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Empty Green Screen Display Laptop for Watching and Paste Background e Business Blog or Gaming App. Copy 3d Pc with Clear Chroma Key for Mockup. Concept Computer Technological on Video Call Close-Up 4k
Child Care,Sun Flare,Change Future,Alarm Dream,Baby Cry,Holiday Bye,Up Hold,Bright Kid,Line Sunrise,Poor Win,Cold Time,New Life,No War,World Peace,Stop Conflict,Save Love,Casual Fall,Joy Sunlight,Fear
Air plane window view time lapse clouds and blue sunny sky, Loop of white clouds over blue sky with sun Rays, Aerial view, drone shooting clouds motion time, nature blue sky a white cleat weather. 4K.
Smart city and communication network concept. 5G. IoT (Internet of Things). Telecommunication.
Hand reaches towards a window lit by sunlight - moves curtain to reveal the sun. Sunrise or sunset behind the window. Slow motion move to peek outside. Symbol of hope positivity and energy
Cafe or restaurant and business reopen after Coronavirus quarantine is over. Man with face mask turning a sign from closed to open on a door shop. Small food shop business after post covid lockdown.
free girl hand out of the window rides a car wind in the face. concept car travel on the road. girl stretches her hand out of the car window sun glare sunset. movement driver hand out of the window
transparent curtain on the window, gently moved by the wind. sunlight. sun's rays shine through the transparent tulle
Mannequins stand in the window of a clothing store or boutique. Dutch angle
Family watch sunset. Woman walks towards open window with kid in her hands and they both enjoy sunset in the city
Bright motion timelapse of a speedy night drive in a big city, side view from the car window to the road and glittering streets and buildings all turning into colorful light trails.
Motion timelapse of a speedy night drive in a big city ending in the underground car parking. Side view from the car window to the road with light trails from vehicles and street lights.
team of asian business people meeting in modern office conference room
View through window of team waiters in facial mask closing cafe because of quarantine. Restaurant staff cleaning and arranging furniture after closing in evening. Small business and pandemic concept
Violins in a shop window
1940s: Help Wanted Part Time sign in shop window. Shoe shop window. Man looks at job ad in window. Lady leaves shop. Work clapper board. Boy shales man’s hand. Hand removes job ad from window.
Airplane Flies Over Business Skyscrapers Against Sunset Clouds, Beautiful 3d Animation 4k, Ultra HD 3840x2160
Camera is raising above from the thick fog above the beautiful ocean of clouds at sunrise. Sun is rising above the endless sea of clouds until the horizon. Amazing nature landscape, 4K drone in sky
Abstract silhouette shadow white background of natural leaves tree branch falling on wall. Transparent blurry shadow of tropical leaves morning sun light.
cafe or restaurants and business reopen after coronavirus quarantine is over. woman with face mask turning a sign from closed to open on a door shop. small business after post covid lockdown. Spain
Closed sign hang on the glass in pandemic time in 4K Slow motion 60fps
painting rainbow during Covid-19 quarantine at home. Stay at home Social media campaign for coronavirus prevention, let's all be well, hope during coronavirus pandemic concept
Small business entrepreneur female opening door of plant shop and looking at camera confident
Close up of Man’s hands drawing lines on the Large Format Paper at Modern Office. Architect using Ruler and Pencil to make Blueprints on the Paper. Having very Responsible Job. Great work.
Happy girl in car window. Hair in wind. Girl travels by car. Hand in sun. Windy breeze from car window. Happy girl smiling from car window. Windy breeze in your hair. Hand in the rays of the sun
Luxury Bathroom Interior With Bathtub And Beautiful Sea View
Office building windows and aerial view on skyscraper building with many corporate offices of success companies. Real estate for rent and commercial using, seamless loop abstract 3d animation.
New York City - USA - Feb 17 2020: Day to Night Timelapse Sunset Clouds Moving Over Buildings in Lower Manhattan Financial District Hudson River
The family's hands are holding a paper house at sunset, the sun is shining through the window. The symbol of the house, happiness. The concept of building a house for the family. Dream to buy a house
Close-up of salesman lays out the red raw meat into the pallet for window display in grocery department at supermarket, 4k footage
Flying through heavenly beautiful sunny cloudscape. Amazing timelapse of golden fluffy clouds moving softly on the sky and the sun shining through the clouds with beautiful rays and lens flare.
Woman drinks tea a cup, and relax on terrace at home in autumn rainy day. Health care, authenticity, sense of balance and calmness. Work from home. 4K Video
Woman in Quarantine Looking out the Window. Staying Home in Self-Quarantine
Rays of light falling to the empty dark classroom. The camera panning behind rows of desks and chairs. Teaching class without students during a break. Abandoned school. Disturbing mood.
Morning sun lighting the room, shadow background overlays. Transparent shadow of tropical leaves. Abstract gray shadow background of natural leaves tree branch falling on white wall
Medium shot of handsome bearded man in smart clothes carrying lots of shopping bags walking along shopping mall looking at mannequins in window displays
The salesman lays out smoked meat in the window display at grocery store. Close-up 4k footage
Close-up of salesman puts the pallet with the raw red meat on the window display in grocery department at supermarket, 4k footage
CIRCA 1959 - Pedestrians in New York City pass by flower shops, toy stores, and other window displays.
Aerial view of sunrise through airliner window in the morning. Aerial view of Cloudscape in dawn through plane window.
CIRCA 1937 - Pedestrians pass restaurants and go window shopping in New York's Chinatown.
Close-up of salesman lays out the the raw red meat on the window display in grocery department at supermarket, 4k footage
Close-up of salesman puts the smoked meat on the window display in grocery department at supermarket, 4k footage
Attractive young african american woman stand on balcony looking out over city drinking a cup of tea or coffee. Relaxation, travel, interior, apartment. Slow motion
Airplane Flies Over Office Buildings Against a Time-Lapse Clouds, Beautiful 3d Animation 4k, Ultra HD 3840x2160
The car driving on the night city road. hyperlapse
close up business people shaking hands successful corporate partnership deal welcoming opportunity for cooperation in office 4k footage
Motion concrete wall background.Sunshine natural shadow.3d render.
3D animation with a big contemporary house with a pool and a garden
Woman and illness old man touch their palms through glass window that separates them. Quarantine for covid19 pandemic. Hope hand and support for recovery of coronavirus. Unrecognizable person, closeup
Woman in protective medical mask and illness old man touch their hands through glass window that separates them. Quarantine for coronavirus pandemic. Hope hand and support for recovery from covid-19
Bored child on home quarantine. Boy with teddy bear both in protective medical masks sits on windowsill and looks out window. Allergy, covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, prevention epidemic.
Cozy bedroom with fireplace. Snow outside the window. Cozy apartment in a winter hotel. Eco hotel in the winter forest. Beautiful winter landscape outside the window. Guest houses in winter forest
Luxury White Marble Bathroom Interior
Moscow city glass skyscrapers drone zoom in close to the buildings. Famous Moscow International Business Center sunny evening time, blue horizon line on the background
The salesman lays out smoked meat in the window display at grocery store. Close-up 4k footage
Handsome caucasian middle aged man stands in the balcony with great views and drinks hot coffee or tea, sun shine, enjoying beautiful morning feeling happy
timelapse of sunshine through windows with shadows on wooden floor old
Close-up female hands lays out the the raw pork meat on the window display in grocery store, 4k footage
The salesman lays out smoked sausages in the window display at grocery store. Merchandising process before opening the supermarket. Close-up 4k footage
Flying through amazingly beautiful cloudscape. Picturesque timelapse of white fluffy clouds moving softly on the clear blue sky. Direct view from the cockpit.
Female doctor during a coronavirus pandemic covid-19 takes off glasses and a protective mask, face marks are visible from the mask, red spots. Close portrait of a tired doctor
Indian latin successful thoughtful businessman leader thinking of future corporate successful plan ideas using laptop at office desk looking at panoramic view window of building of modern corporation.
A young Woman in a protective mask rides public transport and looks out the window. Portrait of a woman in a protective mask on a social bus. Pandemic COVID-19. Social distance.
Young asian woman enjoying window shopping.
The Enchanted Forest of the Magic Book - Nature Landscape Loop Background
Young man with mask closing the door of a store business during the coronavirus crisis. Crisis for the local business due to covid economic recession.
Airport Terminal: Green Screen Advertising Billboard, Arrival Display with Chroma Key, Mock-up AD Space. Backgrond: Diverse Crowd of People Wait for their Flights in Boarding Lounge of Airline Hub
Old Computer turn ON and OFF with Green Screen Glitch 4K
Active young mom babysiter and cute little kid daughter jumping dancing in modern house living room, happy family mother with child girl having fun enjoy playing funny activity together at home
Happy Asian family enjoy and having fun together with outdoor lifestyle activity on road trip vacation. Little child girl kid sit in the car with pull her face and hand out of car window in summer day
Follow split shot of woman walk to and hang out of train carriage window. Cinematic and inspiring travel blogger live motivational adventure. Happy young woman on train vacation
Glass of shop window showcase with discount sticker. Boutique in the mall with clothes on big sale. Offline shopping, display of goods, t-shirts on hangers.
Authentic shot of a pensive young woman is touching a glass with her hand while looking through the window and smiling.
Concept: life, dreams, hope, new beginning, environment, quarantine, covid-19
Time lapse day to night transition blinking office windows lights in business center building downtown. Corporate business, high skyscraper glass surface. Light in building windows turn on and off
Young boy in a medical mask looks out the window. Self-isolation in quarantine, coronavirus, covid 19.
Back View of the Thoughtful Businessman wearing a Suit Standing in His Office, Contemplating Next Big Business Deal, Looking out of the Window. Business District Panoramic Window View
Young woman walking towards room window opens curtains and walks into the garden. Beach bungalow, woman on vacation

Aerial view of office windows in a modern skyscraper in the center of Warsaw at night. Close-up of windows of offices in a skyscraper, business center of Warsaw.
Lay out the pallet with the raw marinated meat on the window display in grocery store, close-up 4k footage
Business Financial Downtown City and Skyscrapers Tower Building at Marina Bay timelapse hyperlapse, Singapore, Cityscape Urban Landmark and Business Finance District Center reflected in water
Marbella , Malaga , Spain - 06 19 2022: Big piece of red dry aged beef, rib eye at a butcher, steak in a glass store window vitrine, 4K shot
asian boss delivering a speech during team meeting in modern office
free woman travels by car catches the wind with her hand from car window. Girl with long hair is sitting in front seat of car, stretching her arm out window and catching glare of setting sun
Happy mature senior couple dancing laughing in the kitchen, beautiful romantic middle aged older grandparents relaxing having fun together at home celebrating anniversary enjoy care love tenderness
Hands pulling a window curtain for warm morning light. Slow motion.  Young woman opening curtains in a bedroom. Closeup. Femele hands open window curtain in morning.
Young Pretty Female Working from Home on Desktop Computer with Green Screen Mock Up Display. Creative Woman Checking Social Media, Browsing Internet. Loft Apartment with City View from Big Window.
Violins, instruments music, in a the storefront of a shop
Modern laptop with blank green screen. Static footage with trees swaying or moving in the wind. Home interior or loft office background, 4k 24fps UHD, loop video
Timelapse of a huge corporate office building at night
Blonde stands near fashion store, looks at shop-window with mannequins in fashionable clothes. Beautiful girl wants to update her wardrobe, go shopping in city. Young woman admires dress at street
Thoughtful elderly old woman, looking towards the window, being alone in the evening, thinks about a serious problem. A woman misses her daughter and grandchildren, remaining in isolation.
Shopping of young beautiful woman. Brunette female standing near the shop-window and looking on it. Slow motion.
Group of Asia young creative people in smart casual wear discussing business brainstorming meeting ideas mobile application software design project in modern night office. Coworker teamwork concept.
Female and male mannequins stand in the window of a clothing store or boutique. Dutch angle
Storefront with steps, entrance door and glass window. Fashion boutique facade, street shop or showroom with empty shelves, showcase and lights, room for presentations or museum exhibitions, 3d render
Grey and white smooth bokeh abstract background, blurred natural shadows motion
Ship in storm. View from bridge. Ship climb up wave. A lot of splashes on windows. Strong pitching. High waves hit ship. White foam on water.
RIBEAUVILLE, FRANCE - AUGUST 20, 2019: Camera move to butcher store window and show dry-cured sausages hanging behind glass. Boucherie Traiteur Charcuterie at Ribeauville town, cosy food store
Laptop with blank green screen. Zoom in footage with trees swaying or moving in the wind. Home interior or loft office background, 4k 24fps UHD, loop video
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