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Beautiful Young Girl Walks Over to a Refrigerator While Drinking Her Morning Coffee. She is Checking the Weather Forecast and a To Do List on a Smart Fridge at Home. Kitchen is Bright and Cozy.
Shopping concepts. Mother and daughter are choosing to buy ice cream in the freezer. 4k Resolution.
Hungry young man looking for food in an empty fridge. View from inside of hipster guy in glasses opening refrigerator finding no food feeling sad and disappointed.
Refrigerator in clean white modern kitchen. Home appliance beauty shot dolly
Ice cold mist blowing from freezer of refrigerated trailer of truck. Transporting food and drink both frozen and chilled. Technology used by food produce industry. Stacked steel metal trolley wheels.
Laboratory worker get Cryogenic container with reproductive cells, Haze and fog comes out from the freezing container. Liquid nitrogen freezer vaccine storage. medical cryogenics biotechnology.
Shopping concepts. The sales staff are confident in customer service at the fruit and vegetable department. 4k Resolution.
Meal Prep delivery. Food order online. Stocking freezer with homemade meals. Healthy Frozen Dinners
Shopping concepts. The daughter is buying fruit for her mother in the mall. 4k Resolution.
Meal Prep Containers. Planning and preparing healthy meals. Organic produce and ingredients. Oven-Ready and Pre-Prepped meals
Delivery of the coronavirus vaccine to the vaccination department, the doctor in a protective suit transports doses of the modern vaccine in a heat box with a refrigerant.
Beautiful Young Couple Drink Morning Coffee in the Kitchen. They Check the Weather Forecast and a To Do List on a Smart Fridge at Home. Apartment is Bright and Cozy.
Camera shows the dead body covered with a white cloth in the morgue. Waiting for the funeral or dissection. Life is gone. Room is equipped with mortuary refrigerators, where human remains are cooled.
Young sad friends looking in empty fridge at home, view from inside. Group of multiethnic young people opening empty fridge feeling hungry and disappointed
A man puts plastic containers in the fridge. Frozen fruits, vegetables, meat in the freezer.
At the Supermarket: Handsome Man Pushes Shopping Card and Browses for Products in the Frozen Goods Section. Other Customer in the Background. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
3D rendering of household equipment . Refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, oven and vacuum cleaner.
Empty shelves in store. Supermarket with empty shelves for goods
View inside fridge of tired african entrepreneur loosening tie and grabbing sandwich from refrigerator shelf coming hungry late from work over dark kitchen background
Young american woman choosing dairy products while shopping at supermarket. Female customer opening fridge door, taking yogurt in hand, putting in basket. Side of lady traveler is buying food during
Beautiful Young Couple Come to the Kitchen with Fresh Groceries in Brown Paper Bag. Man is Handing Fresh Salad Greens, Apples and Oranges to the Girl Who Puts Them in the Fridge.
Dead body slide into mortuary refrigeraor for later autopsy, corpse on metal tray covered with white cloth, sliding into morgue freezer waiting for dissection. Front closeup view.
Household and kitchen appliances and home technics in a row.  E-commerce online internet store concept. 3d loopable video animation
Advertise, Business, Food, Health Concept -  Woman in a supermarket standing in front of the freezer and choose buying fresh milk bottle. Drink milk for healthy.
Beautiful Brunette Girl in White Jeans and Grey Sweater Comes to the High-Tech Fridge with a Glass Door and Takes a Green Apple. She goes to the Living Room. Flat has Modern Interior.
Industrial refrigeration unit mounted on wall of warehouse building. Unit with external cooling fans. Rotating blades. Metal turbine. Air conditioning equipment. Protective steel grill. Freezer unit
View from refrigerator of young afro-american guy in apron opening fridge and taking ingredients in container cooking dinner. Man taking food from fridge making meal
View from fridge of afro-american young guy taking two bottles of beer from refrigerator at night time. Afro man breaking diet taking beer in fridge at nighttime
At the Supermarket: Stylish African American Guy with Headphones Walks Through Frozen Goods Section of the Store. Following Back View Shot. Slow Motion.
Disappointed woman feeling hot during summer time at home, she is cooling herself in front of the open fridge
SANTA MARTA, COLOMBIA - NOVEMBER 2018: Smooth slow motion shot inside supermarket store (Refrigerated foods)
Refrigeration factory premises with female employees at work. Production line at a factory facility.
Woman opens the door of the refrigerator compartment at the supermarket.
Handsome Young Man Walks Over to a Refrigerator While Drinking His Morning Coffee. He is Checking a To Do List on a Smart Fridge at Home. Kitchen is Bright and Cozy.
Woman buys frozen food in a supermarket. An attractive young woman stands near the freezer and selects fish. Buying food in a supermarket.
Woman in the kitchen taking out a delicious sweet dessert from the fridge and having a late night snack. Diet fail concept
Falling ice cubes isolated on green background. 3d illustration. 4K video.
Time lapse of melting blue ice cubes on black background
View from fridge of happy smiling young girl taking cool bottle of glass from refrigerator over dark background with cheerful dancing people. friends having party at home
Lonely man and the empty fridge
White Steam and Cold Air Getting Out from Freezer After Opening the Door. Opening the Fridge Door in a Store.
View from fridge of stout young man looking at donut but choosing fresh vegetables in container. Fat man on diet taking vegetables for snack. Will power, healthy diet and weight loss concept.
Worker using a forklift in a warehouse
KAZAN, TATARSTAN RUSSIA - AUGUST 11 2020: Large grey domestic refrigerator stands in old green forest at floating white mist clouds in summer morning advertisement video on August 11 in Kazan
Ice cubes closeup, abstract background.
Cutting Pork Meat
Worker are moving boxes to store in cold storage.
MONTREAL, CANADA - FEBRUARY 2016: Slow Motion: Refrigerator Products at Walmart (Milk, juices, meat, chicken, ham etc.)
At the Supermarket: Stylish African American Guy with Headphones Chooses Products in the Frozen Goods From the Fridge and Puts them into Shopping Basket. Slow Motion. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Camera.
Multiple dead bodies in warehouse depot, many corpses covered with white cloth waiting for mass dissection or funeral inside big hall. Tileable animation.
Woman setting up a modern fridge and freezer.
Selangor, Malaysia - March 11, 2021 : purchases coronavirus, attractive female shopper in medical mask with shopping basket in a supermarket during a pandemic on isolation, New Normal Life.
View from fridge of cheerful overweight man in apron and headphones taking eggs from shelf making breakfast. Fat guy cooking dinner and taking ingredients in refrigerator
brunette woman in shirt to open the door of the refrigerator in the appliances store and compare with other models to buy the new house
Amazing scene of ice cubes falling in super slow motion. Ice cubes falling on white background. Ice crystals. Sugar crystals. Glass blocks. 3D Render.
asian woman takes milk and drinks it from opened refrigerator in kitchen at home
Afro-american woman looking inside refrigerator making grocery shopping list on mobile phone app. View from inside fridge of african female ordering food delivery on smartphone
Person open the smoking hot fridge at night 4K
Girl in a protective medical mask comes to the freezer shelf and selects products. Girl takes eggs from the grocery shelf in the supermarket. 4k, ProRes
TORONTO DEC 2019:Woman buying product from dairy  refrigerator in supermarket. Various delicious dairy products in chiller fridge in grocery store.
Man Hand Open Kitchen Fridge Door Looking Inside for Fresh Food and Drink
Empty side-by-side refrigerator, opening and closing the doors
At the Supermarket: Handsome Man Opens Freezer Door and Puts Frozen Vegetables into His Shopping Cart. Customer Browsing Through Frozen Goods Section of the Store. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Camera.
Prep meals at home, then eat on the go. Lunch Portion Control Containers. Advance planning and preparing healthy meals. Organic produce. Keto diet
Following Low Ground Shot At the Supermarket: of the Legs and Shopping Cart Full of Products Moving Through Frozen Goods Section of the Store.
Opening and closing the door of an empty fridge
Little girl opening fridge door and taking out a piece of cake and a lot of sweets. Point of view from inside of the kitchen refrigerator
CIRCA 1957 - In this commercial a couple dances around refrigerators in a showroom, showing how well the freezers preserve ice trays.
The cook fills metal mixer with milk. The  milk factory. Mixing of milk and diary in bowl. Preparing sour cream and cheese. Making cottage cheese for restaurant. Cream production process. Ice cream.
Medical Virology Research Scientist Works in a Hazmat Suit with Mask, She Uses Micropipette. She Works in a Sterile High Tech Laboratory, Research Facility. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
butcher on the production processes raw meat for production of sausages
Female Hands Lay Out Frozen Vegetable Briquettes in Freezer. Freezing fresh vegetables for winter. Canning. Beets, carrots, peppers, tomato juice. Freezer organization. Useful, healthy food. 4K. Close
A woman in a supermarket, choosing frozen vegetables from the refrigerator
Keto diet. Healthy Meal Prep. Homemade vegan food. Reusable Takeaway Containers and Lunch Box. Packing a Zero Waste Lunch
Metal industrial air conditioning vent. HVAC. Commercial cooling HVAC air conditioner condenser fan units battery set climate control and refrigeration temperature AC conditioning system
Speed shopper. View from inside shopping cart.
Kid Eating Strawberry from Fridge, Hungry Child Eats Fresh Fruits in Refrigerator, Young Girl at Diet, Healthy Food Woman in Kitchen
Medical Research Scientist Opens Refrigerator Box Takes Out Petri Dish with Samples and Examines it. She Works in a Busy Modern Laboratory Center. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Homemade takeaway food in plastic containers. Woman cooks healthy office lunch portion at home. Healthy calorie controlled meals. Keto diet
Woman opening the fridge and taking a delicious dessert for a late night snack, unhealthy food and diet fail concept
Pink popsicle ice cream on pastel background.
portrait of butcher measuring pork temperature in the refrigerator at the meat manufacturing slaughterhouse worker professional butchering slaughtering dead pigs hanging on hooks animal meat
At the Supermarket: Happy Young Girl Holding Shopping Basket Dances Through Frozen Goods and Dairy Products Section of the Store. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Opening the fridge with smoke come out 4K
Frozen Food In Supermarket Aisle Tracking Shot. Tracking Shot of a big supermarket aisle with frozen food. People shopping in the background.
Hungry man is looking for food in fridge at night. Only pepper is inside empty fridge. World job economy crisis and financial crash concept.
Meat factory worker examines sausage and salami for quality control staying at smokehouse. Food storage. Specialist in uniform. Meat processing.
Shopping concepts of 4k Resolution. Beautiful women walking to shop in the mall.
Home appliances Group of white refrigerator washing machine stove microwave oven vacuum cleaner on glass flor background 3d
Close-up of a Medical research scientist takes out petri dish with frozen samples of cells from a cryogenic nitrogen container in a science research lab. He works in a busy modern laboratory center.
Make-Ahead Freezer Meals For Moms-to-be. Dinner Plan for a Month of Healthy Dinners. Meal Prep Delivery Company
Thirsty Person Opening the Door Fridge, Taking a Bottle with Fresh and Cold Water.
Fresh Fish Catch On Ice Moving Shot
Beautiful young girl in winter clothes and snowboarding goggles stands in the snow near a broken open refrigerator with food in the kitchen
Ready to eat meals, some fresh and others flash frozen, take the hassle out of food prep, cooking and cleaning. Freezing Cooked Food for Future Meals. Freezer Bags
Stop motion animation of variety fresh meats in and out on shelf of refrigerator
Beautiful young woman hipster opens fridge door, funny looks inside in search food, checks out that empty and closes door disappointment.
Man Making Food Reserves with Frozen Meat in a Freezer. Frozen Meat Reserves, Portioned in Rations on Freezer Shelves.
At the Supermarket: Stylish African American Guy with Shopping Basket Chooses Products in the Frozen Goods Section of the Store. He Opens Big Glass Door Fridge. Slow Motion. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K.
Hand with medical glove sorting a bottle vaccine from ice storage. Medication treatment at nitrogen freeze.
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