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An old-fashioned little red schoolhouse in a forest area, with an American flag to the side.
The French flag waves dramatically in front of the ornate towers of the Chateau at Chambord.
Great Wall of China
A basket of bright pink and red flowers hangs on the window of a home in an ancient building in France, surrounded by beautiful patterns in the stone wall.
A big brown bear looks very relaxed, straddling a log and sleeping.
A yellow wall on an old building in Italy.  There are interesting variations in the paint and stonework, and posts from large windows on the sides.  Lots of room for copy.
An old wooden cart overflowing with pink petunias and other colorful flowers
A rustic old wooden wheelbarrow filled with colorful flowers, in a rural mountain setting.
The beautiful, rugged Na Pali Coast and blue ocean of Kauai, Hawaii
The stately Mormon temple in Salt Lake City, Utah, with reflections in the pond in front.
A well-kept, classic red barn in a rural winter setting in Utah, USA.
An endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal suns itself on the beach in Kauai, Hawaii
Several palm trees blowing in the wind near the ocean in Hawaii.  Room for copy.
Lovely brown and white cows wearing bells are grazing in a beautiful green meadow in the Swiss alps
A gold doorknocker in the shape of a ferocious lion is mounted on a green door
A classic brown leather and button upholstery on a chair back.
Snow-capped mountains, a meadow and blue sky with clouds in southern Alaska.
A rustic Italian storefront  featuring a colorful variety of delicious fruit.
Colorful patterns of blue, brown and white are seen in reflections in the water of a lake.
A peaceful rural scene in Utah, western United States, with a pasture, cows, tree and beautiful clouds.
Pine trees are heavy with snow, and the new-fallen snow sparkles in the sunlight against a brilliant blue sky and fluffy white clouds.
An elk skull with large antlers on an old, rustic wooden cabin, in the snow.
A detail of Jesus Christ from one of the stained glass windows in Chartres Cathedral, France
A few branches of green ivy swirl gracefully on an ancient yellow wall in Italy.  Room for copy.
A pretty woman in a clean, modern, kitchen, leaning on the counter and smiling.
A long line of pelicans flying across an orange sky at sunset, with palm trees in the foreground
A large blank billboard by a road in the desert - ready for your own message!
An old wagon wheel, an iconic symbol of the American West, sits on a wooden sidewalk and leans against a stucco wall.  It's a sunny day and the wheel casts an interesting shadow on the wall.
An old wall with ivy forming a border around the edges.  Space in the middle for copy.
Bright gold lion doorknockers on a pair of old green doors
A pretty young woman in a colorful apron is baking cookies in her clean, modern kitchen
A rare Hawaiian Monk Seal suns itself on the beach with a happy, relaxed expression on its face
A marsh, meadow, trees and snow-capped mountains in the vibrant colors of late summer on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula
A yellow flowers makes it way through some wooden planks and blooms in spite of its captivity,
Footprints are seen in the sand of a deserted beach, with a beautiful blue sky, ocean, and tropical foliage in the background.  Copy space.
An inviting table is set beautifully and colorfully with nice dishes and a healthy meal.
A black swan is swimming in blue water, with its head turned in profile to show its red eye and bright red bill. A drop of water is hanging on the end of its bill.
A pair of blue and green striped beach chairs close to the water on a beautiful, sandy beach.  There is a blue sky with clouds, green foliage and beautiful blue water of the ocean.
A child's hands are seen holding a bird (mourning dove).  The bird might have an injured wing.
A colorful Brazilian Cardinal, photographed in Hawaii
A scarecrow dressed in denim jeans and a blue plaid shirt, with a grinning jack o' lantern (pumpkin) head.
A view of Mt. Timpanogos, Utah, with blue sky and brilliant fall colors.
Pink Fireweed wildflowers, mountains and green meadows on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula
A stone, spiral staircase from a castle in France
A rooftop getaway at sunset, with a table, two chairs and an umbrella.  Beautiful sky and clouds are in the background
A scene overlooking the ocean and sky in Kailua Hawaii, with incredible shades of blue, fluffy white clouds and some colorful yellow and red kayaks
A double waterfall called "Bridal Veil Falls" cascades down the cliffs of the mountains in Utah, in the western United States.
A group of golden brown sea lions sunning themselves on rocks by the water in Alaska,
Two jack-o-lanterns are glowing from candles inside, on the front porch, ready for Halloween
The front facade of the large, ornate cathedral in Olten Switzerland
An ancient wooden mill wheel and small canal in the old part of Bayeux, France.  The area around the wheel is decorated with flowers, and the old stone buildings  have interesting textures.
An old wagon wheel sits on a wooden sidewalk and leans against a stucco wall, in a scene from the American West.  The wheel casts interesting shadows against the wall.
An orange life-preserver, or life-saver, ring hangs on the wall of a boat.
Chinese Grasshopper Kabobs, Beijing
The campanile tower and old town in Siena, Italy.  The ancient tile-roofed houses, with their shuttered windows are bathed in the golden light of late afternoon.
Beautiful brown and white cows are contentedly grazing in a meadow in the Swiss Alps near Kandersteg
Closeup of a beautiful magenta pink and white snapdragon, surrounded by green foliage
A bright blue door in an old building with ornate stonework on a street in France
A statue of Joan of Arc stands outside a red door at the Church of St. Pierre, Mont St. Michel, France
An old water pump with water flowing out of it is surrounded by pink flowers and greenery
A tropical scene with palm trees and lush, green foliage, near a beach on Kauai, Hawaii.
Golden sand and blue surf with a wave crashing along the shore in Hawaii.
A neat, clean red barn in a green field, with rolls of hay and hills in the background where the leaves are turning fall colors, and higher mountains behind.
A beautiful bouquet of pink and red lilies, daisies and freesias, with greenery, in a clear glass vase, on a black background
A winter scene in the western US with old an barn, elk antlers, and other farm buildings/
Driving on a good road through the wide open spaces of the western United States
A two-lane road winds through the trees in Alaska, with misty clouds and mountains in the background.
A beautiful formal garden in France, with flowers, plants and sculpted hedges, on a sunny day.
Street lamps with ornate ironwork in downtown Paris.  Traditional apartments with balconies are seen in the background.
A round medieval tower with pointed turrets from Normandy, France.  The tower is white brick and stucco and has green ivy growing on the sides.  Beautiful blue sky with white clouds in the background.
A beautiful sunset by the beach in Hawaii, with palm trees, ocean and vibrant sunset colors.  Lots of copy space.
A young dog with big brown eyes looks up at the camera.
Circle patterns and texture in a yellow-gold stucco wall
A row of colorful scarves hanging on a rack
A father holds and kisses his baby son, with a muted tropical setting in the background and white space for copy.
Smiling woman in kitchen holding cute white Maltese dog
A scene with green grass, blue sky and snow-capped alps in Switzerland
A weathered green double door with a stone arch in a yellow wall.
A cute young boy, in front of a home, holds a green plant with roots, ready to be planted in the garden
Detail from one of the beautiful stained-glass windows in Chartres Cathedral, France
Many red candles with wax dripping in a Buddhist shrine in China.  Two of the candles have flames.
A charming castle on a small river in France.  The castle is built across the river and casts a reflection in the water.  Lots of greenery on both sides of the river.
A glacier comes over the top of a mountain and a stream coming off of it runs into a small lake near the Suestenpass in the Swiss alps
An ancient brick wall with a purple door on a street in Italy.
A woman sits on a bench overlooking a beautiful view of the beach in Hawaii.
A baby elk (called a calf) rests on the grass by its mother.
A beautiful male peacock with its feathers fully spread, in a tropical setting
An ornate arch and circular stone carving over the door of the cathedral in Lucca, Italy
An old barn on a farm in Utah, filled with hay and surrounded by some fences and the snow-covered hills.  The sun is shining on the winter scene; the sky is blue and the snow is white and sparkly.
An ancient, run-down brick and stone wall in Italy with a filled-in archway and a sign reading "Via dei Tabacchi" (Tobacco Road).  Symbolizing that tobacco leads you nowhere, except to ruin.
An alpine slide winds its way down the mountain, high in the Swiss Alps
A colorful rainbow peeks through the clouds over a beach in Hawaii.
A flower box with pink impatiens in the window of an ancient brick building in Siena Italy.
A cute young boy is dressed as a businessman, and stands by the door, carrying a briefcase
A stack of old wooden pallets painted in bright colors, next to the blue corrugated metal wall of an old factory building.
Brick and stucco make interesting, contrasting textures in an old wall, with lots of copy space.
A deserted beach with golden sand, blue ocean. green foliage and blue sky with white clouds.  There is room for copy.
An endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal suns itself on the beach in Kauai, Hawaii
An ancient, boarded-up window in Italy, with decorative iron scrollwork in front.
A spring scene, with a vase of purple hyacinths on a glass table, with pink blossoms and green trees blurred in the background.
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