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Rhubarb growing in garden in spring.
Red foxberries ripening in marsh.
Kuusamo Lake (Kuusamojärvi)  in autumn colors, Northern Finland.
Light brown young larch cone in spring in greenery.
Stylish red leather sofa with metal legs.
Red genuine leather sofa with metal tube legs, isolated on white.
White leather sofa, isolated on white.
Churchyard in Aland (Ecker�¶) parish church in Kirkoby).
Collection of camping knives: 7 home made leather sheaths, 5 home made wooden knife handles, 2 folding knives in sheaths.( scandinavian rune letters on the 6th sheath are from ancient text and
Evening view of Turku Archipelago, Finland.
Fishing accessories isolated on white background.
Beautiful "carpet" of garden cress or monks cress on flower bed in garden.
Cart horse stop on forest road in summer.
preparing for outdoors charcoal-barbecuing
Genuine leather elegant sofa, isolated on white.
Country church with beautiful gate in Hammarland, Aland islands, Finland.
Colorful wet stones on bright beach sand (Neringa beach in Lithuania).
Aland archipelago on cruising route from Tallinn to Mariehamn.
Fresh ocean perch (Atlantic redfish)  in fisherman`s plastic box.
Beautiful Indonesian (Sulawesi) swallowtail butterfly (papilio blumei) resting on palm leaf. Very similar butterflies of this papilionidae family are native to many regions of Southeast Asia.
Monument to Grand Duke Gediminas in Vilnius, Cathedral of Vilnius in background. Lithuania.
Colorful wet tiny stones on beach, background.
Sandy beach in Palanga (Lithuania), panoramic view from sea.
Nature in Aland Islands in summer (Färjsundet Bay in Finström, view from Höga C tower).
Men´s white straw hat left on old wooden bench on forest path.
Vintage unique glass bottle jacketed with pleated bamboo shreds.
Animal head shape piece of limestone with embedded fossils, isolated on white.
Fireweed (Chamerion Angustifolium) blooming at lake beach, focus in center.
Scenery of Norwegian Sea in beautiful summer day with motor boat trail.
Wavy pattern of wasp nest surface.
Hailstones on window ledge and parking cars (focus on hailstones). View from above.
Blooming apple tree in garden, tree trunk painted to repel bugs.
White and yellow wild chamomile flowers on meadow, summer feeling. Focus on white foregound flowers.
Historical boat harbour architecture in Natö nature preserve, Aland Islands, Finland.
A dead pine amongst  healhty pine trees in Lemlöte region in Aland Islands, Finland.
A scenic view in summer from Gisund Bridge, connecting Senja Island and mainland. ( village of Silsand on the left side, mainland with the town Finnsnes on the right side). Norway.
Quickly changing weather on Norwegian Sea, excellent fishing grounds nearby Senja Island. Fishermen call this place "troll´s bun" (using stronger word to describe the hole in the rock).
Scenic summer evening view with swimming spot and boathouse in Aland Islands, Finland.
Historical boat harbour architecture in Natö nature preserve, Aland Islands, Finland. (Sharpness in foreground).
Printed sheets of paper from an online manual on sofa, very shallow depth of field, focused on number 59.
Three masted sailing ship model as a souvenir, isolated on white.
close-up of brown kiwi with green slices
Lonely white tiny cloud in blue summer sky.
Strawberries ripening in garden in summer.
Black new modern genuine leather sofa on new wooden parquet (light beige wall).
fry pan with cooking oil isolated on white
Burning tree trunk and  branches in home yard.
Pebble sediment on beach, tiny colorful stones.
Comfortable light brown modern adjustable genuine leather armchair.
Landscape on the way from Ronda to Malaga in Andalusia mountains in Spain.
Ripe red apples growing on apple tree in orchard.
Old beautiful wooden Assembly Hall (Haapsalu Kuursaal) in resort town Haapsalu, Estonia.
Rocky tiny islands in Aland Islands archipelago and cruise ship in sunny summer day. ( Finland).
Sea and mountains in Northern Norway in summer.
Aerial view of medieval Turaida Castle in Sigulda in summer, Gauja river in background. Location: Latvia.
White iris flowers growing on flower bed in botanical garden (focus in foreground).
Colorful  light dots, abstract light pattern for some creative design.
Bunch of colorful ripening pears of wild pear tree in suburb.
Estonian national flag at Baltic Sea sea in the wind.
Vintage milk can, metal body with white enamel coating.
Ray with ghostly face swimming in aquarium.
 Norwegian nature - seascape in summer with rosebay willowherbs ( leaves used in making fermented tea).
 Metal emergency staircase of a new building in bright sunlight.
Forest nuts, hazelnut kernels isolated on white.
A child has drawn a house on reddish beach sand.
Patterned glass with crystalline structure, background.
Overpainted red wooden wall, cracked old paint layers visible.
White frost on trees in cold winter morning and a road to nowhere...
Grape cluster is forming, tiny grapes in growth phase ( focus on cluster).
Poisonous red mushroom in autumn.
Catching flatfish on seashore: fishing rod placed into PVC water pipe, bait (a piece of shrimp) thrown into water.
A pair of wild reindeer standing at lakeside in Lapland.
Natural log wall of old rural storehouse with corner joint on the left.
Sailboats in morning light in Port of Parnu, Estonia.
Cupola of St.Paul`s Cathedral in sunny day, London.
Cold sunny day in winter, trees covered with white frost.
Winter landscape in Ruka skiing area, Northern Finland.
Campsite in pine forest with bonfire.
Blue iris flowers growing on flower bed in botanical garden.
The Orthodox Cathedral of the Theotokos in Vilnius, aerial view in summer.
Illuminated town scenery at night with statue on wall (focus on latern). Location: Tartu, Estonia.
Fragment of rustic  limestone fence wall, made up without using masonry mortar or cement.
Country church in Hammarland, Aland islands, Finland.
Buff-tailed bumblebee on blue plastic rake is infected by bumblebee mites: the laid eggs are clearly visible above front leg.
Three different stainless steel metal puzzles, the right one is opened.
Fennel with beautiful bulbs  in evening light on garden bed.
Beautiful new Russian orthodox church in Paldiski, Estonia.
Vintage rusty bicycle with flower bucket (as element of beauty) leaning against rusty wired fence in Aland Islands, Finland.
Outdoor household alcohol thermometer hanging on wooden wall in sunshine, 27 degrees Celsius above zero.
Abstract church silhouette against bright sun.
Coral isolated on white (height ca 20 cm).
Cracked paint pattern on aged wooden wall.
Horses and a foal on green pasture in summer.
Abstract frost pattern on window glass.
Decomposed wooden wall of outbuilding.
View of Vilnius Old Town in summer (Lithuania).
Green grape clusters in hothouse (focus on the right cluster).
Small Tortoiseshell butterflies (aglais urticae)  on flower top in sunshine.
Kuusamo Lake in Finland in colorful autumn.
Fir tree hedge with bright green fresh shoots in spring.
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