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Kharkiv, Ukraine - January, 31, 2022: Ukrainian soldiers with backpacks and weapons march in formation. Ukrainian army prepares for Russian invasion
Black, dense and thick smoke column, highly polluting from a fire caused by a disaster, terrorist attack, bomb, generates an atmosphere of horror, pollution, impossible to control 4k at 59.94 frames
Angry upset young woman user customer using laptop feel frustrated mad about computer problem, stressed about mistake software error, worried reading bad news in social media sit on couch at home
Epic Battle: Army of Medieval Knights on Battlefield, Scream Battle Cry and Charge with Attack on the Enemy. Armored Soldiers in Helmets, With Shields and Swords. Cinematic Historical Reenactment
mixed race frustrated exhausted businesswoman works at computer from home,young middle eastern woman entrepreneur upset stressed typing at the laptop reading bad news on social media
Abstract 3D animation of a white cube that splits into many small cubes in zero gravity. Cubes turn into spheres. But then the geometry and shapes are restored.
Close-up of an armored personnel carrier of the Russian army riding on the road.
A woman with bruises and scars in her face from being punched and hit looks herself in the mirror in the bathroom and wipes the tears off her face. She breaks down and cries again.
Annoyed angry millennial Black male hipster hold mobile phone feel outraged by low wifi internet signal bad connection application crash. Concerned worried young guy deal with software problem on cell
Mad unhappy businessman feeling annoyed using smart phone. Angry businessman having problem with mobile spam message. Male user frustrated by low battery or bad signal concept sitting at office desk.
Blooming rapeseed field on a sunny day. Aerial photography, drone, bird's eye view. The wind flutters the yellow rapeseed flowers. Rich harvest of blooming yellow rapeseed with blue sky and clouds.
Female soldier of future in fiction helmet holding assault gun in her hands lit with blue neon street lights. Woman combat cyborg in futuristic protective costume. Cyberpunk warrior at night
Slow motion of honeybee busy in rape seed flower in spring field
A frightened girl quickly runs away from a car following her along a country road at night. Silhouette of a running girl in the headlights of a car.
muzzle flashes straight fire montage in slow-motion. Dangerous shooting against black screen muzzle flashes in slow-motion. pack different muzzle
Parade military army soldiers with assault rifle ak-47 in hands march even formation closeup. Officers walk street hold in arm kalashnikov firearm 4K. Soldier marching show kalashnikov ak 47 close up.
Demonstrator holding "Stand with Ukraine" placard
Cinematic close up shot of young suffering desperate despondent female patriot soldier in camouflage military uniform and cap is crying with emotions of sorrow during operation on fields at sunset.
Head shot close up displeased young woman looking at smartphone screen, dissatisfied with bad news message, spam or scam sms. Unhappy stressed female mobile app user getting phishing link in email.
angry business woman sits at the desk works from home at the laptop burst in rage,arab female businesswoman working at the computer feels furious stressed,having problems at work
Kharkiv, Ukraine - January, 31, 2022: Ukrainian soldiers in camouflage are walking with backpacks on a snowy road. Soldiers prepare to defend Ukraine from Russian attack
Two angry businessmen arguing in office disputing having conflict confrontation at workplace, aggressive mad male workers shouting blaming each other of problem mistake failure fighting at work
Amphibious Assault Ship. Navy aircraft carrier Aerial top view of battleship, Military sea transport, Military Navy Rescue Helicopter on board the battleship deck
Masked Team of Armed SWAT Police Officers Exit a Black Van Parked Outside of an Office Building. Soldiers with Rifles and Flashlights Run on a Street Filled with Smoke.
Plastic pollution, Crab travels inside a plastic cup slowly floating under the surface of blue water in sunray. Live crab trapped in plastic cup. Plastic garbage environmental pollution problem.
Rapeseed fields near windmill farm in Lebcz village in Puck district Poland. Aerial view of flowering canola field on a sunny day.
Wind turbines high altitude aerial shot with rape seed fields in background
1963 Birmingham, AL. Black Children trained in nonviolent tactics are Arrested and Assaulted with barking dogs and high-pressure water hoses. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Newsreel Film
Masked Fireteam of Armed SWAT Police Officers Storm a Dark Seized Office Building with Desks and Computers. Soldiers with Rifles Move Forwards and Cover Surroundings.
Close up head shot stressed nervous young indian ethnic woman having troubles with financial operations, entering wrong payment information from credit banking card into mobile phone application.
Aggressive man shows violence to a woman, knocking her to the side of the road at night, people fighting against the background of headlights of a car. Handheld 4k shot
A puff of gun smoke rises from the center on a black background from the Ricochet collection - Muzzle Flash Video Element.
Fast moving motion blur drone shot of Canola flowers large yellow agriculture rapeseed field in bloom. Beautiful colorful plant low angle aerial view tilting up revealing forest in background. Summer
CCTV Security Camera Captures Burglar Breaking In. Home invader armed with a gun caught on home surveillance cameras
Angry annoyed young business man holding using texting on smartphone frustrated by stuck broken phone missed call bad service, stressed mad male customer outraged having problem complain on cellphone
wind turbines in the rape field - aerial footage
Man sitting with laptop received badly news feels frustrated cover face with palm looks very disappointed lost document works unsaved project, problems with device, unpleasant news by e-mail concept
Demonstrator holding "Stand with Ukraine" placard
Black and blurry silhouettes. Assault and beating of a woman. Violence over the weak. Robbery and fight.
Accident . Road traffic accident. The car drives along its lane and another car crashes into it. A side impact in the car.
Close up of a police officer's hands writing a traffic ticket
escape from danger - indian girl runs in the corridor to safety
Surveillance system tracking person's phone, sim card tracking, spying on target. Phone tracking, satellite control center
Beautiful little girl crying, defenseless victim of kidnapping, child abuse
Indian woman sit at desk work on laptop feels upset has problem with device. System error, receive bad news, data loss, backup battery issue, unsaved lost important information, need pc repair concept
slow motion of Insect bees gather nectar on yellow rapeseed flowers honey bee busy in oilseed field works hard to collect the pollen honey at spring sunny morning
Close-up shot of people sitting on stationary bicycles or exercise bikes in stadium. Asian muscle man and woman spinning on cardio machine together. Health care and fitness in gym concept.
Vikings Sail on an Old Ship with a Lowered Sail on a Calmt River Against the Backdrop of Rocky Mountains. Concept on the theme of the Vikings and the early Middle Ages.
Two men catcalling female colleague in office, sexual harassment at work, abuse
Frat Party Mess With Alcohol Spilling And Beer Pong Cups, 4K.
CIRCA 1940s - Paratroopers leap from planes during World War Two and the Korean War.
Battle Between Medieval Warriors. Medieval Reenactment. Symbolic battle between good and evil
African woman working on laptop feels stressed about system virus, important data loss, outraged with website mistake, close up. Slow and stuck computer, malware, broken device, need repair concept
Woman confronts Man about slow motion smartphone text cheating. Slow motion static of young millennial couple having argument about cheating text messages on his phone in kitchen
Front view special forces team moving on bridge at urban building. Serious squad of SWAT police in military uniform using modern rifles during special operation. Special ops police team in action
Old shabby prison wall with rusty metal jail bars on windows. Blue sky background. Between isolation and freedom concept
Upset woman sitting on couch alone remembers about quarrel with boyfriend feels offended desperate outraged, restless girl having problems in personal life suffers break up, misunderstanding in family
CIRCA 1930s - The German army parading in front of Hitler to gloat over their recent destruction and occupation of Warsaw, Poland in 1939.
Amazing yellow rape fields and wind turbine in countryside. Aerial view of nature at spring in Europe.
concept of terrorism. Unrecognizable black man shooting with kalashnikov, ak-47 machine gun
Police cars drive at high speed on the highway at night. It's raining hard. Outdoor front view of police traffic auto driving. Car active driving. Flashers.
Evil savage man attacks frightened beauty girl 2D animation. Pretty woman scared by maniac. Gloomy freak laughs. Animated short film in horror genre. 4K drawn noir movie. Shake, coal and noise effect.
A close up, portrait shot of a young woman with wounds and bruises, looks and stares directly into the camera while a single tear is building up in her eye.
Angry stressed mad business man looking at stuck laptop using pc having problem with computer in office, frustrated outraged worker annoyed with online failure, application error or system virus
Woman hold cellphone and credit card experiencing financial problem while makes transaction, feels irritated due lack of money, debit card blocking, internet fraud and scam, empty bank account concept
Boxing great punch, boxer punching hook to the jaw, in super slow motion, highly detailed realistic 3d animation
Armed man shooting a assault rifle Kalashnikov at target. The war on ISIS.
Aleppo, Syria January 27, 2017
Stressed senior middle aged businesswoman annoyed using stuck laptop, angry mature old lady mad about computer problem frustrated with data loss, online mistake, software error or system failure
Vikings Sail on an Old Ship with a Raised Sail on a Calm River Against the Backdrop of a Rocky Coast. The Men Row the Oars Diligently Towards Adventure. Medieval Reconstruction.
furious stressed muslim woman working at the laptop has a burst of anger,hits her hands on the keyboard,overwhelmed angry arab female sits on couch using computer has a rage attack
Videotaped with a field of canola blossoms.
Panning a canola blossom.
Angry stressed businessman wearing suit feeling mad about broken stuck laptop. Frustrated executive using computer outraged by financial market crash concept reads bad online news sits at office desk.
Side view Soldiers Lie Down on the Hill, Aim through the Assault Rifle Scope in Desert Environment in Sunset Light. Slow Motion. Shot on RED EPIC Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD).
Beautiful woman in face mask standing in urban city with banner and looking at camera. Portrait of female Caucasian demonstrator protesting against social inequality and rights violation.
Plastic pollution, Jellyfishes travels inside a plastic bottle slowly floating under the surface of blue water in sunrays. Two live jellyfishes trapped in plastic bottle in Mediterranean Sea, Europe
Serious angry grey haired old man sit indoor holding smart phone experiences difficulties with wireless modern gadget usage, wrong password, need device repair or help with app understanding concept
Rape fields and wind wheels, Gabsheim. Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Indian woman sit on sofa hold smart phone read unpleasant sms, frustrated by received awful news feels upset. Broken device need repair, slow internet no connection to wi-fi, battery problem concept
Domestic violence concept clenched fist. Husband beats wife. Woman stands in a corner afraid lifestyle is scared a man waves his fist at a woman at a family violence
Protestors holding up sign with face of George Floyd against Police Brutality Black Lives Matter Deomonstration in Berlin, Germany June 6th 2020
Worried old age businesswoman receive bad phone message refusal answer on cooperation offer reneging on deal breach of contract with partner. Nervous aged lady entrepreneur get bank email about debt
African american woman with Me too sign in hands, fighting against sexual harassment. Female student supporting movement against misconduct. Concept of social problems. Zoom in.
Great MMA punch, fighter being punched in the jaw in slow motion, highly detailed 3d animation
Woman walking alone dark tunnel.Man attacking her.Violence against women,rape
Rude man cruelly treating woman in bed, domestic violence problem, aggression
Businessman disagrees with a colleague and throws papers at a business meeting, Mad coworkers having conflict confrontation at work in an office
Large-Scale Medieval Battle Reenactment. Violent Tribe of Warriors Attack Wooden Fortress Wall, They Climb Ladders, Guards Try to Defend Fortification. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Cape Town, South Africa, Western Cape, August 29, 2020. Thousands of protesters demonstrate few hundreds meters from the South African Parliament against Gender Based Violence (GBV).
Yellow blooming canola field. Rapeseed in agricultural field, close up. Blooming rapeseed field. Rapeseed is grown for the production of animal feeds, vegetable oils and biodiesel.
Aggressive male partner bullies his wife. Poor girl covers her face with her hands. Man waves his fist. alcoholic aggression in family. Family aggression of man over woman wife. Fist menace to a woman
Advancing Army of Viking Warriors. Medieval Reenactment. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD).
Drone flies low over yellow rapeseed field. Hilly area and forest on horizon. Warm sunny summer day, rolling clouds in sky. Blooming canola field. Aerial view landscape. Beautiful yellow flowers
Masked Squad of Armed SWAT Police Officers Storm a Dark Seized Office Building with Desks and Computers. Soldier Breaks a Glass with His Arm and Team Continue to Move and Cover Surroundings.
Beautiful nature, aerial drone forward motion wide view on rural countryside landscape, canola oilseed and wheat fields, shining sun sunset sky horizon
Battle Between Medieval Viking Warriors. Medieval Reenactment. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD).
Camera follows Caucasian teenager walking up stairs meeting high school bullies. Aggressive teenagers bullying and threatening classmate in corridor. Disrespect and psychological pressure concept.
Boxer great punch, boxer punching hook to the jaw, in super slow motion, highly detailed realistic 3d animation
The police SWAT team quickly enters the building. It's night and it's raining hard.
Army of Vikings Before Battle. Medieval Reenactment. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD).
Yellow plastic bag slowly swims with school of tropical fish under surface in blue water in sunlight. Plastic pollution of ocean. School of fish Indo-Pacific sergeant or Sergeant major. 4K-50fps