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4K, Aerial view over a traffic cars and a crowd of pedestrian crossing street with a sunset light. Elevated view over an asian people walking in busiest road intersection. -Dan
4K Time-lapse of Shibuya scramble crossing, crowded people walk, car traffic transport. High angle view, zoom out. Tokyo tourist attraction, Japan tourism, Asia transportation, Asian city life concept
Slow motion close-up view of a small herd of zebras running out a waterhole.  Zebra Migration Botswana
Empty street in Stockholm city, Sweden aerial top down view. Quarantined city, empty abandoned streets during corona virus outbreak. Drone shot flying over buildings, parked cars and street
July 28, 2019 : Ginza, Tokyo, Japan 4K High Angle view cityscape of busy crowded pedestrian people man and woman walking cross intersection street crosswalk on downtown road in afternoon summer.
4K Time lapse cityscape group of busy crowd pedestrian people business man and woman tourism walking down the street crossing crosswalk with driving cars passing on downtown road at Tokyo City, Japan
Brother and sister run across a pedestrian crossing. Children in medical masks run along the road to kindergarten and school.Zebra traffic walk way in the city. Concept pedestrians passing a crosswalk
Slow moving unrecognisable people at rush hour. Urban city life scene. Crowded crosswalk Anonymous crowd of pedestrians
walk cross road
Busy crosswalk intersection. Crowds of both tourists and other city people cross diagonally through a bustling part of town. Shot in Hollywood, Los Angeles
Chengdu, Sichuan/China-March 4th 2020: slow motion of people wear protective mask walking in the street at Chunxi road commercial town as coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak
Multi-ethnic group of children crossing the road on a pedestrian crossing, carrying their schoolbags, in slow motion. Elementary school children, road safety.
Anonymous crowd of customers cross a busy city intersection on a summer evening. Slow motion
New York City, USA - April 6, 2018: Timelapse, time lapse of high angle, aerial view of NYC Herald Square midtown with crowd of people crossing crosswalk at night with tilt and shift effect
NEW YORK CITY, USA – JUNE 24, 2019: Manhattan rush hour, handheld view on NYC pedestrians on crowded zebra crossing and busy street traffic, summer day
Elevated High Angle / Top Down Shot of the People Walking on Pedestrian Crossing of the Road. Big City with Crowd of People on the Crosswalk in the Evening.
Taipei, Taiwan - February 7, 2021 : Top view of people are walking on pedestrian crosswalk or zebra crossing
Sao Paulo, Brazil, January 20, 2021. Evening time lapse of movement of people, and vehicles at the corner of Consolacao Street and Paulista Avenue, downtown Sao Paulo.
Crowd of business people crossing the street in downtown Singapore, Asia
Tokyo, Japan - Jan 13, 2019: 4K UHD Aerial view time-lapse of Ginza road intersection at night, with crowded people walking on zebra crossing and car traffic light trails
UMEDA, OSAKA, JAPAN - CIRCA SEPTEMBER 2019 : Aerial high angle view of zebra crossing near Osaka train station. Crowd of people at the street. Shot in busy rush hour. Wide slow motion.
People draw the road. A road worker paints a zebra with a hand tool. Road marking. Workers and paint sprayers for roads. Thermoplastic paint for road marking.
Shibuya, Tokyo - JUNE 08, 2018 : Shibuya district at night with crowd passing crosswalk. Tokyo, Japan. 4K Timelapse
Singapore / August 31, 2020: People wearing face masks at busy pedestrian crossing, Orchard Road.
two strong elephants in desert waterhole splashing with water to cool down 411
Rabat, Morocco - February 03, 2022;  People crossing the road in front of the Moroccan Parliament building in Rabat
TOKYO, JAPAN - DEC 2020 : Aerial high angle view of crowd of people walking at zebra crossing in rush hour. Commuters at the street. Japanese city lifestyle, business and work concept. Slow motion.
Great Migration in the Serengeti. Thousand of Zebras grazing and a Giraffe cross from the right to the left side. Rare footage, stable in 4K. Serengeti, Tanzania, Africa
The famous Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo Japan with it's crowds of people, shot with a tilt-shift lens
UMEDA, OSAKA, JAPAN - CIRCA JULY 2019 : Aerial blurred view of zebra crossing near Osaka train station. Crowd of people at the street. Shot in busy rush hour. Slow motion.
People run in the rain. Rain. Close-up of raindrops falling on a pedestrian crossing. Pedestrian crossing in a big city. Rainy day. Wet from the rain asphalt. Many different shoes.
Tokyo Japan 10 Nov 2018 : Aerial time lapse view over Shibuya crossing with many pedestrians and vehicles crossing the junction in Tokyo Japan at night time. Shibuya is fashion shopping entertainment.
Plains Zebra Close Up, Africa Savannah, South Africa
High Angle Time Lapse Shot of the Famous Shibuya Pedestrian Scramble Crosswalk with Crowds of People Crossing and Traffic. Evening in the Big City.
Multi-ethnic group of children crossing a road on a pedestrian crossing, with Caucasian woman wearing high visibility vest waiting for them, in slow motion. Elementary school children, road safety.
A woman crossing on crosswalk during evening day - Aerial Shot - Birdeyes angle
School children cross the road in medical masks. Children go to school
High Angle Shot of the Famous Shibuya Pedestrian Scramble Crosswalk with Crowds of People Crossing and Cars Driving. Evening in the Big City.
January 3, 2020 : Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo, Japan : Night time timelapse at Shibuya crossing .4K UHD time-lapse with crowded people and car traffic transport across intersection. Tokyo attraction
Atmospheric slow motion shot of big crowd legs crossing a busy city street near Times Square, New York in the evening.
Aerial Drone Wildebeests Herd Great Migration in African Savanna of Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Africa.
Aerial. Pedestrian crosswalk. View above.
Hong Kong China 6 July 2019 : Slow motion aerial view crowd people transporting crossing street in Mong Kok famous shopping market in Hong Kong China. Asia business, lifestyle, transportation concept.
Mother White Rhino breastfeeding baby calf In South Luangwa National Park
Top down cars stopped at road. Aerial people crosswalk zebra. Pedestrians cross traffic highway. Business center street. Cityscape transportation. Kyiv city, Ukraine, Europe. Cinematic drone shot
Timelapse view of night traffic at busy intersection in Bangkok, Thailand. Motorcycles, scooters and mopeds are a popular method of transportation in Thailand and many other Asian countries.
Minimal motion design. 3d creative animal prints donuts on yellow background. Fast food concept art. 4k video
Seen from behind modern pupil in white sweatshirt with backpack crossing crosswalk and going to school outdoors in the city.
Cinematic shot of Great Migration of zebra and wildebeest by water well, drinking on a bright, hot, sunny day in colorful, dry savanna plains of Serengeti national park in Tanzania, Africa.
Cars and Zebra Crossing on a Street in Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America. Low Angle View.
Unrecognizable Pedestrians walking on the crosswalk. Unrecognizable people on city zebra crossing street at night. Slow motion shot, 4K
Busy pedestrian and car crossing at Hong Kong - time lapse
Time lapse video of people and traffic on the busy pedestrian crossing, La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain
Herd of zebras grazing in savanna of Africa, Botswana game drive, herbivore, wild horse with white and black stripes
8K Hyperlapse of Shibuya Crossing at night, Japan
BARCELONA, SPAIN 20 JANUARY 2020: In center street crowd of anonymous people walking on busy city street in Barcelona pedestrians and tourists sunset silhouette
Tokyo, Japan - Nov 1, 2019: time lapse of car traffic and train transport at Kabukicho district in Shinjuku, Tokyo night cityscape high angle view, zoom out. Japan tourist attraction, Asian city life
Taipei, Taiwan-04 June, 2020: Slow motion of people wearing face masks during the coronavirus outbreak. Asian pedestrian walking on scramble crossing street, using surgical mask against covid19-Dan
Crowd of anonymous people walking on busy city street in Barcelona pedestrians and tourists sunset silhouette, safe travel post covid
Tokyo, Japan-04 February, 2020: 4K, Timelapse Different Angles Clips of top view over a crowd pedestrian crossing in Shibuya. Aerial of asian people walking in busiest road intersection street. -Dan
 Seoul, South Korea - September 2021: Nighttime view of downtown with people crossing the street
Jakarta-Indonesia, 10-02-2021. Townspeople activity with beautifully blurred backgrounds.
The famous Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo Japan with it's crowds of people, shot with a tilt-shift lens
Aerial zoom in view of a tourist safari vehicle watching a large herd of zebras on the makgadikgadi pans.  Zebra Migration Botswana
Seamless young animation of cartoon style dog head bodybuilder with duotono colors and halftone effect. Stop motion photo montage art collage with lips psychedelic background.
Tokyo Japan 3 Nov 2019: Aerial time lapse view over Shibuya crossing with many pedestrians and vehicles crossing the junction in Tokyo Japan at day time. Shibuya fashion shopping entertainment concept
Drone aerial view of crossroad in modern city in rush hour pedestrians cars. Cozy calm city life concept footage. People walking on the zebra crossing traffic and vehicles around in Shanghai China
Group of people crossing the crosswalk, time lapse
Zebra road for concept design. Street art. Urban landscape. Funky zebra 4k
4K, Aerial top view of traffic cars driving on a road intersection crossing in Tokyo. Elevated view of asia downtown street of day. Metropolitan City Japan.-Dan
NEW YORK CITY, USA - 03/08/2019: New York city traffic commuting at rush hour. Slow motion Classic Yellow Taxi Cabs passing with Tourist and commuters walking on the sidewalk with smoke rising.
Zebra Crossing and Traffic on a Street in Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America. Low Angle View.
Tokyo , Japan - 01 28 2021: Car Running Over Wet Asphalt Road With Zebra Crossing
Multi-ethnic group of children riding bicycles and skateboard, crossing the road, carrying their schoolbags on their way to school, in slow motion. Elementary school children, road safety.
4k Seamless loop. Abstract black and white three dimensional geometrical wormhole motion graphics. Striped optical illusion. Black and white optical illusion tunnel. Surrealism lines moving.
Pedestrians crossing road at Flora fountain, Mumbai, India, Circa 2022
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong -22 February 2019: Crowded of People cross the road at night
Arial Shot of The Munttoren (Munt Tower) In The Inner-City Of Amsterdam
Family at the crosswalk. Mom leads her daughter across the road by the hand.
Anonymous Crowd Crossing Street Pedestrian Crosswalk. Aerial view of a pedestrian crossing in a busy street with many people.
Headingley Leeds, 21st May 2020: Dash cam car footage driving thought the village of Headingley in the Leeds City Centre  showing the Leeds University buildings on a bright sunny summers day
Simple zebra print motion background. This black and white striped animal print background animation is full HD and a seamless loop.
OSAKA, JAPAN - APR 2021 : Back shot of crowd of people walking down the street. Slow motion shot in rain. Commuters with umbrella.
People cross the road on the crosswalk. Slow motion.
Busy pedestrian crossing at Hong Kong - time lapse
People pedestrian crossing zebra lifestyle concept Urban Cityscape background 4k
Moscow, Russia - 26 Sep 2020: Pedestrians walking on zebra, people crossing road on crosswalk, crowd on street, urban downtown traffic. Moscow city highrise towers or skyscrapers. Ped xing perspective
People Walking Crosswalk in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Tilt Shift of crowd crossing. Night view of the most famous shopping district in Japan.
Jakarta-Indonesia, 10-02-2021:  City residents orderly pass the zebra crosses that have been provided.
New York City, USA - April 6, 2018: Timelapse, time lapse of high angle, aerial view of building in NYC Herald Square midtown with crowd of people crossing crosswalk, Verizon and H&M store at night
POV a person walks along a crosswalk. Zebra crossing in the city. Asphalt road, people on the street.
4K. Time lapse pedestrians and traffic across Shibuya Crossing Tokyo, Japan
Slow motion lifestyle shot of beautiful young female legs walking across crowded street at night in Times Square, NY.
Africa jungle fashion design waving cloth animated background - 
zoo zebra skin waving backdrop
Zebras walking through the Etosha Nationalpark while eating
Tokyo's Shibuya pedestrian crossing also known as Shibuya scramble
Time Lapse People Crowd Shopping Street Aerial View Pedestrians Crossing Shibuya Crosswalk Car Traffic Tokyo City Tokio Japan Japanese Anonymous Sidewalk Busy Asian Famous Tourist Attraction Rush Hour
NEW YORK CITY - November 2016: Overhead view from above people crowd walking on city street intersection zebra crossing in New York NYC. 4K UHD.
pedestrian crossing road sign close up at dark. square blue sign with person icon in white triangle crossing street on zebra cross. winter snowy weather. night time sign on pole next to traffic light
Crowds of unrecognizable people crossing busy city street intersection during rainy weather at night. St. Petersburg, Russia. 4K UHD Timelapse.
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