Shutterstock can help train your computer vision models with one of the largest and most accurate content datasets available.

Visual search

Detect objects and recognize elements down to the pixel

Autonomous vehicles

Help self-driving cars understand their surroundings

Ecommerce & retail

Recommend relevant products and packages

Content moderation

Quickly identify and remove problematic or illegal content

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Robust image recognition

Train your model to recognize specific types of images—or content within images—with pixel-level data and features to minimize implicit bias.
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Custom industry solutions

Explore our solutions across food & beverage, transportation & autonomous vehicles, animals & wildlife, clothing & apparel, travel, and tourism & hospitality—or work with us to create a custom offering.
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Global applications

Search 7 million unique labels to help you train models for projects anywhere in the world.
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Rapid deployment

Build visual recognition algorithms faster with our comprehensive, accurate, and stable data solution.
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Inclusive representations of diversity

Our content is sourced from more than 150 countries, reflecting diverse people, environments, concepts, and cultural contexts so you can minimize implicit bias in your models.
“Shutterstock's user features, ranging from tagging and search algorithms that enable us to quickly find the relevant images for our project, to the ability to organize images into collections for each project and then curate these images for future reference, all save us valuable project time. Shutterstock’s quality, variety, and user experience make it one of the best places for us to find great content for our projects.”
— Roger Barga, General Manager, AWS Machine Learning – Computer Vision
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