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Chef applying grained salt on raw piece of steak. Cooker preparing meat on professional kitchen table with various vegetables 4k footage
Grains of salt and other spices falling onto plate with beautiful beef steak. Mignon fillet being prepared for serving - art food, gourmet meal 4k footage close up
cooking burgers. Close-up. Big appetizing burger with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, juicy, grilled beef patty with cheese, and fried egg on top. fast food, junk food.
Dad with daughters in a tent at home. Dad imitates a owl.
Close up shot of a juicy freshly grilled steak straight from the grid being cut with fork and knife on kitxhen table 0 food and drink 4k footage
Sirloin Aged Prime Rare Roast Isolated Grilling Pork Filet with Stripes Slow Motion Shot. Cooking Concept of Chief Cooked Oil Unhealthy, but Very Satisfying Protein Tasty Burger in Casual Bar. Slowmo
piggy bank business standing on a pile of coins concept. A hand is putting a coin in a lifestyle piggy bank on a yellow background. saving money is an investment for the future. Banking investment and
Grilled pork ribs on the flaming grill .
Aged Prime Rare Roast Grilling Tenderloin Fresh Juicy Beef High Filet with Lines Slow Motion Shot. Macro Concept of Person Cooked Unhealthy Satisfying Hamburgers Outdoors for Warm Friends Picnic Party
Cooking beef and pork patty for burger. Meat roasted at kitchen. Slow motion.
Pigs on a farm slow motion shot in evening sunshine
how to make sausage links with meat grinder. Woman use kitchenaid electric meat grinder. keto diet sausages from minced mince and pieces of meat in a natural casing
Family putting coins into piggy bank for the future savings.
Pork production industrial line, butchers in slaughterhouse cut dead pigs. Workers wash the carcasses and register each one, glue the barcode and enter it into the database. Livestock farming.
African family with little daughter sit at table in kitchen, preschool 6s girl counts, puts coins in piggy bank, parents teaches child save money, think about future, manage personal savings concept
Modern agricultural industry. Animal Livestock. Meat, pork production factory, plant. Many big and small pink pigs and piglets in farm are running, playing and fighting. High angle view
Meat production, the process of making minced pork meat, food production line, mixing minced meat.
Close-up of a slice of bacon fried on a hot bacon fry in a pan
Young pigs in the farm yard sniffing the camera. Pigs in a pigsty on a pig farm
Juicy beef steak is fried on fire coals on iron grill on dark background in flame of smoke. Barbecue in evening, chef turns meat on grill with tongs. cooking dinner in a hot flame.
Wild, swimming piglet on Big Majors Cay in Bahamas
Pigs or swines at domestic animal farm, piggery. Farmhouse at modern meat production plant. Many fat piglets in the cages show their snouts and snif. Pork. food production factory, tracking
Piglets are eating milk from the sows of the sows on the farm.
Establishing shot, aerial of family farm in United States, grain bins, chicken house, barn and fields in summer hazy foggy morning light
Young attractive farmer caress black cow on dairy farm with brown cows eating grass on sunny background. Milky store business. Organic nutrition. Healthy lifestyle concept. Farmers insurance. 4K
On background man calculates writing in daily planner personal expenses and incomes, close up focus on piggy bank euro coins on table, symbol of budget managing, make savings and take care of tomorrow
Tasty Mexican meat tacos served with various vegetables and salsa. With sides in ceramic bowls around. Top view composition.
Pigs in the slaughterhouse. Pork. Modern meat processing plant. Butchers butcher carcasses of pork. Modern slaughterhouse animal husbandry. Farm at the meat processing plant. Pork. Slaughterhouse.
a process of preparation of sushi is Philadelphia, burning of smoking fire of fresh raw red fish salmon tuna eel, on a black background before a serve to the clients
Chef epicly dropping raw piece of steak. Cooker preparing meat on professional kitchen table with various vegetables - food and drink, food art 4k footage
Family of pigs in a green open-air lawn where the puppies are nursing from their mother. concept of biological , animal health , friendship , love of nature . vegan and vegetarian style .
Super Slow Motion Shot of Fresh Skewer Falling on Grill at 1000 fps.
Dolly in long shot between two rows of many pigs and piglets in piggery and modern farm at meat production plant. Male farmers work in pig farmhouse and check animals. Livestock. 4k
Piglet nursery eating food in trough,Pig farms open house in the tropics.Self-mixed animal feed to reduce food costs
Mixed american barbecue food on hot grill. Hamburgers, hotdogs, corn being grilled. Tasty composition. Outdoor party.
Traditional Mexican tacos are filled with sauce
Modern farm with pigs and piglets. Two pigs sit next to each other. Animal livestock. Modern meat processing plant. Pens with drinking and feeding systems. Meat production factory. Piggery.
Close-up view of bacon slices in frying pan.
Wisconsin Pigs Smiling Hogs Eating in Mud
Chef preparing tonkatsu (fried pork) in the restaurant kitchen
piggy bank saving business standing on a pile of coins concept. A hand is putting a coin in piggy bank. saving money is an investment for the future. Banking investment  business
veterinarian, piggery worker is observing a yard with young pigs
Super Slow Motion Shot of Roasted Bacon Slices Falling on Wooden Board at 1000 fps.
BLM San Diego North Park California Drone footage aerial footage
Free range domestic Pigs eating on a meadow in an organic meat farm
Follow footage of factory worker in cap that is walking through industrial facilities in meat plant. Sausage production
Camera follows cooking bacon on grill. Shot with high speed camera, phantom flex 4K. Slow Motion.
Meat processing plant, butcher cuts pork carcasses, meat production and food industry, the process of harvesting meat, butcher cuts the meat into pieces.
Happy animal husbandry, pigs in modern sustainable farm agriculture industry.
Delicious slices of medium rare grilled barbecue beef steak on wooden board, salt and pepper seasoning falling down on juicy roasted meat. Steamed beef steak with blood served in luxury restaurant
Cute glass piggy bank stuffed with huge amounts of coins. Money fast grows inside the pig - a symbol of wealth, frugality and efficient invest planning. Perfect for business related purposes.
funny pigs sniffing soil farming agriculture concept. pig on an old farm . adult piglets run in a pen on an old lifestyle farm. pigs sniff the ground. domestic pig
Piggy Bank Hit With Hammer Super Slow Motion 2000fps
Farm worker is writing data about the pigs in the yard
Cooking show hosts chefs, male and female, cooking in the kitchen studio set. Morning TV cooking programme. Shot on ARRI Alexa Mini
pigs on livestock farm, pigs farm, livestock farm. Modern Agricultural Pigs Farm
Juicy beef steak is fried on fire coals on iron grill on dark background in flame of smoke. Barbecue in evening, chef turns meat on grill with tongs. cooking dinner in a hot flame.
close up of asian young businesswoman wear face mask is shopping for meat and scanning barcode with smart phone at supermarket
Authentic Mexican tacos filled with cochinita pibil (shredded meat marinated with onion)
Chef decorating a plate with freshly grilled meat . Cooker adding a piece of rosemary with tweezers on top of steak - food art gourmet dinner 4k footage close up
Rack focus of mature male scientist inspecting sample of cell meat in Petri dish while working in modern laboratory
Microbiologist in white robe checking cell based lab grown vegan meat samples in Petri dishes while sitting at table near diverse colleagues in lab.
Free range domestic Pigs eating on a meadow in an organic meat farm
Pig farm with many pigs. Modern agricultural pigs farm. Dirty pigs are sitting behind fence.
Farm worker is doing a check-up of the pigs. Pig farmer checking pigs at farm.
Pigs in the slaughterhouse, dead pigs hanging on a hook. Modern Factory for the production of meat. Pork. Livestock raising. Farm. Pig breeding. Fatty pork carcasses hang in freezer. Warehouse. Pork
Panoramic view of pork faces at the farm. Each pig is housed in a separate cage. Livestock inspection. Pigsty. Inspection of animals. Meat production farm. Domestic pigs. Close-up
Huge assortment of various tasety spanish, french or italian apertizers. Cheese, meat, olives, stuffed peppers, bread, sticks. Placed on rusty dark background. View from above.
Small brown hamster lays down for rest in wheel
Macro view of Tasty french fries and crispy chicken nuggets with mustard and ketchup
Delicious juicy meat steak cooking on grill. Aged prime rare roast grilling tenderloin fresh marble tenderness beef. Prime beef fry on electric roaster, rosemary, black pepper, salt. Slow motion.
Farm pigs are in the paddock, small pigs, up to fattening pigs, for sale to processing plants.
Many big fat and small pigs, piglets in modern farm, farmhouse at pork meat production factory, plant. Female farmer in uniform checks the animals in cages, counting them. Pigs farm. Pork meat farm
Industrial processing lard or beef meat in minced meat on a huge meat grinder at a meat factory closeup
grilled and barbecue ribs pork
Serving feijoada, a Brazilian dish on a lunch table
Holding sliced beef (wagyu) using chopsticks on hot pot (Black soup) with smoke. Japanese hot pot. Shabu Shabu or Sukiyaki in Japanese style.
Wild boar (sus scrofa ferus) running away in forest in winter time. Wildlife in natural habitat
Asian Quality control expert inspecting at food specimen meat in the laboratory
Beef fillet on the Cut Board, preparing Meat. Brutal Mans`s Hands with a Knife slicing, cutting a delicate Beef fillet Meat on the cut board. Beef or Veal meat on the Table. Steak. Meat Dish.
Trio marino, ceviche, chaufa with seafood and pork rinds. focusing each product blurring the background.
Young Indian mother her little 4s son lying on floor at home count and drop coins into piggy bank. Caring parent teaches child save money, think about future, manage personal finances, savings concept
Juicy freshly grilled steak. Big piece of tasty meat cut. Macro shot of delicious meal on chef's preparation table - food and drink concept 4k footage
Close up shot of piece of steak is fried on the grill pan. Chef flips tasty grilled meat steak in kitchen, 4k footage
Seamless looping animation of grilling sausages. Roasted rotating sausages on the grill. Process of preparing tasty hotdogs. Delicious meal. Unhealthy food. Hot grilled meat. Barbeque. Dinner time.
The meat packing industry handles the slaughtering, processing, packaging, and distribution of animals such as cattle, pigs, sheep and other livestock.
Grilling sausage with the addition of herbs and vegetables on the grill plate, outdoors. Grilling food, bbq, barbecue, 4k
Thai tradition food : Crackling Chili paste, stirred with dry shrimps, chili, and spicy herb. Served with fried basil leafs. Still life in studio, Clean food good taste idea concept.
Lunch of vegetables. Cook the vegetable stew in a pan. Frozen vegetables on a salad. Semi-finished food. Sliced cabbage broccoli.
Pork Slaughterhouse. Many dead pig bodies hang from hook. Pork Meat production factory. Consumerism. Dead pigs in slaughterhouse. Farm pigs. Pork Meat. Meat production. Slaughterhouse Conveyor line.
Salmon In A Pan With A Bit Of Water, Fire Smoked Fresh Raw Red Fish Salmon
Young Couple Eating Traditional Asian Street Food Barbecue Satay on Wooden Stick at Night Market. 4K Cinematic Slowmotion Footage. 30 JAN 2019 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Savings. graph drawn on a chalkboard by financial expert
Cutting, slicing medium rare meat grilled barbecue steak with knife
little child with mother and father throw coins of money at pig, happy family saving savings in piggy bank, childhood dream concept, little baby's home money, financial wealth savings, investing cash
Piggy bank destroyed by a hammer in slow motion.
3D Animation.
Grilling pork steaks, pork neck with the addition of herbs and spices on the grill plate, top view, 4k. Grilled meat, bbq, barbecue
Fattening pigs are eating from a semi-automatic feeding device.
Young groundhog standing in soft green grass eats carrot while another scurries on by
A piece of fresh pork meat for cooking steak
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