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Multiple colored umbrellas photographed from above. Abstract colorful background.
Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, October 12th 2019, Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. Blue solar car named Heart Three from Halmstad University drives through the pit lane.
Byron Bay, Australia, April 5, Melbourne Ska Orchestra play on the Crossroads stage at the 2015 Byron Bay Bluesfest. 26th annual Blues and Roots festival.
The Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA), at the Paul Wild Observatory. These are two of the six 22 metre antennas used for radio astronomy.
Golden hour tree light. Sunbeams stream through branches of eucalyptus forest in New South Wales, Australia.
New Year 2022. Purple firework with purple smoke and glittering background. Text 2022.
Silvereye. Zosterops lateralis. Small antipodean bird stands on wild tobacco berries. Also known as white-eye, it has a bright ring of white feathers around the eye and a yellow-green head and wings.
Spirogyra filamentous charophyte green alga. Common names include water silk, mermaid's tresses, and blanket weed. Strings of green algae on the surface of river water form green lines.

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Multiple colored umbrellas photographed from above. Abstract colorful background.


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