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Doctor pediatrician injecting vaccine
Vaccination programme. Doctor with syringe making injection for old patients, close up
Doctor is vaccinating the patient with antibiotics or virus-resistant antibiotics to prevent the spread of the virus, Antibiotics prevent new strain of flu concept.
Drawing Blood for Platelet Rich Plasma face treatment.  Doctor's hand in blue surgical glove drawing blood for PRP face cosmetics treatment.
Man Wearing Latex Gloves and face mask indoors. Caucasian male using medical gloves while working at home during quarantine for virus prevention.
Unrecognizable doctor wearing protective gloves holding hand of senior woman in hospital ward
A nurse in a protective suit takes blood from a girl's vein. Pandemic. Analysis for antibodies to the coronavirus. Vaccination.
Doctor making injection vaccination patient to prevent pandemic of the disease, flu or influenza virus in clinic.

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Doctor pediatrician injecting vaccine

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