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Professional cyclist struggling to ride bicycle during training
Self isolation family life. Top view single mother works from home using laptop, distracted by two noisy teenage kids.
CIRCA 2021 - Afghan refugees attempt to board a U.S. C-17 Globemaster at Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul Afghanistan during the American evacuation.
Poor Children Walking On Garbage Dump
Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil - May 12, 2021: People form a long line to receive food donations for lunch in a downtown street during a severe economic crisis amid the Coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic.
Manhattan, NY / USA - April 2020: Driving Through Manhattan During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Empty Streets and No People
Beautiful stressed single mother struggling to work from home on laptop, distracted by two noisy running teenage kids.
Close up portrait 25s African American woman show heart sign make symbol with hands feels grateful smile looks at camera standing indoors. Love support demonstration, volunteering, donation, good deed
Close up little daughter hugs mother cancer patient. Happy family sit indoor embracing feeling grateful for remission, express love, kid girl supporting mom, encourage her, hoping in recovery concept
A stock market bull is fighting a bear. Symbolic struggle between stockholders.
Head shot of enthusiastic bald woman smile looks at camera demonstrate biceps arm. Patient make effort stay alive struggle against oncology disease, shows strength of mind. Fights cancer concept
Little adorable girl her young bald mother making heart shape with hands showing symbol of love at camera, close up view happy faces. Share support optimism and hope with other cancer patients concept
CIRCA 2021 - Afghan refugees are ushered onto planes by U.S. soldiers at Hamid Karzai airport during the mass evacuation effort of Afghanistan.
VARNA, BULGARIA - JULY 07, 2019 : A Seagull on the dirty polluted sea. Rubbish and bottles over the sea shows the sea pollution
LGBT equality march. Fight for LGBTQ+ rights. Rainbow flags, banners and masks. Struggle for LGBT rights during coronavirus pandemic.
Teamwork. Bumping fists is an expression agreement and friendship. People odifferent nationalities helping hand.Teamwork in business. People odifferent skin colors. Bumping fists helping hand symbol
Migrating Salmon Jumping up Brooks falls at Katmai National Park, Alaska in Slow motion
Mountain Climber Man Reaching The Top Doing His Best.
Cancer Survivors Day concept. Close up view face portrait of bald caucasian attractive woman looking at camera having charming wide smile, girl recovered from oncology disease feels happy pose indoors
Piglets are eating milk from the sows of the sows on the farm.
possessed by demon and devil incarnate woman is wriggling in darkness, flickering light
SLOW MOTION TIME WARP, LOW ANGLE, CLOSE UP, LENS FLARE: A grey car's big wheels spin and spit up heavy wet snow as an unknown driver tries to drive off road in the challenging wintry conditions.
unity, draw and team spirit & rock climbing struggle
hiking group in snowy mountains
Funny overweight man doing crunches with great effort on mat, losing weight. Plump male struggling to do sit-up exercise, home workout program, healthy lifestyle, dieting. Weak muscles sportsman
Mountain Climber Man Reaching The Top Doing His Best. Closeup on Hand. HD, 1920x1080.
Serious girl stretch out her palm to camera says stop abortion, close up. Community participant anti domestic violence, racism racial discrimination. Struggle for women rights, social problems concept
Bald after chemotherapy woman sit on bed bowing head feels hopeless and desperate due cancer incurable disease, malignant growth of tumour, loss of hope, unsuccessful ineffective treatment concept
Man walking past gritty apartment block
Manhattan, NY / USA - April 2020: Driving Through Manhattan During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Empty Streets and No People
Funny pug dog hunting for a treat. Wants trying to get goodies, tasty bone. Slow motion. Comic, funny scene. Struggle and frustration. Miss a chance. embarrassing mistake. Ridiculous miserable failure
Diet. A person steps on the digital scales to check her weight. Inscription Help on a digital display, conceptual footage. First-person view from above
Poster BLACK LIVES MATTER in the hands of a black guy. Stop Racism concept.
Closed restaurant sign locked entrance Corona virus disease 4K
Rugby players pushing in a scrum during the rugby league. Rugby players doing a scrum at the park.
teamwork. men tourists climbing walking top mountains rocks peak group team sunlight silhouette on snow feet winter snow trip. slow motion video. people teamwork business travel the silhouette
Male struggling to breath as he wears an oxygen mask and self isolates from the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Rugby players doing a scrum at the field. Rugby players fight for the ball on professional rugby stadium.
Depressed man covers face with hands, dolly shot
Birds eye view dolly slow motion people walk steps from/to underground entrance.100-25p super slomo dolly overhead tracking of people walking to the underground train station.No logos/faces visible.
Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil - May 12, 2021: People form a long line to receive food donations for lunch in a downtown street during a severe economic crisis amid the Coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic.
Woman helping another woman up a steep path giving a helping hand.  Women achievment, success, empowerment and strength.
CIRCA 2021 - Afghan refugees make it to safety and are ushered onto planes by U.S. soldiers at Hamid Karzai airport during the mass evacuation effort.
Confused woman coming up with a good idea
Cape Town, South Africa. 11 February 1990. Nelson Mandela returns free
Happy children measuring to determine who is bigger, power struggle, funny youngest brother determined to prove that he is bigger, conceptual
Young bald woman cancer patient sitting on bed in hospital ward alone looking out the window thinking about oncology disease feel abandoned and unhappy. Battling with tumor, recovery in clinic concept
Sportsman is wriggling from pain in leg, got injure during workout on street. He is sitting on ground in evening, holding bad knee
Family on quarantine. Top view tired mother trying to work from home on laptop stressed by two children fighting pillows
Struggling road cyclist waves and comments on being easily overtaken by girl on innovative electric bike. Blonde city woman in sundress pedals past pro mountain bike rider on sunny day in the summer.
Women kicks over table lamp while trying to work out in her cluttered living room.
Loving husband, cheerful little daughter hugging young bald female mother wife cancer patient. Happy family celebrate recovery, victory over oncology disease sitting on couch at home feels overjoyed
Extremely bored and frustrated couple sitting on a sofa at home struggle to watch a terrible movie..
Coronavirus pandemic,health care workers in protective suit mask embrace hug in hospital room,covid-19 epidemic,medical personnel staff are embracing hugging,comfort each other
Attractive redhead woman struggling pulling up tight jeans after gaining weight while standing in front of big mirror. Charming middle aged woman trying to fit into old jeans, unable to button at home
A tent is struggeling and almost gets blown away during a heavy snowstorm in cold and icy winter conditions
Fat man slowly running in summer park feeling exhausted. Tired overweight guy jogging outdoors feeling fatigue. Weight loss and healthy lifestyle concept
Young asia boy kid sit on desk look at computer notebook feeling bored tired and sleepy in remote learning loss online problem at home distant e-learning primary school class room challenge concept.
Asia adult upset sad people or pensive SME owner latin lady sit at home brownout work on desk laptop tired bored pain in mental health care issue, job loss life crisis or think hard of debt loan.
Middle-aged woman oncology nurse practitioner standing behind cancer patient, smile look at camera, head shot portrait. Doctor supporting ill female put hand on shoulder as symbol of help and
Businessman sheltering underneath a broken umbrella in the rain
Munich , Bavaria / Germany - 09 20 2019: Munich, Germany - Sep. 20, 2019: Aerial view of protest strike demonstration friday for future green energy climate change movement for nature banner and sign
Rugby player with ball tackling the opponent during the match. Rugby players in action on the ground.
CIRCA 1960s - Sheikh Zayed struggles to balance the old and new ways of Arab life in 1967 Abu Dhabi.
Exhausted tired woman in labor gives birth to child, maternity ward pushing hard, young mother screams writhing in pain during childbirth in hospital, professional medical care of doctors, pregnancy
President Joe Biden inauguration speech about injustice,division, racism, struggle and unity throughout American history.
Bound hands of a man. ?aptive viking. The Varyag was taken prisoner. Prisoner with bound hands. The Viking in the trap.
Epileptic seizure. A man struggles in convulsions while lying on the floor
Bald hilarious young woman breast cancer patient posing on grey wall background laughs feels carefree believes in recovery celebrates remission, overcome oncology disease head shot studio portrait
Debt Letters Piling Up with Bills Overdue, Past Due and Final Notice. Red Writing to Represent Economic Struggle, Unemployment, Home Repossession and Recession,
A rare Addo dung beetle struggling to roll a dung ball across some sandy terrain. Addo Park, South Africa.
Mature disappointed woman gets upset about losing her job online. Nervous person worried about finances. An elderly woman under stress closes her laptop
bodybuilder doing exercise in the gym, lifts heavy weight. close-up on the face
Puppy stretch head to raw meat on the table, lick and then stand away, look to owner and bark. Young dog feel smell of red meat for barbecue, try to reach it but owner catch it
Woman's umbrella gets broken by the strong monsoon wind while she walks down the sandy tropical beach. Young female traveler gets caught in horribly windy weather during her trip to the seaside.
Young black African girl in township wearing a mask during South Africa's lockdown.
CIRCA 2021 - Afghan refugees make it to safety and are ushered onto planes by U.S. soldiers at Hamid Karzai airport during the mass evacuation effort.
Brown bear Waiting at the Edge of Brooks falls to Catch Salmon Jumping up at Katmai National Park, Alaska
Closeup of a male's hand stretching out and helping female friend reach the mountain top by pulling her up. POV of a man giving hand to a woman climbing on the mountain and helping her reach the top
Cape Town, South Africa. February 1990. Nelson Mandela speaks to the crowd after his release
Medium shot of young father trying to work at home in the kitchen with crying baby next to him
Ice Climbing Frozen Waterfall. Climbing Alpinism Winter.  Climber climbs on icy wall with wind and snow blowing. A man climbing a frozen waterfall. Climbing gear.
Flat cartoon business people man characters  boxing fight standoff rivalry concept animation
Rugby player tackling the opponent during the game. Rugby players fight for the ball on the field.
Daughter tight hug mother cancer patient show support give tenderness in hard period of rehab, mom shaved bald head close up back view. Unconditional love, life value, motivation to struggle concept
Professional cyclist struggling to ride bicycle uphill
Business anger conflict. Two businessmen shout violently and swear at each other.
Serious Seaman Pulls the Thick Rope during Traveling on the Ship. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD).
Young man finished work at home office. Tired businessman closing laptop taking off glasses and rubbing eyes. Daily routine.
A stock market bull is fighting a bear. Symbolic struggle between stockholders.
three brunette women are dancing together, moving passionately in darkness, go-go dance performance and peep show in nightclub by energetic music
Rugby players tackling for ball possession at sports arena. Rugby players in action during a championship match.
Cancer patient happy bald woman standing near the window looks outside breath fresh air feels alive enjoy new day. Remission, oncology recovery, finally victory over disease, effective therapy concept
Horses are galloping. Aerial view of moving horses. We are the wild force. Home is where freedom dwells.
A man in an office cloth crawls up a dune in a desert. Overcoming challenges in business
FIXED DX few people walking on Manhattan downtown streets during coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in New York, USA. All brand names and logos removed
Top view two children run around stressed young mother trying to work from home on laptop. Family life on lockdown.
Seoul, South Korea - September 11, 2021. Giant doll and soldiers. Squid game. Squid game giant doll. 3D squid soldier. Squid game worker.
Angry boss businessmen scolds office worker rudely
New graduate walking to find job and interview to start new career, work, new world and  business world