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Fall Harvest in Delaware
A guitar with it's string vibrating.
Crayon Rainbow
A feild and sky.
Autumn overlook in Pennsylvania
American Flag
Bike gears after a ride.
Guard Tower
A bee perched on a beebalm.
A butterfly feeding on a flower.
Mountain Stream, Kelly's Run, Pennsylvania
Mushrooms on a log in the woods.
Help Button
Power lines
Great Wall
Moss between bricks.
A bright red tree sitting next to a tree that has already lost all of it's leaves in the fall.
The remains of an eaten berry.
An orb-weaver spider sitting on it's web.
Home.  This picture tries to capture the warm feeling associated with the word.
The sky after a storm over a college building.
An archway over a door.
A black and white lightbulb picture.
Fall trees in Pennsylvania
Acorn on Moss
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