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The teeth of an elderly man are spoiled by caries, tartar and poor waste  food macro. The harm of alcohol and tobacco concept. Studio macro shot
Spring blue flowers " Forget me not"  ((Myosotis))  bouquet in ceramic  vase oil art handmade painting. Wooden golden simple frame with rough edges. Isolated
Sixteen big granite stones boulders of various forms and sizes set. Isolated on white collage from several outdoor photos
Round soft wheat flour tortilla pancakes. Isolated on white studio food image
New glass door to the new office building. Panoramic collage from several outdoor photos
Usual no name wooden vintage  rural shed for storage of firewood and agricultural tools. Isolated with patch
Aged  retro wooden not used  wild mill  on  grass hill. Isolated on white
Food vegetables waste which remain after  cooking.  Isolated macro studio shot. The power of humanity in the future concept
Big retro wooden closed wild mill isolated on white
Fragment of reall forest ground objects - moss, cones. branches and other.  Isolated on white studio set
Rusty  vintage  small  tractors  diesel engine  on wheels. The metal equipment is made more than hundred years ago. isolated on white
Food waste which remain after cooking. It is garbage on a table of the cook. Isolated on white studio shot
The heap of the edible decaying organic  from a garbage can lies on a white table
Orange fresh flowers of garden zucchini squash. Flowers can be eaten. Isolated on white studio shot
The elderly woman - farmer picks and care of  cosmos garden flowers on summer bed. Sunny July day closeup shot
Old red rural tractor trailer cart isolated on white
Real environmentally friendly field sunflower with roots and flowers.  Isolated studio shot
Sale of fruits and vegetables on the dirty street of a poor African city in republic of Ghana
Big industrial bag from a synthetic sacking with the fallen down autumn maple leaves. Isolated with patch
Long line of forty standard  solar electric  panels as uniform generator of energy. Isolated on white industrial object
VILNIUS, LITHUANIA - December 01, 2019: The new modern  house with low cost small apartments for young families  behind a steel fence.  It is the ecological region of Pilaite of the Lithuanian capital
From hands of the cook food waste falls on a table. Isolated studio shot
New glass windows and doors of a modern office building panoramic outdoor shot
Artificial dead plastic pine spruce branch for eternal Christmas decorations. Isolated on white studio macro shot
Small home-made pond with a coast made of granite stones and cobblestones. Isolated on white
Kitchen food wastes as background concept. Isolated on white top view studio shot
The technician in antistatic gloves takes out a tablet spare part from the industrial package. Isolated on white top view studio concept
Big Line of the Christmas coniferous evergreen bush branches isolated
Seabed abstract panorama with the sunk ships  horizontal panel. Handmade painted acrylic art on canvas
Small  simple mechanical roundabout  carousel on the children's playground. Isolated with patch
Butterfly  abstract collage made from fresh summer flowers. Isolated
Tropical island top view isolated concept. On a piece of bark of a tree the green moss grows  macro.
Autumn landscape with old village Catholic church oil painting in old wooden frame
The senior woman  is holding green  ripe  small hop plant  berries on branches  in his hand. Autumn September day shot
Long ruined brick village barn for farm tools and animals. Isolated on white
Fragment of the destroyed old fortification of the sixteenth century. For construction granite boulders, stones, lime, sand and so on were used. Isolated image for various collages
Set of isolated elements of the old forest  wood macro- bark, mushrooms,  moss,  lichen and  sticks
White blue closed canvas tent for small market  installed on the city street.  Isolated on white
Branches and twigs are cut off from an old  apple and cherries tree set. On branches the moss and a lichen grows. Isolated
Mossy branches and twigs  of forest trees for Halloween collages. Isolated on white macro studio set
Dubai, United Arab Emirates - July 31, 2020: Street kiosk selling Turkish ice cream near the city recreation area and the central beach
A strange carrot vegetable lies on green   grass
Handmade  family - man and woman  made for cardboard. Isolated macro concept
New modern urban underground car parking in urban residential area. Sunny summer morning
Blown defective fuseinstalled  on electronic green circuit board macro
Street of the old city on a cloudy summer day landscape. Oil handmade painted art illustration in wooden frame isolated. Light source on right
Nostalgia by youth  concept.  Old shabby retro vintage family photos heap. Isolated on white top view studio shot
A burnt tree on a cut looks like a charred heart. Isolated in black background
Fern forest real big bush grow in soil land isolated
Yellow metal mail box isolated on white
Wounded bird in female hands
The old man  holds the phone in  and presses his finger on the screen
The hand with a wheel on the palm symbolizes Ahimsa in Jainism Indian religion. Isolated homemade collage from summer flowers
Iron old construction dirty bucket with clean sand. Isolated on white with patch
Stacks of new concrete paving slabs on wooden palettes . Isolated on white panoramic colage
The floating pontoon for the village pond is made of wooden boards and plastic floats. Isolated on white
Behind a rustic wooden fence of horizontal planks, a green evergreen coniferous fence grows. Iisolated on top outdoor panoramic image
VILNIUS, LITHUANIA - OCTOBER 16, 2016: New modern standard modular homes  with low cost  apartments for young families construction. It is the ecological region of Pilaite of the Lithuanian capital
Old  broken furniture, old ceramic toilets and microwave at the garbage dump near the  apartment    building
Small fresh beetroot vegetable with dirty roots isolated  macro
frozen boiled small sea shrimp. isolated on white macro
The lotus, Nelumbo nucifera, is an aquatic plant that plays a central role in the art of Indian religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism. Isolated floral handmase collage
Poisonous wolfberry forest  cowberry  ripens in a sunny forest  glade. Macro  outdoor shot
Usual noname wooden vintage  retro  rural shed  barn for storage of firewood and agricultural tools. Isolated on white with patch
The yellow teeth and red tongue macro. Isolated on white
Steel pipes scaffolds on construction site
Akan religion symbol. The Adinkra symbol representing the omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, and immortality of the Akan god. Isolated collage from flowers
Pink garden roses border collage isolated
The base for a old aged statue made of roughly processed big granite aged blocks. Isolated on white
A sun cross, solar cross, or wheel cross is a solar symbol consisting of an equilateral cross inside a circle. Isolated on white collage from summer flowers
Creamy margarine in an industrial plastic container box. Isolated on white macro studio shot
Long autumn hill with golden mappl trees. Sunny October day panoramic landscape
Old electric lawn mower and grass trimmer. Sunny summer July garden landscape
An elderly village man has poor food for lunch - potatoes   and stew
New glass windows and yard green decorative plants   of a modern emty mass production standard  city office building
Floral mandala - the Sacred Lotus- made from vivid summer flowers and plants. Isolated handmade abstract collage
Usual nonsme wooden vintage  rural barn for storage of firewood and agricultural tools. Isolated with patch
Old wooden door painted acid blue  color
Old fiber suitcase with autumn maple leaves isolated
Medallion for woman decoration made of the old man broken nail on the foot. Isolated on black concept macro
Footprints of Buddha's feet symbolize the path of the gods and mean a divine presence or visit to a holy person. This is a trace of a deity that a person should follow. Isolated floral collage
Bullet trail on the old green steel door  background
Enamelled  cracked  surface of the hood of the old car
Homemade wooden small country bath
A village woman collects ash from a fire in a dustpan to use as fertilizer in vegetable garden
To insulate the wall of the house, foam blocks are glued to it
Yellow pansies flowers after rain  on flower  bed
Green leaves of garden strawberry  seedlings
Many small glass rectangles  for decorative wall cladding   background
The wall of the village house is faced with  stones tiles
Great cleaning in a country house. Old rubbish and computer are taken out on a wheelbarrow. Summer day concept
Many small glass squares for decorative wall cladding background
Four fire hydrants installed in the store   wall
Maple alley in the old city autumn park panoramic landscape
VILNIUS, LITHUANIA - JANUARY 07, 2018:  The empty bus-stop of  Independence and Freedom Square name in the center of the old European capital on Gedimino street
Old ruined stone school staircase. Isolated on white
The old galvanized rain drain rusty  pipes background
Rusty old  open vintage empty metal box for tools isolated on white
A pile of old galvanized rain drain pipes lies on green  grass
Construction site  debris  heap near old school
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