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A child is jumping on a hopscotch game in the road.
The number 10 painted on the side of an old locomotive train car
hand drawn idea light bulb
alphabet punched on red plastic labels
Stairway to heaven
Computer Error message with the word Error in red and 1 and zeros in green
Sunflowers at the farmer's Market
Latte in a mug
Pruning an apple tree in winter
A vintage US Airmail Stamp with airplane. Six Cents.
A thank you post it note on a stainless fridge
yellow labrador dog waiting at the door
Dried and Pressed Leaves
A vintage US postage stamp depicting a mailman delivering an envelope to someone.
Old spiral notebook paper
Syrah wine grapes hanging from the trellis in the vineyard
A vintage US potage stamp from 1963 with a christmas tree and white house in the background.
A vintage US Air Mail Stamp with an airplane, six cents.
A top down view of a vintage beer can with old style pull tab
Two mail boxes that have been delivered to the front door.
A hand kneads bread dough on the cutting board
Vintage Air Mail Envelope from 1972 with Alaska cancellation
Old style Pascal computer code on a dot matrix printer
A vintage US postage stamp depicting pharmacy, eight 8 cents
A school of salmon at the aquarium
A manhole cover that has the word Water on it.
Old faded rusted cracked number six on the side of an old train car
Tire tracks in the melting snow on asphalt road
Swirling blue energy
greasy american deep dish pepperoni pizza in a box
Pruning wine grape vines in the winter
Big Suburban House
Dark Machine
An old decaying train car with the number five painted on the side.
A closeup shot of a nicely arranged Salad Nicoise on a large stone
Crumpled yellow lined paper for background
an abstract of brushed stainless steel
Old Number Eight
Old Number Nine
This is a really old vintage, collectible George Washington postage stamp. Probably 100 years old.
Salad Nicoise carefully arranged on a wood table with plates and a glass of wine
A closeup shot of a nicely arranged Salad Nicoise on a large stone
A detail closeup of a series of pipes in a jet engine with cables and connectors. Very technical and complicated.
A lone woman is walking down a dark alley with two men in front of her in black and white.
A vintage US stamp depicting the apollo mission with the moon buggy. Thirteen Cents. A decade of acheivement.
US Air Mail Stamp, seven cents from the 1970s showing a jet plane and a large number 7 seven.
Pruning a small pine tree shrub in the winter
An empty picnic table sits on the green grass and blue sky background
A large red valve
A sewer manhole cover in the sidewalk that is well worn and shiny
White horse fence on a small farm in the country
Buckets of sunflowers at the Pike Place farmers market in Seattle
A vintage US potage stamp from the 1950's celebrating the US flag. 4 cents.
School of Fish at the aquarium
Multicolored hot chili peppers on a string
A large flock of snow geese take off from a field in the Skagit Valley in Washington State
Two empty swing at the playground with a blue background
Number 1 one drawn in chalk on a driveway for hopscotch
Computer C code programming
A old purple fly swatter is hanging on a wall
This is a shot of a vineyard in Oregon in infrared using a digital camera in black and white
A vintage US Postage Stamp depicting a wreath and candles from 1962, Four Cents.
empty parking lot in black and white
Vintage US Legend of Sleepy Hollow Halloween stamp. Ten cents.
The word North is old and faded and painted on the side of a old train car.
The 1962 Worlds Fair commemerative US Postage Stamp featuring the Space Needle and Monorail in Seattle, Washington. Four Cents
Vintage Statue of Liberty stamp, three cents. In God We Trust.
A monochrome shot of an empty swing at a playground with harsh lighting and distinct shadow.
The number two and three quarters painted on the side of on old train car.
A sold yellow sticky note on a white background
A nicely arranged Salad Nicoise on a large stone
Child's bucket of sand and shovel at the beach
A large letter F painted on the side of an old train car
Red Mountain vineyard
A closeup shot of tree growth rings in a pine tree
A bunch of cabernet sauvignon wine grapes
A vintage US Postage stamp depicting the Freedom of the press.
World famous gum wall in Post Alley Seattle Washington. A wall covered in chewing gum. Also makes a great abstract background
A large pile of red jalapeno chili peppers
A vintage US Postage Stamp from the 1970s depicting the theme of Engery Conservation
A very old sewer manhole cover set in cobblestone
An antique childrens rocking chair bathed in natural light on a rug against a neutral colored wall
Pinot Noir grapes hang from the trellis ready for harvest
cabernet grapes hang in the vineyard
A magnifying glass sits on an old dictionary in natural lighting
A detail closeup of a series of pipes in a jet engine with cables and connectors. Very technical and complicated.
A nice plate of japanese style soy bean edamame
The large neon sign at the Pike Place public market of a fish
dark alley with cobblestones and water running down the middle in black and white
A stack of yellow padded envelopes
Washington State Chardonnay Vineyard
The word Iraq is highlighted in an old Atlas
This is a scan of a 1950's vintage Project Mercury US postage stamp
Number two written in chalk on the street.
A yellow post it note sticky with the words To Do on it.
Three Koi fish swim together in a japanese garden pond
A vintage US Postage Stamp depicting the 50th anniversary of Arizona statehood with a night time desert scene with cactus and moon
A large white urinal in the mens restroom
Two different height urinals in a dirty public mens restroom
Close up of a pepperoni pizza on a cutting board on the family table with natural lighting
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