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Skagway, Alaska- May 6, 2022. Carnival Miracle docked at Skagway for its first trip from San Francisco to Alaska
Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau, Alaska May 7, 2022
San Francisco, California- May 2, 2022- Cargo ship Weco Karoline completely empty, entering the San Francisco Bay to collect more cargo
Three Humpback Whales bubble feeding near Hoonah, Alaska May 5, 2022, captured with its mouth wide open
Golden Gate Bridge as seen from the ocean side, with Alcatraz and San Francisco visible in the background
Golden Gate Bridge as seen from the ocean side on May 2, 2022
Golden Gate Bridge as seen from behind, with the city of San Fransisco clearly visible behind the bridge. Taken from the cruise ship Carnival Miracle May 2, 2022
Golden Gate Bridge as seen from below
Avalanche at Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska, May 8, 2022, as seen from the cruise ship Carnival Miracle
Juneau, Alaska May 7, 2022: Viking Orion docked in Juneau, Alaska at the start of the 2022 Alaska Cruise Season
Colored Pencil Sketch of a family of wolves sitting by a dirty stream with a few trees and grass in the background.
City of Tucson, AZ, taken October 31, 2009. In this photo the University of Arizona is visible, along with the Catalina Mountains.
Colored Pencil Sketch of a Britney Spaniel Puppy.
Colored Pencil Sketch of a Britney Spaniel Dog
A quiet looking sidewalk between two buildings taken at night time
Arlington, Virgina photographed over the Francis Scott Key Bridge and Potomac River, located near Washington, D.C.
City of Tucson, seen with mountains in the background, as well as the University of Arizona. Taken in 2010
Cookies and Cream flavored ice cream, with a spoon in the middle
Macro shot of a female black widow spider, with a textured background, holding on to a small web
Weidemeyer's Admiral Butterfly (Limenitis weidemeyerii), sitting on vividly colored yellow, orange, and red colored flowers.
Colored Pencil Sketch of a collection of a tabby rose cat
Single Staghorn Cholla cactus (Cylindropuntia versicolor)
Staghorn Cholla cactus branch (Cylindropuntia versicolor) , with flowers blooming
A young woman holds her hand to the viewer looking the other way in a shallow depth of field shot.
Black and white sketch of a hummingbird, looking proudly to one side
Staghorn Cholla cactus flower (Cylindropuntia versicolor)
Happy teenage girl smiling by a rocky stream
Colored Pencil Sketch of a Cheetah. Done by Ashlee Pearson
Colored Pencil Sketch of a collection of several types of animals in natural scenes
Prickly-pear Cactus with red flowery background
Male Giant Mesquite Bug (Thasus acutangulus) in a mesquite tree
Black and white Rhinoceros sketch pointed straight at the viewer, looking angry
The Mesa Arizona temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Staghorn Cholla cactus (Cylindropuntia versicolor), with many flowers blooming
A sidewalk between buildings well lit up at night time.
Rocket/ Bomb rendered in 3d
Mayan Pyramid
A cute woman kissing a cat
Close shot of the Vietnam Memorial, with a few names clearly seen, and a wreath sitting near by.
Colored Pencil Sketch of a pink flamingo head, over a white background.
Saguaro Cactus, with the sky and slight mountains as a background.
A Single Saguaro Cactus surrounded by desert brush in the lower part of the cactus, with sky as a background.
Power lines fading off into the distance, heading towards mountains.
Zion National Park, looking into Zion Canyon, with dramatic morning lighting
Family of 4, including mother, father, preschool boy and toddler daughter, with a fountain behind them
Colored Pencil Sketch of a lion
Washington Monument, photographed September 7, 2012
Large Barrel cactus which has fallen over, but still looks green
A beautiful young fairy is flying through a world of beautiful flowers
Shot of a cute girl and cat holding each other face to face
A pretty young woman looks at the viewer with perched lips blowing air or a kiss at the camera
A happy, friendly looking lion, looking straight at the user, with his tail to the right side.
Happy family of 4 sitting on rocks with a waterfall and trees in the background.
Vector of the words "Sports Fanatic" with a basketball, baseball, and baseball bat
A fairy walks through a garden and a world of untold beauty.
Bird feeder on a mesquite tree
A horizontal lightning strike seen over a Jumping Cholla Cactus, with a well lit subject and background
Panoramic of an Arizona sunset with power lines visible in the distance
Vividly colored clouds
Rain streams coming from glowing clouds
Black-crowned Night-Heron looking at a near-by reflecting lake, looking somewhat evil
Jumping Cholla Cactus Flower (Opuntia fulgida)
Many different colors of colored pencils
Curious Young Monkey Vector Drawing
A colored pencil sketch of two panda bears relax and enjoy each others company by a stream. The symbols in the back mean friendship.
A fairy princess looks pleased at a little mystical creature friend, with her hand over her heart
Colored Pencil Sketch of a small brown bat
African Lioness, seen with a forest background, sitting on a rock
Hearing Gull in flight in Winter, Washington, D.C.
Plus-shaped cactus seen up close and in silhouette with an out-of-focus sunset in the background.
A young friendly-looking witch is sitting in front of a cauldron with a furry beast beside her
A cute girl taking macro pictures of small red flowers in a garden in the desert
Very close up shot of two beautiful longing wispy blue eyes
A pretty young woman looks straight at the camera with a slight smile on her face
Vividly orange and red colored clouds
Stunningly beautifully colored sunset with the silhouette of a young woman observing.
Happy family of 4 standing on rocks with trees in the background
Backside of the Lincoln Memorial, partially obscured by trees, photographed September 7, 2012
A view of both the Washington Monument and the backside of the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C.
Bunch of rusted cans laying on the ground
Bee in a Lantana camara flower
A clock showing different phases of love, starting with eying the other person, and ending with marriage
Mountains in the background, with a desert foreground
A young girl sits on a beach, with a slight tan, wearing a dress
Jumping Cholla Cactus framed between two lobes of mountains.
Sketch of a cat poking his head out of a bowl
Colored pencil sketch of a young beautiful blond girl holding a young polar bear cub.
African Fairy with dark skin tones drawn with colored pencils.
Smiling teenage girl leaning on silver surface
Smiling girl sitting on red rail
Teenage girl with glasses smiling by a rocky stream
Teenage girl in dress with arms folded in a park
Scorching Desert Sun w/ Jumping Cholla Cactus
Attractive young woman sitting with some greenery in the background, smiling
Barrel Cactus, seen looking straight down, with lines and circles of thorns all around it.
Staghorn Cholla cactus (Cylindropuntia versicolor), with many flowers blooming
Yellow flower from Brown-spined Prickly Pear Cactus(Opuntia phaeacantha)
Silhouette of a Staghorn cholla cactus (Opuntia versicolor) seen at with a brilliant sunset of vivid streaks of light.
Jumping Cholla Cactus, with mountains out of focus behind it.
Jumping Cholla Cactus with ominous looking clouds behind it, seen in a vertical orientation
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