field
Concept view of neurons firing in an artificial intelligence deep learning neural network. Seamless loop in 4K with shallow depth of field.
Film production lens whacking school studio set
Elegant, detailed, and golden particles flow with shallow depth of field underwater
Slow motion natural light organic food waste is added to the heap
Green sea turtle (chelonia mydas) ascends to the surface to breathe and submerge again underwater.
A man takes a chrome shiny door knob and opens a modern beautiful glossy white door with a black glass insert and then closes it. Closeup. Shallow depth of field
Mother sharing happy time with infant baby child at home, sun shining from window behind. Slow motion, shallow DOF, 4K UHD.
SUPER SLOW MOTION, LOW ANGLE: Fit man rides an e-bike in the shallow river and splashes water around him on a sunny summer day. Active male tourist rides a mountain bike in sunlit Soca river valley.
3D render CPU central processor unit chipset on the printed circuit board for electronic and technology concept select focus shallow depth of field
A person lighting up a glass bong of weed the process of smoking medical marijuana. Dark room at night, close up, shallow depth of field, beautiful bokeh, cinematic shot with BMPCC 4K.
Drowned man with long dark hair in the water sways in the muddy water lying face down in shallow water. Unrecognizable body in black clothes is washed ashore after a shipwreck. 50 fps 4k slow motion
Oil lantern burning on rock in sea water at sunset
Aloe Vera plant growing in garden, sun flaring through leaves, closeup. Shallow DOF, 4K UHD.
A man's hand directs the remote control to the air conditioner and presses the power button, the blinds are opened, the air conditioner drives cold air, then he turns it off. Close Up. Shallow depth
Close up focused foreground hand reaching sunrise, bokeh sea horizon, Almeria, Spain
Close Up Of Green Turtle Swimming Over Colourful Coral Reef With School of Fish in Background
Typical drill ship for exploration, drilling and production of oil and gas from offshore fields
Woman accusing her boyfriend of cheating on her, pushing him and yelling at him. Couple fighting at home. Breaking up, cheating, jealousy, divorce concept. Shallow DOF, Slow motion, BMPCC 4K
Close up of blue agave plant outside, shallow depth of field, cinematic b-roll slow motion. BMPCC 4K
Mother's hand holding newborn baby foot in sunlight. Closeup, shallow DOF. 4K UHD.
An audio cassette spools tape in extreme macro. Shallow depth of field with focus on the rorating spool. Suggests an interrogation or phonetap.
Adult man hand finger tapping on table - Waiting for something
Heavy wave breaking in slow motion along a shallow reef break in Australia. Close up looking inside the barrel.