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Choosing the Right Healthcare Image

Healthcare images display subject matter that remind the viewer of all things medical. Examples include a photo of a nurse helping a patient out of bed or a doctor listening to the heartbeat of a child, as well as graphics of medical equipment, recognizable medical icons, and medical professionals. With Shutterstock’s vast library of medical imagery, searching for and finding the perfect healthcare image has never been easier. Simply type “doctor office,” “healthcare professional,” or any other medical keywords and begin exploring the myriad image results. When selecting healthcare imagery for your project, it helps to imagine yourself in the position of your viewer. Does the image inspire a sense of hope? Photos that include sunlight and the smiling faces of both medical professionals and patients can help put your viewers at ease. Alternatively, you are looking for medical imagery to use as the background of a slideshow, try using a graphic that is not overly busy. You want the image to fit the medical context without distracting viewers from your message. A slightly transparent medical symbol can work well in such projects.

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How to use medical visuals creatively

Using medical images for website High-resolution medical images are essential when it comes to attracting new patients or clients to your medical website. If you are looking to revamp an existing medical website with contemporary, of-the-moment imagery, try searching for photos that include masked medical professionals, hand sanitizer, or a doctor and patient engaged in a telehealth session. Preparing to launch the site of a new business that offers medical services? Let visitors know what you are all about by including crisp, visually engaging medical imagery. An artistic human anatomy graphic such as Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man can let people know your business cares about helping individuals to discover and follow a well-balanced lifestyle. If your website offers medical insurance, include a graphic of a medical shield in front of a clipboard, as this is recognizable as the medical insurance symbol. Using healthcare images for social media Publishing a blog or article related to the medical field? To get the word out to your potential readers, try sharing a medical image on your social media with a quote from your piece. If you are writing about symptoms of and treatment for the flu, for example, a colorful graphic that illustrates your point will make it that much easier for readers to absorb the information you are sharing. One way to stand out as a medical service provider on social media is to inject some humor into your posts. For example, a medical insurance company might want to post some darkly humorous situations in which being covered by insurance would be a very good thing. An X-ray image of a broken hand with the caption, “Shook hands with my girlfriend’s dad for the first time…” is sure to catch the attention of an Instagram audience. Using healthcare visuals in print Blocks of text are not so easy on the eye, and blocks of text full of medical information can be that much more difficult to process. Break up important information in medical pamphlets and guides so that patients have an easier time reading. If sharing tips on the best ways to prevent the spread of germs, for example, including a photo of hands lathered up with soap at a sink instantly tells readers that washing hands is key. People are more likely to remember information that is accompanied by visuals, thus making it that much more likely that people will follow through on your pamphlet’s tips for health and wellness.