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Happy Hispanic couple jumping on soft sofa laugh enjoy relax, rest on cozy couch feel overjoyed celebrate move day to own home, rented flat. Homeowners family, fashionable furniture store ad concept
Close up portrait happy sincere middle aged elderly retired family couple making heart gesture with fingers, showing love or demonstrating sincere feelings together indoors, looking at camera.
Close up portrait happy couple faces looking through joined fingers making heart shape. St Valentines Day celebration, romantic relationships, just married spouses, sincere feelings and love concept
Caring elderly grandma wife holding hand supporting senior grandpa husband give empathy care love, old married grandparents couple together two man and woman hope understanding concept, close up view
Happy young couple sit on sofa near of heap belongings in cardboard boxes, wife showing to camera bunch of keys, symbol of new modern home. Excited homeowners portrait, real estate and tenancy concept
Happy middle aged family couple meeting female real estate agent, financial advisor or lawyer, discussing contract details, making agreement at office. Satisfied client shaking hands with saleswoman.
Skilled male lawyer insurer financial advisor in formal wear showing service presentation on computer to elderly mature family couple clients at office meeting, discussing agreement details indoors.
Touristic agency worker explain showing on laptop travel offers tell about tour prices to happy older couple in office. Insurer woman presents offer medical insurance services to aged spouses concept
Slow motion active carefree young couple parents pushing huge cardboard boxes with kids, running forward, slow motion. Happy father and mother playing, having fun with adorable children daughters.
Couple using laptop choose goods buying clothes on-line on webstore, selecting travel tour plan vacation. Shopping together, make easy delivery service at home, comfortable purchasing remotely concept
Old spouses enjoy vegetable salad preparation together in kitchen. Caring grey-haired husband feeding loving wife red paprika talking hugging relish romantic date, happy marriage, healthy eat concept
Affectionate young family couple happy husband and wife sit on cozy kitchen room floor hold glasses drink red wine talk laugh celebrate holiday new home purchase rent mortgage investment, above view
Happy positive young couple holding reading good news in document letter, smiling family checking easy service to pay paper domestic bills online on laptop discuss budget, satisfied with money refund
Excited young married couple newlyweds first time buying house receiving mortgage loan hugging looking at camera holding bunch of keys. Portrait of laughing spouses real estate owners in new apartment
30s young adult Asian man and woman playing a mobile phone together sits on sofa in cozy living room at home. Happy couple internet user in casual clothes on couch. Technology usage in Asia concept
Happy african couple renters owners tenants sit on sofa use digital tablet on moving day in new house, black man and woman relax on couch with boxes discuss interior design online idea renovate home
Couple quarrelling sitting on couch at home, focus on desperate girlfriend crying while boyfriend screams accusing her. Break up, unwanted pregnancy man insists on abortion, jealousy, conflict concept
Full length happy young married couple sitting on warm heated floor. clinking glasses with wine, celebrating new house purchase, successful mortgage investment. Laughing family spouse enjoying dating.
Happy loving family couple discussing apartment purchase with professional real estate agent at office meeting, signing paper contract, getting keys from own accommodation, celebrating successful deal
Head shot portrait family embracing pose in domestic room smile look at camera, happy wife showing bunch of keys from new home. Proud homeowners, rented flat, loan and mortgage, relocation day concept
Happy funny young family couple dancing jumping on bed mattress, active carefree husband and wife having fun laughing enjoying honeymoon party together in morning in cozy bedroom interior at home
Unhappy young family couple feeling stressed moving into new apartment or moving out of house, sitting together on sofa among huge carton boxes, tired of long renovation relocation processes.
Happy honeymoon getaway holidays, romantic couple on the beach, vacation travel.
Couple dancing in cozy kitchen holding hands enjoy hobby and funny active weekend together, husband lifted wife in arms and circles spinning her in dance. Family celebrate move day to new home concept
Happy attractive woman feeding husband while cooking together at modern kitchen. Smiling family couple laughing, enjoying preparing healthy vegetarian food salad meal for romantic dinner at home.
African sport fan couple sit on couch at home watching game match on-line in streaming on smart phone celebrating victory. Happy supporters cheering and exulting after winning on internet bet concept
Happy young couple signing contract with african ethnicity realtor saleswoman wedding planner after discussing details in cafe. Satisfied smiling clients making agreement with mixed race professional.
Portrait of happy lovely family with little kids sit on couch smile look at camera. Young parents rest on sofa hug preschool children spend weekend at modern home. Upbringing, happy parenthood concept
Loving senior husband grandfather cover old mature grandmother sit on sofa drink tea with blanket plaid showing care warming embracing elderly wife enjoy autumn leisure retirement lifestyle at home
Happy middle aged family spouses having fun, making selfie photos together on smartphone at home. Laughing bonding mature older married couple using funny mobile applications or recording video.
Happy carefree elderly senior grandparents dancing waltz in modern living room, loving old husband laughing holding mature wife enjoying retirement lifestyle talking in slow dance having fun at home
Young family couple move to new house apartment carry packages with furniture stuff together. Happy spouses furnish purchased flat at relocation day give high five putting box with belongings on floor
Silhouette of man and woman at sunset. Beautiful girl kisses guy in a deserted field, leaves and rises to hold her hands in slow motion. A romantic date and love on nature of loving happy couple
Happy older spouses receive professional consultation from insurer during formal meeting in office. Bank employee provide help informing to elderly clients. Mortgage, loan, insurance services concept
Excited happy young family couple looking at laptop computer feel winners surprised by lottery betting winning bid, celebrate good internet news embracing overjoyed by victory achievement online
Middle-aged couple sitting at small outdoor cafe table and enjoying takeaway lunch. Portrait of senior husband and wife relaxing on restaurant terrace eating chinese wok on warm autumn day
Happy loving elderly old couple grandma and grandpa embracing bonding relaxing sit on couch looking at camera, smiling senior retired family enjoy hugging on sofa in living room grandparents portrait
Happy excited couple customers open cardboard box together sit on sofa at home, young family consumers unpack good parcel looking inside receive surprising great purchase delivered by postal shipping
Happy senior middle aged couple laughing talking embracing using laptop together looking at computer screen, smiling older mature family enjoying watching funny video or making online call at home
Close-up on a Face of a Woman in Labor Pushing Hard to Give Birth, Obstetricians Assisting, Spouse Holds Her Hand. Modern Maternity Hospital with Professional Midwives. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Camera.
Happy young caucasian family couple consulting with financial advisor about savings investment. Confident male lawyer showing services presentation on computer to clients at modern workplace.
Happy african couple renters owners tenants celebrate moving day in own flat house, excited black man husband holding carrying spinning woman wife having fun among boxes enjoy relocation into new home
A beautiful couple, handsome man and seductive girl in love walking holding hands and looking at something on green screen background, Rear view, Chroma key, 4k shot
Attractive woman going to sleep with a smile on her face content, and relaxed next to a man lying in bed next to her
Two lovers with separated hands. A sign of love, close relationships, divorce. Man and woman holding hands, then part against the sky. Couple gesturing concept of ending relationship between them
Old man giving flowers at his wife sitting on the sofa at home for the San Valentines’ day. Pensioners enjoying surprise together. In love people having fun.
Young millennial couple relaxing on couch with smart phone at home reading sms with great fantastic offer news looking overjoyed celebrate loan bank approve, invitation, good news feeling happiness
50s grey haired wife and husband hold hands while listen music sing song using kitchenware like microphones enjoy karaoke together standing in kitchen feels happy. Hobby, untroubled retirees concept
Happy excited indian family parents with teenage daughter unpacking parcel postal shipping box receiving shipment from online shop sitting on sofa in living room. E commerce online shopping concept.
A happy and attractive young Indian couple sitting on a couch and having home-cooked food together in an apartment, also enjoying a evening meal
Close up young african american man holding female hands, demonstrating support. Mixed race spouses reconciling after misunderstanding. Biracial husband comforting wife, overcoming problems together.
Elderly pretty lively couple sitting on couch records video message, overjoyed grey haired grandparents wave hands talking looks at camera chatting using webcam with grandchildren or grown up children
Young family happy couple use laptop read news online received great e-mail scream with joy celebrating unbelievable opportunity. Gamblers lottery monetary win, auction and betting success concept
Loving husband, cheerful little daughter hugging young bald female mother wife cancer patient. Happy family celebrate recovery, victory over oncology disease sitting on couch at home feels overjoyed
Aged couple, gray-haired wife and husband in elegant outerwear are hugging each other and smiling during romantic walk in the park. Autumn day. Tracking shot, back view. Close up, slow motion
Overjoyed young married spouse using different kitchenware as microphones, pretending to be singers. Excited happy mixed race family couple dancing to favorite music, singing song as duo in kitchen.
Happy active aged senior couple dancing having fun at home together, funky carefree old mature man and woman holding hands jumping to music enjoy weekend or celebrating anniversary in living room
Side close up view happy wife put arms around husband neck, 35s couple in love move slow dance while looking at each other touch foreheads enjoy romantic date. Newlyweds, romance relationships concept
Female african bank manager broker realtor consult family customers make mortgage insurance loan offer, saleswoman insurer explain couple clients deal benefit convince buy service at business meeting
Happy older family couple clients make sale purchase deal sign insurance contract handshake estate agent lawyer, satisfied senior customers and bank manager shake hands buy new house at meeting
Detective filming the fact of adultery on video. cheated spouse removing his wife with his lover on a smartphone
young woman looks into an empty fridge and orders food at home through an app in her phone
Close up portrait cheerful healthy elderly married couple faces looking through joined fingers making heart shape symbol. Romantic relationships, eternal love, unity, happy long-life marriage concept
African couple spend time in cozy kitchen, wife sit at bar counter use laptop discuss with husband retail purchase, browse internet having fun online. Modern wireless tech, order, buy remotely concept
African married young couple holding papers read received correspondence letter document sit at apartment in kitchen, manage family finances, discuss money spend, expenses, get info about taxes refund
Spouses spend time on rented home kitchen look at pc screen laughing receive e-mail from bank feels excited, loan accept, on-line betting win, lottery victory. Moment of sincere happy emotions concept
African 30s handsome boyfriend and pretty girlfriend relaxing sit on couch holding tablet, family buy goods for home use e-store on-line e-commerce retail services. Modern tech, new app usage concept
Happy young family African wife and husband standing in cozy kitchen kneading dough cooking together prepare pastries for holiday dinner, celebrate event, enjoy romantic date and communication at home
Happy African spouses sign agreement receive keys from bought home. Family negotiate with realtor put signature on contract get keys, real estate agent congratulate applaud satisfied with good deal
Rear view of old Asian woman and her husband wearing comfortable sportswear and backpacks going down wooden stairs in park and having chat
Hand erasing destroys heart shape drawing on misted window in a dark environment. Breakup, broken heart and relationship problems. Love is over concept. Selective focus.
Financial advisor or realtor agent showing presentation on computer to older 60s spouses. Architect demonstrate affordable real estate on laptop talk to clients at meeting in office. Advisory concept
Elderly wife dancing spinning hold hands with husband couple listen music having fun together in cozy kitchen. Romantic date, relations of older generation people. Carefree, active old spouses concept
Loving young couple bonding laughing touching foreheads relaxing together, romantic millennial man and woman getting closer enjoying moment of affection cuddling looking at each other at home
TRACKING Candid shot of two happy lesbian LGBT brides wearing boho dresses walking through alley on their wedding day. Shot with 2x anamorphic lens
Two elderly people old spouses standing in living room dancing, loving husband holds hand of beloved wife while she spinning around couple enjoy life together on retirement feels happy healthy concept
Couple sit on couch using laptop buy goods services on internet, planning vacation buy tickets booking hotels, enjoy easy comfort e-banking app. Comfort usage of modern tech e-commerce clients concept
Attractive elderly wife and hoary husband sit together at table using laptop talking discussing on-line purchase, buying services and goods on internet, choose travel tour, plan vacation feels happy
Happy young family african wife, husband with dreadlocks pleased good-looking 35s couple standing in domestic modern comfort remodelled kitchen smiling looking at camera. Homeowners portrait concept
Stressed young man sitting on sofa separately from angry wife, do not talking after quarrel. Offended married couple ignoring each other, having misunderstanding indoors, family relationship problems.
Close-up on a Face of a Woman in Labor Pushing Hard to Give Birth, Obstetricians Assisting, Spouse Holds Her Hand. Modern Maternity Hospital/ Delivery Ward with Professional Midwives.
Indian couple and little son play dinosaurs toys and wooden cube set spend time at modern warm comfort home. Kid development, parenthood, playtime and fun with playthings, weekend with family concept
Happy old senior romantic couple dancing in modern living room, loving elder husband holding middle aged wife hand spinning around having fun at home, aged family grandparents relaxing together
Enamored man woman happy couple in love looking at camera through tender heart of united hands. Webcam portrait of loving young spouses influencers sharing romantic story with audience in video blog
Euphoric happy overjoyed young african american family couple looking at laptop computer feel winners excited by online lottery bid win celebrate good internet news victory achieved new opportunity
Happy young couple holding glasses enjoying talking bonding in kitchen, loving affectionate family smiling husband and wife drinking red wine celebrating romantic anniversary together at home
Close-up of hands joining together with sunlight flare in the background. Beautiful romantic moment between two lovers. Feelings, emotional romantic cinematic scene. First love, falling in love
CIRCA 1903 - European immigrants arrive at Ellis Island by ship and disembark on the dock.
Young african couple with little kids sit on couch, cute children piggyback embrace loving parents smile look at camera. Medical insurance cover or full family, new house and happy homeowners concept
Close up hispanic couple on date in autumn park happily smiling attractive girl hug male by shoulders handsome bearded guy move holding piggyback female outdoors pair look up enjoying fall sunny day
excited lovers are having sex in shower, man is back of his beloved woman, kissing her
Happy aged couple clients shake hands with advisor agent lawyer after sign a contract make deal, express gratitude for qualified consultation received. Insurer sell medical insurance services concept
Overjoyed smiling african ethnicity family couple dancing with cute daughter at living room. Happy mixed race family having fun, involved in funny activity together on weekend morning at home.
Elderly man sit with wife indoor feels upset, loving woman put hand on shoulders hugs him comforting, express empathy, close up. Crisis, impotence, potency health problems, incurable disease concept
Tired couple sit on couch feels annoyed while noisy little daughter and son shouting jumping on sofa near parents. Too active hyperactive disobedient kids, need repose, upbringing difficulties concept
Elderly couple holds bills makes online payment use pc, check bank account balance feels satisfied, wife explains help to husband do transaction, easy secure money remittance modern tech usage concept
Euphoric millennial family couple reading paper letter with amazing news, celebrating getting bank loan mortgage approval, receiving profitable job offer or promotion, feeling excited indoors.
Happy 35s married couple analyzing paperwork planning and discuss budget, reading good news, hold document letter. Family checking paper pay domestic bills, satisfied with money income or taxes refund
So upset. Waist up portrait view of the sad bearded man sitting at the bed and looking at his sleeping wife after the quarrel. Family disagreements concept
Medium close up shot of sale man give a detail of contract term to spouses customer to sign agreement on tablet. Senior couple wearing face mask dealing with businessman to renew insurance contracts.
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