born 1970, Hamburg (Germany), dental technician and passionate photographer.

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chlorine bleach accident
lipid spheres (water surface)
seven spotted ladybird portrait on stinging nettle from above
happy tick
ladybird childhood...
young abyssinian guinea pig (side, looks to camera)
ceramic dental crowns, metal free / front view
brand new oak
big drone bee (male honey bee)
chlorine spill
tartar denture
shooting acorn of red oak
brushing denture
applying ceramic material on crown, dental technology
woodlouse with autumn leaf
funnel weaving spider deep inside her tunnel, heather
chess problem
aphid meeting
new dentures, braces
small dental bridge
orange pig
beautiful rock crystal
power on/off
ocean jasper / agate (dark green with yellow eyes)
earthworm loop, moss and grass
rain worms
growing ivy macro y-shape
starting a forest fire...
handpiece, burr and half finished bite splint from above
new dentures, braces
gnarled tree roots, forest floor
dental lab: row of drying scrubs
small shiny dark beetle on grass blade
purebred Himalayan US-Teddy guinea youth in profile
upside down ladybird
Dominoes 14
next gen pig exercise (cheeky baby Himalayan US-Teddy)
aphids everywhere...
red US-Teddy with young brindle
beginning wart (hand)
meal moth (pyralis farinalis) in resting position
red fluid drops insoluble in oil
lizard with tail stump
new dentures, braces
old-fashioned dentistry
found some ticks
dental bridges, ceramics
gold facet, worn denture
showering a bonsai (loropetalum chinense)
watering a bonsai (loropetalum chinense)
temporary bridge, resin veneers
trapped fungus gnats and beetles (glue panel)
young short haired peruvian guinea pig
buddies at home (rex and short haired peruvian guinea pig)
cloudy foam
bridges, ceramics and non-precious metal
ladybird attacked by ant
ceramic dental crown, tweezers (diagonal)
home sweet home...(curly and short haired peruvian guinea pig)
rye with ergot (fungus)
ceramic incisors and side teeth (with metal core)
glaze and stain, full ceramic molar (side view)
ceramic molars, relief
red haired audio-pig
historic apprenticeship certification workpieces, dental technology (close up)
historic apprenticeship certification workpieces, dental technology
container terminal, early morning (HDR)
finished ceramic front crowns, black background
view inside, ceramic bridges with non-precious metal
guinea pigs at home (US-Teddy)
mealybugs under leaf
city of Hamburg (Binnenalster)
lather macro
temporary bridge, worn
bird's eye view lizard
polystyrene macro
bonsai in bloom, loropetalum chinense
open soft capsule (vitamins)
sandblasted bridge, dental alloy (base metal)
coming home, hornets
patient before prophylactic treatment, dirty brown teeth
adult gold agouti REX guinea pig
aphid colony (ants)
brindle audio pig
US-Teddy's comfort zone!
trumpet lichen
wood tick
leopard gecko in coconut shell home
analog or digital
coke flow
rare larimar stone, raw
ceramic dental crown, tweezers
amethyst crystal macro
ladybird feeds on black bean aphids
caddisfly, autumn (macro crop)
health supplement
ceramic dental crowns, metal free / front view
guinea pig eye
ceramics, dental technology
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