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Autumn maple colors in Tenryu-ji Temple at Kyoto, Japan.
Philosopher's walk next to the river in Kyoto (Japan)
Promenade of colored leaves
Keage incline, Kyoto, Japan, in autumn. Keage Incline was a canal inclined plane that helped carry boats between different water levels of Lake Biwa Canal.
Romantic autumn road with Japanese maple trees in Miyajima, Japan
TOKYO,JAPAN-NOV 30: Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens facade on November 30,2018 in Tokyo, Japan.It is designed as the Special Place of Scenic Beauty in Tokyo, a garden full of Chinese tastes and flavor.
a road in a beautiful village during the flowering season
Beautiful nature of Mexico May. The journey to America

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Autumn maple colors in Tenryu-ji Temple at Kyoto, Japan.


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